Witnessing the Decay of Western Hegemony and the Role of the Organic Intellectual

While the military might of the world’s leading nations continues to expand, it has become apparent that western colonialism is abruptly coming to an end, yet the consequences are still not clear to any of the pundits traditionally involved in the discourse which has helped to build it. For many decades in the west, we have thrived on imperial expansion led by the United States of America and its allies, and legitimized by international bodies such as the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank and the United Nations. Today, this oligopoly of world domination is rapidly deteriorating and what only a few months ago seemed like the only option for humanity is today being severely put to the test. The organic intellectual must face these challenging times by offering viable alternatives to society so that a new world order can emerge out of the rubble left behind by liberal democratic capitalism.


Antonio Gramsci differentiated organic intellectuals from traditional intellectuals, by emphasizing the role of the former in cultivating roots within their communities to help develop a self-inspired organic consciousness. Accepting their position within the dominant ideology, according to Gramsci, organic intellectuals will ultimately support the working-class in developing an alternative hegemony within civil society.

For many decades, society has been indoctrinated with the belief that liberal democratic capitalism was the benevolent solution to all world problems. Through this model of society, hunger was going to be eradicated, wars would come to an end, the environment would be saved, and justice would be distributed equally amongst all members of the human species. Entering the new century, western society celebrated the new millennium with the euphoria of success, once and for all; we had entered the final face of existence, the one, which would bring upon the earth the mythical wonders of the Kingdom of Heaven. However, without having witnessed the passing of the first decade of the 21st century, this dogma has been broken and as many across the globe struggle for survival and society is marred by the continuous threat of revolving crisis, the time for the revolutionary transformation of the western ideal is upon us. Yet, the fundamental questions remain to be answered, how can we act? What can we do?

It is the role of the organic intellectual to answer these questions. If there are any left who have not yet awaken from their slumber, the time has come for them to abandon the petit bourgeois existence of the petty professor attending wine tasting events, the government bureaucrat justifying the wonders of his mind while working on the golf swing at the local country club, or the 1960s hippie, that after a stint in the Berkeley student movements went on to become a prosperous businessman. In today’s holistic global crisis, one which threatens every single aspect of our existence – from the food we eat, to the air we breath, and to the way we interact between each other – those who in their youth considered themselves conscious individuals fighting towards change, can no longer hide behind the mask of the liberal democratic ideal of a capitalist society striving towards justice, peace and prosperity. All of these having remained ideals, while a reality of extreme misery for the majority, coexists today with the growing prosperity of a shrinking minority capitalizing on the growing pains of humanity.

In today’s crisis, we will all perish together or we will overcome it together, and as professor Chomsky often states, “so much depends on will and choice”. Yet, the choice at this point is between prolonged misery, constant crisis, environmental deterioration and continual war, or the possibility of working together in unison to overcome the hurdles, which we are facing. If we are to honestly look at what is happening in society, on any given day we can observe that the interests of the majority are not being respected and instead, the elites benefiting themselves, pitch to society the benefits of their choices by attributing everything to the trickledown effect – a warped inversion of reality which supports investing on those at the top in order to protect people at the bottom. I often wonder when I hear such discourse bombarded by government officials and experts through the traditional channels of propaganda, whether the rest of society is awake and paying attention, or simply asleep and indifferent. I can never be quite sure, because if indeed society is awake and paying attention, then we live in a world of fools, yet, if the indifference is attributable to being asleep, the task of waking up is a daunting one. One, which can only be carried out by the organic intellectual committed to revolutionary social transformation.

