A Week of Actions for Palestinian Victims and Gaza War

Several Organizations are preparing for a memorial week for the Palestinian victims over the past 60 years. The organizations are picking the last week of the barbaric attacks on Gaza “Gaza genocide-war” to be the yearly annual week to mark the suffering thousands of Palestinians who passed the mayhem and exile.

The actions are called by The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), Palestinian Forum in the UK, European Campaign to End Siege on Gaza, Islamic forum of Europe (IFE), Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), Islamic Human Rights Commission in Britain (IHRC), Student Council Goldsmith University and Action Palestine

Some organizations like Russell Tribunal, Friends of Al Aqsa, Labour Friends Of Palestine and the middle East (LFPME), Free Palestine Movement and International Solidarity Movement; all endorsed the events.

On 13th of January a key event will kick off where speakers from Gaza, British MPs and special guest from occupied Jerusalem will take part. PRC announced, Clare Short MP, Baroness Jenny Tonge, Bob Marshall – Andrews MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP will participate in the event which is scheduled from 6 to 9-30 PM at friends house in London.

The Palestinian mother, Om Kamel, whose house was demolished many times and her husband died due to the harsh conditions and imposed on the family by Israel, will be speaking on the event. Om Kamel is living in a very small tent in occupied Jerusalem because the Israeli army demolished it twice in 2009.

Gazan students who survived the last onslaught and managed to arrive in the UK to study will speak about the experience and what they have witnessed. Besides, short films and videos are predicted to be screened in the event.

Middle East Expert, Peter Eyre, will deliver a detailed presentation on the broader consequences of the war and the siege which is having a devastating effect in Gaza.

The second event will mark the launch of the biggest parliamentarian delegation that will be sent to Gaza on 14th of January 2010. Around 40 MPs and MEPs will head to Gaza to investigate the terrible conditions endured by Palestinians.

A film screening about conditions in Gaza Strip and occupied Palestinian Territories will be shown in Goldsmith University on the 14th of January.

The last event will be on 17th of January where a photo gallery will be held on Hyde Park speaker corner in London. In addition to that, a number of speakers will speak about Gaza in English, Arabic, French, Italian and Spanish.

This week will be carried out on yearly basis to commemorate the memorial of Palestinian victims over the past 60 year. This Week is dedicated for Palestinian victims especially those in Gaza who suffered the last war. The date according to PRC is symbolic as it symbolizes the last week of the war between 13-19 Jan 2009.

PRC, which is concerned with Palestinian right of Return, see this week of actions as a key event that focuses on Palestinian Refugees. Those refugees who were massacred in the Gaza Strip within UNRWA school and where their infrastructure, houses, schools and camps were attacked.

Action Palestine, a student body of activism will hold various workshops in Sussex Brighton and Manchester universities. The workshops will be within that week and timetables will be announced later on.

In same context dozens of events and actions will be carried out by organized by General Secretariat of Palestinian in Europe Conference. The events will commemorate the 1st anniversary of Gaza war as well as all Palestinian victims.

For more information contact us on: info@prc.org.uk”>ku.gro.crpnull@ofni. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or tel:02084530919 visit us on www.prc.org.uk.

The Palestinian Return Centre is an independent consultancy focusing on the historical, political, and legal aspects of the Palestinian Refugees. Read other articles by Palestinian Return Centre, or visit Palestinian Return Centre's website.

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  1. Jeff White said on December 24th, 2009 at 9:05pm #

    Another event is the Gaza Freedom March, December 31:

