Twitterers Paid to Spread Israeli Propaganda

Internet Warfare Team Unveiled

The passionate support for Israel expressed on talkback sections of websites, internet chat forums, blogs, Twitters and Facebook may not be all that it seems.

Israel’s foreign ministry is reported to be establishing a special undercover team of paid workers whose job it will be to surf the internet 24 hours a day spreading positive news about Israel.

Internet-savvy Israeli youngsters, mainly recent graduates and demobilised soldiers with language skills, are being recruited to pose as ordinary surfers while they provide the government’s line on the Middle East conflict.

“To all intents and purposes the internet is a theatre in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and we must be active in that theatre, otherwise we will lose,” said Ilan Shturman, who is responsible for the project.

The existence of an “internet warfare team” came to light when it was included in this year’s foreign ministry budget. About $150,000 has been set aside for the first stage of development, with increased funding expected next year.

The team will fall under the authority of a large department already dealing with what Israelis term hasbara, officially translated as “public explanation” but more usually meaning propaganda. That includes not only government public relations work but more secretive dealings the ministry has with a battery of private organisations and initiatives that promote Israel’s image in print, on TV and online.

In an interview this month with the Calcalist, an Israeli business newspaper, Mr Shturman, the deputy director of the ministry’s hasbara department, admitted his team would be working undercover.

“Our people will not say: ‘Hello, I am from the hasbara department of the Israeli foreign ministry and I want to tell you the following.’ Nor will they necessarily identify themselves as Israelis,” he said. “They will speak as net-surfers and as citizens, and will write responses that will look personal but will be based on a prepared list of messages that the foreign ministry developed.”

Rona Kuperboim, a columnist for Ynet, Israel’s most popular news website, denounced the initiative, saying it indicated that Israel had become a “thought-police state”.

She added that “good PR cannot make the reality in the occupied territories prettier. Children are being killed, homes are being bombed, and families are starved.”

Her column was greeted by several talkbackers asking how they could apply for a job with the foreign ministry’s team.

The project is a formalisation of public relations practices the ministry developed specifically for Israel’s assault on Gaza in December and January.

“During Operation Cast Lead we appealed to Jewish communities abroad and with their help we recruited a few thousand volunteers, who were joined by Israeli volunteers,” Mr Shturman said.

“We gave them background material and hasbara material, and we sent them to represent the Israeli point of view on news websites and in polls on the internet.”

The Israeli army also had one of the most popular sites on the video-sharing site YouTube and regularly uploaded clips, although it was criticised by human rights groups for misleading viewers about what was shown in its footage.

Mr Shturman said that during the war the ministry had concentrated its activities on European websites where audiences were more hostile to Israeli policy. High on its list of target sites for the new project would be BBC Online and Arabic websites, he added.

Elon Gilad, who heads the internet team, told Calcalist that many people had contacted the ministry offering their services during the Gaza attack. “People just asked for information, and afterwards we saw that the information was distributed all over the internet.”

He suggested that there had been widespread government cooperation, with the ministry of absorption handing over contact details for hundreds of recent immigrants to Israel, who wrote pro-Israel material for websites in their native languages.

The new team is expected to increase the ministry’s close coordination with a private advocacy group, (Give Israel Your United Support). About 50,000 activists are reported to have downloaded a programme called Megaphone that sends an alert to their computers when an article critical of Israel is published. They are then supposed to bombard the site with comments supporting Israel.

Nasser Rego of Ilam, a group based in Nazareth that monitors the Israeli media, said Arab organisations in Israel were among those regularly targeted by hasbara groups for “character assassination”. He was concerned the new team would try to make such work appear more professional and convincing.

“If these people are misrepresenting who they are, we can guess they won’t worry too much about misrepresenting the groups and individuals they write about. Their aim, it’s clear, will be to discredit those who stand for human rights and justice for the Palestinians.”

When The National called the foreign ministry, Yigal Palmor, a spokesman, denied the existence of the internet team, though he admitted officials were stepping up exploitation of new media.

He declined to say which comments by Mr Shturman or Mr Gilad had been misrepresented by the Hebrew-language media, and said the ministry would not be taking any action over the reports.

Israel has developed an increasingly sophisticated approach to new media since it launched a “Brand Israel” campaign in 2005.

