The Non-Jewish Immigrant Loyalty Oath

The State of Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State

On October 10, the Israeli cabinet approved a law requiring all non-Jewish immigrants to Israel to swear loyalty to “the laws of the state of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.” Up until now they’ve merely pledged loyalty to “the state of Israel.” Meanwhile Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demands that the Palestinian Authority headed by President Mahmud Abbas recognize Israel as a “Jewish state” as the precondition for even a six-month suspension of Israeli settlement construction on the West Bank (to say nothing of serious negotiations towards the establishment of a Palestinian state). Up until now the PA has said it will “never” recognize Israel as Jewish by definition. But on Wednesday a top Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) official, Yasser Abed Rabbo (who apparently has a sense of humor), stated, “Any formulation the Americans present–even asking us to call Israel the “Chinese State”–we will agree to it as long as we receive the 1967 borders.” This is an apparent effort to call Israel’s bluff, since the Israeli leadership has no intention of ever withdrawing to the 1967 borders, which exclude East Jerusalem.

But it is interesting and pleasing to note that many Israeli Jews are up in arms about the cabinet decision to force non-Jewish immigrants to pledge loyalty to a “Jewish state.” These include former Foreign Minister and head of the opposition Kadima party Tzipi Livni (Kadima) who calls the decision “politics at its worst,” adding, “The delicate and important topic of a Jewish and democratic state has turned into commercialized politics, and it is totally unnecessary. The central thing we need to protect is Israel’s existence as Jewish and equal for all of its citizens.” Minister of Welfare Isaac Herzog (of the Labor Party) calls it a step towards fascism. Even Likud Ministers Benny Begin and Dan Meridor warn it will harm relations with Israeli Arabs. Writer Sefi Rachlevsky, who organized a protest against the law, declares: “At the moment that you ask that everyone agree to this same belief, you are a fascist state,” adding, “every national catastrophe begins with decisions like this.”

Journalists throughout the world routinely refer to Israel as “the Jewish state.” The Declaration of Independence of 1948 defines Israel as a “Jewish Nation state.” The Basic Laws of Israel (which substitute for a constitution) define it as “a Jewish and democratic state.” Some people in this country wonder what the fuss is all about. The current U.S. Oath of Allegiance required of new citizens requires them to “support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic.” Why is it so controversial in Israel and elsewhere to require (say) the Norwegian Lutheran husband of a Jewish Israeli woman to pledge loyalty to the Basic Laws of Israel which define it as a Jewish state?

One George Dargo in a letter to the editor in the Boston Globe addresses the problem. “The phrase itself [Jewish and democratic] is an oxymoron. How can a state openly favor one ethnic group above all others and declare itself to be democratic? …Israel must decide whether it wishes to favor a single religious-ethnic [group] or be truly democratic. It cannot have it both ways.”

I think there are two issues worth exploring. One is the demographic issue much on Netanyahu’s mind. Over 20% of all Israeli citizens are Arabs and about 5% other non-Jews such as Armenians, Circassians, Assyrians etc., or non-Jewish spouses and other family members of Jews who’ve acquired Israeli citizenship. As of 2008 only 75.5% of Israelis were Jewish. Given the fact that the Arab birthrate is twice that of Israeli Jews, and that immigration to Israel has slowed while emigration has surged, that figure is probably lower now. One study suggests that in Israel (excluding the occupied territories) Arabs will be 25% of the population in 20 years. They’re already a majority of the population in the north of Israel.

Over half the Jewish population increase in recent decades has been due to immigration. During some years in the nineties, over 100,000 Russian Jews (and non-Jewish family members) arrived in Israel, whereas last year the total number of immigrants from around the world was around just 50,000. (This is one reason Israeli leaders like to exaggerate the degree of anti-Semitism in France and other European countries, urging European Jews to flee and come to Israel.) And now tens of thousands of Israeli Jews are leaving the country every year. Indeed in some recent years (including 2007) emigrants have exceeded immigrants.

