Shocking Testimonials from the Mavi Marmara Survivors

One of the most striking trends following the flotilla attack has been how quickly Israeli hasbara is being exposed by internet journalists. The doctored IOF audio clips, where amateurs with mock Arab accents hiss ‘Go back to Auschwitz’ to Israeli naval officers. Well they didn’t take long to pull apart did they? Then there are the (so-pathetic-they’re-almost-funny claims the flotilla was linked to Al Qaeda. I laughed out loud to read in an Israeli paper that humanitarian activist (and former US marine) Ken O’Keefe was going to Gaza to; ‘train a commando unit in Hamas.’ I know Ken fairly well. Quite frankly I’m not sure who should be more insulted by this stupidity him or Hamas? Either way flinging the words ‘Hamas’ ‘Jihadists’ and ‘Israel’s security’ around is no longer having the same shock and awe effect on journalists or the public at large.

The internet now shapes the world’s story, not the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Meanwhile, like a soccer star caught cheating on his wife. Instead of saying ‘ I messed up big time, forgive me’ Israeli government sources and other shysters are screaming; ‘it’s not fair to watch us all the time, that’s mean!’ and ‘this is our business, leave us alone!’ Bad luck for them that as it stands, more of the IDF’s minging dirty washing, is being aired in public than ever before; via facebook and twitter. The Zionists sobs of ‘no faiirrrr!’ are sounding ever more bizarre. But more about the Isra-bots later on.

Israeli Intelligence (some mistake surely?) have been busy since the massacre. Erasing the memory sticks and hard disks of what my preliminary research estimates to be some 800 video cameras, around 1200 mobiles and 600 lap tops. All items, looted from the passengers of the Freedom Flotilla, whilst they kneeled, handcuffed and in stress positions, on the hot deck of the Mavi Marmara for up to 12 hours after the attack. Before the bots cry ‘why so much money on board, why so many cameraaas!’ Let me explain, the good individuals on board had been raising money for months in the local communities around the world to take useful gifts tot eh people, schools and children of the besieged Gaza Strip. Besides which -the cameras were the only ‘weapons’ those on board had with which to arm themselves in the event of an attack at sea.

Now, evidence is emerging, that having been forced (by Turkish hard line diplomacy) to release all of the kidnapped passengers sooner than it would have liked; Israel is (as usual) taking revenge on the Palestinian relatives of activists onboard. Those who seek to non violently oppose Zionist policies of Apartheid violence are having loved ones interrogated by the Shabak as you read this for merely sailing with the Freedom Flotilla. I am not at liberty to say much more for fear of even further reprisals on innocent people. But as you should by now be aware, the Israeli machine specialises in collective punishment. This week a spokesman in the US said live on air that ‘Children in Gaza were under siege because their parents voted Hamas.’ Too much to say on that, so I’ll leave it hanging for you to take in

Last night in London, as in so many cities this week, Freedom flotilla passengers addressed a packed open meeting. At the Conway Hall in Central London half a dozen British survivors, looked in turns spaced out and hardened by their experience, eleven days ago (is that all it is? How the world turns!).

Jamal El Shayyal, is the Al Jazeera reporter who kept broadcasting as gun shots rang out behind him on the upper decks of the Mavi Marmara. I honestly thought I had heard, read and seen the worst about the Israeli attack on the fleet’s passengers. I hadn’t. Believe me, nor have you. Those three minutes clips, miraculously broadcast live or smuggled out beneath tongues, reveal the merest inkling of the horrors these brave people witnessed. And suffered.

El Shayyal, told an utterly silent audience he ‘had been invited by IHH to film every inch of the ship.’ So he did. From the bowels of the hull to the uppermost decks he filmed.

‘I checked and filmed’ he said ‘there was not 1 weapon onboard. Not one gun. no lethal artillery. The most lethal thing on the ship was fruit and vegetables.’

When the Israeli commandos attack began Jamal was wearing his pyjamas under a life jacket as were so many of the allegedly ‘prepared terrorists on board.’ Helicopters caused a near hurricane on the decks, all satellite phones were jammed (deliberately to stop SOS calls to the rest of the world). And, so the IDF hoped, any factual reports of what was about to occur.

At this point, just after four thirty am, Jamal saw a Turkish passenger shot in the top of his head. He spoke slowly and clearly to make sure he was understood by us all in the hall.

