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June 27, 2003

Edward S. Herman
Uncle Chutzpah, On A Rampage

David Edwards and Media Lens
Biting the Hand That Feeds - Part Two

Bill Berkowitz
Conflating Protests with Terrorism: Police Departments Across the Country are Spying and Compiling Dossiers on Political Activists

Jack Ballinger

Dan Bacher
Butterflies and Farmworkers Versus the USDA and Riot Cops

Mary La Rosa
The Prisoner of Zion and the Secret of Bassam Abu Sharif

Seth Sandronsky
A New Day for Affirmative Action?

Adam Engel
U.S. Troops Outta Times Square

Hans Bennett
The Legacy of Martin Luther King: It’s All About Class War -- An Interview with Willie Baptist

Laura Carlsen
Democracy: From the Polls or the Populace?

David Krieger
Ten Reasons to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Mark Glenn
The Beast and His Mark

Jerre Skog
The Wars to Come: Prepare for the Fourth Reich!

Ed Hanratty
Save Our Country

Ed Hanratty
Am I Still An Unpatriotic Traitor?

June 26, 2003

Jason Leopold
Wolfowitz Aimed to Undermine Blix So US Could Strike Iraq

Kim Petersen
Verifying the Evidence

Norman Solomon
Tilting Democrats in the Presidential Race

David Edwards and Media Lens
Biting the Hand That Feeds - Part One

Holly Sklar
Raw Deal for Workers on Minimum Wage Anniversary

June 24, 2003

Edward Said
The Meaning of Rachel Corrie

Bernard Weiner
A Peek Inside Bush's Post-War Diary: "Fuck Impeachment!"

John Chuckman
The Real Clash of Civilizations: Liberals Versus the Crypto-Nazis

Gabriel Ash
Dear Ayatollah

Adam Engel
Parable of the Lobbyist

George Monbiot
I Was Wrong About Trade

Ralph Nader
Zoonotic Diseases

June 23, 2003

Kim Petersen
Pulp Fiction at the New York Times: Fawning at the Feet of Mammon

B.J. Sabri
Reporting from the Colonialist Side of the Brain

Firas Al-Atraqchi
Iraqi Fighters: “We Will Send Them Back the Bodies of Their Soldiers”

William Rivers Pitt

John Pilger
Bush’s Vietnam: The Rapacious Adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan are Going Badly Wrong

Uri Avnery
The Best Show in Town

June 21-22, 2003

Paul de Rooij
Ambient Death in Palestine

Kurt Biddle
U.S. Journalist in Danger: Reporters and Human Rights Defenders Targeted for Exposing Indonesian Military Atrocities in Aceh

Avia Pasternak
The Unholy Alliance In the Occupied Territories

Bill Berkowitz
National Snoops Network

Naomi Klein
Bush to NGOs: Watch Your Mouths

Mickey Z.
The Second Dark Ages

Seth Sandronsky
In Sacramento, A Specter of Democracy

Adam Engel
The Fat MAN in Little Boy

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
Gray Panthers' Corporate Connections

John Chuckman
Bush-Monkey Buck (Cartoon)

June 19, 2003

Norman Solomon
The Politics of Impeachment

Harvey Wasserman
Truth is the Weapon of Bush's Self-Destruction

Maria Tomchick
The War Continues

Ran Ha'Cohen
Mid-Eastern Terms

David Edwards and Media Lens
Stenographers to Power: "Saddam Loyalists" Or "Anti-Occupation Forces"? Ask The BBC

June 18, 2003

M. Shahid Alam
Illuminating Thomas Friedman

John Chuckman
Hall of Mirrors

Paul Street
Deep Poverty, Deep Deception

Jennifer Loewenstein
Suicide's Most Willing Accomplice

Maria Tomchick
Seven Ways George Bush Helps Terrorism

David Edwards and Media Lens
The Killing: ITN Returns to Baghdad

June 17, 2003

Margie Burns
Security, Secrecy and a Bush Brother

Josh Frank
Greens Looking For A Winning Strategy

George Monbiot
Seize the Day: Using Globalization As Vehicle For the First Global Democratic Revolution

Uri Avnery
Children of Death: Militarism in Israel

Thom Hartmann
How An Earlier "Patriot Act" Law Brought Down A President

Leah C. Wells
A Culture of Teaching Peace

June 16, 2003

Robert Jensen
Embedded Reporters Viewpoint Misses Main Point Of War

Edward Said
A Road Map To Where?

Democracy Now!
Anti-US Opposition In Iraq and The So Called Roadmap: An Interview with Robert Fisk

Steven Rosenfeld
DoD and DU?

William Rivers Pitt
The Dog Ate My WMD

Mickey Z.
WMD and the Sleeping Giant

David Mills
War Without WMD: An Appeal To the British

Doug Ireland
A Modest Proposal: Progressives Should Bypass the 2004 Presidential Campaign

Dan Bacher
Wild Salmon Fisheries Threatened by Genetically Engineered Fish

Jeffrey St. Clair
Pryor Unrestraint: Killer Bill Pryor's Mad Quest for the Federal Bench

June 14-15, 2003

Heather Wokusch
America's Shameful Legacy of Radioactive Weaponry

Coletta Youngers
The US and Latin America After 9-11 and Iraq

Frida Berrigan
US Weapons Aid Repression in Aceh

Gila Svirsky
A Macabre Alliance: A Good Week for Palestinian and Israeli Extremists

Ash Pulcifer
Fighting Terror with Terror

Ramzy Baroud
Talking About Hope in a Bloodbath

Seth Sandronsky
In California, A Racial Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Ralph Nader
Has the American Enterprise Institute Lost Contact with Reality?

