The Dream Of Democracy

Finally it must be recognized that lying is an essential ingredient of statecraft in these times. Governments lie in an attempt to uphold their legitimacy in the hearts of the people.

Democratic governments do not exist. Not in this world. Many attempts have been made, many faltering half-measures. All ultimately have failed to live up to the dream. But the people hold the dream of democracy close to their hearts. The people understand that systems of justice are a sham without democracy. Governments lie in order to create the illusion of democracy so that the people are more willing to comply. Governments create an illusion and then act in ways that advance the political and economic interests of a small group.

This is the political and economic reality of these times.

In the eyes of politicians the people are mere clay to be molded to be compliant to whatever governments do. The people do not understand political realities. The people are incapable of understanding what is in their best interests. The people are worn down by the day-to-day burdens of survival. They do not have the time nor the leisure to cast a critical eye upon the behaviors of their governments. This is exactly where governments want the people to be. Overburdened, distracted, desperate, voiceless, disorganized people are more easily led.

Such a phenomenon as an enlightened populace is possible. Such a phenomenon as a populace with enough leisure time, enough energy left over after the basic necessities of life are met, is quite possible. Already the modern world has the understanding of economic systems that tend to create a society in which the people are relatively content, enlightened and prosperous so that they can be engaged in the political, economic and social issues of the day. An equitable distribution of the wealth of a nation among all the people is a basic necessity of such a society. In such a society the idea of democracy has a chance of coming to fruition.

Why do we not see democratic governments thriving among the nations of the world? It is because, despite the flowery rhetoric about freedom and brotherhood, the world has not yet outgrown totalitarian political and economic ideologies.

Asserting that a totalitarian political and economic ideology still dominates our world suggests that there exists a ruling class. How can it be denied? From country to country one sees ruling families, juntas, crony capitalism, brutal regimes, fat oligarchs amidst vast squalor, domination of the political and economic mechanisms by small, wealthy, entrenched, ruthless, privileged groups.

This is the global ruling class. They are an elite club. They look out for each others’ political and economic interests. They lead double lives. They are all double agents. They pretend to serve one master but actually serve an entirely different master. They wear masks. In public they sing of the glories of the idea of democratic governance, of the march toward the liberation of the human race from tyranny and oppression. In private they ridicule such notions, despise the people and seek to manipulate the dumb masses to augment their own power, wealth and prestige.

These are the gods of the ruling class: power, wealth and prestige. They vie with each other to see who can gain the uppermost pinnacle of the global economic pyramid. They all individually seek to make of their own individual selves into a Sun God to whom all the masses bow in adoration.

The very last thing the ruling class wants is to create a political and economic landscape in which the people are well-educated, liberated from the day-to-day grind for survival and engaged in the issues related to their own governance. If the people are thriving, then too much of the wealth of the nations is being squandered. If the people are thriving, then they may grow into such engaged citizens that they challenge the political leadership, make them accountable, demand openness and honesty, infiltrate the entrenched political mechanisms with the attitudes and demands of a true democracy.

In order to preserve the interests of the ruling class the people must not thrive. The people must not have economic security, good schools, good health care, fair bargaining powers in the work place, clean, safe non-oppressive working conditions, strong healthy families, vibrant communities, equal justice for all. These characteristics of a good life, of a healthy, strong, unified, happy populace are well within reach. The resources are there in abundance. But it does not happen. The wealth of nations is sucked up to the top of the economic pyramid into the hands of the ruling class. They have no intention of sharing it with the dumb masses. The dumb masses must be kept in a state of want, desperation, subservience.

The dumb masses are the many. The ruling class is the few. How is it that the few so effectively dominates the many?

