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May 31, 2003

Sean Penn
Kilroy Is Still Here

Norman Solomon
Many a Jest Spoken As Truth

Michelle Ciarrocca
"Do as I Say, Not as I Do" Nuclear Policy

Dan Bacher
Why Bush’s War Against Iraq Violated International Law

Robert Fisk
How the US Demoralised Iraq’s Army

Adam Engel
Gravity's End Zone

Mark Glenn
He Has My Eyes

Bill Berkowitz
The Bible is their 'Road Map'

Kim Petersen
Africa and the Moral Lacuna: Below the Radar

Kim Petersen
Environmentalists as Scapegoats for the Economy

May 29, 2003

Jason Leopold
Despite Thin Intelligence Reports, US Plans To Overthrow Iranian Regime

Jim Lobe
Is Tehran Back in the Crosshairs Of the Neocon Crusade?

Leah C. Wells
Aceh: In the Shadow of Iraq

Mina Hamilton
Bush and the Seven Deadly Sins

Jerre Skog
Where the Hell are the REAL Americans? Out Shopping or What?

Neve Gordon
The Bad Fence

Amira Hass
The State Sharon Is Talking About

Matthew Riemer
Uncertainty in Saudi Arabia

Garry M. Leech
Politicizing Human Rights in Cuba and Colombia

Al Giordano
US-Funded "Expert" Brings Reefer Madness to Brazil

Mickey Z.
They All Think Alike (It's the American Way)

David Edwards and Media Lens
Playground Journalism: David Aaronovitch of The Guardian Smears Media Lens

Tariq Ali
War, Empire and Resistance (Audio Lecture)

John Chuckman
Laughing Bush (Cartoon)

May 27, 2003

Harvey Wasserman
Reloading to Fight the Bush Matrix: 'The Matrix Reloaded'

John Stanton
America’s Dying Arts and Philosophy Hold the Cure

Tariq Ali
The UN Has Capitulated

John Chuckman
Through A Glass Darkly: An Interpretation of Bush's Character

William Rivers Pitt
Shout Their Names Into The Wind

Shraga Elam
Play It Again Uncle Sam: The "Road Map Theater"

Mark Weisbrot
Tax Cut Continues "Class Warfare"

Seth Sandronsky
The Declining Dollar

Angana Chatterji
Under Siege in the Narmada Valley

Simon Jones
Who's Whose Proxy? Or K - Last of the Mohicans

Annie C. Higgins
Last Time I Saw Mus'ab (updated)

May 24-25, 2003

Jerre Skog
International Law, RIP: Oct 24th, 1945- May 22nd, 2003

Lewis H. Lapham
Hope For What Might Be

Imad Khadduri
Iraq's Free Fall

Vincent Lombardo
Eyewitness to War: Interview with Kathy Kelly and Wade Hudson of the Iraq Peace Team

Geov Parrish
The Wrong Direction

Edward Said
The Arab Condition

Bill Berkowitz
Operation Neil Bush's Freedom

Dennis Rahkonen
Honor American Dissidents

Ralph Nader
Let Technology Work For People

Beth McConnell
The New Bermuda (Corporate Tax Evaders)

Simon Jones
Just What Does Kissinger Think of the Neocons?

Alexander Cockburn
Jacques Derrida's Double Life (and more)

Sherri Muzher
Best Way to Honor the USS Liberty Is With an Investigation

Hans Bennett
May 13, 1985: What the Corporate Media Didn’t Tell You. An interview with Ramona Africa

Kristen Anderberg
Practicing Protest

Stan Moore
Building Fantastic Wealth On a Foundation of Bankruptcy

Stan Moore
Promoting Human Conflicts to Make Money

May 22, 2003

Chris Hedges
War and Empire (Text of Speech at Rockford College Graduation Ceremony)

Amy Goodman and Democracy Now!
School Cuts off NY Times Reporter Chris Hedges' Anti-War Commencement Speech: Interview with Hedges

Norman Solomon
Decoding The Media Fixation on Terrorism

David Edwards & Media Lens
Concealing Catastrophe: The BBC and ITN Respond On Iraq

Jerre Skog
Terror-Alert Orange: The Conditioning of American Reflexes

Kim Petersen
Return to Sender

Naomi Klein
When Some Lives Are Worth More Than Others (Rachel Corrie and Jessica Lynch)

Adam Engel
Towers of Babel, Woodstock and the Word

Ramzy Baroud
Palestinian Suffering Boils Down to Travel Restrictions

Hanin Nadja Othman
Palestinian Lawmaker Hussam Khader’s Detention Extended for Sixth Time

May 21, 2003

Ran Ha'Cohen
The Apartheid Wall

Seth Sandronsky
Blacks, Jews and Uncle Sam

Jan Oberg
Do You Want to Know Who the Americans Running Iraq Really Are?

