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CODEPINK’s Palestinian-American Staff Member ARRESTED on False Accusation of Assault by Member of Congress

Milwaukee, WI – In an incident of political thuggery and intimidation at the RNC, CODEPINK’s Palestinian campaign organizer, Nour Jaghama, has been unjustly arrested by police on accusation of assaulting a member of Congress.

While peacefully waiting in line to enter the event, Nour, a visibly Palestinian woman, was intentionally bumped into by a bald, white member of Congress while he tried to shove past her. Despite not reacting to this, Nour was falsely accused of “alleged” assault by a Texas State police officer on the scene and we are told she will …

Don’t Say Peace in Ukraine: You Will Be Shot

As the events surrounding the Ukraine and the cross-Atlantic West continue to defy belief, all roads of recent assassination attempts from Slovak PM Robert Fico to former US President Donald Trump lead back to Ukraine. The biggest anti-Ukrainian War critic in Europe currently is none other than Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, whom met with former President Trump in Mar-a-Lago, Florida just a mere 48 hours before the assassination attempt on Trump in Pennsylvania on July 13, 2024 while on the sidelines of the NATO Summit held in Washington. On the very …

Peru: New Images Show Uncontacted Tribe Dangerously Close to Logging Concessions

Extraordinary new images released today show dozens of uncontacted people in the Peruvian Amazon, just a few miles from a number of logging concessions. ©Survival

Campaigners say they’re a graphic illustration of the urgent need to revoke all the logging licenses in the area, and recognize that the territory belongs to the Mashco Piro people, which Survival believes is the largest uncontacted tribe in the world.

More than 50 Mashco Piro people have appeared near the Yine village of Monte Salvado, in SE Peru, in recent …

Why Assume There Will Be a 2024 Election?

America's 1934 "Bankers' Coup Plot" Revisited

Trump’s near assassination this weekend represents an incredibly important reminder of the stakes going into the 2024 election amidst a vast systemic collapse and heightened threat of a thermonuclear war. At this stage, despite the cast of compromised characters among Trump’s support network, no one has displayed so consistent a quality of leadership that qualifies them for dealing with the current crisis as Trump has displayed.

I thought it fitting to revisit the recent Canadian Patriot Review film (based upon the essay “Why Assume There Will be a 2024 Election?“) where we are introduced into this dense period of …

170 Years of U.S. Aggression against Nicaragua

When the Monroe Doctrine was declared, in 1823,  it was aimed at European colonial powers. It told them to butt out: the US “sphere of influence” included all of Latin America and the Caribbean. During the past two centuries,virtually every Latin American and Caribbean country has had to endure US intervention and interference in their internal affairs. The coups, political manipulation and aggression directed by Washington have been relentless.

One of the most victimized countries has been Nicaragua. In this article, I will review the different types of aggression used by Washington against Nicaragua. This is not ancient history; the interference …

The Supreme Court Takes on the Administrative State

In a highly controversial decision, the Supreme Court on June 28 reversed a 40-year old ruling, reclaiming the Court’s role as interpreter of statutory law as it applies to a massive body of regulations imposed by federal agencies in such areas as the environment, workplace safety, public health and more.

The Court’s 6-3 conservative majority overturned a 1984 ruling, also issued by that Court’s conservative majority, that  granted authority to a federal agency if a Congressional statute involving that agency was ambiguous or incomplete. It left the interpretation of the law to the agency rather than the courts.

This principle blocked individuals …

A Time of Shame and Sorrow: When It Comes to Political Violence, We All Lose

Whenever any American’s life is taken by another American unnecessarily—whether it is done in the name of the law or in the defiance of law, by one man or a gang, in cold blood or in passion, in an attack of violence or in response to violence—whenever we tear at the fabric of life which another man has painfully and clumsily woven for himself and his children, the whole nation is degraded.

— Robert F. Kennedy on the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (1968)

There’s a subtext to this assassination attempt on former President Trump that must not be …

The FDA Needs to Bloody Well Get Its Act Together

While we flit from story to story, post to post, that warn us of the dangers of the day, much of it exaggerated or imagined, the actual harm that is being done to us continues to escalate. And very few in the media are covering it. So much time is spent hashing over politics and “injustice,” but so little to our health, safety, and financial security. Corporate media does not give a crap about us, and we all know it.

