Pornographic Past vs Murderous Present

“Why would any writer make up stories about the Holocaust?” asks Melissa Katsoulis on mainstream British media outlet The Independent.

Katsoulis has recently published a book about the history of literary hoaxes. She is interested in particular in a unique fictional genre; namely ‘the Holocaust hoaxers’.

On the one hand, she confesses that “special privilege must be given to those increasingly few witness-writers who survived the Second World War in Europe.” She is even willing to accept Elie Wiesel’s peculiar take on ‘truth and fiction’, that “some stories are true that never happened.”

On the other hand she says, “those memoirists who think that they can pretend they were there when they weren’t ought to remember that hijacking the experiences of others for selfish ends will only end in ignominy.”

Katsoulis suggests that perhaps what “readers seek in trauma stories is akin to what people look for in pornography: something edgy they have never seen before, followed by a spectacular resolution”. Very much like the case of pornography, the dedicated audience of Jewish pain “want to identify (safely) with what they are reading; to try on someone else’s crisis for a while and see how it compares to their own.”

Katsoulis’ reference to ‘pornography’ is indeed interesting bearing in mind that, at the time of the Eichmann Trial in Jerusalem (1960’s), a new genre of S&M pornography namely Stalagemerged in Israel. It was a short-lived, highly sexualised fictional magazine that drew its imagery from Nazi exploitation of inmates in prisoner camps.

However, Katsoulis’ reference to ‘pornography’ may raise some questions. While pornography consumption can be realised as an attempt to seek libidinal pleasure through the imagery of others celebrating their symptoms, one may wonder, what kind of satisfaction anyone might seek from the repetition of a holocaust memory? Do we look for satisfaction? And if we do, what kind of satisfaction are we after exactly? What are the symptoms that are celebrated by the story tellers, and what are our symptoms consuming them?

Instead of a culture hooked on recycled images of degradation and suffering, I would actually expect a moral lesson to surface from the Shoa. I would hope for a genuine search for mercy and compassion. Evidently, this has never happened. Putting aside Israeli barbarism in Palestine, the West and the English speaking empire have never stopped igniting wars in the name of fake values driven by the Holocaust (democracy, liberalism, ‘universal’ human rights and so on).

Katsoulis stresses that the ‘hoaxers’ “had difficult childhoods but, feeling that their truth was shamefully small, they sought the grand signifier of the Holocaust to attract the compassion that they desired.” I urge you to read Katsoulis and if you have a spare moment, check out the comments that are no less revealing.

I myself saw recently saw two short videos that left me puzzled.

The first was an ABC News televised interview with Herman Rosenblat.

“The twinkly-eyed American pensioner who came forward with a story so magical that it lifted the heart of every cynic in New York,” was nothing but that of a compulsive liar. Once Rosenblat was confronted as a hoaxer he told the camera.

“It wasn’t a lie. It was my imagination. I believed my imagination, I believe my mind, I believe it now”

“But you know it wasn’t true” he is challenged by the ABC interviewer. “Yes”, he answers, “But in my imagination it was true”.

I guess that no one can argue with such an advanced post modernist argument.

In another video clip; Irene Weisberg Zisblatt, whose testimony is showcased in Steven Spielberg’s documentary film The Last Days, is caught lying to the camera at least twice.

I am not judging Zisblatt’s dishonesty or her tendency to exaggerate. It is more than likely that this woman went through hell on earth. But I do challenge Stephen Spielberg who, for some reason decided to exploit this woman in his Holywoodian attempt to archive and depict what he calls the ‘truth’ of the holocaust.

The question we are left with is why. Why does she lie? Why does he lie? Why does anyone lie? And if they lie and are entitled to believe in their figment of imagination, where can we learn about the truth? What can we learn about the truth? What is truth? Is there any truth? And if we can ever be lucky enough to find the truth or even just ‘a truth’, can we announce it without being at risk of social exclusion or even losing our freedom?

Katsoulis exposes a perverse tendency in the midst of our Western discourse. It is proved beyond doubt that our freedom to speak, and even to think, is under severe assault. I would take it one step further and argue that the Holocaust religion is the biggest current assault against humanity and humanism. First, it stops us from revisiting and revising our own living memory. Second, it stops us from drawing a universal ethical lesson from history and third, it leads to more and more genocidal crimes.

