Sidereal Nectar

Yellow neon fluorescence escaping
behind the cover of pines

full moon bows a graceful retreat
replaced by live wires and humming generators

I will write a poem on tea leaves
about ripened figs and the prince of parables

crown the skyline at five a.m.
while Venus dances to her own blinking pulse

electricity spells half of the story
a magnet clenched between teeth to attract the pull

cross-tide and chemical trails
hung from the wings of gods and ghosts

breathe deeply of the moment while it lasts
then beg for mercy that another arrives

Scott Thomas Outlar is a lover of truth and enjoys researching philosophy, psychology, politics, spirituality, and any other facet of consciousness in the pursuit of reaching a higher state of vibration. He also enjoys writing rants, poems, essays, short stories, and prose-fusion screeds covering such subjects. Scott Thomas can be reached at You can also watch and/or subscribe to his YouTube Channel Read other articles by Scott Thomas, or visit Scott Thomas's website.