Little attention is paid to women’s health, except when the rhetoric serves someone’s purpose, usually political or financial. The results of …

Israel Kills at Least 90 Palestinians in Gaza “Safe Zone”

Bodies of Palestinians who were killed in Israel’s attack on al-Mawasi are brought to a hospital in Khan Younis, southern Gaza, 13 July (Omar Ashtawy APA images)
Israel massacred dozens of Palestinians in airstrikes in al-Mawasi, the supposed “safe zone” along the coast in southern Gaza, and in Beach refugee camp near Gaza City on Saturday.

At least 90 Palestinians were killed and 300 injured in the attack on al-Mawasi, according to the health ministry in Gaza, and at least 20 Palestinians were killed after …

Trump Got a Bloodied Ear: US “Political Violence” Poses a Far Bigger Danger to the Rest of Us

Biden and Trump are two rotten figureheads of a rotting empire. Ignore the tribal rhetoric: neither poses an existential threat. But the system behind them does

The outpouring of opinions on the attempted assassination of Donald Trump mostly offers little insight or honesty – apart from the all-too-obvious concern that the shooting of the former president is likely to make the United States even more of a tinderbox than it is already.

There’s a reason for this. The responses – whether from Trump supporters or Trump opponents – are all embedded in the same ideology of political tribalism that provoked the gunman. Neither side is capable of self-reflection because the US system is designed to avoid such self-reflection.

Despite …

Building a Planet of Peace Is the Only Realistic Thing to Do

Beatriz González (Colombia), Señor presidente, qué honor estar con usted en este momento histórico (‘Mr President, What an Honour to Be with You in This Historic Moment’), 1987.

There are times in life when you want to set aside complexity and return to the essence of things. Last week, I was on a boat in the Caribbean Sea, travelling from Isla Grande to the mainland of Colombia, when it began to rain heavily. Though our boat was modest, we were in minimal danger with Ever de la Rosa Morales, a leader …

Tony Blair: Profiteer and Emissary of Artificial Intelligence

His entire set of teeth, and gums, must be gold plated by now.  Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has decided to let the world, and more specifically Sir Keir Starmer’s freshly elected government, in on a secret: that artificial intelligence is inexorably majestic, glorious and sovereign.  Embrace it and fob off the doomsdayers.  Importantly for Blair, embracing it will ensure that the rivers of gold continue to flow into his private purse.

In May, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (TBI) released a report that unabashedly embraced the role of AI in influencing the way states govern.  It …

Israel quietly disappears West Bank land

Israeli settlers are the foot soldiers of the state and its expansionist policy ( Mohammed Nasser APA images)
As Israel’s genocide in Gaza enters its tenth month, its settler-colonial project advances relentlessly across historic Palestine.

The UN Human Rights Office is sounding alarm bells over Israel’s accelered land theft in the occupied West Bank, exacerbated by the forcible displacement of Palestinians through settler violence, home demolitions and access restrictions.

“The situation in the occupied West Bank is a matter of grave concern as Israel allows and …

The Convulsed Republic: The Shooting of Donald Trump

As a nation, the United States, as if we did not already know, is convulsed.  Paranoid and divided, giddy with conspiracy and deranged by a fear of totalitarian seizure, hyper partisan and hostile to debate and any loose definition of facts (this condition afflicts the entire political spectrum), the only thing missing so far was this: an assassination attempt on a presidential candidate.

Till now, we were seeing the cruel spectacle of an aged president visibly and publicly being mauled, a wounded beast let out on safari in order to be hunted by all manner of trophy hunting punditry.  Joe Biden …

Liberals Create Yet another “Support Israel’s Crimes” Position

A genocidal Jewish supremacist political culture rewards, well, a genocidal Jewish supremacist. That explains Anthony Housefather’s recent appointment as Special Adviser on Jewish Community Relations and Antisemitism.

On Friday Justin Trudeau rewarded his most openly hostile caucus member with the newly created position. This gives Housefather a bigger platform to promote Israel’s holocaust in Gaza.

