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August 30-31, 2003

Paul Dean
Talk Radio Victim

Greg Palast
The Grinch That Stole Labor Day

Jonathan Tasini
Jobs Without Power: Working in America

Marty Jezer
Steamed for Labor Day

Maria Tomchick
Corporate Scandals One Year Later

Chuck Kelly
Barron's and The Wall St. Journal Reveal Dark Side of Globalization -- Their Message to Germany: Treat Workers Humanely, and Investors Will Abandon You

Rob Kall
Who Says Kucinich Doesn't Have A Chance

Edward Said
Dreams and Delusions

William Rivers Pitt
How to Start a War in Iraq

Alexander Cockburn
Handmaid in Babylon: Annan, Vieira de Mello And the UN's Decline and Fall

Troy Skeels
Nobody But Bush

Paul Rogat Loeb

Seth Sandronsky
Arnold and Ward

August 28, 2003

Lynn Landes
Internet Voting -- The End of Democracy?

Democracy Now!
US Rounds Up Immigrants For Another Mass Deportation: A DN! Debate Between Immigrant Advocates & the INS

Bill Berkowitz
Marketing the Invasion of Iraq: New Book Documents Bush Administration's Use of PR Firms to Sell War to the American People

Naomi Klein
Bush's War Goes Global: President Bush Has Created a Tool Kit for Any Mini-empire Looking to Get Rid of the Opposition

Norman Solomon
The Ten Commandments: Are They Fair and Balanced?

George Monbiot
Beware the Bluewash: The UN Should not Become the Dustbin for America's Failed Adventures

David Edwards and Media Lens
Adventures in Media Surreality, Part 2: Global Climate Catastrophe – Mustn’t Grumble

Robert Gaiek
Fox News is Stupid and Silly in a “Fair and Balanced Way”

Democracy Now!
On the 50th Anniversary of the US-CIA Overthrow of Iranian Democracy in 1953: Interview with Stephen Kinzer

Mickey Z.
War is a Racket

Sam Hamod
Palestine: What’s Really Going On

Dan Bacher
Bush Administration Releases Trinity Water in Wake of Iron Gate Scandal

August 26, 2003

Norman Solomon
Dean Hopes and Green Dreams: The 2004 Presidential Race

John Turri
A Progressive Case for Dean? Not Yet, Kucinich Is Still Our Man

Mina Hamilton
Not in the News: The Other Blackout

Kurt Nimmo
Iraq's WMD: The Lie that Will Never Die

Rahul Mahajan
Gunpoint Democracy in Iraq

Seth Sandronsky
Arnold's Appeal

August 25, 2003

Jeffrey St. Clair
Forest or Against Us: The Bush Doctor Calls on Oregon

Rebecca Wodder
Fishy Policies

Conn Hallinan
Food Bully: The Bush Administration’s Shock and Awe Campaign Against the EU

Wenonah Hunter
FirstEnergy Woes: Why the White House Isn’t Blaming the Company that Started the Blackout

Jack Ballinger
War Isn't Hell. Hell is for Those Who Send Their Children to Fight Unnecessary Wars

Eric Monse
Israel and the Gates of Mas'ha

Jerre Skog
Unprovoked Attack on the UN in Iraq? Ask the Iraqis!

August 23-24, 2003

Heather Wokusch
Lawsuit for Gulf War Veterans Targets WMD Businesses

John Pilger
Who Are the Extremists?

Veteran Intelligence Officials for Sanity
Now It’s Your Turn: Intelligence Veterans Challenge Colleagues to Speak Out

Norman Solomon
If Famous Journalists Became Honest Rappers

Daniel Patrick Welch
From Tweedle Dick to Tweedle Dean: Ho-hum Democrats Get Ready to Blow Another Chance

Robert Fisk
UN Attack Underlines America's Crumbling Authority And Shows It Can Not Guarantee The Safety Of Anyone

Dennis Kucinich
Power to the People

John Chuckman
A George Will Follies Review

Ramzy Baroud
The Roadmap is Finished, Mr. Secretary

Robert Jensen
"No War": A Full-Throated Cry

Allan Snyder
Finally Fascist

Carole Harper
Post-Sandinista Nicaragua: The Legacy of the Nicaraguan Revolution

Dan Bacher
Hoopa Tribe, Commercial Fishermen Alarmed Over Closed Door Water Accord

August 21-22, 2003

Paul Dean
Mental Monoculture

Kurt Nimmo
UN Bombing: Terrorism or National Liberation?