Bill Berkowitz
Bush's Faith-Based Finagling: Legislation Weakens but Doesn't Slow Down President's Faith-Based Initiative

George Monbiot
Let's Do A Monsanto

Peter Phillips and Jason Spencer
Junk Food News: Entertainment Media 2003

Stan Moore
Bush as Emergency Room Physician (for Palestine situation)

Jeffrey St. Clair
Attack of the Hog Killers Why the Generals Hate the A-10

June 12, 2003

Jason Leopold
White House Silenced Experts Who Questioned Iraq Intel Info Six Months Before War

Tanya Reinhart
The Complex Art of Simulation

John Chuckman
The Man Who Wasn't There

Imad Khadduri
(Former Iraqi Nuclear Scientist)
Mobile Lies

Abu Spinoza
War Crimes, US Planners and Iraq’s Water Vulnerability: A Conversation with Professor Thomas Nagy

Norman Solomon
Britain – Not Quite A Parallel Media Universe

Dennis Rahkonen
Black, Brown and White, Unite to Stop America’s Decline!

Jerry Levin
From The Inside Looking Out: Report-22-These Things Take Time (Iraq)

Jerre Skog
"50 Virgins" and Other Tales

John Chuckman
The Picture in Von Rumsfeld's Closet (Cartoon)

June 10, 2003

Jason Leopold
Powell Denies Intelligence Failure

Bernard Weiner
It Could Happen Here: Germany 1933 - The Easy Slide Into Fascism

Michael Novick
Fascism and What is Coming

B.J. Sabri
The Insidious Prophet of Petty Fascism

Garry M. Leech
Bush Places Corporate Interests Over Human Rights

Jerre Skog
We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet! The REAL Potential for 'Terrorism' is Still Brewing

Margie Burns
Post Iraq: Assessing the "Threat"

June 9, 2003

George Monbiot
How to Stop America

Paul Dean
Plain Language: A Message of Solidarity With The Working Class

Jeffrey St. Clair
Going Critical: Bush's War on Endangered Species

Alexander Cockburn
The Terrible Truth (Part MMCCXVILL)

Mickey Z.
Where We Are

Daniel Patrick Welsh
Occupation: Our Gift to the World or How America Can Really Exploit The Falling Dollar

June 7-8, 2003

Adam Engel
Talk Dirty Scary Monsters

Norman Solomon
Trust, War and Terrorism

Arundhati Roy
Empire and the Corporate Media (Interviewed on Democracy Now!)

David Edwards and Media Lens
Mass Deception: How The Media Helped The Government Deceive The People

Jeffrey St. Clair
Pools of Fire: The Looming Nuclear Nightmare in the Woods of North Carolina

Naomi Klein
Downsizing in Disguise

Seth Sandronsky
In U.S., Slow Growth, Excess Inventory and Mounting Debt

Ralph Nader
Tax Cuts While Problems of Homeless Grow

Bill Berkowitz
Anti-factory Farm Activists Under Fire

Robert Fisk
Land of Clichés

A Letter from Rachel Corrie's Parents
To the Coalition of Women for Peace and the Israel Committee Against House Demolitions

Stan Moore
Terror, Taxes, and Trashing the Tierra

June 5, 2003

Paul Dean
You Can Be Deliriously Happy, Here's How

Jason Leopold
The Iraq War Was Always Based On Shaky Evidence and Bad Intel

Kim Petersen

John Chuckman
Banality, Bombast, and Blood

Paul Harris
Congo in the Crosshairs

Kim Petersen
Canadian Predation in Africa

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
Throwing Precaution to The Wind

Thom Hartmann
Midnight Ride of the Rabble

Jack Ballinger
Oh Say, Can You See?

John Chuckman
Suggested Road Map Alterations (Cartoon)

June 3, 2003

Jason Leopold
Wolfowitz Admits Iraq War Was Planned Two Days After 9/11

DV News Service
Bush Administration's Lies About Iraq's WMD Unraveling (Updated)

Norman Solomon
The Spamming of America: Another Brick in the Wall

William Rivers Pitt
We Used to Impeach Liars

George Monbiot
Trashing Africa: Blair Has Ensured that Europe and the US Will Continue to Promote Famine

Jonathan Taplin

Jonathan S. Adelstein
A Dark Storm Cloud is Looming Over the Future of the American Media

Michael J. Copps
FCC Commissioner's Dissent

Mark Curtis and Media Lens
The Concept of Basic Benevolence: Extract From Web of Deceit

Robert Fisk
The Troops Are Afraid To Go Out At Night

Noam Chomsky
Iraq and the US Imperial Grand Strategy (Audio Lecture)

June 2, 2003

Glen Rangwala
Evidence and Deceit: How the Case for War Became Unstuck

Ralph Nader
Giving Our Airwaves to the Media Moguls

Mickey Z.
Dubya Goes to Auschwitz

Kim Petersen
It’s No Contest Anymore

Lee Waters
“I Want My Flight Suit!” Leaked White House Transcript (7)

Stan Moore
U.S.M.C. Major General Smedley Butler On War and Interventionism

Paul Rogat Loeb
Reclaiming Hope: The Peace Movement After the War

Alexander Cockburn
A Whiner Called David Horowitz


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