In-Vitro Journalists — Never Having to Show Up and Report the News

We Don’t Argue Like That On F-U- Book

Can you call it a harangue when the entire mess of human survival is at stake? Usually, the school and the yard are tied to the continuous fight to empower youth to push away the structures, strictures and sanctities of the corporate imperative to turn every human being on earth into a data point, all anchored to digital money, digital actualization and their new hierarchy of needs around the economic growth imperative of an endless conveyor belt of more and more junk technology turning us into more than mere addicts to their stuff.

We are becoming the stuff . . . the junk!

Now, education is bought, sold, packaged, constructed and manipulated into a conveyor of profit motive loving administrators, the infinite pigs of private (corporate welfare state) capital and venture funds who have their fat mitts into the public troughs. It’s pervasive, the agnotology and outright stupidity of the common man, that is, you and I. I talk with twenty-somethings, and some in their thirties, and they just more than genuflect at the alter of the Kindle, the junk pop culture crap on TV or cable and the endless quest to just cobble together one crappy job with the next four.

Just today, working with Portland liberals (culturally, pro-pot, pro-same sex marriage, pro-bike, pro-solar panel, pro-eggplant), even they have no clue about the US Postal Service: “Oh, half the stuff is junk mail. The sooner they can get cut back, the better off the earth will be.” “Oh, they are billions in the red, and the taxpayer will have to pay that to keep them going.” “Oh, the union is too demanding, too much they want.” “Oh, I can’t wait till all our mail is delivered by email!” Not a clue about labor, collective bargaining, why it is a bit odd they are getting $10 and $14 an hour to take care of some pretty intensive cases of Developmentally Disabled Adults in group homes. All the training in critical response, first aid, behavior science, intervention, physical restraining, psychology, and all the re-certifications and mandatory workshops and classes, yet, Ten Bucks an Hour? No benefits? I am still amazed at how effective bad media, rotten press, endless cultural crap, all the music and digital zombie stuff infects youth. How youth still think the US of Empire is the Best in the West, and how all the other countries have it so-so much worse.

Medium Well Done Is the Message

I still am amazed at how bifurcated the world is, and how rotten at the top things are – NPR’s Zionist and hyper-East Coast Whiny Crap Everyone’s a Woody Allen-Jon Stewart-Barbara Walters clone or variation on a theme has infected them, and so has the droll of Huffington Post, and the barrage of the fabulous frivolous fakery of a music-art-food-theater-movie scene within a scene. Poly-amorous, Poly-historical, Poly-philosophical, Poly-capitalist, Poly-consumerist.

The time now is the message, and the medium is the madness in their minds. Anything goes, as long as it’s on a smart screen, i-Screen, Google Search, their own personal dozen blogs. How do you feel, America? China? Vietnam? Stupid pet-child-boyfriend-boss-blender-voyeur trick. This is the generation of peeping Toms, hyper distracted, disengaged, connected, flippant, urbane, casino capitalism. They actually think the Arab Spring was Twitter, and that there is an Arab Spring. Really? Which Spring is that?

The absurdity of their own society high centered on the spine of the whale of corporation x, y or z. They doubt that Apple is Doing Wrong with Tax Evasions, and they think multiculturalism is Big Tech Getting More Exploited Immigrant Workers Vis-a-vis the H1-B Visas – 180,000 more a year, thanks to redneck Orin Hatch and compliant Democrats.

They actually believe that Amazon dot Com is a bastion of democracy, creativity, the future, and oh so NOT Wal-mart! More ways to screw the American worker and the temporary migrant worker lured to the USA for that next big thing to screw humanity High Tech In-NO-vation, well, they think that’s the price of collateral damage.

They trust companies and guys like Branson of Virgin to solve climate change, and they think that there are so many downers in the world and on that progressive radio, “that there’s no use fretting about it all . . . have a hand-crafted mead or hoppy pilsner.”

New Hierarchy of Social Media Needs 

We are becoming genetically-wrapped to a new Maslovian chart of human needs, wants and actualization. It’s definitely not tied to any holistic, community-driven and human centered needs to make sure young and old, poor and disabled, and those without education and skills get the largess of our effort to make sure the world is a place that can survive WITH us. Because of US. For US.