Instead of a revenge-driven doctrine, what we really want is grace and compassion.

Rather than a singular monolithic belief system promoting a deceptive notion of freedom centred on Jewish pain, what we really want is real pluralism and tolerance that would accept more than just one truth and encourage belief systems to respect each other.

In fact, the Jews, should have been the first to grasp it all. As Emmanuel Levinas suggested after WWII, Jews should have located themselves at the forefront of the battle against evil and racism. Despite there being a handful of Jewish ‘self haters’ who are committed to the exposure of the Zionist crime, this never happened. Not only did it not happen, the Jewish state is the ultimate example of a racist nationalist terrorist state.

Katsoulis is far from being a Holocaust denier. She believes that the Holocaust happened, yet she writes about the robbery of its memory. “When a writer stands before other survivors and gives as scripture what is stolen from the memories of real witnesses, they can expect little sympathy.” Katsoulis offers some criticism of the “unregulated Holocaust “industry”, where victimhood is rewarded by money and fame.”

However, I would like to extend Katsoulis’ quest. I would maintain that in fact we are the witnesses of an ongoing holocaust in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We also witness Israel preparing itself to nuke Iran in the name of Jewish history and the Holocaust in particular. In front of our eyes we see the emergence of evil on a colossal magnitude, and we are somehow paralyzed by a historical chapter that, in comparison to contemporary Israeli crimes, has less and less significance or relevance.

Rather than being subject to an idolatry of an untouchable past, we better start to be concerned with the HERE and NOW, with the genocides that are committed in our names and under our nose by Israel and its supporters around the world.

Gilad Atzmon, now living in London, was born in Israel and served in the Israeli military. He is the author of The Wandering Who and Being in Time and is one of the most accomplished jazz saxophonists in Europe. He can be reached via his website. Read other articles by Gilad, or visit Gilad's website.

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  1. donna rieter said on November 5th, 2009 at 10:39am #

    apparently new video released of herman rosenblat lying at he auschwitz concentration camp on the webiste:

  2. donna rieter said on November 5th, 2009 at 10:49am #

    longer version of that video on youtube:

  3. Michael Kenny said on November 5th, 2009 at 11:19am #

    The problem with lies or of this sort is that they open the door to Holocaust deniers. 65 years on, that should be a problem only for historians but a centrepiece of the “Holocaust industry” is the claim that these events entitle the modern generation of Isrealis and/or Jews in general to some sort of special treatment. The secret is to eliminate this link between past history and present politics.

  4. rivka liebelson said on November 5th, 2009 at 11:23am #

    i see tho that rosenblat got his book published? somene actually rewrote it? shame.

  5. dan e said on November 5th, 2009 at 1:10pm #

    M Kenny, what are you trying to say? “Lies” of WHAT sort? Are you calling Atzmon a liar? If not he, who?

  6. kalidas said on November 5th, 2009 at 2:48pm #

    Aw c’mon, didn’t you ever hear Elie’s reasoning?
    His explanation, truth, reality…
    So typical it’s almost funny.
    A perfect definition of these Talmudists.

    ” Just because something isn’t true doesn’t mean it didn’t happen” – Elie Wiesel …

