Addicted to Fashion

To get a fix in this post-modern world
Is a caricature of ideals
A contradiction in terms
A parody of living

Tell me the true worth of things such as:

Missiles, jets, advertising, stocks, and bonds
Cell phones, computers, microwaves, and satellites
Space rockets, spray cans, air conditioners, and ozone holes
Cartels, syndicates, terrorists, spies, and military police states
Coal plants, tar sands, fracking, nuclear and chemical wastes
Strip mines, high voltage power lines, and ridgelines
Blasted for mega wind turbines

Picture vanishing glaciers, rising seas, and dying reefs
Weather extremes, increasing cancers, and strange new diseases
Mutually assured self-destruction and landfills
Overflowing with corporate indifference
Hear the beastly roar of the machine engines
As they drown out the mercuric breeze
Sighing through the diminishing trees

This is genetically modified half-life
Spent in lines, traffic, cubicles, and cyberspace
Resorts, shopping malls, sports bars, night clubs, and fast food joints
Drained swamps, clear cut forests, concrete jungles, and paved over fields

Conspicuously consuming creation
We are devouring the earth, each other, our very existence

Meanwhile, at the terminals of neo-babylon
Virtual and broadcast pseudo-realities
Push the latest and greatest trends
Always enjoyed at the expense of the poor

Well, radiation leaks you know
It’s the ultimate fashion

(originally written in response to Chernobyl and Reaganism, revised in response to Fukushima and Global Corporate Capitalism)

cody michaels (michael a. cody), piano soloist, composer, storyteller/poet. Read other articles by Cody, or visit Cody's website.