Decay of Western Hegemony

As western society struggles with rising tensions, both within and outside of its borders, as those being colonized begin to throw their shoes in despair, and those who thought they belonged to the empire begin to realize that their dream is no longer sustainable, the organic intellectual is able to grasp the severity of the global crisis. As bankers announce their losses, the banking cartel slowly collapses. First, the major investment banks and hedge funds, then their traditional counterparts, all showing loses which only a year ago had been presented as ground breaking profits, as slowly the deck of cards unfolds and everything crumbles. Soon the job cuts begin, across continents furious workers revel against their enslaving owners, demonstrations, walkouts, sit-ins, failed negotiations between trade unions and shareholders. The sky is falling and the capitalist always strives to win. For a while, dormant workers watch their colleagues being laid-off, at first it seems an unavoidable aspect of capitalism, the dirty side of a casino culture, which rewards some at the expense of others. But then, neighbourhoods begin to witness empty houses, people evicted, squatters moving in, the law can do little to prevent it, the numbers are too big to contain. The lobbyists in Washington are eagerly fighting for pieces of the bailout money prepared by a government, which faced with complete anarchy must regain a foothold in the corridors of power. Confidence must never be lost. Hence, a new face in the White House, a new man, a new dream, perpetuated by the chanting of hope. But things will never be the same in America, as young bankers spend their holidays in despair not knowing if their job awaits them in the coming year, the dark thoughts of unemployment begin to creep in. Obama proposes solutions, three million jobs to be created by rebuilding the fallen infrastructures of the great American empire. An empire, which in its boom forgot to cement its foundations and now collapsing, will offer its unemployed bankers the opportunity to go and fix roads.

As America crumbles, its allies must wait and hope. they too must hold tight to the idea of a rebirth, they too must put their expectations and dreams in the hands of Obama. For the allies, there is not much more that can be done. They accepted the American way of life, they indulged in the great American credit card culture and now, millions of people around the globe are tied to the demise of Wall Street, thus the saying, “when America sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold.” So, as frantic politicians of the axis of good scramble for some sense of stability for their countries, industries collapse, unemployment raises, and currencies begin to witness the prospects of inflation, deflation, stagflation, stagdeflation, and ultimately, what few dare to mention – depression and eventual collapse.

At this point, relations which in the good times presented themselves as strong and unbreakable begin to shake, governments of the allied countries, the client states, are trapped between their commitments to the emperor and the demands of their people – their people need to eat and the emperor demands that his people eat first. So, the economies of the allied countries begin to fall one by one. As they do, chaos breaks within their borders and internal factions begin to fight for power, possibilities of revolution or civil war are no longer too far fetched as American influence retreats and the ruling parties are left in a vacuum, like sitting ducks, waiting for factions to fight for the reigns. First, the riots break out in the weaker allied countries such as Greece, where corruption has been so blatant that the disillusioned youth go out to the streets. At first, it looks like a minor incident, but soon it is apparent that youth everywhere are inspired by such actions. As the months go by, riots spark up in numerous countries, those that no longer feel a part of the empire are now eager to burn it.

The majority of people no longer see the governments as representing their interests, rather they are understood to be puppets of the ruling elites, the capitalist class, and this makes them the enemy. It didn’t have to be this way, but politicians have become so complacent that they flaunt the wealth accumulated through legalized corruption, something, which although accepted by the courts, is no longer accepted by the angry mobs. So politicians begin to flee into exile – first, they fly to the ally countries, but soon they realise that they are not welcomed there. Their presence can destabilize already fragile situations, so they hop from country to country, finding eventual refuge in some far away land, in the same way that Nazi war criminals ended up in the jungles of Latin America.

In the meantime, the military might of America and its allies keeps getting stretched, and the wars that were begun can no longer be effectively fought. With the unpopularity at home and the increased resistance of those being attacked, it seems like a retreat is in sight, however, the military commanders and the corporations involved in the creation of weapons of mass destruction, refuse to let go of this opportunity to continue their expansion. So the war continues, with every shell fired helping to discredit an act, which was presented as a necessary evil to liberate humanity from tyranny. Now the war is seen for what it is, an unjust act of aggression designed to conquer whole populations and generate profit for the small ruling elites. The United Nations, once believed to be a fair moderator of conflict, is now showing its face as the mechanism for justification of the mega-powers – it is no longer sustainable, it is now viewed as an aggressor. The International Monetary Fund is running out of funds and must call on the rising empires to support its transactions. As for The World Bank, it just passes from corruption scandal to corruption scandal, until soon it too will become obsolete. So, as the international institutions crumble and the allied countries collapse, America is left in debt with an internal discomfort brewing and external wars being lost. What was once a colonial project based on the strategy of sticks and carrots, has run out of carrots and all that is left, is the stick to continue the expansion. It is at this point that the American empire must decide between an all out war against the rising empires, or the acknowledgment of defeat. All empires rise and fall, what America can do, is to choose between a graceful fall and the third world war. For those in power the choice is clear, it is now essential for the people to speak loud and promptly. Will there be war, or will there be revolution? It is the role of the organic intellectual to promote revolution rather than war, but how? And what kind of revolution?

