Zionist Tolerance for a Change

I have spent the last ten years elaborating on Jewish national ideology and tribal politics.  During my journey of grasping what Zionism and Israel stand for, I came to realize that it is actually the Jewish left — and Jewish Marxists in particular — that provide us with an adequate glimpse into contemporary Jewish identity,  tribal supremacy,  marginal politics and tribalism.

‘Jewish left’ is basically an oxymoron. It is a contradiction in terms, because ‘Jewishness’ is a tribal ideology, whilst ‘the left’ are traditionally understood as aspiring to universalism. 

On the face of it, the ‘Jewish left’ is, at least categorically, no different from Israel or Zionism: after all, it is an attempt to form yet another ‘Jews only political club’.  And as  far as the Palestinian solidarity movement is concerned, its role is subject to a growing debate — For  on the one hand, one can see the political benefit of pointing at a very few ‘good Jews’, and emphasizing that there are Jews who ‘oppose Zionism as Jews’. Yet on the other hand, however, accepting the legitimacy of such a racially orientated political affair, is in itself, an acceptance of yet another form, or manifestation of Zionism, for Zionism claims that Jews are primarily Jewish, and had better operate politically as Jews. ((As bizarre as it may sound to some, ‘Jews Against Zionists’ (JAZ) and ‘Jews for BDS’ (Boycott of Divestment of Israeli Goods) do affirm the Zionist mantra: They operate, primarily, as Jews. As much as it is impossible for uprooted Palestinians to settle in Israel and become a citizen with equal civil rights — it is also impossible for them to join any of the primarily Jewish groups for Palestine.))

To a certain extent then, it is clear that Jewish anti Zionism, is, in itself, still just another  form of Zionism.

‘Jewish dissidence’ has two main roles: First, it attempts to depict and bolster a positive image of Jews in general. ((Richard Kuper, the person behind ‘Irene-the Jewish Boat to Gaza’, was bold enough to admit it — “Our goal is to show that not all Jews support Israeli policies toward Palestinians,” he said. It is now an established fact that the Jewish boat carried hardly any humanitarian aid for the Gazans: its main mission, as far as Kuper was concerned, seems to have been to amend Jewish reputation.)) Second, it is there to silence and obscure any attempts on the part of the outsider to grasp the meaning of Jewish identity and Jewish politics within the machinations of the Jewish state. It is also there to stop elements in this movement from elaborating on the crucial role of Jewish lobbying. 

The Jewish Left is there then, to mute any possible criticism of Jewish politics within the wider Left movements.  It is there to stop the Goyim from looking into Jewish affairs.

A decade ago I met the Kosher dissident brigade for the first time — As soon as I started to  express criticism of Israel and Zionism — they started to  bounce around me. 

For a short while, I fitted nicely into their  discourse: I was young  and energetic.   I was an award winning musician, as well as a promising writer. In their eyes I was a celebrity, or at least a good reason to celebrate.  Their chief commissars reserved  the best, and most expensive dining tables ahead  of my Orient House’s  Ensemble concerts. The five grass-root penniless activists, followed the trend and came to my free stage Jazz Combo  afternoon  concerts in the Barbican Centre’s Foyer.  They all wanted to believe that I would follow their agenda, and become a commissar myself.  They were also very quick  to preach to me who were the ‘bad guys’, those who should be burnt in hell: Israel Shahak, Paul EisenIsrael Shamir and Otto Weininger were just a few amongst the many baddies.  As one may guess by now, it didn’t take me too long to admit to myself that there was more wisdom in a single sentence  by Eisen, Weininger, Shahak or Shamir than in the entire work of the Jewish Left  put together. I was quick to make it clear to my new ‘Red’ fans that it was not going to work: I was an ex-Israeli, and I no longer regarded myself as a Jew any more. I shared nothing with them and I did not believe in their agenda.  Indeed, I had left Israel because I wanted to drift as far away as I could from any form of tribal politics. 

Paddling in chicken soup has never been  my thing.

