Barack Obama to Cindy Sheehan: Get Lost

At Obama’s Summer Place with Cindy: “Leadership” of Peace Movement, MIA

I spent but a short time with Cindy Sheehan as she carried her antiwar protest from an earlier time at Crawford, TX, to Martha’s Vineyard, vacation spot for Obama and many other Democrat Party elite. As Cindy remarked, the real story was not that she was protesting Obama’s wars but that the “leadership” of the peace movement did not support her protest. When the target was Bush in Crawford, she was all the rage with antiwar celebrities, but not so now that the target is Barack Obama. While there is considerable enthusiasm for her anti-Obama protest on the part of the rank and file in the anti-war movement, a refusal of its “leaders” to notify their members far and wide, high and low, crippled the action.

As a result of this betrayal, the numbers at Martha’s Vineyard were not large. But Cindy and her fellow anti-warriors were undeterred. While I was there, she mounted a spirited march down the road to Obama’s place, no more than a quarter mile away from where she stayed. The purpose was to present the President with a poster of Cindy bearing a signed plea to end the wars. The considerable armed force at the gate and the Secret Service officers would not even bring out the lowliest of staffers to receive the poster. Clearly the message from Obama was “Get lost, Cindy.” And we were quickly told to move a considerable distance down the road. At least in Crawford it had been possible to demonstrate at the checkpoint to the site – not so at Obama’s place. Thus, did Obama greet a mother whose son was lost in the wars, which he continues and enlarges by the day.

The site chosen by Obama for his vacation appeared restful, even idyllic, that afternoon though the house itself was a considerable distance away from the road, hidden from view. But the image of the “antiwar” candidate lounging comfortably by the ocean, his family nearby, while ordering the deaths, by drones and assorted other killing instruments, of people half a world away, complete innocents, unknown to this man or his advisers, was disturbing indeed. What sort of man could do this? Does Obama bring his much ballyhooed “coolness” down a degree or two for cold blooded murder? Are these wars a matter of conscience or patriotism for Obama? If that were so, does one suppose in a future imperial war that Obama will urge his daughters to volunteer to die in some Muslim land any more than did Bush offer his daughters? Is there no shame to this poltician, Obama, who rose to high office on the yearning of so many for peace? How long will we allow the soothing words of this latter day Elmer Gantry to cover up his deeds?

Despite the silence of the antiwar misleaders, news of Cindy Sheehan’s presence did make the rounds of Cape Cod and the Islands. And who knows but that it might have gone further. Was Obama going to be caught unprepared? A cynic or a realist, or merely someone familiar with the Obama PR machine, might be pardoned for thinking that a plan was in place — and executed in the form of an anti-Cindy mom. And so it came to pass that, while there was no time for Cindy, the Obamas did make it a point to pay a highly publicized visit to another mom, Lisa X, who had lost her son in Obama’s AfPak war. This young man Obama had happened to encounter earlier this year at Camp Lejeune. The Cape Cod Times reported the meeting thus:

So, yesterday afternoon, the family drove from Yarmouthport to Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod. They waited about two hours at the base. … The Obamas entered. …. President Obama called them all by their first names, Lisa said. “It was like seeing a friend you hadn’t seen in a couple months,” Lisa said of the nearly 10-minute meeting.

President Obama offered his condolences. “He told us whatever decisions he makes, he has Nick (and others serving) in mind,” Lisa said. Earlier this year, Nicholas X met President Obama and shook his hand. The president gave a speech at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Shortly after, Nicholas decided he wanted to be part of the new offensive in Afghanistan, his father told the Times in July.

Lisa said her son called her right after the meeting. “He shook his (President Obama’s) hand and called me moments later and said, ‘Mom, the President was amazing, his hand was the softest thing I’ve ever touched, like a baby’s bottom,'” Lisa recalled.

She made sure to tell President Obama that yesterday, drawing a laugh from him. Lisa X said her family is “still pretty numb and raw” over losing Nicholas. But she thought of his likely reaction to the family meeting the Obamas. “He is probably laughing hysterically … and proud.”

Such an account should break your heart and stir your anger at this hypocritical politician. The more so if, as one might suspect, this encounter made cynical use of this grieving woman’s trust. That soft hand of Obama’s is soaked in considerable blood now, some of it Nicholas X’s, no less than the rough hands of Bush and Cheney. Obama’s message is clear. Sacrifice your child and endure without complaint the “numb and raw” emotions that come of your grief. And then Barack Obama will glad hand you for “nearly ten minutes” and get some good press — after you cool your heels for two hours awaiting the cool, great man. But protest the senseless death of your son, and you get the bum’s rush at Obama’s gate. Thus, does the erstwhile “antiwar candidate” (How silly that phrase sounds now!) treat Cindy Sheehan whose like he once called on to join him in making peace. And the “leaders” of the antiwar movement are nowhere to be seen or heard.