Market research persuaded officials that Israel should play up good news about business success, and scientific and medical breakthroughs involving Israelis.

Mr Shturman said his staff would seek to use websites to improve “Israel’s image as a developed state that contributes to the quality of the environment and to humanity”.

David Saranga, head of public relations at Israel’s consulate-general in New York, which has been leading the push for more upbeat messages about Israel, argued last week that Israel was at a disadvantage against pro-Palestinian advocacy.

“Unlike the Muslim world, which has hundreds of millions of supporters who have adopted the Palestinian narrative in order to slam Israel, the Jewish world numbers only 13 million,” he wrote in Ynet.

Israel has become particularly concerned that support is ebbing among the younger generations in Europe and the United States.

In 2007 it emerged that the foreign ministry was behind a photo-shoot published in Maxim, a popular US men’s magazine, in which female Israeli soldiers posed in swimsuits.

Jonathan Cook, based in Nazareth, Israel is a winner of the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His latest books are Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East (Pluto Press) and Disappearing Palestine: Israel's Experiments in Human Despair (Zed Books). Read other articles by Jonathan, or visit Jonathan's website.

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  1. B99 said on July 21st, 2009 at 12:50pm #

    They can and do lie – and that will be effective. But they cannot debate. Israelis-Jews never win a debate – for two reasons. Firstly, most Israeli Jews are woefully ignorant of their own history as well as what constitutes being a good citizen of the modern world. And secondly, they cannot alter the bottom line – that the proof of Israel’s bad intentions is in the settlements. A Jew will say that Israel truly wants peace – but s/he cannot also explain settlements in the same breath. One precludes the other.

  2. opeluboy said on July 21st, 2009 at 2:23pm #

    So mikep, yellow, massod and the rest get paid to regurgitate their sad, tired racism and already disproved revisionist history? How much of this comes out of my tax dollars?

  3. mebosa ritchie said on July 21st, 2009 at 2:49pm #

    jonathan,you are a hypocrite
    protected by the israeli state,using israeli resources,using israeli health services,electricity,gas,water
    and yet you hate the country
    why don’t you go and live in a country you like?

  4. Mulga Mumblebrain said on July 21st, 2009 at 3:38pm #

    ‘Speak of the Devil, and She will appear’. Why don’t you go and live in a country that reflects your values mebosa? Like Israel. You might join the Judaic Taliban, the settlers, and terrorise the Occupied Territories, killing, beating, setting fire to trees, poisoning animals, fire-bombing homes, all under the watchful eye of the Judaic Wehrmacht, the so-called IDF, who let them get away with it. Or you could join the IDF, and shoot children through your sniper sites or bombard them with white phosphorus, or best fun of all, starve them into submission with a diabolical siege. Or if aviation is your thing, perhaps you could fly over Gaza every night, terrorising the ‘two-legged animals’, particularly the children, into madness. What fun! Then you could strut about, bragging of your martial valour, threatening the Lebanese or anyone else who does not grovel at your ‘Chosen’ feet with destruction, and screech your demand that the world worship your ‘moral purity’.
    I can see you being quite good at that work, dear golem, as you, like the archetypal apologist for Israel, have absolutely no human sympathy for the victims of Israeli barbarity. As Israel careers towards more and more open fascism, apparatchiki of race hatred and absolute contempt for the other 99.85% of humanity for whom God did not create the Universe, become the norm, both inside Israel and in the diaspora. Perhaps you really do think that bellicose arrogance, unrivalled money power and the craven and corrupt acquiescence of Western elites will allow you to totally crush the Palestinians, while hysterically demanding the world’s praise and deliberately fomenting racism, xenophobia and religious hatred against Moslems and propelling the world towards religious war, but I doubt that you will succeed in your diabolical plans.

  5. GeorgeWatts said on July 21st, 2009 at 3:44pm #

    This isn’t good for Israel or its supporters. Now we will reflexively assume that people like Mebosa are on the Hasbara payroll. But if you look a little closer you quickly realize that his post was infantile and nobody in their right mind would have actually paid for it.

