Corporate Gestapo

Corporate CEO’s
Conspire day and night
To pay no taxes,
Plan hostile takeovers,
And predatory pricing,
Lean and mean
Sounds like psychopaths
In suits too me.
Highly paid to manipulate
Politicians and policy makers
Designed to benefit the rich
At the expense of the poor.
Subsidizing shock and bomb markets
While cutting social programs
Reorganizing and restructuring
Constitutions and trade deals
Benefit elite shareholders
In what is known as Corporate Canada
Produce or vamoose!
No more citizens, just liabilities:
Homeless, elderly, mentally challenged,
No more benevolent Country Canada
Look after number one!
Survival of the richest.
Time to cull the flock
Move the sheeple off the streets
Water and food resources dwindle
So does human compassion
One by one loaded cattle trucks
Leave city limits
Heading to the outer limits
Of atrocities gone by.
Egotistical men in striped suits
In board rooms of corporate castles
Look out large windows
Planning their next assault
On unsuspecting citizens
Who live below bottom lines.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.