If one looks at Israel plus the Occupied Territories, Jews and Arabs are roughly matched at 50/50. The Arab figure is up from 30% in 1970. A Haifa University researcher estimates that it will climb to 57% by 2020. Given the long-term goal of the Israeli right and the influential settler movement to ultimately annex the West Bank outright, Jews will become a minority in Israel/Palestine. Benjamin Netanyahu has been warning since at least 2003 of the “demographic threat.”

Israeli leaders reject the universal Right to Return as codified in the in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which allows anyone to re-enter their country of origin. Meanwhile they maintain their own Law of Return which states that any Jew anywhere can immediately become Israeli. Having driven out over 700,000 Arabs through terror in 1948, the Israeli state cannot comply with repeated UN resolutions requiring their admission of those refugees and descendents. Israeli leaders are quite frank about the matter; they say the demographic shift would alter the character of the Jewish state. Which of course it would, to the world’s benefit!

This is their bad karma. Their Jewish state that produced so much Arab suffering and displacement at its inception, that has through the occupation of more Arab land generated more pain and rage, is vulnerable to these demographic forces. More threatening than the suicide bomber is what Israeli leaders call the “time bomb” of human procreation. This demand that everyone accept Israel as a specifically Jewish state seems a reaction to the fact that Israel in fact becomes progressively less Jewish. It seems an effort to legitimatize, by whatever means necessary in the future (such as the mass expulsion of Palestinians from the West Bank), the maintenance of a Jewish majority.

Fortunately Israelis are divided, some comfortable with ethnic and religious diversity–such has become the norm in the western world–and some insisting on privileging Jews (despite the fact that the Basic Laws insure ethnic and religious equality.)

This new loyalty oath will not apply to Israeli Arabs. It will anger them, but they will not have to take it. It will largely affect non-Jewish, non-Palestinian spouses of Jews. What if my hypothetical Norwegian Lutheran immigrant, joining a spouse who has a lucrative job in Tel Aviv, finds the rampant anti-Arab racism revealed in Israeli public opinion polls repugnant, opposes the power of the rabbinate over many secular matters, and would like to work as a new Israeli citizen towards the reform of Israeli society? The loyalty oath tells him he must accept inferior guest status as a non-Jew. It is like asking the Nigerian immigrant to the U.S. not just to uphold the Constitution but to pledge loyalty to the U.S. as a state that is “white Christian and democratic.”

(Of course the U.S. is like Israel a settler-state, established by white Europeans at the expense of the native people, just as modern Israel was. It was formed out of colonies established by settlers who–often citing Old Testament accounts of the “Promised Land” and the annihilation of the Canaanites ordered by God–bear some resemblances to the Zionists of the 1940s. And it is about 75% Christian, just as Israel is 75% Jewish. But the current state does not rub the immigrant’s nose in that fact nor insult Native Americans by doing so. The U.S. in other words officially makes no assumptions about the ethnic or religious composition of the country, which is getting less and less “white,” and is not asking the new people to pledge allegiance to a white America.)

The second issue is the question of what it means to be a Jew, entitled automatically to inclusion in a specifically Jewish state. Jewishness (as opposed to Judaism) is a complicated category. (Similarly, “Arab” is a complicated category. It refers to a wide range of ethnic types loosely united in language and culture, and the general acceptance of Islam, although there are many Christian and even some Arab Jews.)

Jews are an ethnic group, or cluster of ethnic groups, including both religious and non-religious people. Some of the greatest minds of the modern world (Baruch Spinoza, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, not to mention Carl Sagan, Jacques Derrida, etc.) were non-believing or atheistic Jews. Theodor Herzl himself, founder of the Zionist movement, had little interest in religion. The Law of Return allows Jewish atheists, agnostics or converts to other faiths to acquire citizenship on the basis of bloodline alone. Over a third of Israeli Jews are agnostics or atheists.