A longstanding advocate of apartheid, Housefather has spent the past nine months working assiduously to expand Canadian assistance to Israel’s bloodletting, which has led to 50,000 killed, 100,000 injured and the destruction of most buildings, water sources and …

Multipolarity and BRICS Once More

The debates over “multipolarity” and the significance of an allegedly multipolar BRICS grouping continue. In an opinion piece in People’s Voice (“Multipolarity, BRICS+ and the struggle for peace, cooperation, and socialism today,” June 16-30, 2024) writer Garrett Halas mounts an earnest defense of multipolarity and the BRICS+ “as a positive step towards socialism.”
Halas joins many others in envisioning all twenty-first-century resistance to US imperialism and the imperialism of its (largely ex-Cold War) partners as the same as resistance to imperialism in general. They divide the …

Israel Targets Palestinians from Land and Air in West Bank

Mourners carry the bodies of four Palestinians killed by an Israeli airstrike late Tuesday during their funeral in the West Bank refugee camp of Nur Shams, near Tulkarm, Wednesday, 3 July (Mohammed Nasser APA images)
At any other time in Palestinian history, the West Bank’s resistance to Israel’s lethal military raids and colonial encroachments would earn the title of a third intifada.

Since 7 October, Israel’s military has intensified its raids into occupied West Bank cities, towns and refugee camps. These military operations, which often …

Becoming the Backdrop: Hollywood and the Perils of Colonial Attention  

Review of Killers of the Flower Moon (2023)

Killers of the Flower Moon film poster
Killers of the Flower Moon is a recent epic movie set in the 1920s examining a series of murders of members of the Osage Nation who became wealthy when oil was found on their tribal land. The film is set in Oklahoma (Choctaw language phrase: okla, ‘people’, and humma, ‘red’) and depicts the story of a local political boss who was contriving to steal the Osage wealth. The film is long with a running time of 206 minutes and …

Why George Clooney, Peter Welch, and the New York Times, Are Dangerous

I opposed the invasion of Iraq by Bush in 2003 — which destroyed that country — even before it was perpetrated. George Clooney, Peter Welch, the New York Times, and other liars or fools of liars, did not.

I opposed the bombing of Libya by Obama in 2011 — which destroyed that country — even before it was perpetrated. George Clooney, Peter Welch, the New York Times, and other liars or fools of liars, did not.

I …

Venezuelans to Vote on Continuing the Bolivarian Revolution

 Runup to a High Stakes Election under US Sanctions

The future of Venezuela’s 25-year-old socialist movement will be decided in the upcoming July 28 election. Venezuelans will go to the polls knowing that a vote for incumbent President Nicolás Maduro means no relief from US unilateral coercive measures.

These so-called “sanctions” have been central to Washington’s regime-change campaign explicitly designed to asphyxiate the Venezuelan economy and turn the people against their government; what Venezuelanalysis calls “a war without bombs.”

Venezuela, with some 930 unilateral coercive measures imposed on it by the US, is the second most sanctioned country in the world after Russia. “Washington singled out Venezuela for special …

U.S. divide and rule no more… Washington’s Gulf allies embrace Iran

The days of Washington and its Western minions playing divide and rule are over because they have discredited themselves irreparably.

In a sign of major geopolitical realignment, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab states sent warm congratulations to Iran on its newly elected President Masoud Pezeshkian.

Saudi King Salman welcomed the news of Iran’s election winner last weekend and said he hoped that the two Persian Gulf nations would continue developing their relations “between our brotherly people”.

That olive branch from Saudi Arabia to Iran is an unprecedented diplomatic development – one that will trigger alarm in Washington whose primary goal in the Middle East has been to isolate Iran from its neighbors.

There were similar cordial official messages from Kuwait, Qatar, …

Popcorn, Pizza and the Theater of Debate

Biden v Trump 2024

As the evening of June 27, 2024 approached, I wondered if the debate was really going to happen. For months now, we’d been seeing videos of President Joe Biden spacing out, drifting off into a fog at official events. At the G7, he’d wandered off and Italian PM Meloni had to gently guide him back; that was only two weeks before this debate, and the video of it went viral. Donald Trump would demolish him, some predicted, a spectacle Democratic Party power brokers could not allow; they’d cancel the debate with some face-saving excuse, and gracefully usher Biden off into …

U.S. SecDef Lloyd Austin’s NATO Speech Lies

In an enthusiastically received speech on July 10 to the Washington DC 75th Anniversary NATO Summit, U.S. Secretary of Defense and ‘former’ Raytheon Corporation board member Lloyd Austin strung together lies by the U.S. empire in order to reverse the imperialistic guilt of the U.S. Government for starting the Cold War in order to conquer and take over the entire world, and to pretend that instead the Cold War was and remains an ideological communist-versus-capitalist war in which the Soviet Union was the aggressor, but has now become after 2000 a war …

Similar to Biden, NATO Is Aged and Unfit for Leadership

U.S. President Joe Biden meets with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Washington D.C. on July 11, 2024. Photo credit: Getty Images.