The Rise of the Organic Intellectual Movement

Mahatma Gandhi knew that soldiers had weapons when he chose to promote the path of non-violence. He also knew that only through this method India had a chance of transitioning from colonialism to a self-ruling nation, without descending into civil war. He understood the sacrifice people would have to make when they stood in front of guns with only their faces of indignation to protect them from their oppressors. The sacrifice proved worthwhile. Similarly, as liberal democratic capitalism comes to an end, the only option for western society to liberate itself from the chains of its ruling elites is to confront them through organized non-violent actions. It must be the role of the organic intellectual, to promote this path and educate the oppressed about its benefits, while proposing effective methods of direct communal action.

As the situation deteriorates in the west, there is no doubt that violence is going to increase. As the population begins to react to what is happening, governments will increase their police forces and will redeploy their militaries to monitor civilian streets – events, which are already apparent in certain areas of the United States. Yet, violence breeds violence, and we can no longer afford to take this route. So, as governments take bold steps to increase the controls of the civilian population and the clampdown on dissent becomes apparent, those who are currently ruled, need to understand the tools they have at their disposal in order to invert the pyramid of power. However, this reversal of the power structure in society requires sacrifices, and the sooner we all understand this, the faster we will be able to obtain true democracy based on peace, equality in front of the justice system, and sustainable prosperity for all.

Helping people understand this reality is the role of the organic intellectual. Of course, this is not an easy task, and it requires many people working together, using the tools at their disposal to build effectively coordinated information networks designed to empower the population. Many networks already exist at present, actively educating and organizing communities through grassroots efforts aimed at direct action, yet, the kinds of coalitions, which can reshape society in a revolutionary way are currently lacking friction. In America, the last time anything like this was actually lived was in the 1960s. Since then, groups have been fighting for their rights isolated from each other, which has allowed liberal democratic capitalism to contain them and appease them, without jeopardising the continual and coordinated expansion of the colonial project.

It is therefore the need to organize and unite outside of the elite power structures, which must be prioritized if there is going to be any kind of revolutionary transformation of western society. Once this step is acknowledged by the organic intellectual, and dealt with in a coordinated manner, efforts can then be directed to the numerous direct action initiatives, which are urgently needed: Putting an end to home evictions and making sure that everyone has a home. Organizing global trade unions, which can counteract capital strikes by paralyzing the capitalist economy and lobbying the demands of the workforce. Initiating consistent global demonstrations, requesting the halt of military investments and the dismantling of the war industrial complex. The start up of cooperatives focused on the development of new forms of sustainable technologies and alternative methods of production. The creation of community based and owned banking institutions. Coordinating the development of collectively owned community farming initiatives. The structuring of worker managed goodwill delegations, travelling around the world encouraging substitute forms of collaboration between countries.

Of course, these are only a few options out of the many which can be proposed and acted upon by an organized population, so these can only serve as suggestions, as organic intellectuals strive to unite existing grassroots efforts in coalitions designed to radically transform society. Sympathizing with the reality of the majority of workers – whose workday is committed without much choice to staying afloat within the strenuous capitalist economy – it is understandable that a critical mass is only achieved after many have been forced into poverty. However, it is the role of the organic intellectual, to educate the population about the consequences of not acting boldly and committing to the revolutionary project while still in the workforce, rather than having to do so later, when exposed to the charitable mercy of the ruling elite after being laid-off.