  6. mebosa ritchie said on July 21st, 2009 at 3:47pm #

    hello mugla
    you seem a bit pre-menstrual today;i’m sure it will wear off soon
    try some oil of evening primrose–it works for me and also helps the complexion

  7. Mulga Mumblebrain said on July 21st, 2009 at 4:00pm #

    George, there is no question of payment. The golems work for free, for the quaint and curious psychic rewards obtained from lying for evil, out of nothing higher than chauvinism and tribal loyalty, and the delight in being on the side of the bully. As there is no conceivable way in which any rational, humane, individual can coherently argue that Israel is the victim, and the Palestinians the oppressors, or that it is Israelis suffering while the Palestinians luxuriate in heavily subsidised comfort, then you must rely on lying and dissembling. And the golems bring enthusiasm, the supremacist ecstasy of knowing that you are the superior creature and that your victims are ‘two-legged animals’, ‘human dust’, ‘terrorwists’ who deserve to see their children slaughtered or driven mad or starved into chronic disease. They do, of course, vary in their intellectual and rhetorical gifts, but they are all driven by the religious and ideological poison of supremacy, the absolute refusal to observe the Golden Rule and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. No, they rather look to the Book of Joshua, that ancient text-book of genocide, and slaughter their imprisoned victims without mercy, without conscience.

  8. B99 said on July 21st, 2009 at 4:07pm #

    Mebosa – Author Cook is hardly protected by the Israeli state. As any gentile who visits Israel/Palestine knows, the Palestinians are quite friendly and unthreatening to visitors (or foreign residents). The only animosity comes from Jews, both civilians and the state, they’ll just as soon shoot you as spit on you. Not that there are not friendly Jews – but the overall atmosphere in Jewish areas is one of hostility, and in Palestinian areas, amity.

    Cook is in the country he likes – it just has the wrong rulers – rulers who believe in race-based rule. The resources you refer to were stolen by the Jews from the Palestinians. So in a sense, Cook is liberating these resources to bring the message of peace and justice to the wider world.

  9. mirza khan said on July 21st, 2009 at 7:52pm #

    The Iranian mullahs do exactly the same things. Particularly, ahmadinejad’e kessafat and his filthy murderous gang, who are now re-0pening the use of rape of women before executing them the next day.

    Shabnam, who is well-known commenter on this site is a great example.
    Some of us wonder if there was also a coup here on DV, and Shabnam is the new Iran section editor!!!

  10. Andres Kargar said on July 21st, 2009 at 11:40pm #

    This site (DissidentVoice) itself has been the target of such attacks. I don’t know if any of you have had similar experiences, but I have seen entire article by Jonathan Cook disappear for days (that one, I still cannot locate) or the DissidentVoice entry removed from the DNS servers, making it impossible to access the site (unless you know the actual IP address of the site).

    And of course, the nonsensical comments…

  11. jon s said on July 22nd, 2009 at 9:21am #

    On being “Chosen”: Some of the contributors here on DV, especially the Anti-Semite Mulga, persistently accuse the Jews of being guilty of racist supremacism, based on the concept of “The Chosen People”. In a malicious manipulation, she likes to use Nazi-German terminology (“herrenvolk”,” ubbermenschen”,etc.).
    (Mulga also claims that “the Jews” control the media, the economy, and even US-China relations -!?- and has even attacked core elements of the the Jewish faith –the Torah, the Talmud even the Jewish holidays…)
    As to being “chosen”: the concept itself exists and is undeniable : observant and traditional Jews include in their prayers a blessing to God who “chose us from among the nations”. Also the well-known “Aleinu” prayer gives thanks for creating us different, “and our destiny is not the same” [as that of other nations].
    However – and this is the main point – “different” doesn’t necessarily mean “superior”. In the Bible, Abraham is chosen to be the father of the nation, but God doesn’t make him King of the World. Instead, he is required to sacrifice his beloved son, Isaac. No power over others , no superiority, only an agonizing sacrifice. The Torah is also quite clear on equality: “One law shall be unto him that is homeborn and unto the stranger…” (Exodus 12:49); “Ye shall have one manner of law, as well for the stranger as for the home-born” (Leviticus 24:22) , and elsewhere.
    Sadly, over hundreds of years , including the 20th century, being “chosen” has meant being singled out for discrimination, persecution and annihilation.
    (There’s a heart breaking Hebrew poem by Nathan Alterman , from 1942, on Jewish children , “chosen from all the children in the world ” , chosen to be murdered. I haven’t been able to locate an English translation.)
    I recall a discussion I had with my father (of blessed memory) on the “Chosen People” topic. He said that being “chosen” doesn’t entail any kind of privilege in relation to other peoples, only obligations : to live an exemplary moral life, to stand up for good against evil, which, for him, meant fighting for social justice and against racism and fascism. It also entails a feeling of pride in our traditions and heritage.
    Of course there are other interpretations , we all know that there are Jewish extremists, chauvinists and racists, as there are among other peoples. Their brand of Judaism is by no means the dominant one.