Stephen Zunes
Time To Question the US Role In Saudi Arabia

Mickey Z.
Tough on the Spine: Hope, Crosby, and Al Qaeda

David Edwards and Media Lens
As Good As It Gets: The Independent on Sunday and Orwell’s Memory Hole

George Monbiot
War Crimes Case in Belgium Illustrates Folly of Blair’s Belief That US is Interested in Justice

John Chuckman
State of the Union (Cartoon)

May 20, 2003

Veteran Intelligence Professionals For Sanity
We are Perplexed at the US Refusal to Permit the Return of UN Inspectors to Iraq

Human Rights Groups Protest Indonesia’s War in Aceh Throughout World, Demand an End to Human Rights Abuses

Firas Al-Atraqchi
Hush, Hush on Coalition Deaths

Paul Dean
Letting Freedom Ring, and Ring, and Ring

Mary Jo McConahay
Human Smuggling Deaths: More Border Death Traps Loom

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
Why Ari Should Have Resigned in Protest

Robert Fisk
So What Was it All For?

Hans Bennett
Death Row? Shut It Down!

Simon Jones
Tashkent Through Gold-Tinted Lenses

May 19, 2003

Al Giordano
Jayson Blair Cracked the Code: The Young Plagiarizer Beat the New York Times at Its Own Game

John Chuckman
Of Blair, Hussein, and Genocide

William O. Beeman
The Saudi Bombing: A Calculated Act With a Political Message

Ralph Nader
Credit Reporting

Susan Abulhawa
Excerpt From a Forthcoming Novel In Honor of the Naqbe

Adam Engel
Uncle Sam is YOU

May 17-18, 2003

Josh Frank
Disrobing Dubya

Stan Moore
The Strategic Value of American Preeminence in the Middle East

William Hartung
Riyadh Bombings Bring U.S. 'Executive Mercenaries' Into the Light

Leah C. Wells
In Iraq, Water and Oil Do Mix

Mickey Z.
Instant Understanding

Gabriel Ash
Settlements: A User's Guide

Dan Bacher
SMUD Board Completes Withdrawal From Trinity Litigation

May 16, 2003

Milan Rai
Mass Graves: How the US and Britain Are Betraying the Iraqi People

David Edwards and Media Lens
Grit Your Teeth Surgery in 'Liberated' Iraq

Michael Birmingham in Baghdad
A New Chapter in the Republican Administration's Brutalizing of Iraqi People

Kathy Kelly and Voices in the Wilderness
Call to End Sanctions and Occupation

Mina Hamilton
In Memory of Abbie Hoffman

Norman Solomon
Why the FCC's Rules Matter

Sherri Muzher
Are Palestinians Too Radical For Wanting to Return Home?

May 15, 2003

David Edwards and Media Lens
Demolishing Compassion:
Greed, Profit, and Animals as ‘Converting Machines’

Tanya Reinhart
The Guaranteed Failure of the Road Map

William Rivers Pitt
Blowback in Riyadh

Phyllis Bennis
Going Global: Building a Movement Against Empire

Bill Berkowitz
Bremer of Iraq: Counter-terrorism and Corporate Crisis Management Specialist Heads Iraq's Reconstruction

Lawrence Mishel
Economic Nonsense

Lori Wallach
Force Feeding (GMO Foods)

May 14, 2003

Alexandros Pagidas
Bits of Cheese in Oil

Paul de Rooij
The Hydra’s New Head: Propagandists, and Selling the US-Iraq War

John Chuckman
Policy Through Rose-Colored Pilot's Goggles

Kurt Biddle and IHRN
US-made Weapons to be Used in Indonesia's Military War on Aceh

Adi Dagan and Peleg Levy
Two Eyewitness Accounts of Israeli Military Violence Against Palestinian Children

Ramzy Baroud
Does Defeat Always Have To Be So Humiliating?

Seth Sandronsky
Race an Outdated Concept?

Kim Petersen
Psychology of SARS in China

May 13, 2003

Walden Bello
Pax Romana vs Pax Americana: Contrasting Strategies of Imperial Management

ratap Chatterjee
Bechtel's Nuclear Nightmare

Jason Leopold
Cheney’s Old Company Continues To Break Law’s While Profiting From Terror

William O. Beeman
The Unknown Hawk: Neoconservative Guru Sets Sights on Iran

George Monbiot
Don't Cry for Clare

Greg Palast
Who Won the War on Iraq? The Carlyle Group, Lockheed Martin, Choice Point - and more (Audio File)

May 12, 2003

Yacov Ben Efrat
Not Stalingrad

Jim Lobe
From Baghdad to Tehran?