Naturally, I bought  myself at least a half a dozen enemies, and they were quick to run a campaign against me. They tried to silence me; they desperately ( and hopelessly ) tried to wreck my music career; they mounted pressure on political institutions, media outlets,  and music venues.  One of them even tried to drag me to court.

But they failed all the way through and they failed on every possible level. The more pressure they mounted, the more people read my writing. At a certain point, people around me were convinced that my detractors were actually running my PR campaign. Moreover, the relentless attempts to silence me could only prove my point. They were there to divert attention away from the crucial role of Jewish politics and Jewish identity politics.

I have asked myself often enough — how is it that they failed with me? But I guess that the same internet that successfully defeated Israeli Hasbara, has also defeated the Jewish left and its hegemony within the movement. In the wider scheme of things, it is totally obvious how marginal the Jewish Marxist discourse is. Its voice within the dissident movement is, in actuality, insignificant. 

I guess also, that the fact that I am a popular Jazz artist didn’t make life easy for them — At the time those Jewish commissars labeled me as a racist and an anti Semite, I was touring around the world with two ex Israeli Jews, an Argentinean Jew, a Romanian Gipsy and  a Palestinian Oud player.  It just couldn’t work for them, and it didn’t.

But here is an interesting twist:  In comparison with the contemporaneous  Jewish Red terror, Zionism comes across as a relatively tolerant  endeavour.  In recent months I have been approached by every possible Israeli media outlet. In the summer, Ouvda, the leading Israeli investigative TV show asked repeatedly to join with me and my band on the road. They were interested to  launch a debate, and to discuss my ideas in prime time.  This week, The Israeli Second Channel approached me for a news item.  Again, they were interested in my views. Yesterday, I discussed my views for an hour with Guy Elhanan on Israel’s ‘Kol ha-shalom’ (Voice of Peace).

For the most obvious of reasons, I am very cautious when dealing with the Israeli media.  I choose my outlets very carefully. I usually tend to refuse. But, I also accept that as a person who cares about the prospect of  peace I must keep an open channel with the Israeli public, and two weeks ago I agreed to be interviewed by Haaretz writer,Yaron Frid.  This was my first published interview in Israel for more than a decade. I must admit that I was shocked to find out that not a single word of mine had been removed or censored. Haaretz let me say everything that the Kosher ‘Socialists’ had consistently tried to stop me from saying.

On my ‘self-hatred’ and  Jewishness   the Israeli paper Haaretz let me say: “I am not a nice Jew, because I don’t want to be a Jew, because Jewish values don’t really turn me on and all this ‘Pour out Thy wrath on the nations’ stuff doesn’t impress me.

It also let me question the entire Zionist ethos; the reality of plunder and deluded historicism: “Why do I live on lands that are not mine, the plundered lands of another people whose owners want to return to them but cannot? Why do I send my children to kill and be killed, after I myself was a soldier, too? Why do I believe all this bullshit about ‘because it’s the land of our forefathers’ and ‘our patrimony’ if I am not even religious?

And about  Palestinians’ right of return, I said: “The Israelis can put an end to the conflict in two fucking minutes. Netanyahu gets up tomorrow morning, returns to the Palestinians the lands that belong to them.”

They let me express how I would differentiate between, and define Israel and Palestine: “Palestine is the land and Israel is the state. It took me time to realize that Israel was never my home, but only a fantasy saturated in blood and sweat.”

About chosen-ness, de-Judification  and Jewish identity I said, “for Netanyahu and the Israelis to do that (accept the Palestinian  right of return), they have to undergo de-Judaization and accept the fact that they are like all peoples and are not the chosen people. So, in my analysis this is not a political, sociopolitical or socioeconomic issue but something basic that has to do with Jewish identity.”

And in the interview I compared Jewish left with National Socialism — And Haaretz‘s editorial  let it through: “The idea of left-wing Jews is fundamentally sickening.  It contains an absolute internal contradiction. If you are leftists it doesn’t matter whether you’re Jewish or not, so on principle when you present yourselves as leftist Jews you are accepting the idea of national socialism. Nazism.”

