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March 31, 2003

Marc W. Herold
When Precision Bombing Isn't: Iraqi Civilians Learn the Lesson of Afghanistan

John Gershman
Dreams of Empire: Eulogies for International Law

Robert Fisk in Baghdad
Sergeant's Suicidal Act of War Has Struck Fear into Allied Hearts

Gavan P. Gray
Fear and Violence

Neve Gordon
A Different Kind of Despair

Bill C. Davis
Support Our Protestors

Ralph Nader
The Bankruptcy System

March 30, 2003

Robert Fisk in Baghdad
In Baghdad, Blood and Bandages for the Innocent

Jo Wilding
(In Baghdad) Why?

Alexander Cockburn
US Insiders Gloomy

Harvey Wasserman
The Superpower of Peace and the Fundamentalist Nightmare

Gavin P. Gray
The Greater Good

Mickey Z.
Fit To Print: March 29, 2003

Steve Hesske
Free Asan Akbar and Put the System on Trial?

John Chuckman
Favorite Contradictions and Absurdities Concerning War in Iraq

John Chuckman
(Cartoon) Victory Tour

March 29, 2003

Ann Pettifer
Israelis: Victims No Longer?

Robert Fisk in Baghdad
Bombing of Phone System Another Little Degradation

Doug Ireland
Not the Full Story: Why Won't The Networks Ask The Obvious Questions?

Doug Ireland
The Siege Of Baghdad: Neither Our Bombs Nor Our Media Are As Smart As We Thought They Were

David Edwards
Inferno: Civilian Casualties, Censorship, And Patriotism

Kim Petersen
Shocked and Awed

Edward Jayne
27 Similarities Between Hitler and Bush

Kim Petersen
Farmageddon and the Spin Doctors

March 28, 2003

Robert Fisk
Devastating Realities that Expose the Truth about Basra

Doug Johnson in Baghdad
Following the Bombs

April Hurley in Baghdad
In An Alien World

Carol Norris
Bush's Promise of Sacrifice: The Mother of All Bombs

Mina Hamilton
A Tale of Two Empires

Firas Al-Atraqchi
What You Aren't Being Told About Iraq

Veterans Call to Conscience
Statement to the Troops

Jim Lobe
Neo-Conservatives Enlist Democrats for Post-War Goals

Kristen Ess in Gaza
Myriad Forms of Ethnic Cleansing

Dan Bacher
Its Time For SMUD To Stop Blocking Trinity Restoration

March 27, 2003

Gazwan Al Muktar in Baghdad
"UK/USA, It Means to Me: United to Kill US All"

Amira Hass
Horror Scenarios Coming True

Robert Fisk in Baghdad
It Was an Outrage, an Obscenity

Neville Watson in Baghdad
Report It As It Is

Norman Solomon
Media War: Obsessed With Tactics and Terminology

Kim Petersen
Disgust and Horror: In Praise of Integrity

Naomi Klein
We Have You Surrounded

Rahul Mahajan
Basra as Military Target

Mickey Z.
Daniel Patrick Murderer

Alexander Cockburn
From "Plain Sailing" to "Where the Hell Are We?" to "Up the Creek"

March 26, 2003

Shane Claiborne in Baghdad
Dark Days and Shiny Shoes

Bettejo Passalaqua in Baghdad
The Bombs Are Still Exploding

John Pilger
Six Days of Shame

Jeremy Scahill
Inside Baghdad

Robert Fisk in Baghdad
In the Long Hours of Darkness, Baghdad Shakes to the Constant Low

Jeffrey St. Clair
Wails of Yanqui Power: Life During Wartime

Kim Petersen
Fomenting Unrest in Jordan

March 25, 2003

Democracy Now!
Live From Iraq: Robert Fisk on Washingtons Quagmire in Iraq, Civilian Deaths and the Fallacy of Bushs War of Liberation

April Hurley in Baghdad
Outrage in Baghdad

Kathy Kelly in Baghdad
Angry, Very Angry

Tim Wise
The Moral Calculus of Killing: "Precision Bombing" and the American Definition of Innocence

Josh Frank
The Grassroots of Hope

George Monbiot
Does the US Support the Geneva Conventions Or Doesn't It?

Robert Fisk
Saddam Starts To Sound More Like Hi Hero, Uncle Joe

Robert Gaiek
Does Allah Love an Arrogant and Boastful President?

