No More War


Science without morality
for a future without a soul,
evil as a banality
the lives of millions it stole.
When the atom they split
overcome by a fit
of megalomania in the mind,
what in reality they did find
was to self-destruction a way
All of humanity now must pay.
a high and terrible price
for this horrific vice,
the faith of Ayn Rand,
who in the end,
was all alone
with a heart of stone.
In Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were thrown
while Chernobyl and Fukushima have melted down.
Depleted uranium kills even more
in Fallujah and Basra, while they have in store
the same for Syria, Iran and who knows where,
since the planners of destruction only care
of how to reach their aims
and how to win their games.
Science and war are in collusion
they don’t allow the petty intrusion
of morality into their deal,
since compassion they cannot feel.
Looking at this mess
it sure could depress.
What I see is only one way
and with all my heart I pray
morality to come back into fashion
and also honesty and compassion.
The religion of selfishness has to give way
to something different, that won’t lead us astray.
As important as my own,
as someone has shown,
my neighbor’s interests must be,
if you want peace, love your enemy.
This isn’t strange and it isn’t quaint
it’s not an utopian picture I paint.
If we want the children of men to survive,
we must promote a culture of life.
Science must be checked for ethics sake.
all of our future is at stake.
Overt and covert wars must end,
and all together we must mend
the wounds and hurts that have been slain
realizing each other’s pain
forgiving what has been done before
and saying from now on: War No More.


Eve Human is a healthcare worker, a blogger, a poet, a writer of a political science fiction novel, and a peace and human rights activist living in Iceland. Her websites are Eve's Thoughts, Eve's Poems, and When Hope Came. Read other articles by Eve.