Those who accumulate the wealth, by whatever means, own everything and can bend the political and economic conditions to their advantage. They run governments from ‘behind the scenes’ by putting up the money and using political and social leverage to get people who do their bidding into the seats of power. Thereby do governments and supreme courts become ‘business friendly.’ Thereby economic mechanisms are created that willfully deprive the people of the fruits of their own labor, willfully extort those fruits in the name of offering the people the privilege of working for a pittance. The rulers rule! The rulers have a right to rule by the mere fact that they rule. Their wealth allows them to buy protection. They maintain standing armies of mercenaries. They create strong, well-equipped, obedient police forces to protect their properties, to protect the very idea of private property. Might makes right! The people are there to be manipulated, to be exploited, to be worked to death and then thrown in the garbage heap. The history books are filled with the false heroics and the false humanity of tyrants.

The ruling class is composed of individuals in all the countries of the world who get together in lush conference rooms and lay out in detail how they will manipulate the political realities so that the people are always afraid. Some enemy is about to ‘come over the wall’ to rape and pillage. A fearful populace is more likely to acquiesce to the implementation of draconian and costly policies which claim to be necessary to keep the people safe. The individuals that comprise the ruling class get together and lay out economic conditions that are widely advertised to be in the best interests of the people. But the inevitable outcome of these policies is that the people are not made safe nor do they prosper but rather are increasingly cowering, increasingly impoverished, increasingly subservient. The inevitable outcome is that those in power have even more control, more wealth, more undisputed dominance over the people.

This is the game plan!

Every human being who chooses to step into a position in the ruling class has chosen to wear a mask, to be a double agent, to say one thing and do something completely different, to live a lie. These human beings have agreed that in order to advance their own interests they must take on the mantle of ruthlessness. They must turn their hearts into stone. Their eyes must no longer reflect the light. They have agreed to offer their lives in service to a brutal machine – a government, to do everything in their power to advance the interests of that machine and to dispose of anyone who dares get in the way. They must lie continuously. They convince themselves that the atrocities that they perpetrate or condone are for the ‘greater good’ of the people, that the people are too innocent, too naive to understand, that they in the ruling class itself are the chosen ones to carry the heavy burden of leadership. For them democracy is an impossibility. As a form of governance democracy is ludicrous, laughable. But the game of democracy must be played on the surface of brute reality because the hearts of the people have been infected by the dream of democracy.

The people are like a powerful, slumbering dragon. Even as it slumbers this dragon is filled with a sense of injustice. None of the pomp and grandeur of the contemporary mechanisms of jurisprudence are able to cause it to be blinded to the pervasive, underlying injustice that prevails in the world. A small, seemingly insignificant event, some last straw like the imposition of harsh governmental austerity programs, might be the breeze that awakens the dragon. Once awakened it begins to unfold its wings and feels a hunger in its belly. One small act of courage, of standing up to the powers-that-be, can inspire other acts of courage. One brave individual like Rosa Parks may be looked upon as creating the spark that grows into a conflagration. But the conflagration is a cumulative mass movement.

In the process tyrants are brought low and the will of the people begins to assert itself. It is true that in this vulnerable time some new tyrant may come and take the place of the old tyrant. But the fear of this happening again cannot prevent new experimentation. What is life, after all? What is all this cosmic evolution if not one experiment laid on top of another experiment? At some point the people will hit the exact, right cord. The critical mass will have been attained. The collective consciousness will have arrived at that blessed plateau where justice ‘flows down like water’ and true brotherhood prevails.

This dream is embedded in the hearts of all humans and cannot die.

Ralph J. Dolan is a retired family therapist living in western Massachusetts. He can be reached at Read other articles by Ralph J..

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  1. Don Hawkins said on December 29th, 2010 at 7:50am #

    Well written Ralph and I still like happy endings but if we are going to try must start soon, now. Either way boring it will not be.

  2. Rehmat said on December 29th, 2010 at 8:32am #

    Democracy as described in English dictionary: “Government for the people, by the people” – doesn’t exist in western countries or the countries ruled by the western-puppet regimes around the world.

  3. MichaelKenny said on December 29th, 2010 at 10:12am #

    This is much too dark and defeatist! There is no worldwide elite. The elites are divided among themselves, both within individual countries and accross international boundaries. If there was a single worldwide elite, there would never be any international conflicts.