  7. kenneth ellman said on November 5th, 2009 at 2:58pm #

    This is very interesting in that it proves nothing and at the same time calls attention to the fact that people, most if not all people, make up stories from time to time..
    The two above exposures of elderly persons fabricating or mixing up details does not change the FACT of the extremely large scale murder of Jews and others by the Germans and the German allied groups. No body in their right mind would dispute the fact of German large scale killing of helpless people.
    So what do we do with the above. Well it is important that those particular accounts be completely deleted from any historical record to the extent they are in error, so as not to confuse fact with fiction. The first story of the apple and food thrown into the camp appears to be just a simple fantasy and should be treated as a fantasy. So a lot of people fell for this, what else is new? Maybe it will make a good fictional story but it is still a fantasy. As to why would this man make up this story?
    Probably to receive the benefits of the story; i.e. attention, money and perhaps some type of personal satisfaction. It is a very, very, nice fairy tale and dream. Some people like dreams and fairy tales. It is like asking the question of why do people lie? And in the scope of things it does not matter. More interesting is how come so many media outlets did not verity this story and it had to be exposed as a fraud by other victims and researchers who know of the German killing. Just another media failure exposed.
    The second case above of the elderly woman being mixed up about people dying on the electric fence and of her brother dying is really not as significant. It is well known that some people died on the electric fence and that is no surprise. Some people did run to the fence to die. Nothing new. This lady in getting her facts wrong probably did no significant historical damage. I do not see how it alters any facts of what went on in the concentration camps.
    It again is a warning to carefully verify accounts as much as possible by both other witness interviews and record searches and other techniques. This applies to ALL history and of course Court proceedings. Police work and legal work generally continually shows fact verification failures.
    Fortunately these two above cases of Mr. Herman Rosenblat and Ms. Irene Weisberg Zisblatt, prove that it is possible to verify such accounts and it is possible to expose errors or frauds.
    That is most important since we have verified the vast number of accounts of large scale killing and murder committed by Germany. The truth of what occurred is not in doubt.
    None of this takes away from the undisputed historical record of the murders by the Germans of millions of Jewish people and millions of others also killed due to German hatred of humanity. This type of mass killing has occurred over and over again as shown in the book “Worse Than War by Goldhagen.
    Germany tried to destroy the world. In that Germany may have been somewhat unusual. Germany was mostly stopped by the heroics of the United States and England. Otherwise we would all be living in hell.
    The only lessons to be learned from the above is that all accounts must be carefully verified as they normally are and that the historical record must be protected and preserved by proper documentation and verification. Fortunately this can usually be done and has been done as the trials of the German War Criminals at the end of the war, all show. So we have two old people, one made up a story and one got some of her facts mixed up. Literary fraud occurs all the time and old people having traumatic factual memory problems is nothing new.
    It is also nothing new that the Germans killed millions upon millions of helpless and innocent men, woman and children. This has been fully established and is fully admitted by the post World War Two German government.
    Kenneth Ellman, Newton, New Jersey, moc.namllehteneknull@ek

  8. kalidas said on November 5th, 2009 at 3:49pm #

    Hmmmm. Though Germany tried to “destroy the world,” (how did they plan on doing that? we’ll have to ask Elie, I guess), it was the “good guys” who actually have come the closest to destroying the world. The USA and USSR.
    Go figure..

  9. greybeard616 said on November 5th, 2009 at 4:02pm #

    The tragedy is also that in fabricating “history” (intentionally or through created memory), the study of actual historical events becomes all the more complicated and difficult. Is a “Holocaust denier” one who questions certain (albeit crucial) details? Or one who questions the reality of large numbers of people, Jews and others, of dying and being treated in a sub-human fashion? For obvious political advantage, the Zionists will call all such doubters “deniers”–in so doing they make the suspect opinions “beyond the border of thinkable thought”

  10. kalidas said on November 5th, 2009 at 5:23pm #

    Why how could anyone ever even think of doing anything like that to, (gasp!), make money?
    What kind of cretin would put money above truth, honor and decency?
    What kind of lowlife would ever hope to profit from the dead?

    I think a portion of his ill earned profit should go to paying the sixty billion holocaust survivors.

    (” Just because something isn’t true doesn’t mean it didn’t happen” )

  11. dan e said on November 5th, 2009 at 5:30pm #

    Kenneth Ellman exposes his bias when he says “Germany was mostly stopped by the heroics of the United States and England. Otherwise we would all be living in hell.”
    Even writers as pro-UK/US as Winston Churchill make no bones about the fact that the Soviet Union did most of the heavy lifting involved in the struggle against Nazi aggression. And suffered by far the most civilian fatalities. Which says zip about the Soviet system one way or another.

    BTW, Revisionist Zionist arch-terrorist Menachim Begin was saved from the Nazis by Stalin et al’s policy of giving top priority on railcar space to persons of “Jewish Nationality” who were in areas in danger of or soon to be overrun by the Wehrmacht or and the SS. Of course history is full of ironies and unexpected twists.

