Imagine This:

Armed Tea Party militias attack government facilities in several American cities, threaten to deport the president and abolish congress, and claim a new day for democracy. What would be the reaction from our corporate government and media? Great praise for the second amendment and the right of the people to bear arms and overthrow the government? Organized passive and non-violent resistance by the military involving prayer, meditation and chanting to disarm the rebels? Yes, if we believe in the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and a free market. Yet, the reaction of mind management here has been that the Libyan government response to armed assaults on its power is somehow unthinkable to civilized people, subject to revulsion by all citizens of nuclear weapons armed nations, and an excuse to add to the death tolls by having America and its servant NATO powers get involved. In the cause of humanitarian justice achieved by murdering, of course.

Unconfirmed reports mostly from the rebellious Libyan groups claim air attacks and threats of genocide – the “g” word comes up almost every time anyone dies violently, anywhere – are repeated and embellished with charges of war crimes and threats to civilization. These near hysterical charges approach those hurled at Iran, regularly said to be planning to wipe out Israel, Jews, America, McDonalds, Christianity, puppies, kittens and all our shopping malls.

And this while our states and municipalities continue cutting public budgets on behalf of private wealth and corporate finance, and military expenditures and warfare increase even as surreality TV news reports tell us of alleged budget cuts, to take place at some future date.

And we are supposed to believe the leadership of Libya is insane?

Khadaffi may well have lost contact with reality in the often-quoted way that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But his alleged mental illness, commonly addressed by government officials here whose own sanity should be seriously questioned and whose ravings a public under continuous mental assault accepts, contrasts with the material status of the Libyan people. That not only compares favorably with most of the developed world but also is actually better than that of a majority of the world’s nations. There clearly are people, groups and elements in Libya tired of his rule and desirous of significant change, but exactly who are they and what is their economic and political base? Are there any foreigners involved, as in many of the color-coded “revolutions” assisted if not organized by outside infiltration to bring about governments more acceptable to “the international community”, a collection of national lap dogs and corporate financed NGOs controlled by the USA and Israel?

Such questions need to be asked before we rush into even more stupid, if not totally insane actions that support a global system which may be in process of breaking down naturally, if unnatural acts by perverse rulers can be controlled by democratic action of the people. While steps in that direction have begun speeding up in the Arab world, Europe and even in the USA, this present threat of backsliding could become a menacing blowback to what began as a very positive program for humanity, and not just the Arab world.

The urge for democratic rule of the people, even if still at a primitive level of organization, is an unmistakable emotional, spiritual and physical force in the world. Given the rapid changes taking place, many of them possibly beyond the understanding of the groups undertaking them, the rule that has brought us to this point is desperate and approaching a madness that makes Khadaffi look benign, progressive and harmless by comparison. Those nuclear-powered world “leaders” are near desperation and cannot be counted on to act rationally, as evidence clearly indicates. What are people to do when the information they rely on comes from the very sources striving to maintain the crippled, failing system?

Be very careful, wary and suspicious of all authority and what it tells us, remembering that its main duty is to maintain the status quo in substance even while changing the style in which it operates – see Obama and company – and be very critical of what alleged opposition to that authority tells us, too.

Frank Scott writes political commentary which appears online at the blog Legalienate. Read other articles by Frank.

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  1. michel.vanroll said on March 6th, 2011 at 4:30pm #

    Even if I may agree with the point of view seeing US and European allies – i.e. through Nato noticeably, as wanting to support a sort of ‘cold war’ ancient unholy alliance, the actual civil war in Libya has now been proven without any evidence of the contrary in the last few days. Revolted civilians are struggling – with what they can find, against military official forces (even air forces) that are considerably stronger. Everybody can now see how it has now changed into a struggle between a corrupt clique surrounding a sort of Benito Mussolini-like dictator, and the very inhabitants, at present, of more and more of all Libyan cities.

  2. MichaelKenny said on March 7th, 2011 at 3:44am #

    The thing that is most to be criticised in the long series of articles we have had “sanctifying” Khadaffi is that they have really nothing to do with Libya. In fact, they reflect one of the most unpleseant sides of the American mindset, namely, the bad habit of using non-Americans as mere props in an American discourse. In the simplistic America cloudcuckooland, the world is divided into “pro-American” and “anti-American”. Khadaffi has been stamped “anti-American”, therefore he is “good” and, thus, by definition, any who oppose him are stamped “pro-American” and therefore “bad”. And since those who oppose Khadaffi are the bad guys, the real bad guys, the US, which, in cloudcuckooland, dominates the world (except, for some odd reason, Cuba!) is necessarily going to intervene to help the “pro-American” faction, assisted, needless to say, by “pro-American” Europe. In all that, the people of Libya, whose business the whole thing really is, are just shunted around like a herd of cattle so suit this or that American discourse. It would be nice if Americans would start treating the people of Libya with the dignity and respect due to human beings. A modest proposal!

  3. Luis Cayetano said on March 7th, 2011 at 8:35am #

    ”In all that, the people of Libya, whose business the whole thing really is, are just shunted around like a herd of cattle so suit this or that American discourse. It would be nice if Americans would start treating the people of Libya with the dignity and respect due to human beings. A modest proposal! ”

    Here here. Too many people on these forums seem to harbour the peculiar view that Arabs and North Africans are devoid of agency; they are capable, at most, of acting as an easily pliable mob who are mere pawns in some inscrutable Western plan. This is even more belittling, defeatist and patronising than the notion that there is something in their character that leads them to being compliant and acquiescent to authoritarianism.

    It’s fair to say that Arabs and North Africans don’t have the luxury of living according to the exacting standards of such folk on the Left, who snipe from the sidelines and decry any uprising that isn’t revolutionary enough as ”therefore” being a CIA operation. The Arabs and North Africans can’t win in the eyes of these people; they are fated to being seen as losers no matter what they do, because the discourse the champagne sippers want to impose on everyone else demands it.