Without belaboring the point, we have no choice but to drive all relationships and human and cultural endeavors around the FIVE e’s of sustainability, all connected, all tied to an umbrella or superstructure around e-for education and e-for equity. With those two e’s – Education and Equity – we will have the BIG e-for-environment covered. Those other e’s – economy and energy – will then be put into a grander perspective and scaled toward the needs of 7 billion of us, or 9 billion creatures that we are, as we then develop a higher need of existence opposite to using nature as resource mine and dump and deforming culture around computerization and robotics/mechanization.

It’s nauseating – this brave new world of computing, err, work. So, the revolution will not be televised, nor will it be digitized. It’s not going to be a resurgence in human rights, labor empowerment and community power through Tumblr or Yahoo or Fake-Book.

This big lie of collective consciousness and public good will not unfold through the labyrinth of digital unreality. Each and every moment of this massive Handmaid’s Tale of Digital Computing adds to the end of Homo Sapiens, or any morphing away from any semblance of a human with agency.

The Consumer Species — Weather Makers, DNA Warp Drive, Engineered Thinking!

We are Consumopithecus Anthropocene, living the lie of self-actualization and global connectedness in each and every corporate move toward seamless corporate access to our personal financing, biographies, lusts, loves and lamentations. Our bio-psychological-social states have been invented for us, smoothed and sculpted from the soft clay of corporate control.

This hour has passed long ago when we have been able to leave behind our skins for a new skin. We are now in the silicon hands and microprocessor wombs of an infinite army of voyeurs, data collectors, men and women with unscrupulous power to invent more ways to move humanity toward extinction. We are the blood, sweat and tears of the new meaty ATMs of the Corporate Herding Networks.

Communities are frayed, and Facebook and Amazon and Flicker and DARPA and DOD and Homeland Security vis-a-vis USAPATRIOT Act have squeezed the last breath of creative resistance and solidified revolution from the very fiber of our Hominid souls.

We went through several million years of evolution as the walking species to be transformed into the marketing species . . . the ever-dumbdowning sub-species of simian whose goal is to find a smorgasbord of things to sell and buy. The mummies of the future, super-sized and big-gulped into HFCS wax figures, all preserved with Round-up Ready formulas and mercury tinted skin.

On-line Obedience will continue to fray and immolate any chance of young and old to get off their keyboard-tapping asses to actually do something in the real. Cybernetics as emancipation my ass.

The new speak is computer engagement, programming literacy, IT culture. These corporations are now dictating even what non-profits do. Even lowly organizations that are in existence to just feed the poor are marionette-ed by High Tech. All of us have to be programmers, web designers, flash movie inventors, and social media mavens to make it in the world of even social and environmental justice cause organizations.

I can’t teach English or writing anymore, without including “setting up your own web site . . . blog . . . please turn in all essays with embedded links, videos, sound, colors, scratch and sniff biometrics . . . incredible ticker-tape motions.” The message is only the medium/multi-media/hidden codes.

Bye-Bye Middle/Any Class — Pig Hearts, In-vitro Burgers, Petri-Dish Journalists

It’s absurd, really, that WE have to be all they want us to be when it comes to these captains of dig-i-tal-industry who blather on about how the education system is worthless because we are not producing their quotient of digital (computer programming language) multilingual software manipulators ready to force humanity to evolve into a nano-atomized scrolling, screen-fused thing that ponders endlessly the unending barrage of the meaningless, all that vapid data that could change the gravity of Saturn if it could be downloaded through the rings.

We’ve allowed this endless barrage of the worthless and meaningless junk on the web to infect our every waking and sleeping lives. It’s the constant bottom and top screen running headline news blathering nothingness and the naughty and necrophilia and nihilism of social misfits that we now all aspire to.

Give me Tweets and Coffee House Banter and where did you get that cool pair of pants conversations. I’m not just talking about the creeps at Google and the creepier ones catapulting their version of humanity through the slipstream of instant flash movie, streaming video, quadraphonic sound through the bi-speckles of their future. Google Glasses filming of each individual’s meaningless life, while walking, through sleep, shitting, sitting, snoozing and sneering. One unbroken stitched- together digital history of the meaningless meanderings of Consumopithecus Anthropocene contemplating silly cat tricks and the insipid lukewarm gesticulations of a mind morphed into data collection, Instagrams, Drop-boxes and cloud servers.