    PS: If life in the US today under AIPAC & the D of HS isn’t hellish enough for Bro. Kenneth, just wait:)

  12. Rehmat said on November 5th, 2009 at 6:27pm #

    The largest numbers of porn actors and actresses in the Jewish-American created Hollywood – are Jewish. Sasha Grey 23, has more than 150 porn movies under her belt.

    Israel has used pornography in popularizing Holocaust and recruiting foreign Jews in IOF and attacting foreign tourists. Pornography became part of Holocaust during the trail of Eichmann. Books like ‘I Was Colonel Shultz’s Private Bitch’, ‘The House of Dolls’, and the Israeli mass-production of ‘Jewish memoirs showing naked pictures of young Jewish women sexually abused by the Nazi soldiers. In 2007, Israeli filmaker, Ari Libskar, made a documentary film Stalags (German prison camps), based on those pornographic propaganda crap……

  13. Aetius Romulous said on November 5th, 2009 at 8:32pm #

    There is no doubt that the “Holocaust” is a great part marketing of a sort…but the event itself is real none the less. Picking at the details in no way alters the general fact.

    The Nazi atrocity is one of only waaaay too many over recorded history. It has however, had the benefit(?) of being the first of the film era. We can see the pictures, listen to Hitler thunder, the whole shebang. It makes a difference. The Armenian genocide of the same century was no less horrific, however it has been ignored without the weight of visuals we have for the Jewish one – much to the everlasting indignation of the unfortunate Armenians.

    In the end, Holocaust zealots do themselves no favors by shouting down inquiring minds. The atrocity is a heavy enough truth that it can withstand criticism all on its own.

  14. Rehmat said on November 6th, 2009 at 4:23am #

    Nazis’ atrocities were not limited to European Jews only. The greatest victims of Nazi atrocities were Gypsies then Christians and Jews at the bottom. However, the fact remains that it were Christians and Jews who made up Hitler’s regime and Nazi Army. No Muslim was part of that genocidal group. However, it’s the Palestinian Muslims who are paying the most for the crimes of Nazis.

    Any atrocity which is “heavy enough” – doesn’t need government protection to survive – as is in the case of Holocaust.

    Holocausts – Too many to remember

  15. kenneth ellman said on November 7th, 2009 at 3:23am #

    In reply to Dan e above about the Soviet Union in World War 2:
    YES, the life lost by the Soviet Union to the German killing was vast and the massive turnaround of the Soviet counterattack against Germany is undisputed. BUT, this does not change the fact that before the entry of the United States in the war, Germany was undefeated and I believe would have remained undefeated. The United States had extraordinary abilities as follows:
    1. To turn a weak peacetime military into the strongest force known to man that eventually defeated Germany AND Japan.
    2. The incredible economic and technical ability of the United States to create a manufacturing and industrial capacity that vastly exceeded not just Germany and Japan together but all the warring countries in the world. The industrial might of the United States was way beyond anything Germany or Japan could contend with. This created an unbeatable imbalance in the number of tanks, ships, planes, and all war making material that no nation at that time could defeat.
    3. England by heroically staying in the war and continuing to fight after terrible air attacks and other disasters allowed the United States a foothold in Europe that Germany could not repel. The courageous resistance of England and her RAF is well established. I am sure you have heard the phrase “Never have so many owed so much to so few”. For a time the British stood alone. England also of course contributed her military forces of men and material, but just the fact that England was free and acted as an island “aircraft carrier” for the allies was critical to the defeat of Germany.
    4. No doubt that the Soviet Union and her people suffered the most, and turned around its initial defeat and retreat. I do not think though that the Soviet Union, nor England, even as eventual allies, could have defeated Germany and Japan by any stretch of the imagination.
    Yes, it was a combination of forces, but nothing, nothing like the United States existed and nothing else could have turned the battle against Germany and Japan. The United States rescued Europe twice, which in itself, alone, is a powerful statement of what America has accomplished.