  2. Mulga Mumblebrain said on December 26th, 2009 at 8:13am #

    Of course the Gazans are the victims of radical evil. The evil of Israeli state policy does not show that all Israelis or all Jews are evil, any more than the evil of the US elites means all Yanks are evil, or the evil of Nazi Germany meant that all Germans were evil. However it is, in my opinion, unarguable that the ruling Israeli elites, their allies in the all powerful Jewish Lobbies that control politics, the media and finance in the West, and the rank and file disinformationists who mendaciously argue Israel’s case, are wicked. Even stating that plain fact, and what could be plainer than that those who kill, terrorise torture and lie for a racist, Messianic ideology are wicked, does not mean that these creatures are innately evil or doomed to remain evil all their days.Moreover, the toxic brew of fascist politics, extreme racial supremacism and perverted fundamentalist religion is evident not just in Israel and the Zionist apparat around the world, but within the US, in the Indian Hindutva movement and in certain Islamic tendencies. But none of these are as dangerous, as fanatical and as determined to dominate as the Zionists. As the Western War of Terror against Islam,a project planned within Zionist circles for decades, spreads to Pakistan, Yemen, Eritrea and targets Iran, while the deaths in Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia have already passed two,perhaps three, million since 1991, the position of Israel as it currently exists, as a belligerent racist, terror state that spreads its cancerous metastases of Islamophobia and race and xenophobic hatred throughout the West, impelling us to religious war, is untenable. If it does not reform itself, as South Africa, its late apartheid twin and close ally, has managed, if only imperfectly, then it is digging its own grave, and that of millions of innocent victims of its malevolence.

  3. deceschi said on December 26th, 2009 at 2:45pm #

    The Gazans are not victims, they’ve brought the war upon themselves because of the insane fanatic and not at all peace-seeking behaviour of their authorities and their many armed groups. Since 2005, when Israel pulled out completely from Gaza, until december 2008 Hamas and its terror cohorts shot thousands of rockets on the Southern Israel, only in december 2008 about 360 rockets and 240 mortars. Besides, the radius of the missiles was already threatening about a million people in Israel.
    Hamas was so sure to win or at least inflict heavy losses on Israeli forces that it didn’t renew the truce, according to a source that can hardly be considered pro-Israeli.

    Saturday, December 20, 2008
    07:40 Mecca time, 04:40 GMT
    News Middle East

    Hamas declares end to Israel truce

    Palestinian group Hamas has declared that the six-month ceasefire between Israel and the Gaza Strip is over.
    The ceasefire officially ended at daybreak in Gaza on Friday and came after armed Palestinian groups admitted that they had been using the truce to train and better arm themselves.

    Even today Hamas speaks nothing but a clear language of war and for this purpose is ammassing again tons of (Iran made) arms passing through the Egypt border.

    So, keep demostrating, but only for the people of Gaza held hostage and subjugated by their fanatic and cynical rulers.

  4. Mulga Mumblebrain said on December 27th, 2009 at 1:52am #

    The only thing more wicked, in my opinion, than the sadistic mistreatment, collective punishment and cowardly murder of an imprisoned population of over one million, immured in a gigantic concentration camp, with no chance of escape when the racist thugs decide to murder them from the air, is to be a lying apologist for it.
    Your diatribe is soaked in lies, exudes untruth and is, of course, born of a bottomless racist contempt for the victims of Israeli evil. As usual with your type you totally misrepresent the so-called ‘withdrawal’ from Gaza in 2005. The Israelis merely remove the illegal infestations of Israeli settlers, but maintained total control of the borders, along with the equally loathsome Quisling fascist regime of that US stooge ‘Pharaoh’ Mubarrak.Gaza became the world’s largest concentration camp, with bombings, death-squad raids, sadistic nightly supersonic overflights and the beginning of the diabolical siege. This siege, a crime against humanity under international law, has been tightened ever since, targeting children, the old and the sick with racist sadism. The death toll amongst Gazans in these years far outweighed that of Israelis in Gazan retaliation, but, of course, for Zionist racists (pardon my tautology) these deaths, being of ‘human dust’, untermenschen with souls closer to animals than to their Judaic tormentors, these deaths do not exist. They have been expunged from history by the Western media, acting on instructionsfrom their Judaic overlords, the better to sell Israel’s lies of Hamas ‘aggression’ to a moronic, racist and ignorant Western public.
    Even as the long-planned and prepared, gutless bloodbath of Cast Lead was approaching, Hamas refused to play ball by observing a six month ceasefire. This of course has not stopped Zionist liars barefacedly stating that the missiles were still falling, but impertinent and audacious lying is such a Zionist trait one is not surprised. Then Israel killed six Gazans on November 4, breaking the siege, which they, with typical treachery born of deep, racist, contempt for their victims, had not in any case been observing.Israel was supposed to loosen the blockade, but since when did the Master Race ever keep a promise to ‘two-legged animals’?Hamas even offered another truce, but the Herrenvolk’s bloodlust was up,and they hate missing an opportunity for a bloodbath.
    So the slaughter commenced, characterised, as attested by Goldstone, the Red Cross, Amnesty, Medicines sans Frontieres etc, by multiple atrocities, and, as revealed by brave Israeli troops, accompanied by Judeofascist clerica lindoctrination by fundamentalist Rabbis and baying mobs of Israeli spectators cheering on the child murder from deckchairs in nearby Israel.
    And this gutless, evil slaughter has your total support even to the extent of lying over and over not just to justify it, but glorify it, luxuriate in it, partake in it, if only by proxy. Don’t you realise just what that says about you, your foetid ‘Holy State’ and all those racists, Judaic and goyish, who delight in child murder and the savage oppression of an entire people, for decades?