As things continue to deteriorate in the western world, these words will make much more sense. I do hope however, that a majority grasps this view before it is too late to avoid the third world war. Although, judging by the reflexes of society in predicting the current financial crisis, it might take a declaration of war before people understand where we are heading. The truth is, that unless the population is empowered and revolutionary, this event seems unavoidable at this point in time, when the ruling elites are amassing more power, the working class is clasping to its wages, and the industrial military complex is expanding at the fastest pace in the history of mankind.

Pablo Ouziel is an activist and a freelance writer based in Spain. His work has appeared in many progressive media including ZNet, Palestine Chronicle, Thomas Paine’s Corner, and Atlantic Free Press. Read other articles by Pablo.

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  1. Tree said on December 26th, 2008 at 9:38am #

    Pablo, I admire your intellect.
    Very interesting piece with highly probably scenarios and I hope that those that are awake will work towards solutions.

  2. bozh said on December 26th, 2008 at 10:04am #

    socialism will never go away. however, rich people will fight/prevent it no matter what the cost.
    ab capitalist democracy, one can say we do not have such an entity anywhere.
    what we do have in almost any land is dictatorship; ie, an oligarchic/plutocratic rule.
    this is most evident in US. in US we also see the greatest progression and regression.
    natch, regression is discounted by the dictators. one of the worst regressions is causing global warming that may end life for many people and biota.
    cancer rates, obesity, stress, warfare, drugs, etc., r also caused by the plutocrats mostly; also people who use too much.
    from this, a question rises, Can we have progress but in toto avoid regress or damage knowingly even one person?
    probably, but the progress/improvement may be very slow.
    any input on this? thnx

  3. Tree said on December 26th, 2008 at 10:36am #

    oops. I meant, “highly probable.”

  4. bozh said on December 26th, 2008 at 11:02am #

    for those people who assert that ‘jews’ were fleeing europe after ’45, here’s what martin gilbert, in his book, Israel, a history, writes:
    100+ ‘jews’ left poland in ’49,
    7500 left yuga; almost all ‘jews’ (37000) left bulgaria w. no hindrance.
    90,000 leave iraq in ’49; but had to lose their possesions, according to MG.
    he writes as a friend of some israelis. he also gives credits to his advisers; almost all being ‘jewish’
    US meanwhile maintained its quotas; while UK wld not accept any ‘jews’.
    1500 went to s.a. 7td to canada; 13000 to US; 6td to australia.
    UK labor govt did prevent large immigration of ‘jews’ to palestine. but had rejected arab demand UK stop all immigration.
    40td sephardic folk from french possessions in n.a. also left for palestine.
    sephardic folk is much different than ashkenazic folk.
    ashekenazic folk, ‘jews’ say r the smart ones.
    in ’47, sit’n being so bad in expalestine, gives up and let’s UN take over;
    at that time largely comprised by christian/communist lands; all very projewish.
    cuz, lotsof ‘jews’ fought the axis powers and were also communist or pretended to be.
    even US approved of UN intervention. however, i suspect, it was because UN was vastly antipals.
    altho MG’s book appears s’mwhat biased towrds israelis, i’m at this time undecided ab buying a book by other authors. thnx

  5. Suthiano said on December 26th, 2008 at 11:44am #

    Good article Pablo.

    Writing from Canada I fear that the military will be deployed in the streets before too long. The economy of Ontario is based largely on dealings with the U.S./ automobile construction… The number of unemployed people in Northern New York State, Michigan, and Southern Ontario is going to reach very large levels this year. Of course, our security is in the hands of NORTHCOM already, and our border is largely ficticious when it comes to internal “threats”.

    A 7.5% unemployment rate by this point next year in the States is a conservative estimate. Even so, the result would be roughly 24 million unemployed in the U.S., which is bound to cause civil unrest.

    A visceral example of the economic woes in this region (New York/Michigan/Ontario) is a house for sale in a residential neighbourhood in Niagara Falls New York, located close to downtown. There there is a 2 story house, with a basement and an attic, a backyard, a front yard, and a garage, which has been up for sale for three quarters of a year, during which it has received only one visitor. The price of the home is $43,000. A factor making the home harder to sell is that the white neighbours do not want the new owner to be African American.

    …. hope and change are desperately needed, though they will be won only with the greatest of efforts.