Xenotransplantation? Nano-tech engines coasting through bloodstreams? RFID chips implanted in every human born?

Fake meat and Google Glasses. It’s called In Vitro Meat IVM. We are so screwed! Look at this pap on Huffington Post –

We know how to make the meat. All it takes is a biopsy of muscle cells from a living cow, chicken…whatever…called myoblasts. The cells are then grown in a nutrient-rich culture medium that delivers them all the goods that they would get in vivo–that is, if they were still inside the animal.

But that’s not all. They also have to grow on an edible scaffolding which would allow them to organize into 3-D muscle fibers that can stretch and bend. Essentially, they need to be able to exercise like traditional muscle, because of course, that’s what meat is. Lots of labs are working on this, and the miniscule meat bits that they have been able to produce so far are kind of grey and flavorless.

But that’s what happens when you grow a thin sheet of muscle cells all by themselves. The holy grail of in vitro meat will be to make a product that simulates the complexity of muscle in a living animal. Truth is, that’s probably not in the cards just yet. The first available in vitro meat will likely be a combination of muscle fibers, fat cells (for flavor) and blood vessels (for color and iron). They’ll be grown separately and then mixed together. But I honestly don’t see that being a problem. As Americans, we’re kind of okay with the chicken nugget and hot dog culture we’ve grown to know and love.


Just read these putzes, and you understand how that a dozen blogs in every house mentality is just self-replicating stupidity!

Dang Duy Minh Quan, 1st Year student, Bachelor of Business Management, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University

Executive Summary

This paper provides an analysis of in-vitro meat and its viability as a meat substitute in the future. The paper will do so by first explaining the production process and history in order to set the context. The paper will then move on to discuss the potential economic, social and environmental impacts if in-vitro meat were to be successfully implemented. We will also address the challenges faced in commercial implementation of in-vitro meat and discuss the various issues surrounding this controversial new technology.

The paper will conclude with the author’s evaluation on where in-vitro meat will stand in the future.


Food prices are rising. The total cost of conventional meat farming will continue to increase proportionately with the demand for meat due to exponential world population growth. In 2008, 18.5 billion animals are killed for food in the U.S alone, according to the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA, 2008). And for that many animals to be raised, a whole lot of water, grain and grass are required. This means that the meat industry is putting an enormous strain on the environment.

They just never ever ask the right questions, make the right propositions, or understand the bigger picture around their consumer, artificial lies theses. Sometimes it’s just difficult to begin to respond to the inanities. New book out by T. Colin Campbell — Whole.

Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

Nice review by a reader here: **

T. Colin Campbell follows up his groundbreaking book “The China Study” that examined the impact of nutrition on cancer with “Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition” which explains why there has been so much resistance by our health care system and government to examine nutrition’s impact on our health. Campbell gives an overview of his research and the reasons why his work continues to be challenged. He provides insight into the medical community, pharmaceutical industry, supplement industry, media and government. He backs up his ideas and statements with examples and research making this book a rich source of information (much like “The China Study”) that everyone should read. Since his first book is such a large reason why this book was written I would recommend reading “The China Study” before this book, but you don’t have to read that book before this one to understand the issues. When I finished reading this book I was disgusted and discouraged by our health care system and inspired to do what I can to change it. I highly recommend this book to everyone because American’s can’t afford to ignore this research.

Appeal Notes (May contain spoilers):
Genre: Non-fiction, health, nutrition
Pacing: Slow, academic
Tone: Scholarly, disheartening, inspirational
Writing Style: Descriptive

Comments: This book is a must read for every American. Campbell’s research and insights can not be brushed aside or ignored much longer. Even if you don’t want to have anything to do with a plant-based diet you should be aware of how our healthcare system is operating (or not operating).

 These Zionists Love Control . . . Obama . . . Rand Paul . . . Orin Hatch

Artificial meat, artificial thinking, artificial reality? All these guys and gals are the enemy, really. Hyperactive brains, hyperactive egos, hyperactive bank accounts, hyperactive dis-associative diseases!  Glass? Trademarked by Google. Can I ever use the word “glass” without paying Google a royalty? ­Ahh, a pair of glasses by Google, that grand lying company working on Completely Computerized Self-Driving Automobiles! Hyperactive Terrorists. Against humankind. Terror through the streets. Zombie growers!

