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How the West Robbed and Abused the Best Figure Skater in the World While Provoking the War in Ukraine

In the winter of 2021-2, while figure skaters were competing in North America and Europe and preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the tensions around Ukraine were building. NATO trained  Ukrainian troops were intensifying attacks on the border of  the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk provinces of eastern Ukraine.  Russia was building up its forces on the international border.  In December 2021, Russia proposed treaties with the US and NATO, only to be brushed aside. Neocons running US foreign policy seemed to be intentionally provoking Russia. Perhaps they wanted Russia to invade Ukraine and saw that as a way to defeat …

Trussonomics at CPAC

The silly will make print and leave bursts of digital traces; the idiots will make history, if only in small print.  One such figure is the shortest serving UK Prime Minister in living memory, the woeful, joke-packed figure of Liz Truss who lasted a mere 50 disastrous days in office.  She was even bettered by a satirical, dressed-up lettuce, filmed in anticipation of her brief, calamitous end.

With such a blotted record, the vacuous, inane Truss felt that her experiences were worthy of recounting to the Conservative Political Action Conference, held at National Harbor, Maryland between February 22 and 24.  …

Technocensorship: When Corporations Serve As a Front for Government Censors

Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.

— Harry S. Truman

Nothing good can come from allowing the government to sidestep the Constitution.

Unfortunately, the government has become an expert at disregarding constitutional roadblocks intended to protect the rights of the citizenry.

When these end-runs don’t suffice, the government hides behind the covert, clandestine, classified language of national security; …

The Battle for Income Equality

Questioning the statistics in Thomas Piketty’s best-selling book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, with intent to undermine his thesis, is futile. Even if Piketty’s alert that returns on investment have exceeded the real growth of wages and economic output, which means that the stock of capital is rising faster than overall economic output, is not exactly accurate, criticism has not upset the conclusions ─ severe income inequality and inequitable wealth distribution doom the capitalist system to collapse and a more narrow wealth distribution keeps it going.

Progressive economists connect meager wage growth to limited purchasing power ─ one cause of the …

The Clinton-Soros “House Hands”

Attacking Trump but targeting the “field hands”

Another recent article expressing election year hysteria among the credentialed class began with the assertion:

While it is very easy, based on documents, to declare Mr. Trump to be a neo-fascist and/ or a criminal, historical events indicate that the Democratic Party failed over the last five decades to protect and support, and then expand the middle class. DP presidents accomplished occasionally some improvements that benefitted workers; however, only token changes were attempted in key areas. Overall, the goals were and are to look good in the public eye without upsetting the elites in the economic and financial sectors.[1]

Waiting …

The News

The most terrible moment of truth

Old Problems with the New: Reforming the UN Security Council

The end of the Second World War was a calamitous catalyst, laying the bricks and mortar for institutions that were always going to look weary, almost comically so, after some decades.  The United Nations was meant to be the umbrella international organisation, covering an eclectic array of bodies that seem, to this day, unfathomably complex.  Its goals have been mocked, largely for their dew-eyed optimism: international peace, prosperity, levels of stable development.  The balance sheet is, however, more complex.

In this organisational mix stands the haughty, sometimes interested, sometimes violent club known as the UN Security Council.  On paper – well, …

Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice to Conceive

Is it, or isn’t it? If it is, there is absolutely no room to equivocate. If an embryo is truly a human child, pontificating and political posturing must be put aside; drastic and immediate intervention is called for. The lives of real children are at stake.

In Alabama, it’s been decided: embryos are children; there’s nothing left to debate. Those in the know are absolutely certain that at the moment of conception, when sperm and egg unite to become an embryo, a human being is immediately formed. Those in the know are absolutely certain that every embryo is a child, and each child …

Losing Innocence

Through government incompetence

Power Ballads: Don’t catch you slippin’ up!

Abel Meeropol cited this photograph of the lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, August 7, 1930, as inspiring his poem. Meeropol published the poem under the title “Bitter Fruit” in January 1937 in The New York Teacher, a union magazine of the New York teachers union. Though Meeropol had asked others (notably Earl Robinson) to set his poems to music, he set “Strange Fruit” to music himself.
Power Ballads: Don’t catch you slippin’ up!

