A Day of Bombings: Washington — The Underlying Factor

At least one hundred dead in a series of bombings across Baghdad on December 8, 2009. These were preceded by other bombings in the weeks before. One such attack killed the US-sponsored Baghdad regime’s counter-terrorism czar, while another series of attacks in October outside that regimes offices killed over 150. Like most of the rest of the bombings in Iraq in 2009, the bombers remain a mystery, although the government has blamed Baathists for the October attacks and some US officials speculate whether or not some of the others should be attributed to their favorite bogeyman–Al Qaida in Iraq. Unlike many of the attacks during the heat of the conflict in Iraq, many of these recent attacks are targeting heavily defended government agencies.

If these attacks are the work of the Iraqi insurgency and one places these bombings in the framework of the rest of the conflict in Iraq, they seem to symbolize a resurgence of the insurgency. If one further considers the nature of guerrilla war, these spectacular attacks represent a new phase in the insurgents war against the government. Most western commentators agree that, as elections approach, the insurgency will step up its attacks, supposedly to frighten potential voters, but also to show the essential weakness of the regime. If previous responses to insurgent violence are any indication, this means that the recent loosening of certain security precautions will be reversed. Indeed, Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki said as much after a series of bombings on August 19, 2009: “These attacks represent a reaction to the opening of streets and bridges and the lifting of barriers inside the residential areas… (and) require us (the regime) to re-evaluate our plans and security mechanisms in order to confront the terrorist challenges and to increase cooperation between security forces and the Iraqi people.” In other words, look out if you are a Sunni or identified as anybody but a supporter of the US occupation and its client regime.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times reported that the al-Maliki regime’s oil ministry announced that it would not delay the auctioning of oil contracts on December 11 and 12, 2009. Executives from major oil companies are invited and expected to attend. Given that the building where the auction was to be held was one of those attacked on December 8, one can be reasonably certain that the attacks are also related to this ongoing procedure, which many Iraqis correctly see as a selling off of their natural resources and the further intrusion of Washington and other western capitals into the Iraqi nation.

In Pakistan, two more bombings occurred on December 7th and 9th, 2009–one in Lahore and another in Peshawar. Although no group or individual has claimed responsibility, government and many media sources were quick to blame Islamic militants. The targeted buildings included a police station and a bank, although many of those killed were civilians. The recent spate of bombings in the past few weeks have killed over four hundred people. The government blames militants while it wages a war against Pakistanis living in the country’s northwest provinces, killing hundreds and displacing even more. US drone attacks against this same region continue unabated, killing numerous civilians for every supposed terrorist targeted. All of this is occurring as rumors and denials regarding the role the US mercenary outfit Blackwater (Xe) is playing in provoking unrest and instability in Pakistan circulate throughout the Pakistani media.

All of which brings us not so neatly to the underlying factor in every single one of the aforementioned situations. That factor is the United States presence in the region. Iraq remains under occupation by 124, 000 US troops and at least 180,000 mercenaries. Pakistan has untold numbers of US intelligence operators and Special Forces troops working both independently and alongside Pakistani soldiers. As for the current linchpin in the region–Afghanistan–the US has at least 68,000 troops currently in country with another 30,000 or more on the way. Neither the Iraqi or Afghan client governments could survive long without these forces or the billions of dollars spent to maintain their regimes. The Pakistani government is also beholden to the US for much of its stability and has been throughout much of its history. Whether or not the US sends troops into Pakistan remains to be seen. One can be certain that the possibility has been discussed at the highest echelons of the US regime and is most likely favored by more than a few decision-makers, civilian and military alike. One wonders what is keeping the president from giving the go ahead. Whatever the reason, one can be fairly certain that without a groundswell of popular protest against the current escalation in Afghanistan and a reinvigorated demand for a complete withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, any hesitancy he currently feels about such a move would be discarded should the generals convince him of their belief in its necessity.

Ron Jacobs is the author of The Way The Wind Blew: A History of the Weather Underground and Tripping Through the American Night, and the novels Short Order Frame Up and The Co-Conspirator's Tale. His third novel All the Sinners, Saints is a companion to the previous two and was published early in 2013. Read other articles by Ron.