Up until 1970, the Law of Return granted citizenship to children of Jewish mothers only (under what’s called the halakhic definition of Jew.) In 1970 the law was revised to allow citizenship for any “child and a grandchild of a Jew, the spouse of a Jew, the spouse of a child of a Jew and the spouse of a grandchild of a Jew, except for a person who has been a Jew and has voluntarily changed his religion.” That last part was changed when the High Court of Justice ruled in 2008 that Jews espousing Christianity were entitled to citizenship. Thus criteria for citizenship have been broadening, partly due to Israeli’s need to combat the Palestinian “demographic threat.”

The concept behind the Law of Return is that Jews are a people whose distant ancestors at some point lived in what is now Israel. According to the biblical narrative, God promised the patriarch Abraham, who had journeyed with his flocks and wives from Iraq to Israel, that this would be the land of his descendents. God repeated the promise to Abraham’s son Isaac and grandson Jacob. Jacob’s son Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt, where the Hebrews became a great people, were enslaved and after a series of miracles liberated to wander towards the Promised Land led by Moses. Joshua then led them in smiting the native people, the Canaanites, wiping them out to establish Hebrew control and the eventual creation of a kingdom under Saul, then David, then Solomon. In the sixth century the kingdom of Judah was defeated by the Babylonians and the Jews were carried off into exile, but reestablishing their presence in Israel within the century (due to the kindness of the Persian emperor Cyrus). There they remained until uprisings against Roman rule in the late first and early second centuries produced the Diaspora, the forced dispersion of the Judeans throughout the world, where they faced constant discrimination and hardship.

Israeli leaders and the Israel Lobby in this country exploit the beliefs of Christian fundamentalists who believe all this, see Bible prophecy fulfilled in the establishment of Israel, and firmly endorse the Jewish “birthright” concept. They privately laugh at such supporters, with their belief that the re-establishment of Israel presages the Second Coming of Christ and all that, while they appreciate the valuable political support the evangelical Christians provide them in the U.S. But I doubt that many Israeli leaders believe the Bible tales. These comprise a colorful series of stories that has little or no relationship to historical reality, as some Israeli archeologists and even rabbis have pointed out. (For example, there is no evidence for Hebrew presence in Egypt at the time Moses was supposed to have lived.) Quite likely a collection of Semitic tribes formed a loose confederation in Canaan 3000 years ago and gradually composed the tales which scribes set down beginning in the 9th century BCE, continuously revising them into the 5th century or so.

What the tales really show is a lot of imagination and a lot of cultural influence from Mesopotamia and Egypt, no doubt the result of trade. But Israeli leaders, whether or not they talk of a land promised by God to a chosen people, do promote the idea that people with Jewish ancestry have a “birthright” to Israeli citizenship. They are returning to the land of their ancestors. This itself is an entirely faith-based proposition.

Hard truth: not all of the Jews of the twenty-first century are necessarily the descendents of those driven from Roman Judea at the time of the Diaspora. In all likelihood lots of Judeans remained in what was already a variegated society including Syrians, Greeks, Romans, and others, and many of these Palestinian Jews later converted to Christianity or Islam. That is to say: many Judeans never left and some present-day Palestinians carry more of their DNA than your typical European Jew.

Meanwhile there was considerable conversion of Gentiles to Judaism in the Roman Empire as of the time of St. Paul (mid-1st century). There were Jews dispersed all over the Empire before the Diaspora, many voluntarily, pursuing trade. When you read St. Paul’s epistles, you realize that in Roman times there were synagogues all over what is now Turkey, Greece, Italy and beyond. Every major trade hub, such as Corinth in Greece or Ephesus on the Anatolian coast, had a synagogue in the 50s CE.

Today we don’t see Judaism as a missionary religion, but these synagogues welcomed attendance by interested Gentiles. The Old Testament had been available in Greek translation since the third century BCE and many non-Jews read and were impressed by it. A significant number of Gentile men took the big step and got themselves circumcised. In other words, there are Jews descended from Galatians (a Celtic people), Thessalonians (Macedonians), Greeks and Romans whose earliest Jewish ancestors probably never set foot on Palestinian soil.

