The Enigma

Hitler was an enigma,
Dali knew it,
he could sense it
even in the nonsense of his dreams
he knew Maldordor was malodorous.

Yes, Hitler was an enigma,
such a master of communication,
but Dali knew that his communication
would be as broken as his old black phone,
no more likely to function than an umbrella is
to change into a bat and fly away when the end came.

But that was then and now Dali is dead,
perhaps more dead than Hitler,
who seems again an enigma,
a still unbroken influencer
of malodorous malevolence
in the era of mobile phones
and the reality of fake news
breeding New Pretenders to the crown
he left seemingly broken beyond repair.

So many now ready to pick up the pieces
and put them together to fly
with no umbrella for protection
in the perpetual rain of the present
which spells the death of dreams.

Lynn White lives in north Wales. Her work is influenced by issues of social justice and events, places and people she has known or imagined. She is especially interested in exploring the boundaries of dream, fantasy and reality. She was shortlisted in the Theatre Cloud "War Poetry for Today" competition and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net and a Rhysling Award. You can find Lynn at and Read other articles by Lynn, or visit Lynn's website.