I want to live someplace else

with different tv shows
where the men wake up happy and strong
and chop wood
and make love to their wives
later they go exploring
in deserts
and tundras

the women have an inward look
like books

the children glow

in this tv show
there are no subverters
all of the characters use their real names
and behave honorably

in this tv show
they have destroyed television
as an abhorrence

around the campfire the village elders don masks
and tell stories of the gods
in epic poems

the tv show will be called an unprintable name
as the very idea is forbidden
and has been cast as the most unspeakable evil
known to humanity

perhaps that can be its name

I can picture myself watching it
but then:
where will be living?
will I be one of those men?
no, because they have banned television

still I will be this inferior being
of the entertained
and wherever I will be living
will be a prison

what I meant to say is
I want to live someplace else
with glowing children
and inward wives
and tundras and seas
and groups of men, sailors
sea kings
my brothers
who come with me into the infinite night

Robin Wyatt Dunn was born in Wyoming in 1979. You can read more of his work at www.robindunn.com. Read other articles by Robin.