Haaretz, as could be expected, challenged   my  opposition to Jewish politics: “Atzmon has been accused from every possible platform of disseminating vitriol against Jews. He, though, maintains that he ‘hates everyone in equal measure.’ He’s also been accused of self-hatred, but he is the first to admit this, and in comparison with Otto Weininger – the Austrian Jewish philosopher who converted to Christianity and of whom Hitler said, ‘There was one good Jew in Germany, and he killed himself’ – he is even proud. ‘Otto and I are good friends.”

But clearly, at least Israelis can cope with Otto Weininger and his ideology. However — when I gave a talk about Otto Weininger in a London Marxist book shop five years ago (Bookmarks), a ‘synagogue’ of fourteen Jewish Marxists unsuccessfully tried to picket the event and to pressure the SWP into submission. 

Guess what; they failed.   

Haaretz challenged my take on the Holocaust; yet it  printed my answer without changing  a single word. “I am fighting against all the disgusting laws and persecutions of those so-called Holocaust deniers – a categorization I don’t accept. I think the Holocaust, like any historical episode, must be open to research, to examination, to discussion and debate.”

And Haaretz, evidently an Israeli Zionist paper, let me express my thoughts about Israeli mass murderers and their destiny. “It might be a good thing if the Nazi hunters hunt down [Shaul] Mofaz and [Ehud] Barak, for example, and not all kinds of 96-year-olds who are barely alive. It’s pathetic.

It also let me tell Israelis that they are all to be blamed: “In Israel 94 percent of the nation supported Operation Cast Lead. On the one hand, you want to behave like a post-enlightenment state and talk to me about individualism, but on the other hand you surround yourselves with a wall and remain attached to a tribal identity.

Yaron Frid ended his piece saying, “Israel lost Gilad,” and,   “The score, for now: 1-0, Palestine leading.”

I was happy with the article. But I was also jealous. For here in Britain, we are still far from being free  to explore these issues.

The message here is plain and simple — Haaretz, a  Zionist paper,  has let me discuss all those intellectual avenues that ‘the  Kosher Socialists’ insist on blocking. A week before my Haaretz special, the Israeli paper featured Mavi Marmara hero Ken O’keefe. Again, Haaretz coverage was fairly balanced; certainly more balanced than BBC Panorama.  

The moral is clear: As much as Zionism is repugnant and  murderous — it is still way ahead of the Jewish Left, simply because it is still, in some regards at least, part of an ongoing and open discourse.

There is no doubt that amongst the  most prolific enemies of Israel and Jewish identity,  you will find Israelis and ex-Israelis, such as Ilan Pappe,  Gideon Levi, Amira Hass, Tali Fahima, Israel Shamir, Israel Shahak,  Nurit Peled, Rami Elhanan Guy Elhanan, Jonathan Shapira, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, Mordechai Vanunu,  Uri Avneri, Shimon Tzabar, myself,  and others.

We may not always agree with each other — but we let each other be.

Zionism was an attempt to bring about a new Jew: an ethical, productive and authentic being.  But Zionism failed all the way through. Israel is a criminal state, and the Israelis are collectively complicit in relentless crimes against humanity. And yet, Zionism has also  succeeded  in  erecting  a solid   school of eloquent and proud  ‘self haters’. Israelis are taught to be outspoken  and critical. Unlike the Diaspora Jewish left, that for some reason, operates as a thought-police, Israeli dissidence speaks out. Israelis are trained to celebrate their ‘symptoms’ — and this also applies in the case of dissidence.

Unlike Jewish Marxism that operates  largely as a tribal PR campaign, Israeli dissidence is an ethical approach: You wouldn’t hear Israeli activists  shouting ‘not in my name’.   The Israelis mentioned above do accept that each Israeli crime is committed  in their names. They also accept that activism is the crucial shift from guilt into responsibility.  Hence, it is also far from  surprising that on the ‘Jewish Boat to Gaza’ mission, the Israeli veteran AIF pilot Shapira and also Elahanan, both spoke about ethics and humanitarian issues, while the British Jew, Kuper, was apparently, judging from his words, perhaps more concerned  with the amendment of  the image of world Jewry.