Of all art forms the ballad has the benefit of expediency. From …

Oskar Schindler Would Be In Gaza

Remember Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster film Schindler’s List? In it Oskar Schindler, an ambitious Czech businessman, has his epiphany in Krakow, Poland during the German occupation. Schindler came to Krakow to make his fortune using Jewish labor at a factory he opened. Schindler worked the system to get unpaid Jewish workers by bribing the German Army contacts he had made. At that point in his life, Oskar just had the philosophy ofvgoing along to get along. As he got to see and understand what was going on regarding how the Germans treated the Jews, Schindler quickly got a conscience. From that …

Peace Requires Freedom and Justice

The mass slaughter of Palestinian civilians by Israel has shaken people throughout the world. It is a brutal, unfathomable expression of hate and violence; systemic genocide, long in the planning, that can only be described as an act of evil.

Whilst the Israeli government and their henchmen are the principle perpetrators, they have been supported by the US and a coterie of timid western governments, plus much of mainstream western media from day one. And despite the current political rhetoric of restraint, they continue to supply the weapons that are being used to murder Palestinians.

It is not a war it, is …

A Copper’s Skewed Logic: Politicising Palestinian Visas

If only we could say that Peter Dutton, Australia’s federal opposition leader and curator of bigoted leanings, was unusual in assuming that granting humanitarian visas to Palestinians might be problematic.  But both he, and his skew-eyed spokesman on home affairs, James Patterson, have concluded that votes are in the offing.  Refugees may be accepted from the Ukrainian-Russian War, as long as they are Ukrainian, but anything so much as a whiff of a Palestinian fleeing the Israel-Hamas conflict is bound to be concerning.  Ukrainians are noble victims; the latter might be terrorist sympathisers or Hamas militants.

This view started being floated …

The Tragic Death of a Traitor

Part One: Origins

Alexei Navalny under arrest

Alexei Navalny, a Russian political opposition figure whose popularity in the West far exceeded his support in Russia, died while incarcerated in a Russian prison. He was serving a combined 30-and-a-half-year sentence for fraud and political extremism, charges that Navalny and his supporters claim were little more than trumped up accusations designed to silence a man who had emerged in recent years as the most vocal Russian critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to a statement released by the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service, “On February 16, …

Defund UN and Give Cash to Israel – US Lawmaker

Republican congressman Matt Gaetz has called for requiring budget cuts to offset assistance to any overseas ally

The Russian “Path of Redemption

Part Two: The Resurrection of Crimea

The Author (left) with the Head of the Crimean Republic, Sergei Aksyanov (right)

Deliberate neglect, followed by a blockade and now war have failed to break the resolve of the peninsula’s inhabitants.

As the Russian military operation against Ukraine approaches its third year, the focus on the ongoing conflict has allowed another anniversary to go relatively unnoticed – it’s now around ten years since the violent events in Kiev’s Maidan Square that put in motion the circumstances which precipitated the current conflict.

Over the course of five days, from February 18 to …

Pedagogical Panopticon

At my relatively old age or state of maturity there are many things about which to dream. As a youth much of this nocturnal secretion necessarily extends beyond conscious experience. Hence we can easily believe that dreams are fantasy, in the sense of words describing what we could not have witnessed or done, at the very least from the bed in which we lay. Since all that is accessible or assessable from what we call dreams are the words — if we have them — to describe, dreams might be called covert verbalization. The only detectable difference is that we …

The Enablers of Trump’s Rise to Power

Presently it is very likely that Donald Trump will be the nominee of the Republican Party. Joe Biden will represent the Democrats as the DNC had refused to groom over the last four years or so a much more appealing candidate. This blunder is just one in a series of even more significant failures of past democratic presidents and their powerful associates to avoid the rise of Mr. Trump and his cultish appointees.

While it is very easy, based on documents, to declare Mr. Trump to be a neo-fascist and/or a criminal, historical events indicate that the Democratic Party failed over …

Stuck in a Hollywood Disaster Film

And Charleton Heston isn’t around to save us

Peace Advocates, Beware the Biodefense Industry

All peace advocates know that the military industrial complex needs people to live in fear in order for their propaganda to work, in order to get people into a warring mood. Well, Glenn Greenwald recently described how government officials are stoking the current Sinophobia, which could get the U.S. into a very hot war with a superpower:

…whenever state officials start trying to increase the fear that the population has about some threat, foreign or domestic, it’s always in the way of insisting that they need more power to protect you from that threat that they’ve got you to fear, and …

Is There a Future for the Left?