  6. Don Hawkins said on December 26th, 2008 at 12:26pm #

    Very “highly probable.”

  7. Diane said on December 26th, 2008 at 1:37pm #

    an interesting analysis, but it seems to me, to rest on a decline into extreme poverty of the populations of the imperialist countries. I would suggest that the capitalist class has been veryclever to this point, in implementing measures to avoid this, particularly by transferring the burden to the third world. This I would also suggest, was achieved with the compliance of the majority of the working class in the imperialist counties.
    Again , to me, it is this complicity that has to be addressed. You are correct in assuming that collapse of working class living standards, will bring about revolt, but if the underlying causes of the complicity are not addressed, at the end of the crisis, it will be a return to the same old, same old.
    As an example, in Australia recently a current affairs program trotted out, the old and weary, people can get work if they want it, we should cut unemployment “benefits” (the language is already in place) after 6 months. Around the same time, my daughters father in law, informed me that the housing crisis was caused by people buying houses they could not afford.
    These points of view have evolved over the last two hundred years, based on social darwinism, they are deeply rooted in working class culture. This ideology will not necessarily be overturned by providing alternative media, which the Class is highly suspicious of.
    In the 60’s and 70’s I worked hard in revolutionary organsations, and I saw how at the end of the 70’s in particular, people began to, as I put it, come in from out in the cold. This movement was pernicious and many of the best and brightest in the Left, were swept up by it. You see them now in their expensive suits, selling out the Class on a fairly constant basis.
    Me I held my ground, but followed my interest in the spiritual (not religious) I would have to see a big change in the life styles of the so called intellectuals (organic or otherwise) before I would be convinced to join them.

  8. Max Shields said on December 26th, 2008 at 1:42pm #


    What you describe is a luxury which is really the bottom line issue.

  9. The Angry Peasant said on December 26th, 2008 at 10:50pm #

    This is a great article, and pretty much sums up where we are headed, and what the trod-upon should be doing about it. People need to be informed first, though, as most Americans, even the most gravely suffering ones, couldn’t begin to fathom what we really are. Most people are still in the “something’s not right here” stage, the “America’s supposed to be the land of the free, the land of opportunity!” stage. When a majority of the lower classes finally find out, process, and accept that life is never going to improve from here on in for them, no matter who they think they had a hand in electing, that is when the staunch grassroots activism Mr. Ouziel envisions will materialize. Not until then.

  10. john andrews said on December 27th, 2008 at 12:58am #


    Free Democracy is a solution.


  11. bozh said on December 27th, 2008 at 1:01pm #

    john andrews,
    by necessity, there’s got to be answers; many steps to a rule by all or almost all people.
    we’r not going anywhere w.o. a party; a party that wld stand resolutely for health care, higher education, broader education to obtain the widest vista possible and not the narowest possible.
    the wider the vista, the wiser one is.
    such a party may or may not stand for abolishion of war.
    what ought to be clear is that oligarcho-plutocratic class will never aid us for our children to obtain a broad and enlightening education.
    in fact, it’l fight us w. all means possible.
    so the way out may be in activists educating people on the street; who wld then pass their knowledge to friends and own children.
    and then build from this a power that wld equal or surpass that of plutocrats.
    history is clear on this: powers meet powers; powers lose or win.
    movements do not ever win. that’s why US or plutos have a party; tho only party.
    r they gonna be stupid and have two?
    in US it wld mean having our people in the army, city police, fbi, cia; thus make the army, cia, fbi our cia, fbi, and army our army….
    sorry, don’t see any other ways.
    for instance one cannot have a democracy w.o. democrats. to obtain democrats, one has to educate people.
    msm media, schooling, entertaiment, advertising r spreading. disinformation, miseducation.
    that cannot produce dems; as intended. thnx

  12. Ramsefall said on December 27th, 2008 at 3:08pm #


    that’s some very colorful and apocalyptic speculation that you build your momentum on. I enjoyed your illustration, thanks.

    Thoreau’s reliance on non-violent civil disobedience has demonstrated its effectualness through history, along with Gandhi as you accurately substantiate. Oppression is only opposed through intellect and conviction, it continues to be upheld through violence.