Being an ex Israeli, I believe that the only thing I  can do for Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, myself, my family, my neighbours and humanity — is to stand firm and speak my heart against all odds.

I also believe that we all know the truth.

We just need to be courageous enough to spit it out.

Gilad Atzmon, now living in London, was born in Israel and served in the Israeli military. He is the author of The Wandering Who and Being in Time and is one of the most accomplished jazz saxophonists in Europe. He can be reached via his website. Read other articles by Gilad, or visit Gilad's website.

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  1. jayn0t said on October 30th, 2010 at 7:39am #

    This is brilliant, Atzmon’s best yet. It conforms exactly to my experience in Israel, Europe and America. The reason the Israeli media is so open-minded is because it’s safe to air Atzmon’s criticisms in Israel. It’s in the Western countries on which Israel depends that some try to stifle him and his supporters. Israelis are always willing to debate – their American counterparts, not.

    As for “Jewish Red Terror”, well, let’s not exaggerate, but I’m compiling my own dossier of Zio policing within the American left on the West Coast. More later. Thanks a million, Gilad.

  2. kalidas said on October 30th, 2010 at 8:04am #

    I knew that.

  3. bozh said on October 30th, 2010 at 8:48am #

    Of course, gilad depicts accurately what almost all ‘jews’ do-think.
    Calling them tribal appears inadequate and inaccurate; by now imbued with false to fact notions by our less knowledgable ancestors.
    Being or behaving like a tribe; in which everybody was needed, equally valued had been a noble event.

    It appears better to call ALL ‘JEWS ‘ “cultists” and compare them with all other cultists.
    And we wld discover that in some salient thinking-behaving they behave-think alike or egzactly the same.
    None of these cultists know god; they all just guess them. All cults r structured like an army. All r full of hatred. All disseminate lies; r prowar, etcetc.
    Islam, christianity, and mosheism comprise of many ethnoses; thus, none appear tribal nor behaving as tribal.

    Slav word for “tribe” is “Pleme”; derives from word “plemenit”: meaning noble, kind, honest.
    I have forgotten some of my german, but do propose that the words “folk”, “volk” or “voelken” send positive message.

    But even in this piece, gilad omits causative factors for events he talks about! We need to know how-why-when-where cultists became prowar, prowaging poverty-ignorance-hatred-etc.
    We even need to learn how nice-honest-noble voelken became what thy became.

    In this piece gilad does not say he intends to accept islam. tnx

  4. Rehmat said on October 30th, 2010 at 10:06am #

    Jewish religious scriptures don’t teach tolerance – they call for vengeance.

    In 1236, a Jew convert to Christianity, Nicholas Donin, submitted to Pope Gregory IX listing 35 charhes against the Judaism’s most holy book Talmud. The list included the insults to Jesus, his mother Mary, Christianity, spitting on the Cross and priests, the Blood Libel, hatred toward Gentiles and even animals and many foolish and revolting tales. After investigations – The Pope issued a ‘Papal Bull (Holy Directive)’ that all copies of this hateful book be confiscated and burnt in public. The Bull was also sent to the kings of England, Spain, France and Portugal for necessary action as “We are convinced this is the direction God wants us to go,” as Pastor Wayne Sapp has claimed recently why he wants to burn the copes of Holy Qur’an on September 11, 2010.


  5. David Silver said on October 30th, 2010 at 10:59am #

    I usually enjoy and agree with 90% of your articles on DV. However here you are dead wrong equating Israel ad Zionism and the “Jewish Left”
    you also were extremely critical of the Pro-Palestinian Solidarity
    Movement which has anb ulterior motive worthy of AIPAC or the FBI
    Yes I’m a Leninist and I have the label of a Jewish person and none of the comrades I support or work with fits your description.
    Which side are you on brother?