…the Left narrative, no matter how accurate and intellectually powerful it may be, cannot expect to catch the imagination of the citizenry without including a vision for a real alternative future. Moreover, working-class institutions need to be reinstituted for the enhancement of class consciousness and authentic socialist parties need to be rediscovered for the Left narrative to become politically effective. Social movements are important, but their actions rarely have lasting effects. Only political parties can succeed in forging the Left narrative into the policy agenda and turn it into a programmatic plan for social change. Understandably enough, this is quite …

The Fastest Warming on Earth

In the High Arctic scientists discovered million-year-old methane (CH4) trapped under some of the world’s mightiest glaciers detected via unprecedented groundwater springs. Analyses of 123 springs found CH4 in all but one. As the massive glaciers recede, space opens at the edge of permafrost, releasing ancient methane. This is one more totally unexpected global warming headache.

Methane detected in the High Arctic puts a big hole in the Global Methane Pledge of more than 100 countries that agreed to cut emissions 30% by 2030. It’s an add-on that nobody knows how to deal with.

The High Arctic location is Svalbard, Norway …

The WWII Elitist Reality Show

While regular guys were putting their lives on the line fighting the “good war” for their country, what was their government doing?

Elite Fear of the Public: Ukraine, Gaza and Assange

It is a historical fact that powerful elites do not wish to be diverted from pursuing their selfish interests by the public. Minimal, unthreatening expressions of dissent may be tolerated in ostensible ‘democracies’. But public opinion needs to be managed, manipulated or, if necessary, simply ignored.

After all, as Noam Chomsky has said, real ‘democracy is a threat to any power system’. He noted that Edward Bernays, one of the founders and leading figures of the huge public relations industry:

reminded his colleagues that with “universal suffrage and universal schooling… …

Imperial Venality Defends Itself: Day Two of Julian Assange’s High Court Appeal

On February 21, the Royal Courts of Justice hosted a second day of carnivalesque mockery regarding the appeal by lawyers representing an ill Julian Assange, whose publishing efforts are being impugned by the United States as having compromised the identities of informants while damaging national security.  Extradition awaits, only being postponed by rearguard actions such as what has just been concluded at the High Court.

How, then, to justify the 18 charges being levelled against the WikiLeaks founder under the US Espionage Act of 1917, an instrument not just vile but antiquated in its effort to stomp on political discussion and …

Respite: Smart People, Concerned Environmentalists, Talking Whales, Kelp, Tidepools

just for a few hours: out of the insanity of the insane and dementia patients and psychopaths ruling the world, inside and outside of government

Sure, I live along the Central Coast of Oregon. How many times, even in my small memoir writing class I am …

If I Understand the World, I Can March to Change It

Students display a butterfly they made at the Madu Adu (science, or ‘let’s do it’) corner. Credit: Photographs and collages by Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research.

In 1945, the newly formed United Nations held a conference to found the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). The main concern of the delegates, particularly those who came from the Third World, was literacy. There needs to be a ‘world crusade against illiteracy’, said Dr Jaime Jaramillo Arango, the rector of the National University of Colombia. For him, and several …

A Connection?


Identifying Imperial Venality: Day One of Julian Assange’s High Court Appeal

On February 20, it was clear that things were not going to be made easy for Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder who infuriated the US imperium, the national security establishment, and a stable of journalists upset that he had cut their ill-tended lawns.  He was too ill to attend what may well be the final appeal against his extradition from the United Kingdom to the United States.  Were he to be sent to the US, he faces a possible sentence amounting to 175 years arising from 18 venally cobbled charges, 17 spliced from that archaic horror, the Espionage Act of …

After Two Years of War in Ukraine, It’s Time for Peace

The ruins of Avdiivka. Photo Credit: Russian Defense Ministry

As we mark two full years since Russia invaded Ukraine, Ukrainian government forces have withdrawn from Avdiivka, a town they first captured from the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in July 2014. Situated only 10 miles from Donetsk city, Avdiivka gave Ukrainian government forces a base from which their artillery bombarded Donetsk for nearly ten years. From a pre-war population of about 31,000, the town has been depopulated and left in ruins.

The mass slaughter on both …