    The nation’s security build-up in anticipation of the coming chaos, as you mention, should be an indication and concern for those residing in US borders. Since at least Katrina, we know that Blackwater has been contracted to “maintain the peace”, and even mainstream media has made mention of the National Guard’s recent preparation for its awaited, unconstitutional civil deployment.

    Community organizing/networking and inter-community relations are the key to easing chaos during this eventual collapse and the eventual adoption of truly democratic representation in government.

    Just the same, along Diana’s line of thought regarding the spiritual, it’s an ascension of consciousness that is needed in humanity, not simply better governments. Until mankind collectively ascends to a higher level of consciousness, violence, corruption, greed and inequality will continue be familiar byproducts of the system.

    Only when society as a whole has ascended well past our present barely-beyond-Neanderthalic state of existence, will we realize that humans can actually transcend the need for governance. People will instinctively understand their connection to the whole and the importance of its overall healthy existence, and will want to contribute toward that common desire. The whole is only as healthy as the parts which make it up, and as Krisnamurti said, “It’s no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” I’m sure you grasp the message.

    In short, our current level of collective consciousness (while it may be on a recent ascension) = dysfunction. A higher human consciousness = health and harmony. It’s our communal, primal rooting at lower chakra levels which inhibits our potential as intelligent beings. Developing awareness is the only way to surpass our inherent shortcomings and propensity for aggression.

    Regardless, an excellent piece!

    Best to you.

  13. bozh said on December 28th, 2008 at 9:42am #

    passive resistance may or may have worked for indians; but at least one historian asserted that UK so writing on the wall.
    and it withdrew. or wld have faced multiple uprising and eventually lose.
    UK like so many evil empires has kept so many diverse people in one evil empire; and from evil empires like iraq, afh’n, india, pakistan, serbia, evil arises!
    passive resistance for afhgans, iraqis, pals, tibetans, et al is better that armed resistance.
    however, passive resistance that thoreau speaks of had not changed basics at all.
    still, almost everywhere we have the ruling class and nonruling class.
    one can passively object, sitin, parade, etc., the governance will never change.
    but active but nonviolent resistance might. thnx

  14. Ramsefall said on December 28th, 2008 at 12:07pm #

    non-violent doesn’t necessarily indicate passive; was Rosa Parks’ non-violent resistance passive?


  15. Don Hawkins said on December 28th, 2008 at 1:06pm #

    “You will know (the good from the bad) when you are calm, at peace. Passive. Use the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack. ”

    Defense against what? Here’s where we could run into trouble. The people who seem to think it’s ok to use bullshit instead of knowledge we might want to defend ourselves against. War in Iraq and many more solves nothing. Economy billions for Elite is a form of insanity. Climate change is a hoax, did anybody happen to see the temperatures today. Record where I live more on the way. It looks like Obama is a big bag of wind. 3 million in front of chieftain office with change on there mind. Signs that say one and one is two that is to help get there attention. Read DV Obama.

  16. bozh said on December 28th, 2008 at 1:44pm #

    rosa’s action was brave; cld it be described as nonobedience? or better yet, nonviolent but dogged disobedience and a law breaking; an unjust and trifling law!
    but it had been an ad hoc disobedience; it wasn’t broad enough.
    the broader and more massive disobedience is needed to abolish so many other phenomena, but most importantly, the basic structure ov governance.

    can one change anything unless above else we raise democrats? and to raise dems and not pigs, one must educate people broadly.
    at this time there is no democrats in US; ergo, no democracy but a rule of the jushits.

    jushits is my term for amers who support isr and who r now shitting on jews; jews being descendants of judeans.
    and as hebraic and arab dialects of one tongue clearly prove; both r shemitic or , if one will, semitic.
    they were one people just barely 3-4 td yrs ago.

    but i also call the nonshemitic stealers of palestine jushits; since, obviously, these barbarians r not shemitic.
    one cld even asserts that there is no lngr any jews left.

