Dangers of the Two States Solution

The Two States Solution (Israeli and Palestinian states) to the Zionist-Arab conflict has been, lately, revived as the only practical solution to the conflict. This solution, with all its embedded dangers, had been unjustly and illegally imposed by the UN in 1948 giving the Zionists a foot hold in the Arab World. It was, then, welcomed by the Zionists but rejected by the Arabs. Ironically, after 61 years and due to the changing balance of power, reviving this solution, now-a-days, is welcomed and sought for by the Arabs, but is rejected by Zionist Israel.

The 1993 Oslo Accords were supposed to be the solution of the conflict between the two parties. The Accords provided for the creation of a Palestinian Authority as a first step towards statehood in the West Bank and Gaza Strip side by side with Israeli state. A Palestinian state, in one form or another, would have been achieved in 1996, after which permanent agreements would have been negotiated leading to the Israeli withdrawal from the 1967 occupied territories. But Israeli intransigence, land confiscations, and colonial expansions had sabotaged all negotiations.

The Two State Solution has been used by late American administrations (Bush and Obama) as a sedative and a future-to-look-forward-to as a reward to neutralize any Arab opposition to American military adventurism in Afghanistan, Iraq, and possibility in Syria and Iran. Israel, meanwhile, takes the opportunity to expand its colonies at Palestinian expense.

Finally, after 18 years of fruitless peace negotiations, the Palestinian Authority recognized and officially declared the fact which every Palestinian knew, namely that the so-called peace negotiations were only meant for Israel, the stronger party, to impose its own solutions on the weaker Palestinian party while at the same time expanding its illegal colonies. Mahmoud Abbas, the President of Palestinian Authority, whose presidency expired last January, has petitioned the UN to recognize the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders the same way it recognized the establishment of the Israeli state in 1948. Abbas and his entourage were seen visiting important countries trying to garner political support for the declaration of a Palestinian state.

The definition of a state includes, among others, a contiguous piece of land with internationally recognized borders, a free people, who can exercise their own will within an organized social, political and economical structures, with a free government that exercises total control over its natural resources, its borders, its air, and its sea, and can secure inner peace and protect, through arms when necessary, the security of its citizens from any invading party, and most importantly a thriving economy that can sustain such a state. Does this definition apply to the would-be Palestinian state?

Israel exercises total control over all aspects of Palestinian life: land, air, sea, water, and economy. Israel controls the movement of virtually every Palestinian and specifically the Palestinian Authority. To put it bluntly, Palestinian officials cannot even fart without Israeli permission. One wonders, then, what form would a Palestinian state take. Would it be viable or decaying? Sovereign or subservient? Free or besieged? Emancipated or dependent? Above all, would the establishment of a Palestinian state, at this time, solve or exacerbate the conflict?

Palestinian Authority envisions a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders (West Bank and Gaza Strip) with east Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital, and a “just solution” to the Palestinian refugees’ situation. This is a huge change in the goals of the Fatah’s liberation program. Fatah’s present leadership, headed by the rigged elected Abbas, had degraded its honorable goals from liberating the whole Palestine down to accepting the establishment of a teratogenic state on less than 18% of Palestine proper, for Israel has annexed 80% of Palestine, has taken all of Jerusalem, and the separation wall is taking 42% of the rest of the land. Leaders of Palestinian Authority are still hoping to keep on serving their Western employers by playing the role of policing, subjugating, and containing Palestinians within their major cities. It seems that they have forgotten that Palestinians are struggling not only for a mere dwarfed state, but also for justice, for freedom, for equality, for return to their homeland, and for independent sovereignty.

It behooves Abbas and his gang, and the rest of the Arab leaders who have abandoned Palestinians, to remember that the Palestinian Cause does not belong only to Palestinians, but also to all Arabs. Legitimizing the right of existence of an expansionist colonial foreign entity in the heart of the Arab World is not a decision to be taken by few puppet leaders. Every Arab citizen has a stake in this decision.

