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Tempting Armageddon as a national strategic policy

Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat. “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

If you want to get ahead in Washington, devise the most dangerous, reckless, merciless and destructive plan for US world domination. If it kills millions of people (especially if they are mostly women and children), you will be called a bold strategist. If tens of millions more become refugees, it will be even more impressive. If you find a way to use nuclear weapons that would otherwise be gathering dust, you will be hailed as brilliant. Such is the nature of proposals for dealing with Russia, China and Iran, not to mention smaller nations like Cuba, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, North …

Engineering a Crisis: How Political Theater Helps the Deep State Stay in Power

A failed assassination attempt on a presidential candidate. An incumbent president withdrawing his re-election bid at the 11th hour. A politicized judiciary that fails to hold the powers-that-be accountable to the rule of law. A world at war. A nation in turmoil.

This is what controlled chaos looks like.

This year’s election-year referendum on which corporate puppet should occupy the White House has quickly become a lesson in how the Deep State engineers a crisis to keep itself in power.

Don’t get so caught up in the performance that you lose sight of what’s real.

This endless series of diversions, distractions and political drama …

Amazon Gets Fresh, Bayer Loves Basmati: Toxic Influences in Indian Agriculture

The citizens of India have a problem. In what the media like to call ‘the world’s biggest democracy’, there is a serious, proven conflict of interest among officials in the areas of science, agriculture and agricultural research that results in privileging the needs of powerful private interests ahead of farmers and ordinary people.

This has been a longstanding concern. In 2013, for instance, prominent campaigner and environmentalist Aruna Rodrigues said:

The Ministry of Agriculture has handed Monsanto and the industry access to our agri-research public institutions, placing them in a position to seriously influence agri-policy in India. …

Recapturing White Rhetoric for Socialist Agitating


Leninist and anarchist shortcomings in relation to rhetoric

A little over three years ago I wrote an article about how bad Mordor Leninists and anarchists are about knowing about, let alone using rhetorical rhetoric. The article is titled Socialist Rhetorical and Dialectical Communication: Overcoming Brainwashing, Propaganda and Entertainment

These areas of bumbling included:

Initiation engagement
Holding attention
Time and timing
Setting the right atmosphere
The use of the five canons of rhetoric
Importance of charisma
Adjusting to neutral and hostile audiences
Defining key terms
Use of Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle
Appealing to short-term …

Oklahoma Supreme Court Repeats Disinformation That Charter Schools Are Public Schools

In a much-awaited case brought forth by Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond (Drummond v. Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter School Board), the Oklahoma State Supreme Court ruled 6-2 on June 25, 2024, that St. Isidore of Seville Catholic K-12 Virtual Charter School is unconstitutional and cannot open and enroll students in Fall 2024.

The online religious charter school is sectarian and not permitted to receive any public funding, said the court. Writing for the majority, Justice James Winchester said that, “the contract between the state board and St. Isidore violates the Oklahoma Constitution, the Oklahoma Charter Schools Act and the …

“Aligned With Israel’s Propaganda Strategy”: BBC Correspondent Challenges the BBC Director General

Last November, we reported on an incisive and courageous email that had been sent on 24 October 2023 to Tim Davie, the BBC’s Director General, by Rami Ruhayem, a Beirut-based BBC correspondent. Basing his arguments on considerable evidence and rational analysis, Ruhayem was highly critical of the BBC’s pro-Israel coverage of Gaza since the Hamas attacks on 7 October 2023.

A former journalist for the Associated Press, Ruhayem has worked as a journalist and producer for BBC Arabic and the BBC World Service since …

Conventional Wisdom: The ICJ Ruling on Israeli Settlements

The International Court of Justice has again deliberated over the thorn-bloodied subject of Israeli-Palestinian relations.  Its latest advisory opinion, sought by the UN General Assembly early last year, was unremarkably conventional though nonetheless affirming: a finding that Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, along with “the regime associated with them, have been established and are being maintained in violation of international law.”

Given the avalanche of international opinions, deliberation and understanding on the status of the settlements that arose after 1967, the ICJ was merely revising homework and reiterating home truths of international law.  As Eitay …

Biden Drops Out, Endorses Harris

Polling predicts that Trump is going to win in a landslide!

Kamala’s negatives are even worse than Biden’s. That said, now that he has endorsed her – the party will have to accept her as their nominee.