    AS REGARDS ALL THE SILLY COMMENTARY that the German war against the Jewish People, also known as the Holocaust, did not occur you could only believe this if you choose to take your mind and through it out the window. I assume some of the people posting on this site are Americans or in the European Union and free like me. You have the full ability to do your own research in any public or university library. No one can stop you. You have the ability to communicate directly with the German Embassy or Consulate and Government and seek information and knowledge. No one can stop you. You have access to vast library material from various Universities on the internet itself. No body can stop you. SO, why engage in this fantasy that the murder and destruction of so many millions of people, Jewish and others, at the hands of Germany did not occur?! Why degrade yourself by believing such things? Do you think the German people and German Government made this up? Perhaps you think Germany is today controlled by Jews or Poles or Russians? If you had any serious interest in this subject you would review the almost unlimited number of documents and evidence available and become knowledgeable about this.

    The historical record of what Germany did all over Europe, to the Jewish people and many other innocent nationalities is not is dispute by anyone who looks at the the evidence. The most easily accessible evidence, aside for all the scholorly reseach is:
    1. The German people and German Government themselves have admittecd to this massive attack upon helpless human beings. The German High Court and the German legislature
    have confirmed this over and over again. Germany has made it a crime to deny the acts of human destruction committed by Germany in World War 2. Germany wants to protect the truth and so should you. Germany does not want to repeat this human disaster and does not want it forgotten.

    2. The War Crimes Trials, also known as the Nuremberg Trials, held by the United States and the Allies, after the German defeat, encompasses a vast amount of testimony in Court in the presence of and by the Nazi leaders and their victims. The Germans killed so many from every nationality such as Gypsies, Russian POWs, Jehovah’s Witnesses and of course Jews. If they had won the war their plan was clearly to permanently enslave and eliminate many national groups.

    Some Internet resources you can reach out to are:

    This is an old extract from a conversation with Dr. Klaus Kinkel, State Secretary for the German Ministry of Justice, many years ago on the murder of six million Jewish men, women and CHILDREN:
    “Brin–These people who did the killing knew. They knew what they were doing.
    Kinkel–I could tell you terrible things that I have heard from my friends in Israel. What I have heard has left me speechless. Of course we know it happened…
    Brin–Does he (Dr. Kinkel) have any comments about the American Nazi lovers who are going about insisting that the Holocaust is a myth, that it never happened.
    Kinkel–In my official capacity as the executive in the Federal Ministry of Justice, I can say there can be no question that the tragic Holocaust took place and this has also been declared by our Supreme Court. …”
    A book that discusses this recurrent massive destruction of human beings and not limited to any one people is:“Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity” by
    Daniel Jonah Goldhagen.

    I again suggest that for those who find reason to not trust much of the published history that they contact the German Government and Embassy directly and get their aid to source material about what was truly a hard to believe aspect of human history: i.e., the manufacturing to death of so many human beings. You should certainly challenge any assertions, but you must also be willing to seek out the answers from those who know. The German Government and it’s records are an important source.
    There are plenty of people who want to kill Americans. They will not ask if your heritage is Jewish, or Polish or Russian or British or Spanish or Greek before they shoot you or cut your head off. What just happened at Fort Hood in Texas is a warning of what America and Western Civilization faces from it’s enemies and some of the posters here waste their time with Holocaust nonsense. It makes no sense.
    Kenneth Ellman, moc.namllehtenneknull@ek

  16. veena said on November 7th, 2009 at 6:07am #

    “Germany was mostly stopped by the heroics of the United States and England. Otherwise we would all be living in hell.”
    And you dare speak about fraude, check your own please, Germany was mainly stopped by the sacrifice of 20 millions soviets and marginaly by the US and the UK …
    And we are living in hell thanks to anglo culture of rapacity and mediocrity …

  17. bozh said on November 7th, 2009 at 7:29am #

    The fact is that US had not waged a war against germany till june ’43. It waited till germany became once again exhausted as in april ’17.
    It cld be noted also that the resistance in albania, greece, norway, france, USSR, and yugoslavia, which was becoming stronger, was also helping to defeat germany.

    It cld be noted that the US warlords wld have been quite content to see germany actually defeat communists or be able to wage war there for a few more yrs, and only then attack germany.