Jay Shaft
US and Terrorist Groups Both Kill Civilians – And Call It Necessary For Their End Result

Bill Berkowitz
Faith-Based Drug Wars: Bush Recruits Religious Youth Groups as Ground Troops for the 'Drug Wars'

Bernard Weiner
America Two Years after 9/11: 25 Things We Now Know

George Monbiot
Poisoned Chalice: Wherever it is Prescribed, a Dose of IMF Medicine Only Compounds Economic Crisis

Simon Jones
The Protocols - a Neocon Manifesto

Norman Solomon
Schwarzenegger Run May Trigger Tremors in GOP

Mark Hand
The Cascading Power of a Myth: As the Blackout of 2003 Was Tripping Up, the Deregulation Story Was Wheeling Out of Control

David Morris
Blackout: Repeating Energy History

Ralph Nader
How About Using A “People” Yardstick to Rank States?

Angana Chatterji
State Repression in the Narmada Valley

August 19-20, 2003

Jason Leopold
Blackouts Happen: California Power Crisis Should Have Been A Warning Sign To U.S.

Lynn Landes
Voting Machine Fiasco: SAIC, VoteHere and Diebold

John Dean
The Bush Administration Adopts a Worse-than-Nixonian Tactic: The Deadly Serious Crime Of Naming CIA Operatives

Danny Dayus
Selling Someone Else's Family Silver

Jeffrey St. Clair
A Shock to the System: Blackouts Happen

Harvey Wasserman
Forget Arnold, "Blackout Pete" Wilson is the Electric Terminator

Merlin Chowkwanyun
"They Grabbed My Neck and Hurled Me Out of the Courtroom, Put Me in this Black SUV and then Drove Me to a Federal Building...": An Interview with Sherman Austin

Gideon Levy
Who Violated the Hudna?

Pam Ladds
A New Psychiatric Diagnostic Category: Politician Syndrome; DSM-IV 333.333

Alexander Cockburn
Judy Miller's War

David Edwards and Media Lens
Adventures in Media Surreality – Part 1: Blair’s Serious and Current Lies

Seth Sandronsky
In California, The Ballot Box And The Market

Ralph Nader
Physicians for a National Health Program/Energy Deregulation

August 18, 2003

Heather Wokusch
Trading on Terror: Linking Financial Markets and War

Jeffrey St. Clair
War Pimps: A Confidence Game on Iraq

Edward S. Herman
Rogues Have No Right To Self-Defense

William Rivers Pitt
Standing Against The Fear

Mina Hamilton
Thursday, August 14: During the Blackout

Physician's Working Group for Single-Payer National Health Insurance
One Single Solution: Doctors Call For Single-Payer Health Care

Rashi Fein
Universal Health Coverage: Let The Debate Resume

Ran HaCohen
A Case for Hizbollah?

Kim Petersen
The Broken Iron Rice Bowl

August 16-17, 2003

Harvey Wasserman
The Latest Bogus Fossil-Nuke Blackout: This Grid Should Not Exist

Greg Palast
Power Outage Traced To Dim Bulb In White House

Jason Leopold
Ahnuld, Ken Lay, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Gray Davis

Lee Waters
Arnold's Three Commandments: Leaked White House Transcript (8)

Democracy Now!
Ex-Surgeon General David Satcher & Nearly 8,000 Doctors Call For Single-Payer Health Plan

Bill Berkowitz
Oil and Religion Mix

Naomi Klein
Is the Philippine Government Bombing its Own People for Dollars?