  12. jon s said on July 22nd, 2009 at 9:56am #

    You accuse Israelis of being ignorant, as opposed, I presume , to your being knowledgeable, meaning your ability to throw in fabrications like “poison gas” “poisoning wells” and so on.

  13. bozh said on July 22nd, 2009 at 10:09am #

    ‘jews’ being different means what then? ‘Jew’ are first of all humans and only after that pious people, who posses an apriori ‘knowledge’ [guesses], just like buddhists, bahais, christians, and moslems.
    so far i see no differences btwn the various people who warship an unseeable phantom.
    ‘jewish’ brains, legs, arms, digestive sytems, bloods appear the same or similar to that of everybody else.
    so how are ‘jews’ different? They are, methinks, merely miseducated to believe [guess] that they are different.
    and once deluded, it is nigh impossible to delude off the deluded.
    as an example, nazis come to mind regarding how deeply people can become delusional.
    commands such as: ye shall be lenders and not borrowers; ye shall have servants and will not serve others; ye shall lead and not be lead, etc., if evaluated as true or coming from a god, wld delude a roma, uzbek, zulu, me, syrian, apache, et al.

  14. Plenum said on July 22nd, 2009 at 10:26am #

    …the best news from Israel that I can think of is that the will dissolve itself… that it will voluntarily, for the betterment of the world, cease to exist… that it will ask various countries to absorb the present Israel/Jewish population declare that within ten years the country will revert ownership back to the Palestinians as in 1945, etc… that it be allowed to transport its industries to acceptable countries… that it will pay compensation to victims for its illegal occupation… that it will safely disassemble all nuclear weapons and destroy all prisons… and much more.

  15. B99 said on July 22nd, 2009 at 10:56am #

    Jon – Yes, Israelis are taught propaganda in schools about Israel. Only under Ehud Barack did they beginn to be correct the curriculum based in the obviously contrary findings of Israel’s “New Historians” -but that has been nixed since by both Sharon and Netanyahu. Besides, Israeli maps show an Israel whose borders in the direction of Jordan and Syria – and in some cases Lebanon – are nonexistant. In other words, Israel still claims ever more Arab lands. So most Israeli Jews grow up on fabrications designed to instill both a false sense of historical pride and a fear of attack from without. It serves the purpose of keeping their population on a war footing.
    But the gas attacks and poisoned wells are public knowledge. I’ve presented material on this site. Tear gassing Palestinians is routinely done, and we all know about the phosporus bombs used on Gazans (and Lebanese). And Israel tests its latest nerve gas concoction on Gazans as well. Those who don’t die feel like shit for weeks.

    The poisoned wells of 1948 – would you like the details?

  16. Phil said on July 22nd, 2009 at 11:02am #

    being “chosen” doesn’t entail any kind of privilege in relation to other peoples, only obligations : to live an exemplary moral life, to stand up for good against evil, which, for him, meant fighting for social justice and against racism and fascism.

    That’s a pretty good definition. But in that case, all people everywhere are chosen. What makes any one race or nation different?

    we all know that there are Jewish extremists, chauvinists and racists, as there are among other peoples. Their brand of Judaism is by no means the dominant one.

    Prime ministers and governments for decades have made it absolutely clear that their goal is racial ‘purity.’ The current PM is pushing harder than anyone to have it written into fundamental law. The foreign minister openly calls for ethnic cleansing if not genocide. Any honest observer would have to recognize that in this case, extremism and racism are unquestionably dominant.

  17. B99 said on July 22nd, 2009 at 11:05am #

    Jon – It is not useful to quote the Torah or Bible here. They are filled with some of the most heinous acts of barbarity ever devised by humans – and said acts are celebrated. We could say they were mere poppycock if the ramifications of them were still not felt across the world today.