‘No Soldier was on the ship at this time’.

Quickly another passenger removed a white t-shirt from a bag and used it as a white flat of surrender. When gun shots rang out, greater numbers fell. It was clear calls for mercy were to be ignored. That a shoot to kill policy was in place.

An Israeli member of the Knesset and Lubna (an activist who also speaks Hebrew) took turns making announcements over the tannoy in English and then Hebrew. Announcements made at least 8 times;

‘We have critically injured people here, please can you come and get them. We are NOT armed. We SURRENDER!’

Soon the tannoy connection was cut off.

Sarah Colborne of the PSC and another passenger negotiated with soldiers for the evacuation of some at least of the mounting injured. Many of the bleeding would not go with the Israeli’s. Fearing they would be less safe getting ‘treatment’ from the troops, than below decks being operated on without anaesthetic.

‘The Israelis were asked for a stretcher’ continued Jamal ‘for a man with severe internal bleeding to be moved. Use a sleeping bag we were told.’ The man was moved in agony on a blanket no doubt increasing his injuries. And his immense pain. Did he survive? We’ll never know.

As the shooting gave way to the enforced imprisonment of the passengers, or, let’s give it its right name – kidnapping, Jamal was pushed to the floor, cuffed and beaten. His possessions taken from him. It was morning on a bright, sunny, summer’s day by now. Hundreds of shocked men were taken on deck, hands bound behind their backs. Three, then four hours passed. Pleas were made to use the toilet. No water was given, they were kicked, spat at and punched by soldiers who passed by every few minutes. Eventually Jamal persuaded one soldier to let him go to the toilet, ‘with my hands still bound behind my back.’ One man in his eighties trying to get back to his family in Gaza, was jeered by soldiers, in his discomfort. After many hours, he suffered the indignity of urinating on himself, in front of both friends and fiends.

At some point Jamal was taken back downstairs. The area had been thoroughly ransacked.

‘There was no respect for human rights or dignity. Holy books of all faiths had been thrown about, possessions strewn everywhere”.

He remembers one quietly spoken Muslim brother asking soldiers gently several times for his cuffs to be loosened, just slightly. The third time he asked one of them tightened them so much that ‘he gave a scream of agony that made us all feel sick to our stomachs.’

In the afternoon the ship was forced into Ashdod port. Pushed ashore by armed guards Jamal was greeted with the words; ‘Welcome to Israel. Are you enjoying your time here?’

The Al Jazeera journalist wanted us all to understand something very clearly. That the civilian passengers were not ‘detained’ nor ‘arrested.’ They were plainly and in every legal definition of the word ‘Kidnapped, abducted.’

In Beersheva prison, he was placed in a cell, with a leader from the Turkish human rights group, IHH. They had no food for 24 hours, just a few sips of water. They had no idea if the world knew where they were or what had happened. In other parts of the prison, consular reps from Greece, France, Spain and Macedonia could be heard shouting at the Israeli captors demanding the release of their compatriots. Yelling that rights were not being respected, yelling for food, water, access to legal representation. From the British consul.


Finally when every other consul had visited the abducted civilians, a British rep turned up. Jamal described the obsequious nature of the visit in terms that make one cringe. Bowing and scraping to the Israelis, the British diplomat didn’t even push for the right to see the victims in a private area. A legal imperative for all detainees during such visits. He didn’t demand water, or food, or a release time for those he was supposedly representing. Under the gaze of Israeli soldiers he asked just two questions ; ‘what is your name and what is your home number in the UK.’ Then our citizens were left. Wondering about their fate and that of their comrades; hungry, afraid, shocked, alone.

When the Israeli’s knew the game was up, that the world had indeed seen clips of their murderous attack, the Turkish abductees were given the chance to leave quickly, in an hour.

Did they go? No. They refused point blank to leave ‘before every other nationality has left before us.’ We salute them.

Jamal, Osama, Alexandra, Sarah, Kevin, and four hundred other internationals were released ONLY because of Turkish support for them. Not because the international community stepped in. Not because of action by the UN or (God forbid), the UK government. Because of the Turkey government.

In all his time as a prisoner, some forty hours plus, Jamal, like all the other Brits, had no legal visit, no phone call home and no proper British representation.