Alexander Cockburn
Ominous Signs

March 24, 2003

Kim Petersen
US Hypocrisy and the Geneva Conventions

Robert Fisk
"Iraq Will Become a Quagmire for the Americans"

Jerre Skog
"Going to Plan"?? They Could've Fooled Us

Robert Jensen
On NPR, Please Follow the Script

Ramzi Kysia
Birthday in Baghdad: "What a Day to Be Thirteen"

Kim Petersen
Not So Smart Weapons

William Hartung
Keeping Hope Alive: The War Has Started, But The Peace Movement Has Not Lost

Ralph Nader
The Judicially-Selected Dictator's Pre-Emptive War

Mickey Z.
Good Wars, Cold Wars

Dennis Rahkonen
Arch-Terrorist Strikes Iraq, Casualties Mount

Robert Gaiek
Bush Has Evil Warmonger Double

March 22-23, 2003

Robert Fisk
This is the Reality of War. We Bomb. They Suffer. Visit to Hospital in Baghdad

Pratap Chatterjee
Halliburton Makes a Killing on Iraq War: Cheney's Former Company Profits from Supporting Troops

Pratap Chatterjee
Dick Cheney's Close Ties to Brown and Root

Robert Fisk
Minute after Minute the Missiles Came, With Devastating Shrieks

Kathy Kelly
Spring Morning: After "Shock & Awe"

Kathy Kelly
Relative Calm Amid the Thunder of the Missiles What Would Chicago Be Like Under This Kind of Attack

Wade Hudson
We've Been Through the Heaviest Bombardment of the War So Far...

Ramzi Kysia
Bombing Away the Chance for Joy: Underneath the Calm There is Fear

Milan Rai
Pause War: Not Shock And Awe, But Stop And Pause As US Tries To Prompt Iraq Military Coup

Robin C. Miller
This War is Illegal

William Rivers Pitt
Now I'm the Terrorist

Edward Said
The Other America

Firas Al-Atraqchi
Sparing the Public the Horrors of War

Doug Ireland
TV Warfare: Bloodthirsty Pundits Enter All-Spin Zone

David Edwards
Falling At The Feet Of Power: Blair's Sincerity And The Media

Kim Petersen
Whither the UN? Logical Contortion, Hypocrisy, and the Absurd

Susan Abulhawa
Lies, Video Games, And Advice

Angana Chatterji
As the Drums Roll For War

Josh Frank
Portland Pledges Its Grievance to the Flag

Seth Sandronsky
What Attacking Iraq Might Do To The U.S. Economy

Adam J. Goldberg
Meanwhile In Congress... The House Passes Anti-Consumer Bankruptcy Bill

March 21, 2003

Firas Al-Atraqchi
Disillusion, Anger in the Arab Street

Robert Fisk
Bubbles of Fire Tore Into the Sky Above Baghdad

Robert Fisk
By First Light, the Rumbling Explosions Were Already Mixed with Calls to Prayer

Kim Petersen
Sadism and War

John Pilger

Mina Hamilton
What "Feels Right"

Keren Batiyov
Poetic Justice

Jack Ballinger
Searching for the Breach in Alice's Looking Glass World

March 20, 2003

Rania Masri
What About Humanity?

Rahul Mahajan and Robert Jensen
Myths and Facts About the War in Iraq

Norman Solomon
Casualties of War: First Truth, Then Conscience

Kim Petersen
An Illegal and Immoral War

Ramzi Kysia
This Present Moment: Living in Baghdad on the Eve of War

Danny Dayus
My Time Has Come

Robert Fisk
It's Difficult to Grasp the Reality of What is Coming

Kathy Kelly
(in Baghdad) The Illness of Victors

William O. Beeman
Religious Zeal Makes 'Short War' in Iraq Doubtful

Milan Rai
Blitz-Coup: Latest Confirmation This Is A War For "Regime Stabilisation And Leadership Change

Imad Khadduri
Cheney's Bogus Nuclear Weapon

Jeffrey St. Clair
Shooting in the Dark: The Portland Six, the Patriot Act and a Black Bag Job on the Constitution

In Nablus, On the Eve of War

Carl Doerner
Glimmers of Hope

Stephen Shalom and Michael Albert
Reject Defeatism . . . Organize!

March 19, 2003

Dave Edwards and Media Lens
The Ruthless and the Dead

Robert Fisk
Darkness Before the Storm

Jan Oberg and Hans von Sponeck
Did Kofi Annan Miss an Opportunity to Stop the War?

