The US Spends More on Defense [sic] Than the Next 10 Countries Combined

(what do we get for all that money?)

I could go on for pages about the myriad myths of both U.S. military spending and U.S. military “glory.” In fact, I’ve written two books about it — plus hundreds of articles.

For the sake of this post, I’ll share just one example of our [sic] beloved and expensive armed forces in action:

During the 78-day U.S./NATO bombing campaign (read: war crimes) over Yugoslavia in 1999, U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen declared: “We severely crippled the Serbian military forces in Kosovo by destroying more than 50 percent of the artillery and one-third of the armored vehicles.”

One year later, a U.S. Air Force report revealed a different story:

Original Claim                                              Actual Number

120 tanks destroyed                                                   14

220 armored personnel carriers destroyed           20

450 artillery pieces destroyed                                  20

744 confirmed strikes by NATO pilots                    58



The report also found that the Serbian military fooled cutting-edge U.S. technology with simple tactics like constructing fake artillery pieces out of black logs and old truck wheels.

One vital bridge avoided destruction from above when, 300 yards upriver, a phony bridge was erected out of polyethylene sheeting. Vaunted U.S. pilots bombed the fake bridge several times.

Confronted with this evidence, Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon went into spin mode: “We obviously hit enough tanks and other targets to win.”

Keep in mind that Bacon is talking about an intervention that was a violation of the United Nations Charter and labeled as a war crime by Amnesty International.

If Putin does something like this, he’s the “next Hitler.”

When Bill Clinton does it, well… chalk another one up for the Home of the Brave™.

Reminder to the “right”: The propaganda and deception didn’t start in March 2020.

Reminder to the “left”: The propaganda and deception didn’t end in March 2020.

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