When the Good [sic] Guys Slaughter Civilians with God’s “Permission,” are they Still Good Guys?

(Asking for a friend)

In my decades of doing what I do, I’ve encountered so many folks patently unwilling to accept that their beloved Land of the Free™ is capable of the horrendous criminality it openly perpetrates as policy. (Such a cultic mindset, of course, is partly responsible for such blind trust vis-a-vis the “pandemic.”)

With all this in mind, I’ll continue sharing evidence to highlight that the leaders of God’s Country™ are just as craven as any of its official enemies (read: all those labeled “the next Hitler”). For starters, here’s a dam good example…

It is informative to note that of the 185 Nazis indicted at Nuremberg, only 24 were singled out for the death penalty. That their crimes merited capital punishment in the eyes of the Tribunal can serve as a measuring stick when we review similar crimes committed by the good [sic] guys.

Among those two dozen executed Nazis was the German High Commissioner in Holland who ordered the opening of Dutch dikes to slow the advance of Allied troops. Roughly 500,000 acres were flooded and the result was mass starvation.

Surely, this type of tactic is solely the domain of the uncivilized and depraved… right?

Meanwhile, the United States Air Force (USAF) — fresh from fighting the forces of evil during the Good [sic] War — bombed the Toksan Dam (among others) during the Korean War in order to flood North Korea’s rice farms.

Here’s how the good [sic] guys at the USAF justified the same tactics that the Nuremberg Tribunal saw worthy of the death penalty less than a decade earlier:

“To the Communists, the smashing of the dams meant primarily the destruction of their chief sustenance — rice. The Westerner can little conceive the awesome meaning that the loss of this staple food commodity has for an Asian — starvation and slow death.”

Since U.S. General Douglas MacArthur had already ordered the USAF to “destroy every means of communication, every installation, factory, city, and village” south of the Yalu River boundary with China, the lethal dam busting should’ve come as no surprise.

And it “worked.”

Estimates vary but somewhere between 1.2 and 3 million North Korean civilians were killed — via one good [sic] guy method or another.

This dam-busting/people-starving technique, culled from the wartime strategy of one of Hitler’s 24 best and brightest men, continued right on into Vietnam — with orders coming directly from the top, you might say.

In a now-declassified memorandum dated April 15, 1969, God’s favorite evangelist Billy Graham, having just returned from “meeting missionaries” in Bangkok, gave his approval to a U.S. proposal that could potentially drown thousands and starve many more.

The holy [sic] man urged President Richard Nixon to blow up dikes “which could overnight destroy the economy of North Vietnam.”

With or without Rev. Graham’s heavenly sanction, the U.S. bombing of dikes in South Vietnam was already a common and uncontroversial tactic employed by the good [sic] guys.

FYI: Dam-busting by the U.S. never stopped — as demonstrated by the 2017 bombing of the Tabqa Dam on the Euphrates River in Syria.

Of course, you’re free to justify such war crimes in your patriotic mind. But, if you do so, you also surrender all claims of the U.S. being The Home of the Brave™.

Here’s a better idea:  Never trust your government — or the banks and corporations that own it.

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