The Frogs are Almost Boiled…

…and best of all, are using their own amphibious technologies to fuel the fire beneath the pot.

In a preliminary report, commissioned by The Unseen, noted “social interaction researcher,” Dr. Octavius Spaeiouk, produced these notes on the ‘ideas’ of some sci-fi writer and his half-baked po-mo Marxist “philosopher” colleague, who allegedly see no irony in the oxymoronic appellation,  “techno-progressive” much to his own amusement, and the assured delight of his — and our — Masters.

While the notes will be drafted into an official memo and brought to the attention of The Unseen, they will remain strictly confidential. Should they be leaked to /dev/null or any other “on-line” community of satirists, jeremiadic jokesters, lampoon-artists and over-all nasty wags who’ll do anything for a laugh, the howls and cackles arising from their pubs and opium dens would wake the dead, most of whom were killed by civilization and its allegedly “neutral” technologies — all of which rely on fossil fuels —  and of course, the inability of “intellectuals,” so called, to detect basic patterns connecting technology with civilization and its monopoly role in the imminent extinction of life and living.

Dr. Spaeiouk, thoroughly familiar with  the nefarious methods of The Unseen, has no doubt that this “inability” to make basic connections is, of course, a deliberate misinformation tactic devised by agents of The Unseen themselves…

Dr. Spaeiouk’s notes, drafted in reaction to a recent posting on Dissident Voice  — once he got over his unprofessional fit of “‘the giggles” and expended his last guffaw — reads as follows:

Preliminary Notes toward a Report to The Unseen

“In sum, “communities” or “identities” of various kinds, be they religious, ethnic, and so on, should be accepted as rhetorical, transitory vehicles for democratic and egalitarian purposes.  However, in the long term, the identity narratives should be shed upon the stabilization of a more rational world order consisting of only one greater human community.”  1

Brilliant. Brilliant. While psychological studies  have demonstrated that “compassion fatigue” sets in once a human being must deal with others in numbers greater than the 200-300 or so of a tribe or community, and philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists, poets, pundits and god-knows-who else have long concluded that the basic humanity evident in small communities and tribes dwindles in direct proportion to the erasure of local/ethnic traditions, ethics, mores and values by an anonymous, invisible “greater order,” which Weber demonstrated, over a century ago, necessitates bureaucracy to function, those pesky so-called “native peoples” like the Sioux, Navajo, Ojibwa, Crow and countless others across the globe who’ve been fighting and dying to get  rid of the damned European notion of “rationality,” so beloved of post-modern Marxist blow-hards — the tenured ones, at least — will finally, finally see the error of their ways (about time; ten to thirty thousand years of folly passed down orally from generation to generation is enough!) and become good, European-style socialist world citizens (though it must be admitted that their primitive socialism, “barbaric” though it might have been, had worked quite well for tens of thousands of years before Whitey came to town)!

“If technologies can be developed that allow for greater communication across borders, for example technologies that enhance what the Internet is already doing and allow language barriers to be eroded, such technologies will help to break the social cohesion of states. ” 2

Indeed, enhanced technologies have already broken whatever ‘social cohesion’ existed between and among states.  Exactly as planned and anticipated for the benefit of The Corporation.  My, my, The Unseen have truly outdone themselves by insinuating such deviously corrosive memes into the “brains” of their academic ‘rebel’ servants.

“If state power can be subverted by the common inhabitants of states, the world is taking a step towards eliminating a brutal and violent basis of power.” 3

How obvious it all was!  Why hadn’t someone thought of this before?

“This entails promoting the democratization of technological means of resistance, so that the South is more capable of resistance to the North’s wars of conquest and plunder.” 4

‘What are you chicken-shits waiting for? Damn the torpedoes. Charge!’ cried effete Professor Pumpernickel from the very back of the mob — before reaching for his asthma-inhaler…

“As technology races forward in terms of medicine, energy and agriculture, it should be leaked, democratized and made available to the worst-off elements of the world population through techno-progressive campaigns.” 5

How insidiously brilliant!  As if the emergence of China as the “new America” weren’t guaranteed to boil the frogs with the one-two punch combo of increased fossil fuel usage and the consequent acceleration of climate-meltdown,  let’s distribute our hemlock to all peoples so they can commit suicide along with us (as if they have a choice — ho, ho, hee, hee)!

“This proves that religion is actually turning towards the progressive as a result of social commentary, accommodating such things as equality for women.” 6

Why of course!  The women of fundamentalist Christianity, Judaism and Islam, not to mention Hindu India will testify to that in a consensus cry from behind and from beneath their wigs, wimples, veils, burhkas and broken noses.

“This allows [religion] to be used as a cultural clothing to criticize some of the worst and most oppressive aspects of the world system. Religious symbolism and argument can be justified if it leads towards egalitarian ends, which it achieves more effectively than Nineteenth Century nation-state rhetoric.” 7

Yes, yes indeed. This has been the case from time immemorial.  Quite so, quite so.

Dr. Spaeiouk (pronounced "spake, speak, spike, spoke and spook" according to both class and dialect in various regions of his native land), has been a researcher and perception manager since immigrating to The Nation many years ago. He might or might not be working on his memoir, "Spaeiouk, Memory," which might or might not be plausibly denied. Don't know him? Not to worry. He most certainly knows you. Very well. Very well indeed... Read other articles by Dr. Spaeiouk.