Honduran Elections Exposed

Honduran coup regime’s claims of more than 60% participation in free and fair election revealed as fraud.

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“There is wide agreement that last week’s presidential election in Honduras…” begins an editorial in Saturday’s New York Times, “…was clean and fair.” The editorial gives no hint as to whom all these people are that are in agreement, except for the ‘official’ data from the same regime that overthrew the elected president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, at gunpoint. The Times joins governments, commentators and editorial pages around the world that have fallen victim to the ‘official’ coup data. But, as this video shows, the proof of the fraud was sitting out in the open the whole time.

Produced by Jesse Freeston, on location in Honduras.

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  1. Ricardo Suarez said on December 7th, 2009 at 8:16pm #

    Wow. It is amazing to see how the US has failed yet again in Latin America under Obama. It’s probably worse than what Bush would have done, as his heavy-handidness would have exposed US moves, while Obama is given a pass by the majority of Democrats and the media for simply talking aout of both sides of his mouth. But the ultimate award for shame goes to the “journalists” of the mainstream media. They have been the #1 reason that a coup dictatorship is now entrenched in Central America. Did the US not learn a single lesson from the blood and horror unleashed there in the 80s?

  2. john andrews said on December 9th, 2009 at 5:47am #

    Thanks Real News.

    Here in the UK we’ve had absolutely nothing from the mainstream ‘news’ about the Honduran elections (but we had virtually nothing about the coup either), and I was wondering what happened on 29th.

    What’s become of Zelaya? is he still holed up at the Brazillian Embassy?