And many others, from Ethiopia to India. The kingdom of the Khazars in southern Russia converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages and its (Turkic) people contributed to the gene pool of people following the Jewish faith. Many Ashkenazi Jews are likely descended from them. They have no more “right” to “return” to Palestinian land appropriated from Palestinians than I do.

(There is an organization called “Birthright Israel” initiated by the Israeli government in 1994 that visits college campuses and offers free 10-day tours of Israel to Jewish students. It is of course an effort to encourage immigration to Israel and build sympathy for it. My college student son, of Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Swiss, and Irish ancestry, in that order, approached someone from the group, asking “Can I go?” He’d love to visit Israel for free! He was told of course he can’t because he’s not Jewish so it’s not his birthright. He could have said, “Well the Swiss Leupps are related to the Leopoldi Austrian Jews and so I do have Jewish ancestry”–which may in fact be true. But he just laughed in their faces at the ridiculousness of the concept. He and I have a right to visit the Swiss township where my Leupp ancestors have lived since the sixteenth century. But it’s not a “birthright,” just normal tourism that we have to self-finance. The whole concept of “Birthright Israel” feeds delusion and I think campuses should discourage it. Or at least insist that it fund visits by Palestinians and Palestinian-Americans–who’ve been denied their birthright–studying in the visited schools as well. Shouldn’t the grandchild of someone from Hebron who had to flee during the Nakhba have a birthright to go back for 10 days, all expenses paid, along with the Jewish youth who have no idea about when their ancestors possibly lived in the “Jewish homeland”? )

Israeli historian Shlomo Sand, who teaches at Tel Aviv University, published a book two years ago, now available in English. In The Invention of the Jewish People he argues that there has never been a Jewish “people” per se but only a religion. He contends that Jewish communities cropped up in Yemen, North Africa, Spain and the Caucasus with no relationship to the Judeans who once lived in what is now Israel. He undercuts “the case for Israel” and endorses a one-state solution. The demand that new non-Jewish citizens pledge loyalty to a “Jewish and democratic” state is to place them on record as rejecting this type of historical understanding or favoring that one-state resolution. It is a demand for ideological conformity. Sefi Rachlevsky is right to declare, “At the moment that you ask that everyone agree to this same belief, you are a fascist state.”

Palestinian Knesset member Ahmed Tibi (whom Likud and other right-wing politicians in Israel have tried to disqualify from office) says the cabinet has “turned into the stooge of Israel Beiteinu [the party of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman] and its fascist doctrine. There is no country in the world that forces its citizens or those naturalizing to swear their loyalty to ideology or a sectarian obligation. Israel is proving that it is not egalitarian and is in fact democratic for Jews and Jewish for Arabs.”

But it is good to see some Israeli Jews challenging the decision.

Gary Leupp is a Professor of History at Tufts University, and author of numerous works on Japanese history. He can be reached at: Read other articles by Gary.

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  1. bozh said on October 16th, 2010 at 8:24am #

    Methinks Gary Leupp needs some tutoring-guidance [no, no epiteths] regarding the basics. How about it, Gary? Ok, whatever!

    democrats have murdered, tortured, imprisoned in the last 60 yrs more people than the godless-uncivilized-unproductive people.

    Before that the highly-civilized people of the West were killing one another and the primitives; in all for corners of the flat earth.
    And indeed, 99% of americans are now democrats and so have a democracy.
    Of course, not ever a timocratic governance or any decision of vital interests rendered thru referendums, but behind closed doors.