It is going to be a landslide for Trump.

He will easily hit and surpass the 270 electoral votes needed to become the next President of the United States of America.

Only 58% of Democrats think Harris would make a good president.

Only 30% …

Unless You Have Something to “Sell” …

Let us first dispense with a misleading (and superannuated) word: “society.”  You and I, mere human beings scrambling to survive, inhabit a marketplace.  From the moment we step outside our door, figuratively speaking, contractual and civil laws circumscribe each and every interaction we have with our fellow citizens/consumers.  (I’m mindful that, with the absolute governance of private property, this “door” is likely to belong to the mortgage bank rather than us.)

Having left this sanctuary, what should we do?  Aside from public areas set aside for recreation, we are to–buy or to sell.  But what can we sell?  Our mere physical …

Donald Trump’s Reckless Infatuation with Nuclear Weapons

Over the past decade and more, nuclear war has grown increasingly likely. Most nuclear arms control and disarmament agreements of the past have been discarded by the nuclear powers or will expire soon. Moreover, there are no nuclear arms control negotiations underway. Instead, all nine nuclear nations (Russia, the United States, China, Britain, France, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea) have begun a new nuclear arms race, qualitatively improving the 12,121 nuclear weapons in existence or building new, much faster, and deadlier ones. Furthermore, the cautious, diplomatic statements about international relations that characterized an earlier era have …

Korean War Anniversary: What We’ve Chosen to Forget about the “Forgotten War”

American soldiers on foreign soil fighting to prop up an army of unmotivated conscripts. Savage bombings. Widespread use of napalm. Massacres of civilians by both the US Army and the allied army we’re propping up. Three million killed, and a larger proportion of civilian deaths than World War II. Lies upon lies about the background of the war and the enemy. What Bruce Cumings, former chair of the history department at the University of Chicago, describes as “Gooks, napalm, rapes, whores, an unreliable ally, a cunning enemy, fundamentally untrained G.I.’s fighting a war their top generals …

NATO: 75 and Still Threatening

Bring out the bon bons, the bubbles, and the praise filled memoranda for that old alliance.  At the three-quarter century mark of its existence, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is showing itself to be a greater nuisance than ever, gossiping, meddling, and dreaming of greater acts of mischief under the umbrella of manufactured insecurity.  It is also being coquettish to certain countries (Ukraine, figures prominently in the wooing stakes) making promises it can never make good.

Its defenders, as is to be expected, see something very different before the mirror.   They call the alliance a call for freedom, its enduring importance …

Caged in Oligarchic Contradictions

A contronym is a word having two definitions that contradict each other.  Two examples are the word bolt, which can mean to lock with a bolt and to flee, and clip, which means to attach and to detach.

There are many such words and there is also a system of thought based on them.  It has no name except for the one I give it here, admittedly an awkward one: The Contronymal Circus.   Like words that are their own antonyms, this system of thought confuses and traps, as it is meant to do.

Language is, of course, slippery and equivocal, with words …

Fukushima Toxic Dumping

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is the world’s leading epicenter of toxic radioactive water released into the ocean. Yet, these activities are no longer closely monitored by mainstream media. As it happens, Tokyo Electric Power Company is the electric utility that manages the decommissioning of the collapsed nuclear reactors. This controversial ongoing release of radioactive water is mostly unopposed by the nations of the world. No problem, dump it!

But there is another side to this story.

“This is a time bomb.” (Robert Richmond, Ph.D. Kewalo Marine Laboratory)

A nationwide symposium on Zoom entitled: “Radioactive Contamination of US Food and Water and What …

64 U.S. Coups During 1947-1989

This is the list of U.S. coups during the Cold War that’s presented in the highly regarded 2018 academic book Covert Regime Change, by Lindsey O’Rourke.

(Only the start-date for each coup is shown here, but some of these coups went on for years; 39% succeeded at Government-overthrow, 61% did not. This list is taken from “Table 1.1: U.S.-backed regime change attempts during the Cold War (1947-1989)”):

France 1947
Italy 1947
Albania 1949
Belarus 1949
Bulgaria 1949
Czechoslovakia 1949
East Germany 1949
Estonia 1949
Latvia 1949
Lithuania 1949
Poland 1949
Romania 1949
Hungary 1949
Russia 1949
Ukraine 1949
North Korea 1950
Guatemala 1952
Iran 1952
Japan 1952
Indonesia 1954
Syria …

This Day in Anarchist History: The Spanish Revolution

On this day in anarchist history, July 19th of 1936, fascists attempted to take control of Spain by force.

