We’re losing more Americans every day because of inaction … than drunk driving and homicide combined.

— Dr. David Himmelstein, co-author of a new study and an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard, speaking in an interview with Reuters.

My wife just “got through” breast cancer, and now — suddenly — she’s in the middle of tests that we’re praying won’t show her to have ovarian cancer or anything negative. She does everything around the house. She does everything around us. She is everything to us. She is the Love of Love, and I was put on this earth to love her. She’s so much fun. Such an inspiration, such a great teacher. Rare as flawless chrysolite.

I’ve been hardly sick a day in my 67 years. ((Almost died once from a burst appendix, but Sylvie, in the midst of being plagued by one of her regular over-the-top migraines, saved my butt by being “proactive” with incompetent medical professionals.)) Just enough to know that when you’re really sick… usually… nothing else matters. Sometimes, not even the love of others. Neither for nor by.


First of all, forget about socialism. We already have socialism in place respecting our military and industrial agriculture, among other horrors . And don’t worry about people getting away with murder milking financial loopholes; the rich do that dance way better than any illegal steps the underprivileged could ever trot out.

That behind you, we force the top 1% or 2% of the country (in terms of the holding of “financial wealth”) to pay for part of what we desperately need. ((Don’t worry ’bout HOW right now. First get on board … so that we can start the ball rolling in California. Remember, though, there’s a big difference between picking a fight with someone giving them a way to… walk away, and cornering them, making them feel that their life is at stake. Just so, there’s a huge difference between telling rich people you’re demanding equal justice and an equal redistribution of wealth and telling them that you’ll settle for simply doubling your financial wealth by draining a very small percentage of what they couldn’t spend if they lived a thousand years.)) At once. Force? Immediately? Yes, right along the lines of what the powers that be pulled when they went into emergency sessions to save the Too Big To Lose Financial Giants.

Remember? That was recently. When THEY forced us to pay right away for _____________ (You fill in the blank.).

The “part of what we desperately need” is the best health care coverage on earth at affordable prices. Not Medicare, better than Medicare. For EVERYONE.

That’s one of the potential great pleasures of being Super Rich (The situation is worse today!). You can help others by only spending a fraction of your financial wealth . Am I being disrespectful of The Rich? Rich people who have zero compassion for the immisserated masses deserve very little respect.

Seriously, that’s THE SOLUTION. Call it the One Percent Solution, or call it the Two Percent Solution. But don’t call it too late.

Fire and Ice. You choose how things will end up.

If the powers that be want to end any of our unnecessary wars — Lots to pick from! — to pay for this , fine. Actually, that might make it easier on us all financially and otherwise. We’ll be safer in the Big Picture to boot. BUT that would demand disentangling our ECONOMY from the Pentagon. Necessary (eventually), but no small order. Jeff Lays shows only one little aspect of what I’m talking about here. The health care and the warfare — both — are just the tip of the iceberg built upon the ice cold atomization of our souls..

Still… what a place to start. Place UNIVERSAL SINGLE-PAYER HEALTH CARE COVERAGE BETTER THAN MEDICARE as a higher priority than having a WAR ECONOMY, and see what we have to do to make it work. And, then, see what happens. You don’t have to have a plan to go get water if the house is on fire, do you?

We CAN make that IMPOSSIBILITY work. Tout de suite.

And as easy as looking up a few French words online.

As easy as getting organized, organizing… like I’m doing with you. No fund raising necessary. No meetings. No petitions to be handed to people who don’t care or who are powerless to change things (even if they want to). Following NONE of the usual ways in which people have been taught to protest, or push for change.


Richard Oxman has been an activist since he was seven-years-old at the Peekskill Riots. He's been a professor and a worldwide educator on all levels for half-a-century, and he can be contacted at aptosnews@gmail.com. Read other articles by Richard.

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  1. Deadbeat said on September 19th, 2009 at 10:26pm #

    Why not place housing at a priority. Why is housing a commodity that people have to place themselves in tremendous debt to live. Housing is a basic human needs just like health care but think of all the money that could be save is housing was restructured from being a commodity.

    First it would end the real estate vultures who only inflate the cost of housing and offer no value whatsoever. The same is true for real estate lawyers and the title search firms. Having guarantee housing would end homelessness and LOWER the risk of communicable disease. It would also improve the health of people facing foreclosure and calls from collection agencies.

    My point is why only “health care” why are these HOLISTIC issue being chopped up and demanded by the agenda set by Obama. Why isn’t the Left setting is own agenda and broadening the demand.

    You are an environmentalist Oxman so isn’t a clean environment like good food, housing, transportation, education, debt relief and income security all part of having good health? That is the kind the environmentalism that is needed and needs to be demanded in order to achieve UNIVERSALITY.

