Duck Soup

Northern Alberta tar sands
Lies the second largest
Deposit of oil in the world
Halliburton has got it covered
“Texas tea” time, Bush style
Traditional territories
Raped and abused
By dinosaur like machines
Swarmed with workers
From around the world
Boom town mentality
Here to suck the oil
Out of Alberta to flow
South of the border
Because they have a president
With war on his mind
And war machines to prove it!
Poisonous waste pools form…
A flock of ducks land
From their sojourn south
glad to be home
and then overcome by sludge
500 ducks die an agonizing death
Very little said
Not a quack out of them.
For there is a feeding frenzy
Way up north
And the mammoth machines
Keep on digging, sifting, boiling,
24/7 sucking oil out
And into a pipeline
To cross traditional lands
Threatening environmental safety
With no discussions to be had
With the people of the land.
Corporate constitutions superseding
Decisions made by the Supreme courts
Sounds like quackery too me!!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.