While most of the more liberal elements of Spanish society rested on their laurels, the anarchists were preparing to defend against the fascist coup in the making.

On that day officers from the Spanish army led their troops into several cities around the country but in Barcelona the anarchists were prepared for them. By the next afternoon, anarchists were in full control of the city.

In the years to follow anarchists …

Remembering a Genocide in the Midst of Another

This month on 11th July 2024, the UN commemorated the Srebrenica Genocide of 1995 with official statements and speeches by dignitaries, memorial services, moments of silence and designating a day for remembering what has been called the greatest atrocity in modern Europe.

What is ironic, however, is the fact that the world comes together to remember Srebrenica in the midst of another harrowing genocide — one that is live-streamed straight into every waking moment, all over the world. Ten months into the nightmarish bloodbath in Gaza that has cost nearly 40,000 lives, world leaders are still haranguing over the events of …

The Pacific Lands and Seas Are Neither Forbidden nor Forgotten

Mahiriki Tangaroa (Kūki ’Airani), Blessed Again by the Gods (Spring), 2015.

Since May, a powerful struggle has rocked Kanaky (New Caledonia), an archipelago located in the Pacific, roughly 1,500 kilometres east of Australia. The island, one of five overseas territories in the Asia-Pacific ruled by France, has been under French colonial rule since 1853. The indigenous Kanak people initiated this cycle of protests after the French government of Emmanuel Macron extended voting rights in provincial elections to thousands of French settlers in the islands. The unrest led Macron to suspend the …

What US Seeks is to Maximize Its Exploitation of Taiwan’s Interests

Trump makes it clear

Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities of Taiwan should be trembling now. Former US president Donald Trump, who is the Republican Party’s official 2024 presidential nominee, accused Taiwan of stealing US chip business and claimed that Taiwan “should pay” for US protection, according to Bloomberg on Tuesday.

Trump’s words reflect the strong intention of many US politicians who attempt to replenish the US economy by exploiting the Taiwan island. We wonder how the DPP authorities, who rely on the US to seek “independence,” …

Dutton’s Quixotic Proposal: Nuclear Lunacy Down Under

Politics and facts are not necessarily good dinner companions.  Both often stray from the same table, taking up with other, more suitable company.  The Australian opposition leader, Peter Dutton, has never been discomforted by facts, preferring the chimera-like qualities demagoguery offers.  His vision for Australia is admirably simple and simplistic.

In foreign policy, he supports US interventions in any theatre of the globe without question.  Ditto such allies as Israel.  To the distant north, the evil Yellow Horde is abominated.  Domestically, matters are similarly one dimensional.  Irregular boat arrivals are to be repelled with necessary cruelty.  And then there is a …

CODEPINK’s Palestinian-American Staff Member ARRESTED on False Accusation of Assault by Member of Congress

Milwaukee, WI – In an incident of political thuggery and intimidation at the RNC, CODEPINK’s Palestinian campaign organizer, Nour Jaghama, has been unjustly arrested by police on accusation of assaulting a member of Congress.

While peacefully waiting in line to enter the event, Nour, a visibly Palestinian woman, was intentionally bumped into by a bald, white member of Congress while he tried to shove past her. Despite not reacting to this, Nour was falsely accused of “alleged” assault by a Texas State police officer on the scene and we are told she will …

Don’t Say Peace in Ukraine: You Will Be Shot

As the events surrounding the Ukraine and the cross-Atlantic West continue to defy belief, all roads of recent assassination attempts from Slovak PM Robert Fico to former US President Donald Trump lead back to Ukraine. The biggest anti-Ukrainian War critic in Europe currently is none other than Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, whom met with former President Trump in Mar-a-Lago, Florida just a mere 48 hours before the assassination attempt on Trump in Pennsylvania on July 13, 2024 while on the sidelines of the NATO Summit held in Washington. On the very …

Peru: New Images Show Uncontacted Tribe Dangerously Close to Logging Concessions

Extraordinary new images released today show dozens of uncontacted people in the Peruvian Amazon, just a few miles from a number of logging concessions. ©Survival

Campaigners say they’re a graphic illustration of the urgent need to revoke all the logging licenses in the area, and recognize that the territory belongs to the Mashco Piro people, which Survival believes is the largest uncontacted tribe in the world.

