The Second Coming

Stock and bond markets crash
Built on prophecies of greed
Wheeling and stealing in stealth
Politicians did away with regulations
Let the free market govern itself
This vortex of financial destruction
Sucks the wealth of nations
In the tune of 750 billion dollars
While working class heroes
Lose jobs, homes, and hope
The homeless will have visitors soon…
No bailout plans for the poor
Corporations set the rules
And politicians do their bidding
Karl Marx’s prediction came true
The capitalist system will collapse
Greed, extortion, and corruption
Like rust, rot, and mould
Will collapse a house of (credit) cards
CEO’s new Dons of organized crime
Ruthless and addicted to money
No wealth for social assistance
Three strikes and its prison for life
Trillions of dollars for:
Star wars, invasions, and bailouts
Nothing in a hand-up for people
Media spin doctors blame Main Street
For the failings on Wall Street
Scapegoats are needed in times like these
No bailout for auto workers or others
There is work with Uncle Sam
He is expanding his business overseas
(Whether counties like it or not)
Gang war mentality runs the country
Like Chicago in the roaring 20s
The American economy is a runaway train
And Canada, one of its cars
The Neo-Con Central is headed for tight curves.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.