  4. Liberte said on December 29th, 2010 at 10:51am #

    And MichaelKenny wins today’s award for most dedicated hasbarat. Nice work Michael.

    In fact there is a global elite. Anyone who studies capitalism/socialism (I assert they fundamentally serve the same interests) will realize very quickly that their power structures reflect the pyramids of old; meaning there is an apex. Who sits at this apex of a globalized economy? Why the banking plutocrats and the corporate stuctures that are built up around them of course.

    Don’t focus too closely on the politicians, they are frauds and puppets. From the puppet dynasties of the Middle East to the banana republics of the world, such as the USA, they are just lackeys serving a higher financial power.

    Put simply zionism is the higher financial power, hence why Israel – that voracious tumor – is thriving amidst a looming global financial crisis.

    The only viable solution I have yet read is two-fold. First, much like the first step of any 12 step program, awarness that there is a problem; Brzezinski’s global political awakening. Second, refusal of participation; refusal of usury, of corporate goods, of corporate media, corporate education, corporate labor, and most importantly – refusal to pull the trigger for tyrants.

    Start here for step 1:

    Capitalism/Fascism is the right wing of zionism
    Socialism/Communism is the left wing of zionism

    We must break free of the carefully constructed red-team / blue-team paradigm.

  5. bozh said on December 29th, 2010 at 11:36am #

    all this is caused by institutionalizing serfdom. the actors of it were at first priests; later clerico-noble class.
    today serfdom and nescience, poverty is waged by same people! and very successfully!
    if we are unwilling to pose a threat to modern clerico-noble class, things wld get even worse.
    verbal threat alone cannot ever suffice. some action must be taken! such as organizing a governmental party.

    but people are scared to death of getting involved in such a venture. so, people avoid setting up a political party; preferring merely to talk!

    there is a socialist party in u.s; however, few people vote for or support it!

  6. PatrickSMcNally said on December 29th, 2010 at 11:58am #

    > hence why Israel – that voracious tumor – is thriving amidst a looming global financial crisis.

    That is not true. The crisis of capitalism shows up in Israel as much as in western Europe.

    The Labor Ministry reported Monday that eleven applicants are competing for every one job available in Israel. The ministry warned that by the end of the year the number is expected to rise to fourteen people for every one available job.

    The report shows that 24.1 percent of Israelis are currently living under the poverty line, up from 18.8 percent in 2000.

    During Sharon’s tenure as prime minister, the number of poor Israelis grew by 45 percent against an eight percent recorded growth in population.

  7. Liberte said on December 29th, 2010 at 12:14pm #

    Try these sources to see the truth of the Israeli economy, ignore what hasbara communist PatrickMcnally posted.

  8. shabnam said on December 29th, 2010 at 1:30pm #

    Explaining Israel’s Economy is booming:

    In the past year, Israel’s economy has managed to defy both the global economic crisis and the worsening security situation, posting an annualized 4.4 percent growth in the last quarter of 2009. Yuval Steinitz, Israel’s 51-year-old finance minister, a philosopher by profession and a close ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, claims much of the credit. Steinitz sat down recently with NEWSWEEK’s Dan Ephron to explain his approach and the challenges Israel faces. Excerpts:

    Q: When the crisis hit, Israel did the opposite of the rest of the world. You raised taxes and didn’t inject money into the system the way other countries did. What made you think that would work when your economy is similar to other developed countries?

    A: Actually, our economy is quite different than most other countries in the West. We manufacture almost no consumer goods. In the U.S., if you lower taxes to encourage people to consume, they’ll buy American cars, or at least Japanese cars produced in America. In our economy, if people use the money to buy a new car, it won’t be an Israeli car. So if I encourage people to buy more, it doesn’t help.

    Q: But I’ve read that the real reason Israel wasn’t affected as badly is that ISRAELI INSTITUTIONS WEREN’T INVESTED IN MORTGAGE-BACKED SECURITIES.