  5. deceschi said on December 27th, 2009 at 9:15am #

    Mulga – Did you ever read the Hamas charter of 1988? If Hamas would be a honest, I don’t want to say …. peace partner, but at least a honest ruler of its own people, it would start to remove the racist extremistic and cospirationist passages in its charter and accept the conditions of the road map. But in fact its charter remains fully valid:

    From Article Seven:
    …the Islamic Resistance Movement aspires to the realisation of Allah’s promise, no matter how long that should take.
    The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said:
    “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.” (related by al-Bukhari and Moslem).

    From Article Thirteen:
    Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement. There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.

    From article Thirty-One:
    Under the wing of Islam, it is possible for the followers of the three religions – Islam, Christianity and Judaism – to coexist in peace and quiet with each other. Peace and quiet would not be possible except under the wing of Islam. Past and present history are the best witness to that.

    From article Thirty-Two:
    The Islamic Resistance Movement calls on Arab and Islamic nations … to warn the people of the danger eminating from leaving the circle of struggle against Zionism. Today it is Palestine, tomorrow it will be one country or another. The Zionist plan is limitless. After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. When they will have digested the region they overtook, they will aspire to further expansion, and so on. Their plan is embodied in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.

    The Islamic Resistance Movement consider itself to be the spearhead of the circle of struggle with world Zionism and a step on the road. The Movement adds its efforts to the efforts of all those who are active in the Palestinian arena. Arab and Islamic Peoples should augment by further steps on their part; Islamic groupings all over the Arab world should also do the same, since all of these are the best-equipped for the future role in the fight with the warmongering Jews.

  6. Mulga Mumblebrain said on December 28th, 2009 at 1:36am #

    deceschi, nothing from Hamas’s ‘charter’ written, remember, when they were Mossad’s pet, protected from Israeli murder ,and disruption in order that they should undermine Fatah, changes Zionist behaviour or excuses Israel’s decades of brutality.
    Your central thesis, and that of all Zionazis, is that Jews are entitled to slaughter, imprison, torture, terrorise and dispossess the Palestinians because Jews are a higher form of humanity. International humanitarian law, basic human decency, even mercy,are, as the Yesha Council of Rabbis and Torah Sages said in 2006, when the children were being slaughtered were Lebanese, are all just ‘Christian morality’. Judaic morality, as these worthies made plain, sees killing civilians as a ‘mitzvah’ or good deed. So all your whinging, lying, distorting is simply verbiage in the service of racist cruelty and child murder. The blaming of the victim is an old tactic. I seem to remember that the Nazis blamed the Jews for the horrors that befell them, and Soviet partisans’ resistance for the massacres there. That is the milieu that you, and all apologists for Israeli evil inhabit, at least in my opinion.