  6. MylesH said on October 30th, 2010 at 11:15am #

    I too enjoy your articles but am not in complete agreement with the belief that just being Jewish and of the left one is automatically a Zionist. I am proud of my Jewish culture; at least most of it. I hate Seinfeld but love Krusty the Clown. Its sense of justice to me is what I feel most aligned with, and perhaps why I am a leftist. I am not a Zionist. I have no religious affiliation. Why paint me and so many others (although I wish more) with such a wide brush? Isn’t that an element of bigotry?

  7. kalidas said on October 30th, 2010 at 11:50am #

    I also knew they were and are, with exceptions so rare as to be almost nonexistent, incapable of not dotting all those i’s and crossing all those t’s for the rest of ‘us.’
    Ad infinitum.

    Otherwise this disturbed and disturbing identity is incomplete. One ends up like Gilad Atzmon; a human being, period.

    Can’t have that now, can we?

  8. hayate said on October 30th, 2010 at 12:25pm #

    Interesting piece. Atzmon’s experiences with the “Kosher Left” (great descriptive phrase, btw) match what I’ve seen over the years. The whole process he describes I can identify with. I even had one of these people comment “I thought you we one of us” after it became clear I strongly opposed zionism (btw, I later found out that individual was a duplicitous zionist data miner, who “befriended” people to gather info. For several years he frequented 9/11 discussions all over the web, pretending to promote the “inside job” theories and befriending people in order to gather info on people doubting the official line on that attack. He apparently hacked several people’s computers, as well). These people are far more hostile to any on the left who’s views differ than they are to those on the right. Look at any predominantly Jewish (and Jewish run) website. There are always several obvious hasbarats spouting just about every repugnant view imaginable. These hasbarats are ridiculed, but they and their repugnant views are tolerated to a large extent. But if a leftist shows up and starts criticizing zionism, especially a non-Jewish one, the site’s local “kosher nostra” herd will gangbang that individual and demand they be removed from the site, something which usually happens quickly after wards. The “leftism” of these kosher anti-zionists, as is their anti-zionism, is phony as hell.

    One of the odd things I discovered about these “zionist anti-zionists” is that many I encountered were not from a Jewish background, yet were just as defensive when it came to criticism of zionism when such was from someone outside “the group” and not vetted as “loyal opposition”.

    Another thing interesting about this piece is Atzmon’s recent experiences dealing with israeli media. The openness of that media in comparison to the zionist controlled media outside israel is something many have talked about over the years. The reason zionists can allow this in israel, but not outside israel is that they know israelis are a loyal lot. They may differ, even fundamentally differ, but their ultimate loyalty to zionism remains strong. A little dissidence helps the zionists reinforce that loyalty by working to strengthen the counter arguments and also show that people are free to differ.

    But outside israel, people cant be trusted to remain loyal and most are loyal zionists only because of incessant manipulation. They cant allow any views that might undo that manipulation or challenge it, since the effects of it are not very deep and it would not take much exposure of zionist criminality and bigotry to kill those zionist manipulations outside israel. So real anti-zionist views are simply not allowed.

  9. shabnam said on October 30th, 2010 at 1:08pm #

    {To a certain extent then, it is clear that Jewish anti Zionism, is, in itself, still just another form of Zionism}

    Thank you Mr. Atzmon to say that.

    Iranian socialists in 1950s and 1960s were strong supporters of Israel against ‘backward Arabs’ which may still be with few Iranian ‘lefties’ not all. The reason behind this, beside the Iranians prejudice against Arab due to the invasion of Persia by Arabs where let the demise of Sassanid in 7th century, is that Iranian socialists were fed misleading information by the socialists in the West especially the socialists in France. These Iranian socialists became anti Stalinists, viewed the Stalinist Tudeh Party put the interest of Soviet Union ahead of Iran’s interest, therefore, they turned to European socialists, mainly, French left dominated by Jean Paul Sartre.

