God Bless

 (this christian nation — and some of its jews; but not muslims cause they’re communist — brought to you by desert nomads from outer space, who augured our future in seventeen organic lentils that clung to Essau’s beard –you can look it up: read your Koran, your Talmud, your No One Here Get Out Alive: Pilgrims in UFOs; Cowboys in Stutz Bearcats: sorry red injun man, sorry black negro man, sorry yellow asian man, sorry women and children first in line, fists full of soap, tossed overboard: the Ship of State can’t help you now. Apparent misreading of the road-map begotten; yet another snafu epic nowhere; but they are everywhere: you’ve seen them, I’ve seen them, everyone always sees them. Why won’t they leave? Until they’re gone you’ll have to grin and bear it, elbow grease your hair, tuck “Lucky’s” up your shirt sleeves, genuflect before the one and only undisputed heavy-weight Lady-Liberty-Turned-Golem, marching off to smite them and every last one of them among them. Save us all—in proper hierarchies of ascent—from biased prosecution. Smile and be clean.  Say yer prayers, the pledge, anything that pops into Brave Leader’s mind and sticks— like pigeons in peanut butter; like maggots in honey; like dinosaurs in tar—and for gods-sake remember: cameras roll all the time now, cameras roll all the time now, cameras roll all the time now, and they just might roll on over you, so wear your Colors and be Mighty.)


us, everyone—them too, after they’re dead—amen.

Sue Warrior, a self-described "couch potato with only two eyes," has published poetry, fiction, essays and articles in various on-line and hard-copy journals. She has no cats. Nor does she own a car, prefering to travel to from her home to her studio by bicycle or if absolutely necessary, on foot. Read other articles by Sue.