    No wonder onepercenters love it. But isn’t every mafia organization very democratic and decisions arrived at unanimously. Narry a whisper of dissent when gunmen are sent to kill people?
    Sent to palestina, afgh’n, iraq, korea, vietnam, nicaragua, cuba, panama and the list goes on.
    OK, Gary, how about starting this mystory from beginning, but not an arbitrary one. tnx

  2. MichaelKenny said on October 16th, 2010 at 10:30am #

    “The U.S. is like Israel a settler-state, established by white Europeans at the expense of the native people, just as modern Israel was”. There”s one big difference, though. The US is a product of European colonialism, i.e. Europeans invaded someone else’s country and settled there simply because they had the brute force to do so and without any claim of right, and in particular, without any claim to that specific piece of land. The same process was repeated by several European countries all over the American continent, and to a lesser extent in other parts of the world as well. Zionism is totally unrelated to European colonialism. It postulates, not a colonisation of land belonging to a native people , but that the Jews ARE the native people in that specific piece of land. The ICJ Kosovo judgment rejects that idea of entitlement to land on the basis of historic right, of course. Zionism is a sort of copycat version of European nationalism, but with a big difference. European nationalism postulates the entitlement of a people to a specific piece of Europe’s land because they have lived there continuously as long as anyone can remember. There is no question of moving anywhere, least of all outside Europe. And most importantly, everybody who lived in that territory was deemed to be part of the “nation”. Thus, no one was excluded but woe betide anyone who refused to join in! In every generation, right down to the present, many Jews integrated into the “nation” in whose territory they had been born, but those who were unwilling to do so were basically putting their own heads in the noose. Zionism was Herzl’s solution for those people.

  3. mary said on October 17th, 2010 at 12:42am #

    This group of Israeli Jews are having us on. The ‘state’ of Israel (one that has no borders!) was founded on occupation and oppression which continues to this day.

    “We are citizens of the Israel which was depicted in the Declaration of Independence, +a peace-seeking country based on the principles of equality and civil liberties+. We do not intend to be the citizens of a state purporting to be Israel which stops being democratic and enbarks on becoming a fascist state…”

    ….Among participants in the initiative were Shulamit Aloni, Uri Avnery, Alex Ansky, Shery Ansky, Menachem Brinker, Ran Cohen, Ruth Cohen, Yaron Ezrachi, Zehava Galon, Galia Golan, Haim Guri, Sna’it Gisis, Yoram Kaniuk, Dani Karavan, Yehoshua Knaz, Elia Leibowitz, Alex Libak, Hanna Meron, Sammy Michael, Merav Michaeli, Nurit Peled-Elhanan, Sefi Rachlevsky, Gabi Solomon, David Tartakower, Micha Ullman, and many others…

  4. 3bancan said on October 17th, 2010 at 5:16am #

    mary said on October 17th, 2010 at 12:42am #

    “This group…”

    A beautiful group of the so-called “soft” zionazi genociders…

  5. mary said on October 17th, 2010 at 7:29am #

    I think I should have used the singular for group – This group…. is having us on… In any case, I am sick of them. They should get the hell out like Atzmon and Pappe if they truly believe what they are saying.

  6. bozh said on October 17th, 2010 at 9:06am #

    To me, theft of palestina; expulsion/torture-imprisonment of its people; ongoing theft of land, sieges, assassinations, raids, etc., differ only slightly from such behavior by europeans, chinese, indians, pakistanis, iraqis, et al.

    In add’n, palestina cld have never been attacked and taken by europeans of the worst cult ever if it wasn’t for help from entire communist and from some fascist lands.
    For my own benefit, i think of label [and all labels appear as highly theoretical or nonsensical [if u prefer that label] as representing all the worst in panhuman behavior.

    To separate [most people do] a part of reality from reality is delusional.
    Kids, in which hope rests that they wld waken up, shld never ever hear the word
    “zionism” leading on unwary kids to conclude that being an ism and well-spoken of in the West, is a just ideology!

    Even if we wld study “zionism” from ideological [all ideologies can be compared] from ideological level, we wld quickly see that colonialism and imperialism do not differ much from socalled zionism.

    It appears odder that an udder to array enormous crimes as isms; i.e., ideologies and of the scientific bend; in which some people are discovered, inferior, godless, etc., while others superior, godfull, etc.