John V. Walsh, @JohnWal97469920, until recently a Professor of Physiology and Neuroscience at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School, has written on issues of peace and health care for several independent media. Read other articles by John V..

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  1. bozhidar balkas vancouver said on September 5th, 2009 at 10:16am #

    US constitution elevates any prez to a godly status when it comes treatment of aliens! And any prez wld have treated cindy in the same or similar manner that O did!
    OK kids? Let us not persnalize US longstanding and unwavering policy. When george clooney becomes prez, US wld be the same. It wld appear worse under him solely because US wld have acquired ‘better’ weapons and encountered greater resistance in afpak, and iraq.

    Kids, remember or note please that u have toes and fingers! If u look at your toes and fingers, you’d realize that we have just recently, in infinity of time, descended from trees.
    So what? Well, we may be not that much honest or smart than a chimp! So don’t expect more than the neo-apes can deliver!
    expect worsenings!
    And since i finished last in my class and lie a lot [mostly to my wife] don’t believe a word i am say. tnx

  2. rosemarie jackowski said on September 5th, 2009 at 3:03pm #

    Thanks, Cindy. Wish I was with you on the Vineyard.
    The fake ‘antiwar movement’ died with the election of a democrat.

  3. Richard Oxman said on September 5th, 2009 at 3:54pm #

    You’ll notice that we have Cindy’s “green light” at We’d like one and all to join hands in meaningful, uncompromising solidarity as per and the article “Consensual Sex During Wartime” posted at DV here today. You too, Rosemarie. Good to come across you again. I’m slated to meet with SEIU shortly — all else being equal — and that could be the grassroots connection that’ll put all the imprimaturs we have into solid action on the streets, grounded, unrelenting movement toward institutional change… irregardless of the tepid temperature of the traditional anti-war citizens.
    Oxhugs P.S. How ’bout a comment adjacent to that article?

  4. molly cruz said on September 7th, 2009 at 3:15pm #

    Cindy started it all; Obama owes his constituency to her. We all owe her.

  5. Jim Lunsford said on September 7th, 2009 at 5:13pm #

    Thanks Cindy. I am a vet of ten years . Airborne Infantry. Panama and Desert Storm. I have come to believe that we have never had a just war in this country, excepting possibly the one that got us started as a country. The Iraqis, the Afghans, the Pakistanis have not attacked us. They do not threaten us. We are only there to protect the interests of the war profiteers. I salute you, and condemn this president and the last as well. In fact, I only support one president from each of the last two centuries. JFK and Andrew Jackson. This one is as bad as the last one we had. Hands as soft as a baby? I guess washing them in the blood of the innocents he’s responsible for keeps them that way.

  6. strawmanslave said on September 7th, 2009 at 8:40pm #

    The Insane Cruelty of American Soldiers in Iraq,… which is just a Prelude to the many more innocent civilian lives that will be destroyed in Afghanistan, Iran and finally Syria under the leadership of the New Puppet President… Watch Video,…

  7. strawmanslave said on September 7th, 2009 at 8:41pm #

    U.S. Soldier throws puppy off Cliff,… Many other kinds of Animals in Iraq were purposely killed and maimed by Soldiers for fun and sport in Iraq,… how many more innocents will suffer in Afghanistan in the name of American Taxpayers?,… watch Video,…

  8. strawmanslave said on September 7th, 2009 at 8:41pm #

    Unreleased Abu Ghraib abuse photos depict sickening and horrific scenes of rape, sodomy and sexual abuse,…

  9. Tim said on September 8th, 2009 at 3:30am #

    The bulk of the anti-war movement was organized, bought and paid for by the DNC. I think Sheehan has made serious mistakes, but she isn’t a phony.

  10. Dan said on September 8th, 2009 at 6:14am #

    Mr. Walsh might have mentioned the disparity in media coverage between Ms. Sheehan in Crawford and the Vineyard.

    President Obama’s hands would be soft since he’s never seemed to have done any kind of labor that would roughen them up.

    Jim Lunsford said on September 7th, 2009 at 5:13pm #

    “I have come to believe that we have never had a just war in this country, excepting possibly the one that got us started as a country.”

    That could be true. Our participation in WW II was probably not necessary. The Japanese/German Empires would probably have collapsed on their own eventually and we might have been able to hold them off with purely defensive measures until then. We more than likely wouldn’t have the State of Israel today and all the unrest that has come with it.

    “In fact, I only support one president from each of the last two centuries. JFK and Andrew Jackson.”

    I can understand your support of JFK. After all, he kept us out of a war with Cuba by not supporting the Bay of Pigs invasion. Andrew Jackson is another issue altogether. He probably wouldn’t have even been considered presidential material if it weren’t for his war record. I must say that his, and based on your support of him, I assume your positions on the relocation of Native American tribes and slavery are different than mine. Although it may have been with reluctance, he did sign the bill making the relocation the law of the land.