    A: This was an advantage but it wasn’t enough. In the beginning of 2009, we were in a big crisis. Government revenues were going down, unemployment was climbing sharply, our exports were collapsing. We suffered DIFFERENT EFFECTS, mainly on our exports—but exports are about 50 percent of our economy.

    Q: The U.S. peace envoy, George Mitchell, suggested recently that the U.S. could withhold loan guarantees in order to get concessions from Israel. I read your response in the Israeli press: you said Israel doesn’t need U.S. loan guarantees. Is that true?

    A: Look, I think Mitchell explained that he was misunderstood, that he didn’t want to give any message of pressure or threats against Israel. I think it would be totally unjustified and unfair to pressure Israel.


  9. mary said on December 29th, 2010 at 1:34pm #

    Mr McNally – If, as you tell us, things are so bad in Israhell, and I don’t believe a word of it, tell Ahavas Chesed** to apply to Obomber’s friend Netanhayu for a share of the US foreign aid handout.

    **(‘The original organizers are members of a small congregation in the Seattle Area, who live in Israel and the U.S. As we are acutely aware of the situation in Israel, we decided to take action. Over time, other concerned individuals have joined our ranks.’ )

    The hand out is described here in detail. {}

  10. PatrickSMcNally said on December 29th, 2010 at 1:56pm #

    > If, as you tell us, things are so bad in Israhell, and I don’t believe a word of it,

    That’s all relative. The majority of US citizens still have a standard of living which makes them the envy of large portions of the world, even in the midst of the recession of the last few years. That’s why Mexicans try to come here. But the enomic crisis has shown its effects here, in Israel, in western Europe and elsewhere. Of course you can always take the Maoist Third World view which simply regards all citizens of these First World countries as part of a global bourgeoisie which exploits the Third World (there really hasn’t been any Second World since 1991). That view does at least have the virtue of internal logical consistency.

  11. PatrickSMcNally said on December 29th, 2010 at 1:59pm #

    > Explaining Israel’s Economy is booming

    Israel today is about at the same stage which the USA during the Reagan years. There has been a steady trend towards privatization and rising inequality among Israeli Jews (never mind the Arab Israelis) but it’s still at the point where the USA was 25 years ago. The broader direction has been the same however.

  12. PatrickSMcNally said on December 29th, 2010 at 2:31pm #

    > He’s probably in Gaza

    I can’t imagine even a moron like you would believe that. Regarding the rest of what was noted, if we’re going to deliberately ignore evidence of how neoliberalism has affected the Israeli economy in the last 3 decades just because Israel ia a racist colonial settler state then we may just as well ignore the same with regards to the USA. Most USAians still do have a better standard of living than the majority of people in the world, and to the extent that they whine about Mexicans taking jobs there’s no reason to get too worked up with sympathy. The importance of the crisis in US capitalism only arises insofar as a rupture in class relations within the world’s main interventionist state can open up greater opportunities for socialism within the world at large. Likewise, the growing class contradictions within Israel are important not because one needs to cry over what happens to Israeli Jews but because it opens the way for the rupture between the Israeli bourgeoisie and proletariat and thereby clears the way for the break-up of the Zionist state.

  13. shabnam said on December 29th, 2010 at 3:50pm #

    Israelis have universal health care, but Joseph Lieberman, Israel firster, does not want the same thing for Americans, instead he uses Ameridan treasure to expand Israel’s interest at the expense of Americans.

    Health care in Israel is both universal and compulsory, and is administered by a small number of organizations with funding from the government.

    At the same time when Americans supported the public option, Joseph Lieberman, a Zionazi fifth column who has done anything possible to wage another war in the Middle East, like Iraq, but this time against Iran, but he was against PUBLIC OPTION to deny American people health care they deserve because it was EXPENSIVE. Israelis are receiving more than 30 billion dollars of American tax money to enjoy having universal health care.
    He is pushing for war against Iran using American resources to expand the interest of ‘chosen people’ through destabilization project, war and regime change against regional states to establish the ‘greater Israel’ on stolen land of Palestinian and beyond.