As NATO wrapped up its Summit and Biden held a crucial press conference, the media frenzy continued to focus on Biden’s age and cognitive abilities. Is he too old and disoriented to lead the “free world”? Was he able to get through his press conference without stumbling too many times? Lost in the media coverage about the Summit, however, has been a serious discussion of …

“We Love you Joe, but…”: Hollywood’s Advice to President Biden

There is something to be said about ignoring actors.  They assume roles, quite literally, camouflage themselves in scripts where personalities are created, and behave accordingly.  Given that they are paid liars, their political promptings should be treated with caution.  It is no accident that much the same thing can be said about the members of Congress.

Given that the US President is now not so much functioning in twilight as in rapidly descending darkness, the recent intervention by Hollywood grandee and Democrat benefactor George Clooney has prompted ever more tittering about the electoral prospects of Joe Biden.

Choosing the New York Times

Responsibility for the Kenya Crisis Lies at the Feet of US Neo-Colonialism  

The excessive support and public adoration the U.S. government has given to Kenya’s President William Ruto represents the racist contempt this settler state has for all of Africa and the domestic population of descendants from the continent. Two days before African Liberation Day on May 25th and one month before the Kenyan police’s brutal crackdown on protests against the US-IMF backed Finance Act that increases taxes up to 35% on essential goods, U.S. President Biden rolled out a red carpet for Ruto at a White House state dinner.

The debt this bill is supposed to address only exists because of the …

All Roads Lead to War

Yogi Berra, famous as a baseball catcher and a wandering philosopher, is credited with the statement, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Uncle Sam, famous for initiating endless wars and philosophizing about democracy and human rights follows Yogi’s pronouncement in only one direction ─ the road to war.

The endless wars, one in almost every year of the American Republic, are shadowed by words of peace, democracy, and human rights. Happening far from U.S. soil, their effects are more visual than visceral, appearing as images on a television screen. The larger post-World War II conflagrations, those …

Mad Max: Beyond the Dunderdome

Greetings fellow dunderheads. And grim tidings.

We been slack and the repercussions are no longer hiding.

Most of us love us some Road Warrior, or Mad Max, Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome, or maybe even Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. And what’s not to like? The setting and context transport us to a desolate afterworld that postdates us, comes along later, our absolution baked in.

There’s never a lot of talk about how we get there. The world simply becomes a hardly inhabitable, post-apocalyptic wasteland brought on by a systemic regimen of ecocide and …

Terminating Partnerships: The UK Ends the Rwanda Solution

The dishonour board is long.  Advisors from Australia, account chasing electoral strategists, former Australian cabinet ministers happy to draw earnings in British pounds.  British Conservative politicians keen to mimic their cruel advice, notably on such acid topics as immigration and the fear of porous borders.

Ghastly terminology used in Australian elections rhetorically repurposed for the British voter: “Turning the Back Boats”, the “Rwanda Solution”.  Grisly figures such as Boris Johnson, Priti Patel, Suella Braverman, Rishi Sunak, showing an atavistic indifference to human rights.  The cruelty and the cockups, the failures and the foul-ups.  Mock the judges, mock the courts.  Soil human …

Project Total Control: Everything Is a Weapon When Totalitarianism Is Normalized

The U.S. government is working to re-shape the country in the image of a totalitarian state.

This has remained true over the past 50-plus years no matter which political party held office.

This will remain true no matter who wins the 2024 presidential election.

In the midst of the partisan furor over Project 2025, a 920-page roadmap for how to re-fashion the government to favor so-called conservative causes, both the Right and the Left have proven themselves woefully naive about the dangers posed by the power-hungry Deep State.

Yet we must never lose sight of the fact that both the Right and the …