Prisoners of Gaza

In the midst of a devastating military bombardment and continuing economic blockade, the people of Gaza are still demanding freedom. Palestinians complain that media attention has focused disproportionately on Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier captured by Hamas in 2006, while US media and politicians rarely speak out about the more than 11,000 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons, almost half of them without charges.

The prisoners come from all walks of life, from children and the elderly to members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, the democratically elected government.

Prisoners of Gaza features family members of prisoners, government representatives, and street protests, all of it shot from May-June in Gaza.

Producers: Jordan Flaherty and Lily Keber
Translation: Maher Salem and Shereen Naser

Jordan Flaherty is a writer and community organizer based in New Orleans. He was the first journalist with a national audience to write about the Jena Six case, and played an important role in bringing the story to worldwide attention. His post-Katrina writing in ColorLines Magazine shared a journalism award from New America Media for best Katrina-related coverage in the Ethnic press. Lily Keber is a documentary filmmaker and teacher living in New Orleans. Her film T. Don Hutto: America’s Family Prison brought the plight of family detention to national attention and continues to be used as an activism tool across the country. She currently is media trainer for New Orleans Video Voices, a grassroots media organization. Read other articles by Jordan Flaherty.

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  1. bozhidar balkas vancouver said on August 22nd, 2009 at 11:22am #

    This is what a bozhanski {godly, of god} people do to another bozhanski people: a people with ‘tainted’ skin and of a different god.

    bears repeating: no cult tolerates another cult. In germany, a second cult arose to smite the first cult; that of a nonpeople called “jews”.
    And the weaker cult lost. In palestine it is the stronger cult that is prevailing for now.
    In germany, its second cult almost vanished; in palestine, its second cult, tho much stronger now than native cult, will surely vanish or not be the dominant one.
    And the devil always get’s her/his way. And, to boot, there may be more than one devil. They will surely gang up on the ‘nobler’ cult; which is talmudic one and install lesser-valued cult.
    The lesson is clear: don’t tell the devils that you are nobler, smarter, more honest because it is not ‘god’ who takes ‘good’ people away but the devils.
    Note, even tho Hitler cldn’t be badder it wasn’t the devil who killed him!tnx

  2. mary said on August 24th, 2009 at 4:36am #

    If any motivation was needed to take up the Palestinians’ cause, this documentary will provide it. Wait for Mr Sergei Brin’s Google to take this You Tube down.

    This is a trailer.
    Coming soon from Max Blumenthal’s The Daily Nuisance