  18. brian said on July 22nd, 2009 at 1:49pm #

    mebosa richie…

    ‘protected by the israeli state,using israeli resources’

    those resources belong to the palestinians…its their land

  19. mebosa ritchie said on July 22nd, 2009 at 2:17pm #

    jon,it’s very useful to quote the bible

    god gave to the jews,his chosen people,the land of israel for evermore
    end of story

  20. B99 said on July 22nd, 2009 at 3:43pm #

    But Mebosa – You’ve already revealed yourself as a racist, so your word is bankrupt. Besides, you know as well as anyone on here that there is no god, and obviously, given the Holocaust, he’s clearly not the god of the Jews. The bottom line, however, is that notion’s of divine right went out with the advent of the Enlightenment – so allusions to god given land are worthless. We live in a state system of human-made laws. You have your state, don’t continue to abuse it or don’t be surprised if Israeli-Jews find themselves back in the Diaspora wandering why god abandoned them yet again.

  21. mary said on July 22nd, 2009 at 10:37pm #

    This is Hedy Epstein, who lives in St Louis, speaking about a physical attack the day before she was due to leave to join The Spirit of Humanity. She had received telephone threats after appearing on local television following Operation Cast Lead. What an inspirational lady! She lost most of her family in Auschwitz and worked in the Doctors’ trial at Nuremburg. She has spent her life fighting for justice where she sees injustice and even though she is now 85, still shows amazing spirit. She intends to join the next Free Gaza voyage in August.

  22. Mulga Mumblebrain said on July 23rd, 2009 at 1:40am #

    jon, I’m used to being vilified as an ‘anti-Semite’. It comes with the territory of criticising Israel’s gargantuan crimes against humanity, its mendacity, its sadism, its arrogance, its hypocrisy, and all these villainies when parroted by the pro-Israel Lobby. Some of those slanderous golems have even accused me of being a Holocaust denier. That coming from those who deny every crime that Israel has committed since the Zionist colonial project began.
    For the record, jon, I do not hate Jews as a group, or any Jew for being a Jew. Such bigotry is not only vile, it is imbecilic. It is, however, the attitude of many Judeofascist extreme apologists for Israel, who label the Arabs, or the Moslems or the Palestinians, as a vast undifferentiated mass of wickedness and savagery. That, of course, is characteristic of psychopaths, who are prone to projection in a big way. Moreover I’ve always said, as is unarguable, that many of the bravest and most cogent critics of Israeli crimes are Israeli and diaspora Jews, who are labeled ‘self-hating Jews’ by the Judeofascists for their trouble.
    If the Jews were in the position of the Palestinians, and the Palestinians the pitiless persecutors, my opinions would be the same, that is I would side with the Judaic oppressed against the Palestinian oppressor. Race or religion has nothing to do with justice and decency, not in my mind at least. If any real anti-Semites wished to repeat the Nazi Judeocide, I would oppose them will all my strength. That’s simply basic humanity, the quality utterly lacking in Israeli treatment of the Palestinians.
    As for Judaism, I regard it, like all religions, but the patriarchal monotheisms in particular, as malicious nonsense, with a sprinkling of decent humanitarianism ignored by the fundamentalist zealots, who prefer delusions of superiority. I regard fundamentalists, whether Judaic, Islamic, Christian, Hindu or market capitalist, as deranged and dangerous, and, often enough, evil. As to religious belief where it does not impinge on the rights of others, that is the business of the deluded faithful. You speak of your father’s interpretation of the concept of the Jews as a ‘Chosen’ people, and, despite, if you will pardon my observation, smacking of a certain arrogance as to Jewry’s position in the universe, that opinion seems to me far less baleful than that of the fundamentalist zealots. Unfortunately as far as I can see the majority of Jews see things in the zealous way.
    Need I quote Rabbi Kook the Elder as to the greater difference between the soul of a Jew and a non-Jew than there is between the soul of a non-Jew and an animal? Or the observation of countless Judaic religious authorities that killing enemy civilians is a ‘good deed’, or the concept of Judaic souls being ‘lost’ when Jews ‘marry out’. I could go on all day. Undoubtedly there are many Jews who reject ‘Chosenness’ outright, and others who see it, like your father, as a responsibility rather than an assertion of universal supremacy, but there are many, and I suspect that they are a majority, who think otherwise.
    The proof of that pudding is in the eating, the forced intake of humiliation, racism, brutality and violence that the Palestinians have been forced to swallow for generations. This barbarism has been accompanied by vicious denigration, throughout the Western media that Judaic money-power does indeed, as any who sample that media swamp know, dominate to a startling degree. It has also been accompanied by the language of violent racist contempt, with Palestinians described as ‘two-legged animals’, ‘cancer’, ‘lice’, ‘drugged cockroaches’ and worse. On this very day, fanatic Jews of the fascist persuasion, the Judaic Taliban of the ‘settler’ movement, are terrorising the West Bank, in the cruelest and most craven manner, while guarded by Israeli force of arms. Do you reject these fascists? Or do you support them out of tribal loyalty?
    As far as I’m concerned jon, I judge every regime, every country, by its actions, not its self-serving propaganda. And in that light, at least according to my criteria of humanity, justice and kindheartedness, Israel fails comprehensively, as do a vast bulk of its citizens, and as do Israel’s apologists throughout the West. They certainly are not alone in being judged by me, for what that’s worth, as wicked and cruel, but with Israel I fear that there is an added dimension of arrogance, and a impudent demand for acquiescence from others that I attribute to the very real effect that delusions of ‘Chosenness’ have had on the hearts and souls of the worst fraction of Jewry. Something similar happens, in my opinion, with the ‘America First’ tendency in the US, as it does amongst chauvinists, supremacists and racists everywhere. It’s just that, in my opinion, this lamentable state of affairs is most marked in relationship to Israel.