Google Glass isn’t even for sale yet, but it’s already facing backlash. There have been articles in the Atlantic and Wired mocking techies who have a pair, and even Saturday Night Live got in on the jabbing at the technology. The New York Times ran a front-page story about Google Glass and privacy, and the gadget has been banned from a bar in Seattle and casinos in Las Vegas.

But for the earnest Googlers who helped create Glass, and the enthusiastic techies who already have their hands on a pair, all this hate can be a little bewildering. Most of the people I’ve talked to who have the fancy eyewear just love them. “Just taking a hike on a Sunday, I’ve been blown away by taking pictures and taking video,” said Javier Echeverria.

Mary Lambert got cooking instructions using Glass. “The friend who I was doing it with could see what I was doing and was like ‘No no no, that’s all wrong,’ which was really helpful and I didn’t expect it,” she says.

Right now, Google Glass might be the world’s worst spy camera; if you go out in public with a pair on, you are guaranteed to attract attention. Still, the idea of techies mounting a tiny screen and a little camera to their faces makes millions of people uncomfortable.

You even hear about these these “magnificent” museum tours, sans human docents and dedicated and passionate museum staff, with these smart glasses that will be piping in music, video, some razzle-dazzle actor type blathering on and on about this or that feature.

Wow, take granddad to Normandy Beach with Google glasses and let the flash video and layers of digital entertainment download while he hobbles on the beach where he lost 5,000 comrades. Megabyte and gigabyte memories, invented by those whiz kids with the programming prowess and endless dead sea thinking, that somehow, jobs are best done through microprocessors and video and sound cards.

What a day – all those bombs, those 19,000 civilians, the visceral grit of war, replicated, digitized in unlimited variations of visuals, trivia games, film-spun encyclopedic facts, even the heat of bombs and acrid lung-sapping stench of burning flesh and diesel choreographed for the last World War Two veteran. Shifting social norms? ­

“They realize that Google Glass will require shifting social norms to be accepted.” In that regard, the past few weeks have been rough for Google. If the company is going to turn around the public’s impression of this product, it will need some help — from people like Sarah Hill.

Hill is a storyteller for the Veterans United Network and a volunteer for Veterans Virtual Tours. She wants to use Google Glass to take World War II vets on virtual tours of places they might be too old or frail to visit in person. “Places like the World War II memorial, Arlington National Cemetery [or] Pearl Harbor even,” she says.

Hill is convinced that leading a virtual tour for veterans while wearing Google Glass would be completely different for them than showing the group just a DVD. She says it gives them the ability to ask questions and request certain sights and sounds, like the waves on the beaches of Normandy or the waterfalls at the World War II memorial.

Little (and many) Eichmanns — Digital Wunderkinds Are Looking for YOU!

Wow, what a day to look forward. Heil Programmer, Heil Apple, Heil High Tech. So, it goes without saying that another loser of the high stakes and rich kind of game – with plenty of bully pulpit support in the form of NPR, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal fawning – is me, educator, and my dedicated brethren fighting to KEEP Humanities, Classics, History, and All the Meaningful Disciplines Worth Seating a Culture (yep, not IT, knowledge worker bs, economic 101 or post-Hedge Fund Version 3.0).

These guys are not the great ones in this or the past generation, and their goals are tied to hucksterism – creating more and more layers of digital technology and digital communications, and all these little offshoots of junk, data points, endless flash videos and digital story books.

They are in the business of selling billionth of a second ad space in the new world of wasteland web 4.0.

Here is what one of the big names in High Tech has to say to recent graduates. The reason I started this column today in the first place:

Dear college graduates: The next month is going to be thrilling as you cross this major milestone in your education. Enjoy the pomp and circumstance, the congratulations, and the parties. But when it’s all over and you’re ready to go out into the world, you’d probably like to meet me, or others like me—I’m your next potential dream boss. I run a cool, rapidly growing company in the digital field, where the work is interesting and rewarding.

But I’ve got to be honest about some unfortunate news: I’m probably not going to hire you. In part, it’s not your fault.