Finally at Ben Gurion airport being deported from a place he never wanted to enter in the first place. Jamal was given a piece of paper with a photo of himself on it and Hebrew writing.

His interrogator smirked at him and led him towards the plane ‘Congratulations’ the man said. ‘This is your new passport.’

‘I want my old passport!’ Said Jamal.

‘Sue me!’ Came the reply.

There was more much more from the survivors, which was videotaped and I will post as soon as it comes online. But let’s get back to the Zio-bots now. For alongside Press TV cameras and PSC workers filming the testimonies, there was the compulsory, sulky faced Zionist, shooting footage of the event for some organization opposed to justice, and free speech. Curiously, as the survivors described their horrors in depth, this woman’s camera was aimed NOT at the stage. But at my Press TV colleagues.

I went outside for a cigarette and there she was again. Instantly recognisable as a tight lipped Proto Zionist. She asked if I was with Press TV and would I speak to her for “Israeli TV?” Clearly she was not from any broadcaster — as no valid news channel accepts shaky, amateur hand held footage of the sort she was producing. Curious about her real intentions, I said ‘with pleasure.’

‘So do you think Press TV has done enough to give the Israeli side of events concerning the flotilla?’

Did I pause? It felt like a must have, just to have the time to process that after an hour of harrowing testimony about a massacre, this woman, had heard and felt – nothing.

‘The BBC has given Mark Regev enough space for your cause don’t you think,’ I replied

‘Yes but don’t you think Press TV ought to….’ and then it happened. The white rage. I heard children crying in Gaza, saw fishermen being shot along the coast, phosphorous plummeting onto schools and UNWRA food stores. I saw the massacre on the Freedom Fleet, the torture, the needless, avoidable death..

‘Go fuck yourself,’ I heard myself saying. And to make sure I couldn’t be misquoted I added.

‘Just fuck off.’

Lauren Booth is an English broadcaster, journalist, and human rights activist. Read other articles by Lauren.

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  1. mary said on June 12th, 2010 at 8:29am #

    The irony is that while Bliar is shilling for Israel –

    “When it comes to security, I’m 100 percent on Israel’s side. Israel has the right to inspect what goes into Gaza.” (

    – Lauren Booth, who is Cherie’s half sister, is still heavily involved in the cause of freedom and justice for the Palestinians and has been for a long time.

    I wonder if Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and Lauren Booth ever bump into each other at family gatherings and if so, what they say to one another. Hopefully from Lauren the three words above at the end of her article!

  2. bozh said on June 12th, 2010 at 9:20am #

    For me the worst thing is, i am 00000001% shemitic and 000001% khazaro-chechno-dageno-armenian. So that hurts! Actually i feel like a war criminal. So, am i the first and the only selfhating khazar-khazak-tajic-uzbek to condemn our crimes on high seas, valleys-mountains of palestine?

    Don’t worry ab me i don’t look anything like an ossetian with the cult. I have one of the nicest looking noses. Nobody is going to take me for a person from caspian-caucasus region. tnx

  3. mary said on June 13th, 2010 at 12:58am #

    We are always hearing of another increase in Bliar’s massive income – the latest as an adviser to Gaddafi’s son.

    Cherie seems to want more and more houses to add to her property portfolio whilst the women in Gaza have to make do with a shell damaged and bullet pockmarked flat or even a single tent.–Townhouse-takes-PMs-portfolio-14m.html

  4. Stephen Zielinski said on June 13th, 2010 at 10:25am #

    “The internet now shapes the world’s story, not the Israeli Foreign Ministry.”

    I believe the internet is too restrictive a term to use here. The better phrase to use in its place: “A global and increasingly inclusive public sphere.” One reason: The internet is just one of many mechanisms of information distribution, although it is the mechanism that has enabled this global public sphere to become more readily available to many around the world and thus inclusive as a result.

  5. mary said on June 13th, 2010 at 11:44am #

    War Criminal & Warmonger Averts French Court Move…
    Ehud Barak cancels France visit due to flotilla commission

    Barak staying out of France because of flotilla

    Defense Ministry reports that Barak will remain in Israel until team of experts investigating flotilla raid announced. Over weekend, sail participants declared intention to sue defense minister

    Roni Sofer
    Published: 06.13.10, 12:09 / Israel News

    Defense Minister Ehud Barak unexpectedly announced Sunday morning that he will not be traveling to Paris for the international military exhibition, Eurosatory.