Israeli leaders, on the other hand, although pretending to accept the Two State Solution, are introducing all kinds of unattainable conditions in order to sabotage the solution. They want to keep the unbalanced negotiations to milk as much would be internationally recognized political concession as they could from the weak Palestinian representatives. They are adhering to the main policy of their Zionist founders which states a “Jewish state is unthinkable without the compulsory transfer of Palestinians to other Arab states”. The Zionist project of establishing a Jewish-only Greater Israel is based, initially, on the expulsion of Palestinians out of Palestine into the neighboring Arab countries in order to implant Jews in the land. Then, while expanding Israel into the Greater Israel dream, drive the Palestinians and the rest of the Arabs, living within the area between the Nile and Euphrates, into far away countries. Zionists are taking the American model as their road map, where the so-called “American pioneers and forefathers” had annihilated the Indigenous peoples to establish the good old USA.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu expressed this policy eloquently: “Israel is not a bi-national state. It is the homeland of ANY JEW. And there is a broad consensus in Israel that the Palestinian refugee problem should be resolved outside Israel’s borders. Jews will come here and Palestinians will go there. That is the bases of a solution. Palestinians should have to make a final peace deal with The Jewish State of Israel.”

Zionists will never accept east Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. They want Jerusalem to be the eternal capital of Israel. In their final scheme Jerusalem is planned to become the Zionist capital of the whole world after the destruction of the al-Aqsa Mosque and the building of a Jewish temple in its place. This plan was hinted to in Ben Gurion’s statement: “There is no meaning to Israel without Jerusalem, and there is no meaning to Jerusalem without the temple.”

The Two State Solution is a dangerous and an unjust solution. It gives legitimacy to the law of the jungle; might is right. It takes the land and the homes of the Palestinians and gives them to armed-to-the-teeth Zionist terrorists. It vindicates the Zionists’ war crimes, crimes against humanity, their massacres of civilians, and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, as well as their war crimes against Egyptians, Jordanians, Syrians, and Lebanese. It denies those victims any right to pursue justice, their right of return to their homes, and their right for full reparations. It recognizes and legalizes the rogue state of Israel as a racist Jewish only state. It wipes all the history and cultures of the land before the times of Abraham, and recognizes only the shorter Jewish history and their so-called religious right to the land.

The proponents of the Two State Solution claim that it is the only practical and logical solution due to the present balance of power and due to the facts on the ground. Balance of power is represented in the WMD Israel possesses and has used against Palestinians, and in the American blind unconditional political, financial, and military support to Israel. The facts on the ground are represented by the Israeli illegal occupation of all Palestine, and the illegally scattered Israeli militarized colonies (settlements) in the West Bank. It is claimed that it is impractical to uproot already resident Zionist colonists (settlers) and to dismantle the illegal colonies.

It is worth mentioning that history demonstrates that the balance of power has never been fixed and is always changing. Today belongs to you, tomorrow belongs to your brother. As for facts on the ground, they are in daily flux. In 1947, facts on the ground showed Palestinian existence all over the land and no Zionist colonies. No one knows what facts on the ground will be in the future.

Dr. Elias Akleh is an Arab writer of Palestinian descent, born in the town of Beit-Jala and now living in the US. He can be reached at: eakleh@ca.rr.com. Read other articles by Elias.

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  1. greybeard616 said on December 16th, 2009 at 11:39am #

    The Two State solution is dead, like Lenin, although the corpse continues to be trotted out. Palestine is ONE country, and all the inhabitants know it; the Zionist leadership bring out the “Two State Solution” only to avoid the only applicable label at this point in time: Apartheid. Apartheid is illegal by international law, and correctly afixing that label to Israel has legal implications. The Zionist state is dying, to be replaced by a bi-national state for all who wish to remain there. Jews “needing” an ethnically pure state, will emigrate; some exiled Palestinians will immigrate. And hopefully no blood will be shed either by or upon the religious fanatics intent on erecting a monument to nationalism known as the Third Temple.

  2. bozh said on December 16th, 2009 at 12:50pm #

    US, supported by ?all christian lands, decides. This ad hoc alliance solely- `jews` living there must go along- will determine whether it will be two states or one.

    Israelis, most of which are guinea pigs, will have no say whatever. The ad hoc alliance cannot forever be an enemy of islam or islamic countries.
    It has to make peace and not just for economic reasons but also military.
    And one state solution appears as optimal for world peace.
    Any rebellion or protest by `jews` of the US and other countries wld be extremely foolish.
    And, probably, most `jews` wld be relieved of not having a theocratic state or a state for `jews` only. That wld be one mosnster they cld do without! We, too!