More than 50 Mashco Piro people have appeared near the Yine village of Monte Salvado, in SE Peru, in recent …

Why Assume There Will Be a 2024 Election?

America's 1934 "Bankers' Coup Plot" Revisited

Trump’s near assassination this weekend represents an incredibly important reminder of the stakes going into the 2024 election amidst a vast systemic collapse and heightened threat of a thermonuclear war. At this stage, despite the cast of compromised characters among Trump’s support network, no one has displayed so consistent a quality of leadership that qualifies them for dealing with the current crisis as Trump has displayed.

I thought it fitting to revisit the recent Canadian Patriot Review film (based upon the essay “Why Assume There Will be a 2024 Election?“) where we are introduced into this dense period of …

170 Years of U.S. Aggression against Nicaragua

When the Monroe Doctrine was declared, in 1823,  it was aimed at European colonial powers. It told them to butt out: the US “sphere of influence” included all of Latin America and the Caribbean. During the past two centuries,virtually every Latin American and Caribbean country has had to endure US intervention and interference in their internal affairs. The coups, political manipulation and aggression directed by Washington have been relentless.

One of the most victimized countries has been Nicaragua. In this article, I will review the different types of aggression used by Washington against Nicaragua. This is not ancient history; the interference …

The Supreme Court Takes on the Administrative State

In a highly controversial decision, the Supreme Court on June 28 reversed a 40-year old ruling, reclaiming the Court’s role as interpreter of statutory law as it applies to a massive body of regulations imposed by federal agencies in such areas as the environment, workplace safety, public health and more.

The Court’s 6-3 conservative majority overturned a 1984 ruling, also issued by that Court’s conservative majority, that  granted authority to a federal agency if a Congressional statute involving that agency was ambiguous or incomplete. It left the interpretation of the law to the agency rather than the courts.

This principle blocked individuals …

A Time of Shame and Sorrow: When It Comes to Political Violence, We All Lose

Whenever any American’s life is taken by another American unnecessarily—whether it is done in the name of the law or in the defiance of law, by one man or a gang, in cold blood or in passion, in an attack of violence or in response to violence—whenever we tear at the fabric of life which another man has painfully and clumsily woven for himself and his children, the whole nation is degraded.

— Robert F. Kennedy on the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (1968)

There’s a subtext to this assassination attempt on former President Trump that must not be …

The FDA Needs to Bloody Well Get Its Act Together

While we flit from story to story, post to post, that warn us of the dangers of the day, much of it exaggerated or imagined, the actual harm that is being done to us continues to escalate. And very few in the media are covering it. So much time is spent hashing over politics and “injustice,” but so little to our health, safety, and financial security. Corporate media does not give a crap about us, and we all know it.

Little attention is paid to women’s health, except when the rhetoric serves someone’s purpose, usually political or financial. The results of …

Israel Kills at Least 90 Palestinians in Gaza “Safe Zone”

Bodies of Palestinians who were killed in Israel’s attack on al-Mawasi are brought to a hospital in Khan Younis, southern Gaza, 13 July (Omar Ashtawy APA images)
Israel massacred dozens of Palestinians in airstrikes in al-Mawasi, the supposed “safe zone” along the coast in southern Gaza, and in Beach refugee camp near Gaza City on Saturday.

At least 90 Palestinians were killed and 300 injured in the attack on al-Mawasi, according to the health ministry in Gaza, and at least 20 Palestinians were killed after …

Trump Got a Bloodied Ear: US “Political Violence” Poses a Far Bigger Danger to the Rest of Us

Biden and Trump are two rotten figureheads of a rotting empire. Ignore the tribal rhetoric: neither poses an existential threat. But the system behind them does

The outpouring of opinions on the attempted assassination of Donald Trump mostly offers little insight or honesty – apart from the all-too-obvious concern that the shooting of the former president is likely to make the United States even more of a tinderbox than it is already.

There’s a reason for this. The responses – whether from Trump supporters or Trump opponents – are all embedded in the same ideology of political tribalism that provoked the gunman. Neither side is capable of self-reflection because the US system is designed to avoid such self-reflection.

Despite …