  23. jon s said on July 23rd, 2009 at 2:30am #

    Now we know that by “gassing”, you mean tear gas, used by law-enforcement all over the world and in “poisoning” you’re referring to some questionable story from 1948. For a moment there you had me worried.
    The charges regarding the use of phosphorous near the civilian population in Gaza should indeed be investigated, and I think the the government was wrong in refusing to cooperate with the inqiry led by Mr. Goldstone.
    I quoted the Torah in the context of the Jewish attitude toward equality. Of course the Bible contains much that can be inspirational, along with texts that are not in line with present-day sensibilities. As a non-Orthodox Jew, I can choose.
    Mebosa- Using a religious argument precludes a rational discussion, which is what I’m trying to have here. If you just say “God’s will”, that’s the end of the discussion.
    Plenum – You know what’s the best thing you should do? Get on a plane, fly to Israel, spend some time here, and see for yourself how much sense – or justice – or how practical is the notion that Israel will “dissolve”.
    Mulga – I called you an Anti-Semite, because I think I can tell the difference between criticism of Israel’s policies and actions, and opposition to Zionism on the one hand and attacks on “The Jews” on the other, attacks framed in vile, offensive hate-filled language, attacks which repeat all the classic Anti-Semitic myths regarding “Jewish control” and include elements of the Jewish faith itself.

  24. dino said on July 23rd, 2009 at 3:35am #

    Who really is interested to know what Torah and the more considered rabbis like Rambam,Rashi etc said about equality between Jews and Gentiles have to visit an Israeli site Daat emet where this issue and many others are presented (in English and a lot of others languages) in objective way.

  25. B99 said on July 23rd, 2009 at 5:44am #

    Funny guy Jon S.- Tear gas is OK? Don’t forget that Israel has no business in Gaza – never mind tear gassing its inhabitants. If I understand you correctly, it would be OK for Palestinians to tear gas Israelis as a form of law enforcement. Or perhaps you’d see that as a hostile act.

    The other gassing is nerve gas – that’s in the category of perfecting Nazi science. And I see, you call the 1948 well poisonings ‘questionable.’ I think you know that the only question is the precise details. The phosphorus gassing charge is a repeat performance – It worked so well in Lebanon that the Israelis knew it would be ideal in Gaza – an area the size of Atlanta, GA with 3 times Atlanta’s population.

    Torah admonitions to kill non-Jews just may be quite in line with today’s sensibilities – and while the atheists who founded the Zionist movement and Israel’s present leaders may not believe the Torah one iota, they do understand its power to justify and rationalize, and to galvanize. These same guys ignore any references to equality – that gets in the way of a muscular Judaism.