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  1. bozh said on December 9th, 2009 at 11:27am #

    Planetarianism is in its infancy. Aggression against afgh’n marked its begining. It also hearalded invasion of iraq. This invasion-occupation bodes another invasion.

    The aghas, beys, amirs, et al have heard US say [via bush, tho]:u’r with us or against us. Each one of these ‘nobles’ knows what it means. It means that if each wants to remain rich-powerful, each must engage in US/nato conquests.
    Neutrality means that most of these asian ‘patricians’ wld lose their wealth and influence.
    Saudis, kuwaitis and amirs in emirates got the message ages ago. The message is spreading to syria, iran, and ‘stans!

  2. Mary said on December 10th, 2009 at 2:11am #

    I hear from very good authority that it is being said in Baghdad that the US stooge government is responsible for the bombings. How else could five synchonised bombings take place behind many layers of security checks.

    This is the Amnesty Iraq report for general information. Some pretty shocking statistics are in this document.

    Furthermore there are 900 people awaiting execution by hanging including women.

    What a wonderful example of a Bush/Blair democracy and what a legacy!

  3. Shabnam said on December 10th, 2009 at 9:24am #


    The recent bombing in Iraq is carried out by SAUDI ARABIA’S agents. Saudi Arabia is a strong partner of Israel and the US in the region and is responsible for backing the Sunni terror against Shiites in Iraq and Yemen where is supported by both Obama and the Zionist entity in the occupied land.
    Nuri al-Maliki has held Saudi Arabia responsible for the previous bombing. The deadliest was on Oct. 25, when coordinated truck bombs killed 145 people and largely destroyed the Justice, Labor, and Finance ministries.
    This time, however, he has limited himself saying ‘foreign backers’ not to complicate the case even further. Saudi Arabia is running a war, with support of US and Zionist entity, based on religious divide to help the enemy of Muslims, Zionism and imperialism, to keep Iraq destabilizes where is necessary for the enemy to function and justified their presence in the region.
    Bombings that killed 112 people this week were carried out with foreign backing, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Wednesday, before changing the head of Baghdad security in a move aimed at thwarting pre-election violence.
    The four bombings on Tuesday used C-4 plastic explosives that originated abroad, said Jihad al-Jabiri, head of the Interior Ministry’s ordnance department.
    “They came from outside of Iraq, from Baathists, with the help of a neighboring country. That requires money and a large amount of support from Syria, Saudi Arabia or another country. Those states would not be unaware,” he said.
    Saudi Arabia also is involved, on behalf of the United States and for her own interest, in killing Shiites in Yemen and no Zionist media is interested to make a case against the barbarism of Saudis and all they have focused on ‘violation of human rights in Iran’ which is part of the Zionist plan to create an atmosphere suitable for military action against Iran which we will promise them they will take it into their graves one by one.
    Unfortunately, all Arab ‘intellectuals’ have been silent so far to keep the ‘unity’ with the terrorist state of Saudi Arabia and activities of the its war criminal ‘leader, Abdullah, where OBAMA BOWED TO THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF HIM TO SQUEEZE SUADIS FOR MORE $$$$$$$$$$$$ TO GIVE IT TO THE THEIVES WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE for the American broken economy.
    People must understand that THERE IS NO AL QUAEDA. IRAQI USE OF AL QUAEDA IS TO GET YOUR ATTENTION. Al Qaeda is the creation of the United States to use as it as the imaginary face of the ‘enemy’ to justify her war criminal activities against the population of the region. That’s why Obama is a WAR CRIMINAL using a phony organization and a dead man by the name of Osama Bin Laden who is dead at least since 2002. Thus, people of the region who are devastated are very angry and have no power to stop war criminal activity of the Zionists and its puppet, Obama; therefore they have resorted to spitting at Obama’s picture for time being since they cannot come face to face with this puppet. American people MUST RISE UP AND destroy THE WAR HOSUE, white house, and its extension, Congress, senate and Pentagon bring down the 5th column anti American interest, AIPAC AND
    J STREET responsible for the zionist wars against Muslims in the region.