    Jalal Al-e-Ahmad, a socialist during 1950s and 60s was in contact with the Socialists in France including the Iranian socialists who supported Israel against Arabs and they were interested in kibbutz where they translated many articles on Kibbutz into Persian and printed them in their journal.
    They believed that since the Zionist movement was shaped in the West then it should be ‘progressive’. The Iranian socialists’ views on Israel and Zionism were shaped by French socialists, majority of whom were Jewish.
    The Iranian socialists translated articles on Kibbutz and painted Israel in a good light, because the socialists in the West were giving misleading information about Israel and Zionism to hold world public opinion against Palestinians in support of Israel.

    Jalal Al-e-Ahmad (December 2, 1923 – September 9, 1969) was a prominent Iranian writer, thinker, and social and political critic. Al-e-Ahmad joined the Tudeh Party, pro Stalin, along with his mentor Khalil Maleki shortly after World War II. Following the 1953 Iranian coup d’état Al-e-Ahmad was imprisoned for several years and “so completely lost faith in party politics.
    Jalal was invited to Israel in 1963 by the Israeli government where he accepted. This journey, where he wrote a critical essay about realities of Israel as a racist and apartheid in 1964 named: “Safar be Velayat-e Esrael” (A journey to land of Angel of death) ??? ?? ????? ??????? . From then on he turned against Israel and called Israel a racist state and an extension of the US imperialism in the region; he became supporter of the Palestine struggle against Israel. Then, he asked the Iranian socialists in France to stop writing and printing articles about Kibbutz. Many Iranian opposition groups hate Al e Ahmad because he exposed opportunist intellectuals who said nothing against Israel, but they were ready to condemn Palestinians as ‘backward’ Arabs.

    The following is a rough translation of a letter ( 2/3 of it) written by one of Jalal Al Ahmed’s friends who was in France when the socialists held meetings to raise money in support of Israel against Palestinians and ‘backward Arabs’. This letter was written in 1968, after 1967 war, to Al e-Ahmad by one of his friend in France shows that the ‘left’, many of whom were JEWISH, supported ISRAEL AND ZIONISM.

    ***The letter reads:***

    … From Jean Paul Sartre to Eugène Ionesco who reached the obscenity to claim: “Although stateless Palestinian, for the past 20 years are in the refugee camps receiving food, half of what is necessary for a person to live, from the United Nations; yet they want to perform a task that Hitler did not do”, it means the Palestinians want the European and American Jews who are representative of the ‘Western civilization’ to be massacred in the Arab countries.
    Another melancholy, Lanzmann, who is close to Jean Paul Sartre, became so mad with the imaginary Arab brutality that he said whatever came to his tongue against the Palestinians.
    The Left federation and Mr. Mendès France, however, do require a special place. But Daniel Meyer was more aggressive and obscene than others. The head of the Human rights convention, Daniel Meyer according to his historic mission said: “I hate being a Socialist, I hate being a human, but I confess that I am a JEW.” (Good for you!!!)
    The circus, like this, was let by these literary and political rouge individuals for the whole WEEK. I wish you were here to see Jalal. But when these individuals’ mouth foamed due to too many speeches, then the real personalities who controlled this circus entered the scene.
    The political environment was ready. The entire French left (minus the communists who didn’t know what they were doing) emotionally was prepared to be taken as HOSTAGE. The bourgeois organizations and other reorganization that practices usury, were flirting with the lefties intellectuals. They started to collect signature for donation to collect money…


  10. Rehmat said on October 30th, 2010 at 3:09pm #

    David Silver – Gilad atzmon on the side of Jews, who are not hypocrite, racists or living in self-denial. The others such Jews I know are Roger Tucker, Israel Shamir, Simon Jones and Mary Rizzo.


  11. gil said on October 30th, 2010 at 4:25pm #


    I hardly comment on Blogs… but thought that a clarification is important.

    If you want to engage in a dialogue with me you will have to do your homework.