    Of course, all these labels represent a fiction; since on doing level, they behave much similarly!

    In reality, ‘jews’ are stuck with muslims and forever. Can u wish them worse faith? So, what has ‘zionism’ done for ‘jews’?
    tnx for ur finger from all of u who distort reality or divide it in parts; giving them a separate existence.

    Reality can be mean, brutal; it destroys entire empires and may eventually destroy ?all life on this planet. And that’s what we shld study; not solely this piddly damn israel and ‘zionism’.

  7. mary said on October 17th, 2010 at 9:49am #

    God I do get bored with your mumblings.

  8. teafoe2 said on October 17th, 2010 at 11:18am #

    mary said on October 17th, 2010 at 7:29am #, permit me to paraphrase: “if they truly believe what they are saying, they should get the hell out.”

    Exactly. Permit me to echo that statement. God I get tired of all the phonies still being promoted by the psuedo-“left” and Amy Goodman.

    Later: mary said on October 17th, 2010 at 9:49am #

    >God I do get bored with your mumblings.<

    Permit me to echo that twice. bored bored bored.

    Idea: maybe we could persuade the editors to declare one day a week "Bozh-free"? Just a short period of respite?

  9. ZapRowsdower__ said on October 17th, 2010 at 12:11pm #

    teafoe2 said on October 17th, 2010 at 11:18am

    “if they truly believe what they are saying, they should get the hell out.”

    If you, teafoe and mary, truly believe what you’re saying about the criminal nature of Western capitalism and the infiltration of Zionists into every aspect of Western politics and economics, then why don’t you likewise “get out” of the West and move to a country whose policies you can support?

    Sometimes it isn’t so simple.

  10. bozh said on October 17th, 2010 at 12:35pm #

    All fascists hate what we say and not just ones on DV. Can u imagine one being a peace maker while assiduously spouting insults; at a person and ideas and never ever posit own ideas to refute our ideas?

    On TD almost all dems and repubs demonize me or ignore what we write. Haaretz posters threaten me with death and editors delete me from j’lem post and haaretz
    And not to mention many other sites. The TD posters ignore what we say because they do not know how to refute our facts or, rather, know they cannot be refuted.
    So, realize the best thing to do is to ignore unpleasant facts
    Or if they do; only a very few –and in spite of being highly fascistic– just harp on my language, syntax, spelling and the like.

    As for DV, i invite editors to kick me out. But they do not dare even tho they wld love to see me gone from this site.
    And why? Because, they wld enrage the real dissidents! I haven’t found more than one in about 3 yrs i have been posting on DV.

    And as if DV or 99.99% of all outhouses do anything but lie about the basics; thus proffer not a smidgen of elucidation; probably per intent!

    Curioso appears, that these bored people read what we write. At least i am not that dumb!
    I seldom read what teafoe, 3ban, mery, hayate, et al write. They dwell mostly on ‘zionism’, but in most perfunctory way and in order to increase hatred for poor ‘Jews’ such as ethyopean, russian, ugandan, yemeni, et al.
    Which, in turn, causes, say, russians to even demand ever greater punishment for also pal’ns!

    They obviously think like US warlords think: hit them hard for that’s how we can win hearts and minds of people we are killing-torturing-hating.
    And if that wasn’t enough of criminal behavior they goad pal’ns into ever greater violence against ‘jews’ with US tanks, artillery, helis, phosphorus to fry children with.

    Have four of u not a goddamn bit of shame? No u don’t! U are just as criminal as some ‘jews’ and US, et al’s warlords! Thanks for ur Finger.

  11. Don Hawkins said on October 17th, 2010 at 12:48pm #

    Ok now am not trying to change the subject or anything but the best I can tell the Republicans are going to make a big come back in a few weeks and what does it mean not much we all are still going down the drain in not such slow motion. I guess it will not be boring and we will all get to share in rather hard times to say the least. I wonder will there still be movie stars and talking heads will they ask us to vote will we still be able to buy pizza? No!

