Aussie cops paid $1300 to identify as “gender neutral” – Teen girls in UK say NO to “trans” lies – And yes, they ARE coming for your children

According to this article (sent to me by Allyn in New Zealand), “the number of Victoria Police employees self-identifying as ‘gender neutral’ has more than quadrupled since last year as the force confirms it is investigating reports some of its officers are gaming the HR system in order to gain an extra $1300 a year.”

ACANB? (all cops are non-binary)

“In its annual report last year, Victoria Police only had 32 employees who were so-called ‘self-described’ as neither male nor female. But workforce figures as of June 27 provided to show that number had soared to 139 — 127 of whom are sworn officers.”



Let’s end the “gender ideology” psyop now — before they try pushing “gender-neutral” shopping discounts, tax breaks, advantages when applying for a job or school, and more.

Related: Two 14-year-old girls have written an open letter to the UK Education Secretary Gillian Keegan ahead of the forthcoming Department for Education report on transgender schools guidance.

Read their letter right here.

The kids are asking for help. It’s our job to deliver for them.

If anyone tells you there’s nothing dangerous about chants like “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children,” show them this right here. Click the link if you think anyone is overreacting.


Again, the kids desperately need and are begging for help.

It’s our job to protect them.

Speak it into existence and speak up — loud and often.

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