Obama State Department: Venezuela Must Return to Free Market Capitalism

So the white man’s burden (under, of course, the first black president) continues on. Hillary Clinton, stooge of U.S. avarice and imperialism, tells Venezuela to follow the example of Chile, Brazil, and presumably other countries in the region that it gives its ok to. Of course, the U.S. cares nothing for the advancements and the movement toward greater egalitarianism and justice brought about by the Bolivarian Revolution. Its greatest goals, its ‘U.S. interests’ (who voted on these interests other than the oligarchy, no one knows!) are just to extract the resources (most notably oil) as cheaply as possible, and to have a U.S. subaltern take the orders that it gives him (usually a he) from Washington. For the ‘guilt’, for the ’sins’, of not being a U.S. puppet, a shot is fired across the bow!

This highfalutin talk from Mrs. Clinton about ‘restoring democracy’, ‘restoring freedom of the press’, and coming back into the fold of the U.S. empire, is mere window dressing for the true U.S. aims. It doesn’t play as well when you say, “Young child (referring to the duly elected leader of the Bolivarian Republic) stop playing these silly tricks and games and do what mommy and poppy say now!” That just doesn’t work in a world where the Obama administration pays homage to human rights, and universal freedoms, but in actuality those might as well be the manna of childhood make-believe, or science fiction tales. When it comes to ‘U.S. interests’ (as I said before, highly undemocratic things that no one ever really voted on), the only ‘human right’ is to hold on to life and limb by your coattails, and the only ‘freedom’ is that of working at, or near, a sub-subsistence wage!

To break this paradigm is sacrilege; in other words criminal, illicit activity directed against the aforementioned concepts that the United States pays homage to, but doesn’t care even the ittiest, tiniest one bit about. But this won’t make the headlines, and this won’t be beamed across the TV screens. Instead, some rubbish about the closing down of a television or radio station (never mind that it might have been calling for armed revolution against a democratically elected regime), will blanket the airwaves; and a humanitarian, decorated soldier, and reformer will be misrepresented as a thug.

Elections are held, and if those who the U.S. doesn’t want win them, they are held with utter contempt and disregard. If people that the U.S. likes violate international ‘norms’ and ’standards’ very little about that will be addressed, elucidated, or entertained at all. When business interests or the corporate interest, in other words ‘U.S. interests’, are infringed upon, that is another thing altogether in, and of, itself.  It releases all manner of hell and fury upon an unsuspecting, often defenseless, country. When internal politics should be left to a nation and the citizens of that state, they instead become the exclusive property of the United States regime! What a tangled web the Obama administration weaves; on the one hand they call for the restoring of private property in Venezuela, and on the other they negate the right of self-determination for all Venezuelans who elected their president to duly reign.

Sean Fenley is an independent progressive who would like to see the end of the dictatorial duopoly of the so-called two party adversarial system. He would also like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future U.S. military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. Read other articles by Sean.

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  1. bozh said on March 9th, 2010 at 9:49am #

    US media is the second pillar of the US system of rule; first being cia-army echelons; followed by judiciary.

    While congress-wh, to me, is a side show. So, a prez is ordered to warn any country if it wld dare to deviate from masterclass’ ‘ideal’ model of rule.

    Any good example endangers the upper classes and particularly the uppermost class. So, the threat must be removed! But there are other threats that US probably can’t cripple or delete: vietnam, n.korea, and china.
    God bless china, korea, and vietnam! tnx