If you grew up and went to school in the United States, you were educated in a system that has eight times as many high-school football teams as high schools that teach advanced placement computer-science classes.

Things are hardly better in the universities. According to one recent report, in the next decade American colleges will mint 40,000 graduates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, though the U.S. economy is slated to create 120,000 computing jobs that require such degrees. You don’t have to be a math major to do the math: That’s three times as many jobs as we have people qualified to fill them.

Unless you understand the fundamentals of what engineers and programmers do, unless you’re familiar enough with the principles and machinations of coding to know how the back end of the business works, any answer you give is a guess and therefore probably wrong. Even if your dream job is in marketing or sales or another department seemingly unrelated to programming, I’m not going to hire you unless you can at least understand the basic way my company works.

And I’m not alone. If you want a job in media, technology or a related field, make learning basic computer language your goal this summer. There are plenty of services—some free and others affordable—that will set you on your way. Teach yourself just enough of the grammar and the logic of computer languages to be able to see the big picture. Get acquainted with APIs. Dabble in a bit of Python. For most employers, that would be more than enough. Once you can claim familiarity with at least two programming languages, start sending out those resumes.

So congratulations again on your achievement—and good luck getting your real-world education.

Kirk McDonald, president of PubMatic, an ad tech company in Manhattan. Previously, he was president of digital for Time Inc. What a loser!

Autistic . . . On the Spectrum . . . Asperger’s? We Have Cubicles for YOU!

Yes, real world is virtual world. The real world is maximizing profits, manipulating percentages, figuring how to sell time and space and human exhales and inhales. These people are the ones we have to fear – autism and untapped labor, err, exploitation and money-making market!

­White-Collar Careers

One Fortune 500 company that has begun hiring people with intellectual disabilities in North Texas is Alliance Data. Jim Pierce, vice president of Corporate Administration, says “this is an untapped labor market.”

He has hired a dozen people with intellectual disabilities.

“We’ve got this one guy, for example; his productivity is three times as productive as the person doing his job who did not have cognitive disabilities before him. And his error rate is 2 percent. He is 98 percent accurate. He’s a phenomenal worker,” Pierce says.

Pierce thinks it won’t be long before more companies realize they’re missing out on a hiring opportunity. In the meantime, nonPareil is trying to keep up with growing demand for training and jobs in Texas. It’s looking to build more campuses in Fort Worth, and eventually in Silicon Valley, Calif.

And the NPR, NBC, Junk TV, Dead End Tabloid News, Slick News-Zine “beat” goes on!

More Coming — All Those Books Written by the ONE Percent!

We’ll look at more of the High-Stakes, High-Minded, Whoopee Creative Class’s look at how high tech kills US. These following people are are far from cutting edge, far from decent, far from holistic and concerned folk. They, of course, are the One Percent, and their perspectives are as skewed as Donald Trump’s or George Soros’, but we shall look at their theses in upcoming School Yard Fights, since the fight is about privatization, single thinking common core bs, and the digitizing of K12 and higher education, to the detriment of society, people, workers, labor, climate change mitigation, and an end to EMPIRE and NEOLIBERALISM.

Jaron Lanier

This week sees the publication of “Who Owns the Future?,” which digs into technology, economics and culture in unconventional ways.

Much of the book looks at the way Internet technology threatens to destroy the middle class by first eroding employment and job security, along with various “levees” that give the economic middle stability. I paste the titles below from Alternet, another Zionist organization that is pushing the One Percent and 19 Percent’s bs controlled opposition yammering. Note that the links at ALTERNET are Amazon dot kill! Get your local library to purchase any of these books, or do an inter-library loan. Speak to people there, at your public library, and ask them not to use Amazon. Why?

Here:**   Really, here! We at DV have put out tons on Amazon, which is an evil company, evil-Zionist Trader, the Big Bald Guy Who Wants Charter Schools, Who Wants All Internet Sales, Who Wants Authors at the Foot of His Throne!

Evgeny Morozov

“To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism”

Nicholas Carr

The Shallows”

Robert Levine’s

“Free Ride”


“You Are Not a Gadget.”