  26. mary said on July 23rd, 2009 at 5:57am #

    As you were saying about tear gas B99. Look at the French parody of this appalling Israeli Cellcom advert which illustrates the sick and cruel mindset of the Zionists in the state of Israel. They are just laughing at their victims.

    Original ad

    Cellcom ad parody

    La réponse à la publicité de la Honte de Cellcom –Israel

  27. mebosa ritchie said on July 23rd, 2009 at 9:18am #

    one for you mary

  28. Mulga Mumblebrain said on July 25th, 2009 at 6:01pm #

    mary, I have personal experience of the type of violence Hedy Epstein experienced. My elderly mother was attacked by a Judeofascist some years ago, when she was in her seventies.
    She had been a member of the Labor Party for decades. She and her friends at their local branch were on the Left of the NSW Labor Party. Head office, which is of the Right, and is populated by the detritus of Rightwing, Catholic, pro-US pseudo-trades unions, whose apparatchiks often defect for financial reward to the anti-Labor Right, ignored them. The process of disregarding the grass-roots in the Labor Party, which are invariably less likely to sell out than the Bosses at Head Office, has seen the Labor Party wither on the vine, in terms of membership.
    At a meeting one night, my mother expressed some opinion sympathetic to the Palestinians. By no means an ‘anti-Semite’ with many old Jewish friends from growing up in Bondi, a centre of the Jewish community in Sydney, she still recognises cruelty and injustice when she sees it. Her comments provoked an attack from a new member, at his first meeting, a South African Jew, who like so many others, found living under post-apartheid rule not to his taste, and had moved to Australia.
    This was not, as my mother and other witnesses told me, a matter of polite or even heated discussion. This was a huge fellow, thirty years younger than my mother, leaping to his feet and advancing on my mother while bellowing abuse. As she retreated several of the other elderly members interposed themselves to protect her, and the oaf retreated, never to be seen again.
    As we see almost every day, with ‘Jewish Defence League’ attacks in France, intimidation everywhere, Mossad co-operating with Cheney’s death-squads in murders across the globe, threats of aggression against Iran (these threats are themselves war crimes)the question of Judaic rage and aggression is becoming a real problem for the world. As Hedy Epstein herself illustrates, there are still many fine Jews who believe in human solidarity and justice. But the belligerent, violent tendency in Jewry is clearly on the upsurge, and threatens political and social peace not only in their neighbourhood but world-wide.

  29. B99 said on July 25th, 2009 at 6:42pm #

    Mary – On my first trip to Israel, I picked up a Nesher Cab at the airport. He would not take me to Arab East Jerusalem but we agreed he would let me out in the ‘no-mans land’ between the two Jerusalems. I walked the rest of the way to Suleiman Street. On the way, I passed an alley where two Palestinian tots, not even waist high on me, were kicking – best they could – a football between them. Standing nearby was an IDF soldier. The ball got away and rolled to the foot of the soldier. I’m thinking, like the commercial, he’ll kick it back to the kids. But no, he picked it up and punted it high and far over a 15 foot wall. The kids had just learned their first (perhaps) lesson in Israeli cruelty. If they are alive, they are adults now, and have surely had this lesson reinforced many times over. For me, someone who had studied the history and geography of the occupation up and down, there too was a lesson. Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians, I now realized, was unique in human history in its thoroughness, from outright mass murder of civilians in their own country to denied permits, arbitrary detainment, to merest of curse words, face slaps, spitting, or in this case, putting those two little fellows in their place. It is a four-corners occupation – systematic, bureaucratic, institutional, individual, insulting, injurious, deadly, pre-meditated, and chaotic. No stone is left unturned. No Jew says this must not stand. In its thoroughness, it is unique in the annals of human oppression.

  30. jack goldman said on July 31st, 2009 at 4:52pm #

    Only Hebrew affirmative action can save Jews from the coming back lash. Hebrews are tribalists like all other Middle Eastern tribes, but global. Hebrews have a religion, race, sacred text, political cause, and nation state. Jews, Hebrews, Zionists, and Israelis do what they do for the money. Getting the money provokes anti-semitism against Jews, Hebrews, Zionists, and Israelis who are not hated for their gift giving. They are hated for taking ten to twenty times what their numbers in the population justify. Only Hebrew Affirmative action can save Hebrews from the coming crisis they provoke, on purpose, to create profitable wars. It’s always only about the money. Live long and prosper.