    imo, shemites will emerge victorious. it may take more than one century; but they’l beat the criminals.
    however, at this time no resistance will stop the nonjews. and in US, nothing will change its basic structure of governance, save education and dogged activism.

    hitting the streets in small numbers all over US and teaching wld hopefully help or change the basics.

    alternative media may help. but does more than 2% of usans read it? and of which 30-40% have just voted for one party system.
    there is work to be done; and no guarantees. thnx

  17. Don Hawkins said on December 28th, 2008 at 2:09pm #

    Just after I made that last comment I was watching Fox News and a program called Forbes on Fox. Wall street types talking heads. Well climate change came up and then one man said hay just on the off chance that these scientists are right and we can get big time sea level rise and drought and flooding and lack of food and millions on the move maybe we should spent the money. At that point the man running the program said ok so what so maybe Ohio becomes beach front property and the rest of the people on the show Ha Ha Ha. That type of thinking just on that one show, no. Let’s name names Bush and his people, Exxon, Chevron, Shell, Coal, mining, and on and on. HA HA HA. That HA HA HA thinking would you call that using knowledge or bullshit, arrogant Bullshit, nut cases using arrogant bullshit. Again this is where the defense part comes in.

  18. bozh said on December 28th, 2008 at 2:16pm #

    more on passive resistance. today for the first time i began to delve on also all the (i cld think of) silent assumptions that this term contains.
    the term appears to be an oximoron. to resist means that one is undertaking some action.
    thus to resist one must be active. so one is not passive but active. the term implies that one can change important things by not suffering; just kind being quiet; sitting dwn; and verbally criticise the rulers; hoping the rulers wld listen to reason.
    i hit streets; passed leaflets; talked to people and took lotsof abuse from warsellers who ‘knew’ saddam had bombs and was ready to use them.
    passive resistance implies that there won’t be also massive passsive/active resistance to our resistance.

    there is, what, 50mn rabid amers. and i think they wld resist any change.
    and to end this anlyses imlies that it wld succeed an dthat that is only way. not so. there may be many ways. thnx

  19. Max Shields said on December 28th, 2008 at 2:23pm #

    civil disobediance/nonviolent resistence are all tactics. These are the inverse tactics of terrorism. There is nothing “passive” about either tactic but there are two clear distinctions: 1) morality 2) the end game.

    Violence resulting in the deaths of innocents of all ages can never be morally justified. Violence breeds violence and if one side is to “win” it is a “win” which is premised on the empire paradigm of domination and fear. Such simply exchanges one source of rule with another. Means and ends are not separate. We are what we do.

  20. Don Hawkins said on December 28th, 2008 at 3:43pm #

    Having a peaceful demonstration in Chicago today and the rich are selling there jewels they need the cash both very good signs.

    The word jewellery is derived from the word jewel, which was anglicised from the Old French “jouel” circa the 13th century. Further tracing leads back to the Latin word “jocale”, meaning plaything. Jewellery is one of the oldest forms of body adornment; recently found 100,000 year-old beads made from Nassarius shells are thought to be the oldest known jewellery.

    Meaning plaything. Hummmm I wonder do these so called elite’s think of many as playthings maybe just a little, no but if maybe a little heck let’s play. If any so called elite’s are out there and have to sell there jewels for cash and you find yourselves on hard times you know need food well there is this thing called food stamps look in the yellow pages or if you can’t find it there call your local welfare office. Could you call some friends on Wall Street for a little help, no probably not. How about a banker you know, keeping it all in the vault. Darn well you could cut my lawn as it is kind of warm here and it is growing. Do you have reasonable rates. I mean I know you don’t like taking hand outs but will you work for food? We are what we do.

  21. john andrews said on December 29th, 2008 at 1:34am #


    Thanks for your comments.

    1. Parties are not essential to government; and in our current systems they are the main means of perpetuating corruption. They could survive in the future, but I think if corruption is to be controlled (it will never be wholly eliminated) then a system must be found whereby private financing of political campaigns is outlawed, or at least tightly restricted. But like I say, we don’t actually need parties at all. All we need is a reliable administrative system where the people may be properly informed about what’s going on, and council/parliamentary debates thrown open for public voting.