Josh Frank
Howard Dean's Constitutional Hang-Up: Dean Would Rather Execute an Innocent Man, Than Let a Guilty One Walk Free

Norman Solomon
NEWS FLASH: This is Not a "Silly Season"

Sam Hamod
Blood on the Hands of Bush and Blair

Daniel Patrick Welch
We Were Just Talking: (Yet ) Another Conversation About Dennis Kucinich

August 12, 2003

Noam Chomsky
Iraq: Invasion That Will Live in Infamy

George Monbiot
Sleepwalking to Extinction

Alexander Cockburn
California's Glorious Recall: If Not Camejo, Then Flynt!

Seth Sandronsky
Globalize That: Capital Flight to China

Marta Russell
Nothing About Us Without Us: Human Rights and Disability

Mickey Z.
A Ceremonial Journey: Bush's Progress

Jonathan Taplin
FCC: Up To Its Old Tricks

Dan Bacher
Pastors for Peace Caravan Challenges Cuba Blockade for Fourteenth Time

Thom Hartmann
Turn Your Radio On: The Unions' Answer to Right-Wing Static

John Chuckman
The Stature for the Job (Cartoon Comment)

August 9-10, 2003

John Chuckman
The Painful Horrors of Political Autism

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
We Once Had a Democracy, But You Crushed It

Richard B. Duboff
Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Biggest ROGUE Of All?

George Monbiot
Driven Out of Eden

Norman Solomon
Too Err is Human, To Truly Correct is Divine

Allen Snyder
16 Words + 28 Pages = 44 Distractions

Steven Rosenfeld
A Cautionary Tale From California

Arianna Huffington
The Recall's Silver Lining

Sam Hamod
Arnold Hams it Up in California, and So do a Couple Dozen Others

August, 7, 2003

Jason Leopold
Wolfowitz: Iraq Was Not Involved In 9-11 Terrorist Attacks, No Ties To Al-Qaeda

Bill Berkowitz
Saving Condy's Rear

Robert Fisk
The Ghosts of Uday and Qusay

Ralph Nader
The Corporatist Democratic Leadership Council

Ted Glick
On the Two Democratic Parties

John Borowski
Clarion Call of a Modern Day Lorax

B.J. Sabri
Beyond Empty Triumphalism

Doug Ireland
Straight Wedge: Why the Sudden Focus on Gay Marriage?

Sam Hamod
Hiroshima (poem)

August 5, 2003

Robert Gaiek
It's Time to End the Reign of Terror

Bob Fitrakis
Call it What It Is: Nazi-Style Propaganda

Robert Jensen
US News Media Industry's Criticism of Iraq Coverage Reveals Deeper Problems with Journalists' Conception of News

Robert Fisk
Iraq Isn't Working: US Failure to Deliver on Promises has Triggered a Spiral of Murderous Anarchy that Threatens to Become an Epic Tragedy

Jeff Chester and Steven Rosenfeld
Stealing The Internet

Lori Wallach
Turning The Trade Tables

August 4, 2003

Leilla Matsui
Incubator Babies Bite Back: The Ballad of Uday and Qusay

M. Shahid Alam
Is The United States “A Terrorist Magnet”?

Josh Frank
Candidate Dean: A True Regressive

Alexander Cockburn
Meet the Real WMD Fabricator: A Swede Called Rolf Ekeus

Dennis Rahkonen
Fulfilling Frantz Fanon’s Prophecy

Seth Sandronsky
In US, A Job-loss Economy Emerges

Lee Waters
Leaked White House Transcript (8): “We Kicked their Butts in Vietnam”


August 2-3, 2003

Paul de Rooij
The Parade of the Body Bags

David G. Mills
Lying/Perjury vs. Fraud/Deceit

Kurt Nimmo
Saddam Hussein: Taking Out the CIA's Trash

Robert Fisk
US Moves to Censor Freedom of Press

Norman Solomon
US Media Are Too Soft on the White House

John Pilger
The War on Truth

Neve Gordon
Nightlife in Jerusalem

Kim Petersen
China, Neoliberalism, and the WTO

Kenny Mostern
An Open Letter to Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Gabe Ignetti
In Defense of a Green "Safe States" Strategy

Mickey Z.
The Rules of Engagement

Christian G. Appy
Vietnam Rorschach


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