  12. teafoe2 said on October 17th, 2010 at 3:35pm #

    Everyone please excuse Bozh; he was born “mentally challenged”, or as we say, “he’s playing with less than a full deck”.

  13. bozh said on October 17th, 2010 at 9:44pm #

    Many people on ICH agree with our views. But even on DV many people have agreed with our views or acknowledged the facts we posit.

    But no ‘jew’ or a fascist had ever agreed with us or tried to refute our factual statements. And that tells u what?
    It tells u how effective we are! Deadbeat had said that he learns from us and so does don, melissa and others.

    Yes, deadbeat gets mad at what we say [but does not demonize], because i still refuse to accept his guess that ‘jews’ control-rule US to the degree that he asserts. Maybe they do and, say, utterly! And so what? U still vote for greens, nader, or dems/repubs instead of a socialist/communist party.

    I just laughed thinking of just that probability: people bitterly complaining about ‘jewish’ control of US, but not standing on street corners shouting that nor voting for a socialist party. Damn it, i am still laughing at this observation! thnks for ur demonization which proves u people are just hurting selves and not me.

    Recall what jesus had said or s’mone put those words in his mouth regarding what the four demonizers say: It’s not what goes in the mouth that despoils the man– it is what goeth out of the mouth of man that despoils the man!

  14. Deadbeat said on October 18th, 2010 at 3:57am #

    bozh writes …

    Yes, deadbeat gets mad at what we say [but does not demonize], because i still refuse to accept his guess that ‘jews’ control-rule US to the degree that he asserts. Maybe they do and, say, utterly! And so what? U still vote for greens, nader, or dems/repubs instead of a socialist/communist party…I just laughed thinking of just that probability: people bitterly complaining about ‘jewish’ control of US, but not standing on street corners shouting that nor voting for a socialist party. Damn it, i am still laughing at this observation! thnks for ur demonization which proves u people are just hurting selves and not me.

    Firstly, I have no idea why bozh specifically reference me in this discussion as I have not participated in this discussion whatsoever. But now that I’ve been specifically called out, I now have to formulate a rebuttal to his remarks.

    My observation and interpretation of bozh’s commentary are at best I can’t figure them out. He writes in a rather confusing and incomprehensible manner that I find his commentaries to be an interruption rather and an addition. There was a time when I would try to read bozh’s commentary. Now I pretty much ignore what he has to say. Occasionally when he make an obvious mistake like when here incorrectly described anarchy, I’ll interject with a correction.

    If bozh wants to redefine “jews” as well as other common political definitions and designation that is his prerogative. Unfortunately, all that does is alienates his commentary, makes it all the more untrustworthy, and a waste of bandwidth. Whether or not bozh is engaging in a form of Chomskyism using “sophisticated” semantic misdirections I have no idea. I don’t think he is. I think he is in his own small world.

    What is true is that there are more decidedly left-wing anti-Zionist participation in this forum now from when I first participated on DV. These participants are extremely thoughtful and articulate and provide links and excellent reference material that supports their arguments.

    Another mistake that bozh makes has to do with these so-called socialist parties. Many of them are unfortunately very weak on confronting Zionism. For example WSWS recently wrote lengthy articles trying to convince the world that the recent Australian coup was instigated by the mining interests and not Zionist interests. There is clearly a blind spot in Socialist parties when it comes to Zionism which means they cannot be trusted in any real struggle even against Capitalism.

    Therefore forums like DV, PULSE, and Palestine Think Tank becomes extremely important counterweights to the pseudo-Left. They expose the pseudo-Left and the crypto-Zionists like Chomsky, Z-net, Amy Goodman and others. If it wasn’t for this forum particularly I would have never become aware of the works of such anti-Zionist like Jeffrey Blankfort, James Petras, Lenni Brenner, etc. and discovered that there are others on the Left who share similar views and possess even deeper perspectives on Zionist power.