    Parties provide the means whereby a tiny handful of ultra powerful people may behave like the dictators they are (they are not allowed to take up leadership unless they are dictators) – so parties should have the link between them and private money severed, or preferably be eliminated altogether to be replaced by individual Free Democrat councillors or Independents.

    2. Your point about education is absolutely right. The people must be educated; but by whom? Nearly 200 years ago an article in the Mechanics Magazine said: ‘Men had better be without education than educated by their rulers; for then education is but the breaking in of the steer to the yoke.’ And I like Shaw’s comment on the subject too: ‘Man is born ignorant not stupid. It’s education that makes him stupid.’

    Whilst the existing system of government controls education there is no chance of young people being properly educated; and whilst the existing system of government controls public information there is only very limited means of educating adults; but we have the means for limited re-education.

    The simplest thing is distribution of reading lists – small lists (people love lists). There are superb books available to open people’s eyes. Try compiling a list of just ten books that you would consider essential reading, print as many as you can afford and distribute them.

    Because I constantly criticise our system of government I thought it only right to create a model of what I would replace it with if I could. So I devised Free Democracy. At its heart is my People’s Constitution, an all powerful law that only the people can control, and that they can easily access, and that all government servants are obliged to serve as their first duty. My constitution makes no claims of perfection – but it is considerably better than what we have, which is all it really needs to be.

  22. Grace said on December 29th, 2008 at 11:08am #

    “.. it is the role of the organic intellectual, to educate the population about the consequences of not acting boldly and committing to the revolutionary project while still in the workforce, rather than having to do so later, when exposed to the charitable mercy of the ruling elite after being laid-off. ”

    Well Put!
    Ha, of course I know you mean, the non-existant , or with lots of strings and judgement – charitable mercy of the ruling elite.

    As anyone who was busy working all these years, paying taxes yet not paying attention, the elites stripped society of the safety net. It almost doesn’t exist. They want you to sell your car ,your house , your jewels and EveryTHING of value before you are given one food stamp. You can go to the churches who are given lots of govt. money to fill the gap in Govt. for your food, but you will be required to hear a sermon first.

    Get ready, the elites don’t expect to be there on the pole they greased up for the little people.

  23. Michael Hureaux said on December 29th, 2008 at 11:16am #

    If Gramsci talking about the working class intellectual, maybe I know what he was talking about. Those folks haven’t gone anywhere, but there’s a lot of work to do in terms of wresting them from the Obamian cults etc.

  24. bozh said on December 29th, 2008 at 2:17pm #

    john andrews, the fact is, every land i know of has at least one party.
    US plutos have one party’, it’s their party.
    and they don’t need it as plutos simply select managers and installing them.
    natch, plutos insist there r two parties in US; for obvious reasons: to deceive.
    so, as far US is concerned, it can do as well w.o. a party. but wld corruption cease because it merely supplants words “prez”, “senator”, et al w. word “manager”?
    it seems to me that one can build a better toilet but the same shit goes in.
    similarly, in US, one can put in a ‘better’ administration in washington but the same thinkers wld, IMO, do their usual stuff: lie, cheat, steal, deceive just as under any other appellation.

    party, parties, or no party; while money actually rules the country; ie, obtains managers, senators, liars, killers, traitors, is then irrelevant.
    u probably meant this.

    but if one thinks that the lords in UK and billionaires in US will lift a finger to obtain an administration that wld much or completely free be of corruption, one wld be mistaken.
    panhuman feelings: fear of poverty, greed, envy, hate, anger, stupidity attacks, wrong thinking, lust for power, supremacism r not going to go away.
    and w. present education, never.
    it’s feelings that govern the world and not reason.
    so, at this time of the panhuman development, every country needs at least two parties; fiercely opposed to one another; each w. much different platform.

    if US had such structure of governance, it wld have never invaded iq, afh’n, i dare say.
    meaness wld have met meaness. and sparks wld fly.
    spain had proved this. as soon the second party took over, spanish troops were w’drawn.
    spain went to war even tho 93% of its people were against it. but it had been the fascist party that disregarded democracy. thnx