    The Defense Ministry reported that Minister Barak decided to remain in Israel until the team of experts investigating the raid on the Gaza-bound flotilla is announced.

    Over the weekend, French activists who took part in the flotilla to the Gaza Strip announced that they intend to file a lawsuit against Barak both in France and in the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Three members of French parliament have joined the effort.

    Barak was slated to leave Sunday morning for an official two-day visit to Paris, where he would inaugurate the Israeli booth at the international military exhibition and meet with defense and foreign ministers.

    On Friday, political officials said that Barak had no intention of canceling his trip, and that the legal department of the Foreign Ministry along with others in the judicial system were taking action to provide him with adequate defense should the case indeed be filed. However, at the last minute, Barak did indeed decide to cancel.

    Regarding his previous visit to Paris, Barak was harshly criticized by State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss regarding his delegation’s extravagant hotel expenses at the Paris Air Show in 2009.,7340,L-3904272,00.html

  6. mary said on June 13th, 2010 at 2:32pm #

    The slimeball confirms where he is coming from – straight from Bibi’s office and for whom he speaks.

    “And of course, that then has a situation where Israel goes in and takes action in respect of Gaza and more people die.”

    Tony Blair hopes Israeli blockade of Gaza will be eased
    GMT, Sunday, 13 June 2010 20:36 UK

    Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has said he is hopeful the Israeli blockade of Gaza will be eased imminently.

    The international envoy told the BBC he was confident of a partial lifting following talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


  7. hayate said on June 13th, 2010 at 8:30pm #

    Cheers to Ms. Booth.

  8. mary said on June 13th, 2010 at 11:12pm #


    Who needs an independent observer anyway?

    Re Israel’s investigation into itself, with ‘two impartial outside observers’, here’s one of them:

    Lord David Trimble,

    A true ‘Friend’ if ever there was one –

    He has also written papers under the auspices of the Conservative Friends of Israel. He left the U;ster Unionists Party in Northern Ireland and joined the Conservative Party in 2007. Also a member of the Henry Jackson Society. Enough said.

    Little in Wikipedia on the Canadian Ken Watkin, the other one. He was a Judge Advocate and there is some suggestion that he had knowledge of torture being carried out on Afghan detainees. The links have been removed or have become dead. The complicity in torture has a familiar ring in some members of the last UK NuLabour government.

  9. Mulga Mumblebrain said on June 14th, 2010 at 4:54am #

    You’ve just got to admire the arrogance of the Chosen Ones, haven’t you? What a pity the German Nazis, who obviously taught the Israeli ones so very much, never thought to investigate their own atrocities at Lidice, Oradur or Warsaw (amongst many others). No doubt they could have found ‘neutral’ observers like, say, Laval or Oswald Mosley, or Generalissimo’ Franco,if they were available. No need for ‘unbalanced’ tribunals like Nuremberg, in that case. Sheer chutzpah-the now familiar situation where the Herrenvolk are permitted to micturate on international law and hold themselves up as beyond the mundane judgement of mere goyim. Simply nauseating.
    On a more nauseating level yet, that of the obsequious, dissembling Sabbat Goy servant, did you hear Bliar on the ZBC this morning? In my opinion it was,even for Bliar, who I believe is an utterly vile psychopath and murderous fraud, in every aspect, particularly his fraudulent and self-serving religiosity (so like our own fraud, Kevin Rudd, but unlike the Australian PM-in-waiting, Abbott, who is a genuine religious zealot) a performance of stunning viciousness. I thought the performance of the ZBC flunkey, who fed him his lines and made sure he did not neglect any of the current favourite Zionazi ‘talking-points’, was repulsive beyond words, also, but she’ll, no doubt, get a pat on the head from her Zionist controllers for a job ‘well done’. Yes, every racist, supremacist and contemptuous humbug was there. The usual vicious rubbish about the primacy of Israel’s ‘security’ and not a tinker’s cuss about the security of the Gazans. Apparently in the perverted universe of Zionist group think Israelis can get several billion of high-tech military equipment every year, that they use to murder Gazans, particularly children, with fiendish relish, yet it is inadmissable for the Gazans to defend themselves or hit back at their oppressors. And this brutal, racist, double-standard is not merely never questioned, it is never even mentioned by a press corps of well-trained psychopaths. Similarly with the gibberish over Shalit. Once again the fate of one Jew is raised above that of the thousands of Palestinian prisoners, who are not even mentioned. Bliar, the mollusc,offered his opinion that Shalit was a ‘red line’ for Israel. In this his predictable opinion accords with the Judaic belief that one Jew is worth more than ten thousand ‘two-legged animals’ (that includes you, Bliar).
    And that of course is where Israel and Zionazism are at their most evil and dangerous, in that the extreme racism of Zionism, founded in perverted interpretations of Judaic religious belief that accord Jews a higher status than non-Jews, has become, de facto, the operating principle of the Sabbat Goy stooges, like Bliar, who run the West. And this vile, hideous, calculus is never, ever, questioned by media propagandists who act in a manner that would have delighted Goebbels, with their absolute uniformity of opinion and utter lack of principle and honour. Zionism is a poison almost unlike any other racist toxin from history that I know of. It provides a racist rationale not just for the destruction of the Palestinians, but also for Moslems and other non-Europeans elsewhere, and for that of any citizens of the hegemonic West who dare put their humanity before their ‘civilizational’ allegiances. Personally I think the greatest evidence for the spiritually poisonous influence of Zionism is the character of the creatures, like Bliar, that they employ and promote to do their dirty work for them.