  2. Richard Oxman said on September 20th, 2009 at 7:06am #

    Forgive me Deadbeat if I don’t go over old ground after this with you. The TOSCA material should make it very clear that all of the issues you cite, like housing and sustenance and… all the others, are PRIME concerns of ours. The health coverage is just ONE EXAMPLE of what we would… not just address, but transform in unprecedented fashion. Deal with . Solve. Housing for everyone is a no-brainer to take care of if an administration’s heart is in a healthy place. Just like sweatshops could be closed virtually overnight, and people given decent jobs and a place to live… if people in that administration were not interested in careers. That’s why we want to “take over” the State of California. With promises like that on the table… there should be less questioning concerning HOW we’re going to accomplish those goals than getting down time being spent with us over getting TOSCA people into a position to call shots (without having to “compromise” with gangster politicians). You’re certainly welcome to ask questions. But, again, at this juncture, I think you can undertand if we make the “demand” the people who have read our “literature” get on board to some degree before descending into a realm which is just talk ad infinitum. Getting on board can mean something as small as letting us know if you know ANYONE in California. We have other simple things to ask of you if you’re interested in a movement that fully intends to do more than anyone else in history vis-a-vis the issues you raise. Oxlove

  3. Annie Ladysmith said on September 20th, 2009 at 4:28pm #

    I know it may be a hard concept to grasp but medicine in America is experimental by nature and the plan was first emplemented by Nazi ‘doctors’ that paperclip brought over.

    Most interventions are not to cure but to experiment and draw out the illness so there is much profit in treating it. It is as evil and corrupt as any group could possibly be and i would not put my life in the hands of modern medicine. It is an evil world system.

    Regardless, i hope your wife does well, her positive energy will certainly carry her through.

  4. Richard Oxman said on September 20th, 2009 at 4:59pm #

    Thanks for your sweet, good wishes, Annie Ladysmith. I agree with the thrust of your comments about mainstream modern medicine. Impossible not to tread very carefully in that realm. Better, as you suggest, to stay far away. That’s our family’s attitude. Stuff was turned upside down when Pasteur was given “preference” over Bechamp; if you go to Sylvie’s http://sosylvie.typepad.com/so_sylvie/cancer/ and slowly scroll down to the Zippy Breakfast article, I think it’ll be quite worthwhile, especially with your angle of vision, Annie. Do go slowly as you scroll ’cause there are other scrumptuous pieces along the way.

    One of the things we aim to do with TOSCA http://oxtogrind.org/archive/364 is to help the public to self-educate along the lines you suggest, Annie. If you are in California or know anyone in California, I trust you’ll want to get on board with us.

    In solidarity, Richard

  5. bozh said on September 21st, 2009 at 6:21am #

    In order to improve life for ?all americans, we need first of all to institutionalize the right to be informed.
    Present- and for four hundred yrs in US; 10K yrs in the world- disinformation and miseducation are fundaments on which everything else is built; includes, of course, all person-made iniquities.

    Patching wld not do. Jesus or person who put words in his mouth, lenin, et al have noted this as well.
    There are just too many orgs and movements [patches?!] often infiltrated by also fascists.
    Instead, let all educators unite and spread enlightenment; from which a better life for ?all can arise. tnx

  6. rosemarie jackowski said on September 21st, 2009 at 1:23pm #

    Richie…I am saddened to hear about your wife, BUT I have a relative who was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer. That’s a bad one that usually has a 5 year life expectancy. My relative is now in her 10th year and is doing very well. I believe that she is surviving because she has great insurance and therefore a good doctor. Sometimes having money is the best medicine.

    Yes, we need Single Payer and we need it yesterday. Every day of delay means more die. What a cruel and heartless nation we have become. In the mean time, here’s a suggestion. Let’s make an emergency plea to other nations so that they send doctors, dentists, and other help. Castro offered doctors after Katrina but the US government refused the help and tried to keep the offer of help a secret for political reasons. The whole world knows that we need help and other countries tend to be more compassionate than the U$A.

  7. Richard Oxman said on September 21st, 2009 at 3:27pm #

    Thanks for all, Rosemarie. Sometimes having money is the worst… for getting better. That opens the door for experimentation. That opens the door for more and more incompetent care (as things stand). That said, I understand — certainly — the thrust of your comment. AND… I am — TOSCA http://oxtogrind.org/archive/364 — is all for everyone having a fair shake (and a better deal than people have right now ‘cross the board in terms of quality care) for EVERYONE here and abroad. And on that note, please note… one of the first things TOSCA would do in California is to invite doctors from little known places abroad (Cuba, if legally possible; it not possible legally…we’ll make a BIG PUBLIC FUSS to help one and all to self-educate!)… yes from “other places” for several reasons, not the least will be to demonstrate different medical points of view.

    It is necessary to note, however, that the U.S. is involved in ongoing brain drain of medical pros from abroad… having quite a negative impact on many legit med pros here… in terms of their expectations for pay and benefits. THE WHOLE KIT AND KABOODLE needs an overhaul… and so, Rosemarie, I hope you ‘ll join hands with us in solidarity as per http://oxtogrind.org/archive/336 …which provides a short list of supporters who I think will resonate with you.