Poison-Fluoride Loses Big

News Flash — Portland just voted out any proposal for fluoride — poison — flushed into our drinking water. The fourth time we voted that proposal down. Portland, the largest city in the country that does not have this industrial poison pumped into the water. The pro-fluoride folk — lobby and goofy dental associations — spent big bucks on propaganda, and some families cancelled out votes for and against, but in the end, bye-bye more toxins in our water. Water that already is stressed by industrial pollutants, industrial farming, radioactive isotopes and drought!

Measure 26-151 lost by a resounding 3-2 margin, the fourth time in five tries that Portland voters have turned down the idea of fluoridating the city’s water supply.

“At a very fundamental level, people understand that we don’t want more chemicals in our water,” said Kim Kaminsky, leader of Clean Water Portland, at a campaign party for fluoride opponents at the On Deck sports bar.

The nonprofit Upstream Public Health brought the idea of fluoridating Portland’s water to city councilors last year, quietly building majority support on the council before the public really caught wind the fluoride issue was back on track in Portland.

The council unanimously approved fluoridating Portland’s water last September, but the stealth campaign by supporters may have backfired.

Fluoridation opponents, with little money or professional political help, quickly gathered enough signatures to force a public referendum on Tuesday. “In 30 days, we put together an operation to gather 43,000 signatures,” said Rick North, a member of Clean Water Portland’s steering committee.

Portland is the last major city in the U.S. without fluoridated water, and, now that voters have spoken, will remain so.

Ahh, E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N versus PROPAGANDA.

Education wins!

Community Action wins!

Counter-Intuitive Thinking wins!

Critical Thinking wins!

Crowd Funding Everything

We shall get into this soon in another School Yard Fights, but basically, now college researchers, chemists, what have you, are doing this on-line crap of crowd funding for projects. Can you believe that? Washington State University professor and scientist wants to see the effects of coal trains coming from the Powder River Basin to Washington to our export terminals, where that dirty coal will be shipped to India and China!

Not that the coal companies have to pay and do the research on the effects of coal dust on communities. Nope! We have reached that stage in this f-ing country where we the community have to figure out the negative effects of a corporation’s business model and actions on US, the community.

So we go begging for dollars, again, thanks to the digital disgust of the IT kind. This is way sick beyond any decent level. Read how the Seattle Times misses key questions!

“There is no scientific research or study, or even anecdotal evidence, that coal dust from trains has ever negatively impacted a community in Washington,” BNSF Railway wrote the government in January.

“So we don’t even want to know?” Jaffe asks. “Why not look?”

Feeling stymied, Jaffe is trying an end-around. He’s going straight to you to fund his coal-train study.

He has launched a “crowdfunding” proposal at a Seattle-based science-fundraising site called “Microryza.”

Two former UW researchers started it last year after they became disillusioned with the way science is funded (or often, not).

Can’t get your research backed by the usual government and corporate suspects? Then take it to the streets.

Do you get the picture? Something is wrong but consistent here. Corporations are more than just people. They are the government, the regulators, the writers of laws, and the voice of communities. Seattle Times writers are as colonized as young kids with their iPhones.

The Un-Education of these Reporters. Might as Well be Crowd Sourced Journalism!

What’s fascinating about Jaffe’s experiment is that big industrial developments like coal terminals have long been able to limit official study of their projects.

Their argument here is that it isn’t fair to review things that happen along the existing rail lines, or after the coal is shipped overseas.

The government should study changes at the loading-dock site only, not the regional or even global implications of shipping coal.

Legally, that may be right. But the Web makes this framework moot. There’s now little stopping a determined scientist from going rogue — from studying whatever he or she wants and submitting the results straight to the court of public opinion.

Assuming the public will bankroll it first.

I’m sure this won’t go over well with the powers that be. It sounds like democracy and the free market in action to me.

Danny Westneat’s column appears Wednesday and Sunday. Reach him at 206-464-2086 or moc.semitelttaesnull@taentsewd

A future column. Really. I’ll get to it. After the other thirteen DOZEN!

Paul Haeder's been a teacher, social worker, newspaperman, environmental activist, and marginalized muckraker, union organizer. Paul's book, Reimagining Sanity: Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber (2016), looks at 10 years (now going on 17 years) of his writing at Dissident Voice. Read his musings at LA Progressive. Read (purchase) his short story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam now out, published by Cirque Journal. Here's his Amazon page with more published work Amazon. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.

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