    Lieberman does not care HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE KILLED or how many countries are destroyed as long as an apartheid state thrives. He does not care if Americans have UNIVERSAL health care or not.

    Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I) of Connecticut said he would support a GOP filibuster of a healthcare bill if it contained a public-option provision.

  14. Mulga Mumblebrain said on December 29th, 2010 at 4:32pm #

    The reason that Israel is prospering, its ruling elites at least, is because Israel derives much of its wealth from organised crime. For example, Israel, it is more and more apparent, is the bolt-hole for much of the wealth misappropriated by Wall Street and its murkier denizens like Madoff over the last twenty or thirty years. Israeli organised crime controls much of the Colombian cocaine traffic, most of the planet’s ecstasy market and controls other mafias such as the Ukrainian crime gangs. Israel is also the controlling octopus of the global traffic in human organs, including those obtained by murder, as in Kosovo under the KLA. Israel also controls a good slice of global arms supplies, particularly in the field of surveillance, where its influence is malign and widespread. Jews control Hollywood and much of the entertainment industry, and the vastly lucrative pornography business. Israel controls the ‘blood diamond’ trade and much of the legitimate diamond trade. Jews are the richest minority in human history, and use their money to endow their Holy Apartheid state and control Western countries to an often embarrassing extent. As evidence of this control, their captured hyperpower simply hands billions over every year in tribute. Really, given all these advantages, is it any wonder that Israel is ‘doing well’?

  15. Rehmat said on December 29th, 2010 at 6:44pm #

    Democracy, like Capitalism and Communism – is an illusion created by an elite minority to fool the majority and continue sucking blood out of the later. The taxpayers keep feeding the rich vampires in the Wall Street and the Rothschild dynasty while 54 million Americans cannot afford necessary healthcare.

    Just imagine how many American could have benefit from the US$3 trillion taxpayer money given to Israel since 1970s? Israel’s 30% of defense and healthcare budgets are supported by US taxpayers each year.

  16. lichen said on December 29th, 2010 at 7:08pm #

    Of course right wing antizionists who support dictatorship wish to skew the discussion on this article about the people’s voice rising over the disgusting elitist cynicism of some, by restating their broken record.

    However, direct, true democracy is possible; we have not seen it in ‘governments’ but we’ve seen it in a wide range of cooperatives that do work, and quite well. Democracy is not, not, not about voting for another person, but being able to vote yourself–one person one vote, on each policy decision. That is the type of government we need, not career politicians, not ruling classes, not advertisement-driven facades. And we can have it; it is real.

  17. 3bancan said on December 30th, 2010 at 4:06am #

    lichen said on December 29th, 2010 at 7:08pm #
    “Of course right wing antizionists who support dictatorship wish to skew the discussion on this article about the people’s voice rising over the disgusting elitist cynicism of some, by restating their broken record”
    A beautiful example of zionazi blather…

  18. bozh said on December 30th, 2010 at 9:09am #

    however, islamicism, christianity, and talmudism appear even evil and not only greater delusions.

    in addition, communistic structures of societies do not exists yet anywhere. communism appears as label. as a symbol, it symbolizes wishes and does not stand for anything in nature.
    communist wishes appear butiful. islamic wishes and practices apear evil.
    capitalism labels actuality. we can see it with naked eye.
    it also exists on wishful level.
    however, its wishes seldom revealed. or yes, such as: eterne division of people into, broadly, a servant and master class of people.
    thus exact copy of quran and bible! tnx

  19. Liberte said on December 30th, 2010 at 11:37am #

    bozh, you are telling fibs now. There is nothing evil about christianity or islam. And communism has been tried and it was SUCCESFUL. It killed many goy and made people very rich!

    Communism will always work in practice because if you look at Marx’s pillars you will see that it is all methods of totalitarian control. Communism is slavery.

    Islam and Christianity are both populous uprisings against such slavery. Dont tell fibs about religion. We get enough of those fibs through our daily western hegemonic indoctrination via failing government schools, failing zionist media. Thank G-d for the internet!