    A. Can you suggest to me and the rest where and when exactly did I “criticize” the Pro-Palestinian Solidarity Movement? I don’t remember coming on record with such a statement!
    B. I do not equate Zionism and Jewish Left… I basically prove beyond doubt that a Zionist paper is far more tolerant than my Jewish ‘leftist’ detractors. If you want more evidence I am happy to provide it.
    C. If you are familiar with 90% of my articles, you should know that I differentiate between “Jewish Left” (a tribal exclusive affair) and Leftists who happen to be Jewish by origin (totally innocent category). You have to ask yourself whether you are a Jewish Leftists or a Leftist who happen to be a Jew.
    I have no problem with the 2nd category!!
    Also your comrade, are they of the former or the later category?
    D. If you are a Leninist as you suggest, you should also be familiar with Lenin criticism of the Bund (1903). I accept Lenin’s criticism, what about you? If you don’t accept it, what makes you into a Leninist?

    All the best

  12. gil said on October 30th, 2010 at 4:29pm #

    Just to thank you all for your attention and enlightening discussion.

    I had to raise these issues. I believe that this is my duty…

    Peace Gilad

  13. Dr. Ashraf Ezzat said on October 31st, 2010 at 7:15am #

    It is not hard to relate to the honesty, sincerity and openness of the author`s discourse on the identity problem of the Israelis.
    I can`t remember when i last read such an enjoyable article.

  14. bozh said on October 31st, 2010 at 7:31am #

    Please, note, that gilad has not said to date, as far as i know, what he’s for.
    Nor does he postulate salient causes; other actors-factors that created ‘jewish’ thinking-behavior.
    Which, as i; rather, we, proved appear about the same as of the all others’ cultists.

    We need to chew on this postulate or even affirmation that 30 mn americans think egzactly the same as a few mn jews. tnx

  15. mary said on October 31st, 2010 at 10:13am #

    The Spanish authorities, unlike the craven British government who propose to change the law on universal jurisdiction, refuse to give Dichter immunity. There should be NO safe havens for these war criminals.


  16. 3bancan said on October 31st, 2010 at 2:27pm #

    Wow! My comments here keep disappearing. They probably are not kosher enough – and the truth hurts. Kosherization of the internet is in steady progress.
    Btw, here is another article which clearly describes how zionazification of the world is marching on:


    Of course this site’s regular zionazis will keep on saying: “Bullshit”…

  17. mary said on November 1st, 2010 at 3:24am #

    Ahmad’s life is shattered just like his leg.

    Killing of Palestinian kids continues in the “buffer zone”

    The term “buffer zone”, of course, being a sanitised term for illegally-controlled Palestinian land.


    “Ahmad Abu Hashish attended school until the 10th grade, and had been collecting scrap in the border area for about a month when he was shot. He said he earned about 30 shekels a day.

    Physicians at Kamal Edwan informed him that his bones were shattered. After spending 20 days completely immobile in his family’s camp, he is to return to the hospital to see if the leg has healed enough to install a prosthesis.

    He told Ma’an that once his leg heals, he’ll have no choice but to return to collecting gravel: “I have to go back. There’s no work.”

    Asked why he thought Israelis shot him, he said, “Really, I don’t know.”

    While Ahmad gave his testimony, lying on a blanket on the dirt floor of the tent, the sound of gunfire and exploding tank shells could be heard, coming from the border area.

    Information gathered by aid agencies, the UN, rights groups, shows that Ahmad Abu Hashish’s story is far from unique.

    According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, eight Palestinians, all civilians, were shot by Israelis soldiers along the border in September alone. Six of these were workers collecting construction scrap. In a separate incident in the border area, Israeli tank shells killed a 91-year-old shepherd, and two boys, aged 16 and 17.

    Bassam Masri, head of orthopedics at the Kamal Edwan hospital, told the British newspaper The Guardian earlier in October that around 50 people have been treated for gunshot wounds suffered in or near the buffer zone while collecting rubble in the past three months.

    The Israeli military has publicly declared a 300-meter no-go zone on the Gaza side of the Green Line, but a UN study released in August, based on more than 100 interviews, shows that “Since late 2008, Palestinians have been totally or partially prevented from accessing land located up to 1,000-1,500 meters from the Green Line (depending on the specific area).”