Ralph Nader
Snapshots of Our Economy and Politics

May 10-11, 2003

Kim Petersen
Hubris of the Hyper-Imperion

Kim Petersen
Quest to Reify Canada as a Middle Power: Iraq and the Canadian Choice

Justin Podur
Murdering Solidarity

Mary La Rosa
The War Against Human Rights Groups

Annie C. Higgins
Last Time I Saw Mus'ab

Next Year in Mas'Ha

Mark Engler
Those Who Don't Count

Naomi Klein
Elections vs. Democracy in Argentina

Alexander Cockburn
Ed Rosenthal Faces the Music in Key Med Marijuana Case; Nobel for Blair-Bush?; Breasts and Martinis

Rahul Mahajan
Don't Lift the Sanctions Yet!

Dennis Rahkonen
The Battle For Pie

Mark Glenn
Junk History

May 8, 2003

Norman Solomon
Introspective Media Not in the Cards

Josh Frank
Ten Reasons to Oppose United States Occupation of Iraq

Lee Drutman and Charlie Cray
"Sacrifice is for Suckers": How Corporations Are Using Offshore Tax Havens to Avoid Paying Taxes

Garry M. Leech
Colombia's Other Enemy: Human Rights Workers

Adam Engel
Flag in the Rain

David Edwards and Media Lens
Chaining the Watchdog Pt. 3

Mark Weisbrot
When the Media Fails

Firas Al-Atraqchi
Is a New War Shaping Up in Iraq?

May 7, 2003

Kathleen Christison
Roadmap to Nowhere

George Monbiot
Rich In Imagination

Mickey Z.
Partisan Protests? Questions to Ponder

Bill Berkowitz
It's the Permanent War on Terrorism, Stupid: Administration Counting on Climate of Fear to Pave Way for Re-election

Mark Glenn
In the Ethnic Foods Isle

May 6, 2003

Mina Hamilton

Adam Engel
We Possessed

Paul Street
Don't They Mean "Wear Something Brown?"

Sam Smith
The Coalition of the Shilling: Iraq Will Have to Learn Democracy Someplace Else

Angana Chatterji
Liberation At Gunpoint

William Hartung
Empowering Iraq: The Devil Is in the Details

William Rivers Pitt
George W. Christ?

Noam Chomsky
Iraq and the Peace Movement (Audio Lecture)

May 5, 2003

Leilla Matsui
Regime Change Begins At Home . . . Literally

Conn Hallinan
Aftermath: Cleaning Up Our Mess in Iraq

Jason Halperin
Patriot Raid

Ahmed Rashid
Shiite And Sunni Muslims Struggle To Fill Leadership Void In Iraq

Robert Fisk
Bush Has Announced the End of the War, But Try Telling That to the Shias and the Badr Brigade

Amira Hass
The Terror On the Other Side is Just as Faceless

Paul de Rooij
Gretta Duisenberg: An Activist in the Trenches

Ilan Pappe
Searching Jenin:
The Most Authoritative Report on the War Crimes We Will Ever Get (Book Review)

May 3-4, 2003

Frida Berrigan
Proud to be American? Not While it Chooses Bombs Over Bread

Harvey Wasserman
Bush's Military Defeat: The SuperPower of Peace is Our Only Hope

Lissa Rees
Colombians and the Other Kind of Coke

Mickey Z.
100 Years of Terror: Cuba and Puerto Rico in the News

David Edwards and Media Lens
Chaining the Watch Dog (Pt. 1)

David Edwards and Media Lens
Chaining the Watch Dog (Pt. 2)

Jamie Brooks
Deep Roots of Islamophobia

Jerre Skog
The Eternal Soldiers

Third Way
A "War on Terror" or a War for Oil?

Ralph Nader
Wall Street Crooks Need More Than A 'Slap On the Wrist' 

Stan Moore
The Travesty of Self-Perpetuating War

Adam Engel
American Bulk (Spam and Ideal)

Dennis Rahkonen
An Open Letter to Michael Moore

May 2, 2003

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
Intelligence Fiasco: A Challenge to President Bush

Neve Gordon
Missing: The Right to Know

Milan Rai
The Avoidable War

John Chuckman
Thomas Friedman's Life As a Pet Hamster

Wayne Madsen
The Fourhorseman of Propaganda

Jeffrey St. Clair
Meet The Mullah Omar of Pennsylvania: Santorum - That's Latin for Asshole

Seth Sandronsky
Incarcerated and Invisible

May 1, 2003

Kim Petersen
A Myth Exposed: Albert Einstein Was Not a Zionist

Norman Solomon
A Different Approach for the 2004 Campaign

Michelle Cobban
May Day: What Happened to the Radical Workers' Holiday?

Holly Sklar
CEO Pay Still Outrageous

Thom Hartmann
The Crime Of The Century: A Never-Ending "War Against Terrorism"

Imad Khadurri
(Former Iraqi nuclear scientist) The Mirage of Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction

Ganesh Lal
Reject the White Man's Burden in Iraq: A Debate in the Anti-War Movement

Barry Lando
Preemption Strikes Back

Alexander Cockburn
Iraq, Occupation, Imperialism, and Media (Audio Lecture)


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