George Monbiot
Left Behind to Starve

Tanya Reinhart
The Lilliputians Are No Longer Tiny People

Josh Frank
Our Unfortunate Reality

Ralph Nader
Letter to Democrats: Speak Out Against the War

William Hartung
An Open Letter to Bill O'Reilly

March 18, 2003

Susan Abulhawa
A Moment of Truth

Alexander Cockburn
"48 Hours": From "Stand Up and Be Counted" to a Fixed Poker Game

Robert Jensen
Confronting Our Fears, So That We May Confront Empire

Jerre Skog
War Criminals, Not Heroes

Institute for Public Accuracy
White House Claims: A Pattern of Deceit

Kim Petersen
Selective Enforcement and Hypocrisy

Paul Loeb and Geov Parrish
If War Comes

Marc W. Herold
Et Plus Ca Change ... Patterns of Death and Deceit in Afghanistan

Edward Said
Global Crisis

Steve Niva
Rachel Corrie, Nuha Sweidan and Israeli War Crimes

Robert Fisk
Baghdad is a City Sleepwalking To War

March 17, 2003

Phyllis Bennis
The Azores Pseudo Summit

Rahul Mahajan
Ave Caesar: The Emperor Has Spoken

The Electronic Intifada

Photo story: Israeli bulldozer driver murders American peace activist Rachel Corrie (external link)

Rachel Corrie
In Her Own Words

Noam Chomsky
The Case Against US Adventurism in Iraq

Robin C. Miller
Iraq: The Torrent of Deceit

Kathy Kelly
Let There Be Life

B.J. Sabri
Barbaric Era, 2003

Erich Marquardt and Matthew Riemer
Defining International Order

Thom Hartmann
When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History

Harvey Wasserman
The Emerging Superpower of Peace

Seth Sandronsky
US Job Crisis Continues

Dennis Rahkonen
"The Americans Are Coming! The Americans Are Coming!"

Marjorie Cohen
A Double Standard On Torture: The U.S. Should Practice What We Preach

March 15-16, 2003

Barbara: You Should've "Just Said No" That Night: Anti-War/Anti-Bush Placards from SF Protest

Alexander Cockburn
Never Say "Sorry", It Only Makes Things Worse

Robert Fisk
The War of Misinformation Has Begun

Firas Al-Atraqchi
Diplomacy? What Diplomacy?

Borzou Daragahi
Truth and Lies in Iraqi Kurdistan

Sheryl Fred
Postwar Profiteers: How a Handful of Construction Firms got an Early Invitation to Rebuild Iraq

Robert Gaiek
A Vietnam Vet Against Bush and Perpetual War

Rahul Mahajan
UN Resolution or Not, This War Violates International Law

Brent Anderson
Concerned Citizens' Rational Appeal For Peace

Steven Rosenfeld
Whose Health Care Agenda?

March 14, 2003

Jan Oberg and Christian Harleman
Why the Security Council Will Never Lift the Sanctions on Iraq

Naomi Klein
No Peace Without a Fight

Kim Petersen
Running Like Mice

Ralph Nader
Requests by Civic Groups for Meetings with President Bush Ignored

March 13, 2003

Paul de Rooij
Glossary of Warmongering

William Hartung and Michelle Ciarrocca
Corporate Think Tanks and the Doctrine of Aggressive Militarism

Norman Solomon
The Conventional Media Wisdom of Obedience

John Pilger

Mina Hamilton
On the Way to Tonkin II?

Kim Petersen
King Abdullah and Star Trek

Mickey Z.
Regime Change: 1973 and 2003

Karyn Strickler
Partial Birth Abortion Bans: Why Does the Big Lie Continue?

Tom Gorman
Report to the UN Security Council: The Growing Martian Threat

March 12, 2003

Lynn Landes
March on the White House - March 15

Robert Jensen
Petróleo, Petróleo, Petróleo

Milan Rai
The Race Against Time: Defining What Iraq Has To Do Before War Comes

George Monbiot
A Willful Blindness

Thom Hartmann
The Empire Needs New Clothes

Doug Stokes
Worthy and Unworthy Victims in Colombia's War of Terror

Mickey Z

John Chuckman
Hating America

March 11, 2003

Tanya Reinhart
The Palestinians Don't Even Have Weather

Kim Petersen
Jordan: Between Two Genocides

Imad Khadduri (former Iraqi Nuclear Scientist)
The Fig Leaf of Moral Impotence

Alexander Cockburn
What Will the US Find if it Invades Iraq?

Paul Street
Mass Incarceration and Racist State Priorities at Home and Abroad

Lee Drutman
What About Three-Strikes-and-You're-Out for Corporate Criminals?