    However, after battle of stalingrad in ukraine in ’43, it became apparent that germany cannot defeat soviets or resistor countries.
    If germany had sued for peace with soviets, it cld have brought home or western front remaining troops from USSR and resistor countries.

    Once US entered the war, soviets lost any desire for peace with germany. It cld be noted alsothat USSR never wanted to devide germany. It ha dbeen reported that USSR offered to leave E.germany if west wld dismantle nato but US rejected the offer.
    The reason? US always hated communism-socialism more than any other ideology. Events in korea, vietnam, cuba, venezuela, nicaragua, chile, missiles in turkey pointe at USSR prove it!

  18. Don Hawkins said on November 7th, 2009 at 9:41am #

    I am watching the House and the health care vote today. Working together well no and one hell of a show. Today on CNN the talk was at one point about fort hood and they showed Muslins in New York City who spoke very good English passing out forms and trying to sign people up, for what, to become Muslim. The talk from the people who spoke English very well was something called Hate. Well I will now go back to the House and watch not hate but respectfully disagree on health care. Oh one of the Muslims in New York did say it was ok to practice terrorism on non Muslims and gave a number of reasons. Again back to the House for me to watch health care and the big vote and more crazy talk. Yes deep do do very deep do do. Scotty please beam me up.

  19. kalidas said on November 7th, 2009 at 10:18am #

    An attempt to place the argument to whether there was a holocaust or not is old hat and getting weaker by the day. Everyone knows there was and they also know it was not exclusively a Jewish one.

    The question is whether one may even ASK if six million Jews were killed. That’s the crux.
    Since the plaque at Auschwitz USED to say 4 million were killed here and now it says 1.2 million were killed here, this is not a fantasy, a joke or a crime. Is it? It’s MATH.
    It’s a carved in stone FACT. OK?

    To deny scientific results using state of the art scientific instruments in PROVING there are ZERO mass graves at Treblinka is a crime? Is it a crime? Or is it a scientific fact?
    You should be happy. Everyone should be happy. But they’re not. Anything wrong with this picture? Duh.

    Why is it a crime to ASK or SAY there were not six million Jews killed even as the FACTS, the MATH proves it?

    That’s the big deal. A very big deal.

    You can say Jesus wasn’t real, God is dead, Mary was a whore but you can’t say six million Jews did not die.
    It’s absolutely insane.
    It is unacceptable.

  20. thailand jim said on November 8th, 2009 at 6:04am #

    herman rosenblat is a national treasure. those that brought him down should be shamed.

  21. kalidas said on November 8th, 2009 at 8:56am #

    Yeah, he’s a regular poster boy, an icon of Judaic reasoning.

    “Here is a glimpse into the surreal world of Judeo-ethics. It is also an exceptional example of lame Jewish logic.
    The French Jewish ‘philosopher’ Bernard-Henri Lévy is convinced that Roman Polanski should be freed from jail.
    Following Bernard-Henri Lévy’s reasoning, survivors are beyond justice. They should never be jailed for the ‘rest of their life’, not even for unlawful sex with a minor. This sickening and morbid logic explains Israeli barbarism and Jewish collective support of Israeli war crimes. At the end of the day, too many Jews tend to regard themselves as a collective of survivors. Accordingly, in their eyes, they are indeed beyond the law.
    Being a Holocaust survivor doesn’t
    buy a legitimacy for unlawful conduct: neither rape nor genocide.”

    Gilad Atzmon

  22. kalidas said on November 8th, 2009 at 2:53pm #

    “Rather than being subject to an idolatry of an untouchable past, we better start to be concerned with the HERE and NOW, with the genocides that are committed in our names and under our nose by Israel and its supporters around the world.”

    Mixed up? Beyond reason? Self hating?
    That is the truth which any reasonable, any sane person realizes.

    “She is even willing to accept Elie Wiesel’s peculiar take on ‘truth and fiction’, that “some stories are true that never happened.”

    Now THAT’S self hating.

    If anyone is self hating it is people who are incapable of realizing or accepting truth.

    For starters..

    And therein lies the rub..