    Therefore bozh’s ridicule rings hollow and reveals the emptiness of his rhetoric.

    This is a serious juncture, Capitalism is in severe crisis and Zionism power has grown to such a level as to now be the dominant force in the United States. How did this happen? The answer for me lies in examining the hypocrisy of the pseudo-Left who has the audacity to elevate a Zionist as its foremost intellectual leader. That pretty much says it all.

  15. mary said on October 18th, 2010 at 8:34am #

    Mike Leigh, a British film director, has cancelled his visit to Israel.

    Mike Leigh cancels Israel visit over loyalty oath bill

    Director pulls out of Jerusalem teaching trip in protest against Israel’s proposed loyalty oath for new citizens, saying the controversial policy was ‘the last straw’

  16. Mulga Mumblebrain said on October 18th, 2010 at 8:46am #

    Well done Mike Leigh,but the molluscs, the Cohens, the Jacobsons and the Phillipses, will soon be burying him in slime. I guess he knows what he’s in for. It was good to see, don’t you think (and digressing for an instant) that another Cohen, another High Priest of the Cult, was identified by the nabobs of the ZBC, after furious sifting through the competing virtues of all the Goldbergs, Whinesteins, Perelmans and Jacobsons, for the vital job of head of ZBC 1. Innate virtue and hereditary superiority are their own reward, I suppose.

  17. bozh said on October 18th, 2010 at 10:45am #

    If a party calls self socialist or communist but acts a fascist party to any degree, i do not suggest anybody vote for such a party.
    As for left in US or dissenters in US, i’ve stated numerous times [ i am not gonna say this in every post] that there is about 001% of US pop.

    “I think he lives in his own world! But why u don’t say that u KNOW i am living in a small world and go on and explain what the sermon means! Sorry, i deplore coded utterances that can nevrer be decoded.

    So, now, u too, have joined the namecallers. It does give u away! It is a curioso that not a single ‘jew’ or poster on TD, PTT, ICH, haaretz, j’lem post, and others have ever stated they did not understand me.

    Many posters and even writers demonize me. The demonizers on DV demonize me precisely because they understand my posts– perhaps not each passage; however, the message i send to DV readers send some people into a rage or some negative mood.

    As for the word “anarchy” i used to limn US, the word means in dictionary and folk usage “lawlessness”.

    I do not ever write about “anarchy” because i do not know anything about thsi ideology. All i know that it appears anticommunistic and anti-eagaliatarian.

    Chomsky, on the other hand, appears fascistic, anarchic, zionistic, deceiving; so, how can one be more mixed up? In add’n, i am trying to boycott him and all ‘jews’ who post or write.
    damn it one can not find even one site which do not accept pieces by ‘jews’ and there seems to be one mn of them.

    I understand if u don’t read my posts; in view, that u can’t understand them.
    But i am not posting for the one or twoissuistic people; in perpetual evokation of ‘jewish’ perils.

    For doesn’t that also american ruling class do: always and for the last 300 yrs always needing a save.

    And isn’t every mafia always in serious perils; thus, requiring never-ending assassination, deception, or mass murder?
    So u’r not safe till we do what to ‘jews’? Do more lamenting, namecalling, using vague language!
    Sorry, deadbeat, i knew i lost u long time ago. To me, ‘jews’, romas, pashtuns appear first of all as people. If any of these ethnicities reject their humaness and exchange it for cultishness, nationalism, there is nothing i can do about it.

    Just because ‘jews’ and most americans reject their humanness, do i have to also?
    Try it! U’d feel better! Actually i often laugh at the mess we are in!

  18. mary said on October 19th, 2010 at 6:31am #

    An amendment from Netanyahu. All Jews to be included in the oath now.

    And I saw this. How revolting. A lifelike effigy of a comatose Ariel Sharon goes on show. Surely the original with so much blood on his hands is enough.


  19. kalidas said on October 19th, 2010 at 7:10am #

    Looks like a golem in progress to me.