Michael Mandel
The UN's Crucial Role: War On Iraq is Still Unjust and Immoral if Security Council Authorizes It

Paul Dean
The Universal Unification of Everything

Mark Weisbrot
Why Bush Can't Wait

March 10, 2003

Henry A. Giroux
Why Aren't Children Included in the Debate About the Impending US War in Iraq

Richard Heinberg
The US and Eurasia: End Game for the Industrial Era?

Kim Petersen
Bush and the Compliant Media

James Brooks
35 Years Late to Stop the War

Kristen Ess
Israel Continues Killing Spree

Kristen Ess
Severe Attack on the Gaza Strip

Angana Chatterji
Myths and Dreams: Hindutva Nationalism and the Indian Diaspora

Sam Husseini
Follow the Policy: Why So Long for Iraq to Comply?

Stephen Zunes
Critique of Bush's Feb. 26 Speech on the Future of Iraq

John Brand
Letter to the President: Restore Justice and Equity to the Land

Al McKinnis
The Death March

Robert Fisk
'Liberating' the MidEast: Why Do We Never Learn?

March 8-9, 2003

Rich Cowan
13 Myths on War in Iraq

Lawrence McGuire
Who Supports President Bush?

Sadu Nanjundiah

Kim Petersen
When a Concession is No Concession

Laura Carlsen
The Mexican Farmers' Movement: Exposing the Myths of Free Trade

Edward Said
Who's in Charge?

B.J. Sabri
When Hercules is Intoxicated, Furious, and Unchained

Robert Fisk
US War Plans Are Not Helped by Blix

Firas Al-Atraqchi
Lies With a Purpose

Ash Pulcifer
The Cycle of Violence Begins Again

Seth Sandronsky
A Billionaire Against Bush

Geov Parrish
Please Bomb Seattle

Dan Bacher
DFG, Conservation Groups Blast Federal Government for Fish Kills in American River

Robert Brenner
Towards the Precipice: Crisis in the US Economy

March 7, 2003

Lori Wallach
Trade Secrets: What the WTO Didn't Want You to Know

Shulamit Aloni
Murder of a Population Under Cover of Righteousness

March 6, 2003

Thom Hartmann
Now Your Vote is the Property of a Private Corporation

Leah C. Wells
Reckless Abandon

Wayne Madsen
Time for Sanctions Against the Bush Administration

Norman Solomon
American Media Dodging UN Surveillance Story

Robin C. Miller
An Illegal and Immoral War

Garry M. Leech
The Battle for Saravena

Gene Hashmi
The Price of Eternal Vigilance

Phyllis Bennis
Iraq Timeline/Talking Points

Robert Leverant
5763, Jerusalem

March 5, 2003

Michael S. Ladah
A Cover for Israel's Atrocity? Behind the War on Iraq

Jan Oberg and Christian Harleman
Sanctions -- Our Moral Problem

Bernard Weiner
How to Bully and Swagger Your Way to Disaster

Annie Campbell Higgins
What They Say

Kim Petersen
Preparing to Unleash Violence

March 4, 2003

Susan Abulhawa
Amnesty for the Soul

Jon Elmer and William Blum
The Empire Does What it Wants

Mickey Z.
On the Winning Side

William Rivers Pitt
Arrest Me

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
The Unbalanced Hawks at the Washington Post

James Brooks
The Day the War Starts

Kim Petersen
Grasping at Straws: Searching for a War Pretext

Gila Svirsky
The Great Wall of Denial

Robert Jensen
Bush's Contempt for Democracy

Ralph Nader
MSNBC Sabotages Donahue

March 3, 2003

Rhoda Shapiro
The LA 8: Bury My Heart at the Dome of the Rock

Justin Podur
(Colombia) The Other Kind of Violence

Jerre Skog
Damned If They Do, Damned If They Don't: Is the UN Doing Bush's Dirty Work in Iraq?

Charles Fink
An Alternative to War

Ralph Nader
Credit Scam: Why is Congress So Intent on Helping Lenders and Hurting Consumers

Robert Fisk

A Breakthrough in the War on Terror?

Abu Spinoza
Freedom and the Political Economy of Terror: Book Review of Noam Chomsky's Power and Terror

March 2, 2003

Mark Hand
The Struggle Against Going Mainstream (Book Review)

Paul Dean
Size Matters?: Thanks Debra for Keeping it Up

Heather Wokusch
The Dangers of Dissent

Leah C. Wells

Three Blind Mice

Robert Fisk

American Billions Keep Arab Regimes Sweet


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