  10. bozh said on June 14th, 2010 at 6:07am #

    All the ‘jews’ were made by nature-god. Unfortunately, later remade by rabbis and ‘jewish elite’.
    However, no matter how long it takes, nature always has the final say and ‘jews’ wld no longer be remade into people like barak, sharon, rabin, dayan, yabotinski, et al. tnx

  11. mary said on June 14th, 2010 at 6:10am #

    Yes Mulga we are all here in the UK outraged at Bliar strutting the stage when he should be in the dock at the Hague.

    The Today piece is here complete with his phony Scottish accent eg sure=shooer. Don’t know when the link expires. (Wish Bliar would and I have never wished that for anyone before).

    I will post a link to the list of Trimble’s cronies at the Henry Jackson Society, most of them Jewish according to a Jewish friend of mine who knows the genealogy of names and the faces. Trimble like Obomber got a Nobel peace prize. What a devalued currency that is now.

    Watkin is said to have converted to Judaism recently btw.

    PS Montague fed him that line on Shalit didn’t she. No mention of the 10,000 Palestinians in jail for no reason and the torture and harassment they experience.

  12. mary said on June 14th, 2010 at 7:07am #

    A nastier bunch you would not wish to meet.

    Collins has a lot of Iraqi blood on his hands like Blair. He is famous for giving an Agincourt type speech to his troops on the eve of the invasion.

    Pollard is the Editor of the Jewish Chronicle. He ‘writes’ occasional columns in the Times now.

  13. mary said on June 14th, 2010 at 7:56am #

    Pollard boasting

    Of which story are you most proud?
    I am hugely proud of our coverage of Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in 2009, and the recent Israeli action on the so-called aid flotilla, in which we offered an alternative to the overwhelming bias against Israel elsewhere. And of our coverage of the furore of Michal Kaminski, the Polish MEP. We effectively ‘owned’ the story, breaking every key development.

    editor’s desk 9 June 2010

  14. Mulga Mumblebrain said on June 14th, 2010 at 9:53am #

    Just caught the ZBC turd interrogating Richard Falk, the UN Special Rapporteur over his latest report concerning the barbarism of the group punishment of the Gazans. The insect continually pressed Falk to blame Hamas, not the Chosen People, for Gaza’s suffering, just as one could have bet one’s life he would. More evidence for the proposition that slavish obeisance to Zionism is the most virulent moral poison known to science. Not, of course, that I had any belief that the propagandists of the uniformly Rightwing propaganda apparatus, laughably and in true Orwellian fashion mislabelled the ‘Free Press’, were anything but scum and psychopaths before Zionist influence is brought to bear, but it certainly makes a dreadful situation truly despicable. A society dominated by evil liars, murderers and hypocrites must, and ought to, collapse from its own internal corruption, as it is.