  20. bozh said on December 30th, 2010 at 12:13pm #

    building churches, mosques, synagogues and using energy to heat and light them is not a wrong thing to do?
    and usurpation of gods by imams, ulema, rabbinate, priesthood is not wrong?
    christians were burning people alive. most even now approbate all wars that their leaders wage.
    christian lands have waged 12 wars against palestinians and even jews.

    according to torah, hebrews have slaughtered all canaanites. rabbinate still teach that goyim are inferior.
    arabs waged many wars in name of islam. and have conquered vast areas.
    they even laid siege to e.adriatic towns.

    religions or cults in my language are the greatest evil that ever befell us. nothing worse cld have happened to us!
    the last people who believe in any god is the sacerdotal class of people.
    they teach nescience, hatred, intolerance, warfare, exploitation, deceit,. etc.
    and look where we are now. near extinction!!
    and why have american indigenes survived not having priests and then, when priests showed up, vanished.
    and why there was no poverty anywhere on the planet before priests showed up?
    and after they showed up, we had slaves, torture, serfs, wars, hatred, belittlement of people, etc?
    and if this continues, this wld suit sacerdotal class just fine. for then they can rant, rave, rage; demand people submit to them as always before.
    is it any wonder all priests demonize equality? for that wld be deathknell for them! tnx

  21. bozh said on December 30th, 2010 at 12:27pm #

    only crooks become rich or richer than other people. it makes no difference to me if that happens in lands governed by socialists, communists, or fascists. even earliest christians who tried equality, abandoned it because some crooks behaved as crooks behave!
    one cannot create equality in a day; especially not with 99.999% of any people in asia and europe being fascistic. tnx

  22. Liberte said on December 30th, 2010 at 12:45pm #

    I am not talking about crooks or getting richer. I am just talking about faith in god and holding to principles that undermine nearly every zionist enterprise. You keep going on about crooks. I dont know as many crooks as you I guess, except the communists in Washington DC that love central banking and graduated income taxes.

  23. bozh said on December 30th, 2010 at 12:54pm #

    liberte said:
    “bozh, you are telling fibs now. There is nothing evil about christianity or islam. And communism has been tried and it was SUCCESFUL. It killed many goy and made people very rich!”
    so, u said communism made people rich.
    u forgot to say which people got rich! so, i am telling u which people always get rich everywhere, bad people! tnx

  24. lichen said on December 30th, 2010 at 4:59pm #

    Islam and chrisitanity (and all religions and forms of spirituality) are all about enslaving people into right wing, child-abusing hierarchical, violent cultures from birth. We do need an egalitarian system, where people are welcomed into a wider society with guarantees, rights, and no one on top of anyone else.

    “Spiritual conceptions cement childhood blindness and illusions because people are prompted to continue living in unconscious ways – like children following the rules and beliefs of others. When our feelings come alive, we leave our childlike dependence behind and can do what was so forbidden in childhood – and what is so unwelcome in spiritual belief systems – to feel, to question, to criticize and to contradict. The goal of religious and spiritual movements is not to question one’s childhood, parents, the “authorities” and their deeds, their manipulations and true intentions, their control and rules. That is what they greatly dread and oppose. Instead of being encouraged to get to know and love oneself and to speak up, one is asked to kneel down and bow in obedience and devotion to a “higher being” and supposedly “higher life-concepts” – and thus a subservient, fearful, childish, brainwashed attitude is prolonged as the betrayal of “spirituality.”

    When we get up from kneeling down to embrace our rights – also the right to feel – our self-worth and our strength, we break the vicious cycle of denial, devotion, adoration and servility. People who communicate honestly and compassionately with their inner world become real, alive and conscious human beings with self-confidence because they know themselves. They deal with life’s problems not by submitting to outdated, authoritarian rules established by others, but according to how they feel and what they have come to realize as humane and meaningful as different issues arise. They are not afraid to share their feelings and to stand up for their convictions.”