  7. deceschi said on December 28th, 2009 at 4:59am #

    Your opinion is unimportant. What matters are the facts. The comparison between the Nazis and Israel is a well-known tactic of Palestinians the ilk of Hamas to blame Israel and cover their own terrorist and genocidal porpuses. The true criminals are all those Palestinians and their Arab supporters who, since the very beginning of Jewish presence in the place of origin, aimed to “drive the Jews into the sea”, as Fawzi Qawuqji, a leader of the Arab Liberation Army, vowed when the Arabs attacked all together the new-born state of Israel, the day after its declaration of independence – and as today the Palestinians still are dreaming of.

    Fact is that the Palestinian population is growing steadily in both Israel (one and half millions Arabs, 20 percent of the whole population) and in the territories, fact is that the entire Arab world is already almost “judenrein”, apart from a few small Jewish enclaves in process of extinction, as we can see today in Yemen.
    Fact is that all peace proposals of Israel were rejected by the Palestinians, without any accetable alternative.
    Fact is that Israel completely pulled out from Gaza, and the Gazans – the Hamas and cohorts – were only able to abuse the power vacuum, to violently get rid of their internal opponents and to build a well-structured nest of terrorism and a lauching pad for their rockets.
    Fact is that the thousands of rockets and mortars as well as the hundreds of suicide bomb attacks lauched by the Palestinians in the past nine years wanted to strike indiscriminately all Israelis, regardeless of wheter old or young, men, women or children.

  8. Mulga Mumblebrain said on December 30th, 2009 at 5:02am #

    Your first ;fact’ is true, as far as it goes, The Arabs inside Israel are a despised and abused minority, confined to the Galilee (Ben-Gurion was furious that they had not been cleansed in 1948)living in third class conditions and constantly threatened with expulsion or ‘transfer’ by the Zionazi Right in Israeli politics. The Judaic minorities in Arab countries were stampeded by Mossad provocations and Zionist urgings into leaving, plus the animosity of some Arabs at the atrocities visited on the Palestinians. A comprehensive peace, as offered over and over by the Arabs but rejected by Israel and expunged from history by the Jewish controlled Western media, could see Jews setlle again in these countries, where Judaic communities existed for centuries.
    The second fact is a bare-faced lie, yet again. The rejectionists have been mainly Israel and the US, as Chomsky outlines in meticulous detail in Fateful Triangle. The Palestinians have rejected some unjust Israeli offers, that were so crafted, so one-sided as to be designed to be rejected.
    The third fact is another bare-faced lie, as I stated above. The Big Lie was recommended by Hitler as a useful technique, and how revealing it is that you follow his recommendation so slavishly.
    The fourth fact is partially true. While Gaza fired rockets at Israel, killing a handful of Israelis, Israel was bombing, raiding, terrorising and blockading Gaza, killing several hundred Gazans in the process. But these vastly greater number of deaths, are of no concern, being of ‘two-legged animals’ with souls closer to that of animals than to the precious souls of the Master Race. Not only do you ignore these vastly greater number of deaths (if not secretly revelling in them) but the sewer of the Jew controlled Western media is expunging them from history, concocting a diabolically mendacious narrative where only Jews died, only Jews suffered, from the mindless savagery of ‘terrorists’ reclining in comfort in the seaside resort of Gaza. How unsurprising that you peddle this extreme racism, but that is of the very essence of Zionazism, the absolute insistence in the calculus that Jewish lives are infinitely precious and those of the vastly greater number of their victims, utterly worthless,

  9. Deadbeat said on December 30th, 2009 at 12:39pm #

    There should definitely be a world wide boycott of Israel especially these Israeli contractors providing airport “security”.

  10. Danny Ray said on December 30th, 2009 at 1:22pm #

    What would work better is a world wide boycott of the United States, until those nasty Yankees toe the party line no country should accept any product of the US. Do not fly US carriers, do not use, US pharma. Do not accept any US food product. No US tech. or cars, no US banks or financial products, boycott Hollywood, and the US media, if there is a disaster, refuse any US aid.

    In fact you should throw out any product you have made in the United States and replace it with items made in other countries. America uses these products just like a camel uses his nose to get into the tent. Show those Yankee louts a thing or two, the world don’t need them.
    Once america is gone you can sweep the Jews into the sea and peace will reign everywhere.