History is Now

Torch-wielding hate-mongers,
Your time is over.
Where once stood your statues
Will grow fields of clovers.
The hour grows late,
And your gaslights are dim.
We’re not here anymore
To exist on your whim.
Your monuments crumble,
And fall piece by piece.
Those you oppress
Shall be released.
No more shall your rhetoric
Rule heart or mind.
The vile past you deify
Will be left behind.
Gnash your teeth in the darkness,
Wail, cry, and wring your hands
But our time is now.
Your lie no longer stands.

Chani Zwibel is a graduate of Agnes Scott College, a poet, wife and dog-mom who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but now dwells in Marietta, Georgia. She enjoys writing poetry after nature walks and daydreaming. Read other articles by Chani.