    These restrictions mean that 17 percent of the total land area of the already tiny Gaza Strip, and 35 percent of its agricultural land, is off-limits to Palestinian use. This in turn has contributed to a variety of humanitarian problems, further damaging the economy and directly affecting more than 113,000 people who live or work in or near the border.

    Confusion about the boundaries of the exclusion zone persists. “Despite the potential for civilian casualties, the Israeli authorities have not informed the affected population about the precise boundaries of the restricted areas and the conditions under which access to these areas may be permitted or denied.”

    Regardless of the actual size of the buffer zone, rights advocates say the ongoing shootings of civilians are unacceptable.”

  18. bozh said on November 1st, 2010 at 6:25am #

    So, the victimizers [rude, hateful, mean people] keep on blaming their victims. A husband hitting his wife wld exclaim: Look what u made me do! And i did not hurt u too bad, anyway.
    Insulters on the other hand, wld say: u r too sensitive! If children r killed in afgh’n, u’d hear: We did not intend to kill them. We r very sorry! But killings, wife beatings, wars go on and perps still sing the same refrain: Look what u made me do! tnx

  19. mary said on November 1st, 2010 at 2:02pm #

    From the dark side of a dark planet, but NO different from the other two members of the axis. We can reflect on the 40 years’ imprisonment of the young man who was incarcerated aged 15 for allegedly killing a US army ‘medic’, and sentenced by a military court. He who has been in Gitmo for 8 years. And consider the image of the Muslim man boiled alive in Uzbekistan that was on Craig Murray’s blog the other day. The axis has opened Pandora’s box, a box filled by the Talmudists who run the whole show and who are genetically evil. The preponderance of the psychopathic personality in these sub-humans is extraordinary.


    Jerusalem Post 10/29/2010

    Report: Foreign Ministry prevents Geneva Convention meeting

    The Foreign Ministry has succeeded in preventing a meeting of states which have signed the Geneva Convention, which could have resulted in a public statement that Israel has violated the charter during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip during 2009, Army Radio report Friday.

    According to the report, Israeli embassies in Switzerland, New York and various European capitals with help from Washington, were able to diplomatically prevent the meeting in Switzerland. It was expected that the meeting would conclude that Israel did not do enough to prevent Palestinian civilian casualties during the 2009 war in Gaza.

    Sources close to Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman also succeeded in preventing the establishment of the victim’s compensation fund of those injured in Cast Lead, which was decided by the UN Human Rights Council.

  20. Mulga Mumblebrain said on November 2nd, 2010 at 6:03am #

    mary, I cannot agree that the Zionazis are ‘genetically’ evil. I think that the greatest element in their undeniable evil, and I do think that they are as evil as humans come (which is saying a lot)is cultural, religious and ideological. Take a baby away from one of the ‘settler’ Judaic Taliban infestations, raise it to see all humans as equal and worthy of respect, acceptance and compassion, and that child will become anti-Zionist in most cases. Zionazism grows from several polluted sources, in my opinion. Religious supremacism and contempt for the non-believers to a degree unmatched by any other ‘faith’. Colonialist racism directed at non-Europeans in general (the whole ‘Clash of Civilizations’ perfidy is a Zionazi project) and the detested Palestinians who refuse to evaporate in particular. And extreme hatred for non-Jews flowing from the Nazi Judeocide, a trauma that would have exacerbated the most paranoid and hate-filled tendencies in any population. Add these to Jewish money power, and the political, moral and spiritual corruption that this power has engendered in the West, and the brew becomes truly toxic. What always surprises me is the moral cowardice and complicity of the ruling elites of almost all nations when faced with the spitting, foaming, Hydra-headed beast of Zionazi bullying and intimidation. We end up with a world where one of the most despicable regimes in history calls all the shots and politicians everywhere jettison everything-international law, common human decency and their own self-respect included-in order not to aggravate these insidious and bellicose bullying thugs.

  21. 3bancan said on November 2nd, 2010 at 6:14am #

    “I guess that the Zionification of Britain is beginning to take a heavy toll on our cultural and public life” says Gilad here:
    Not only in Britain, and it started quite a few decades ago…