Days of Grey

Shades of Auschwitz prevail
As global elites
Jingle jewelry, sounding
The clearances of the poor
Starting in the good old USA:
Homeless folks wear a yellow “H”
The “others”: blacks, immigrants,
Mentally/physically challenged, gays, etc.
A yellow: “O” upon their hearts,
The poor and radical poets,
A yellow “P” on ragged jackets,
The elderly, a yellow “E”
Upon frail chests
In trumpler’s Americus
There will be no HOPE!
Black-boots and brown-shirts
Are rounding up innocents
Into cattle-trucks/cars, and
Taking them far away
To the outer limits of city limits
Where they will be looked after
The culling of humanity, is necessary
To ensure status-crows keep cawing…
Putrid smoke, again, from the ovens
Cause ashes to fall upon us
Like a grey kind of snow…
The circus of hate continues playing
The three-ring-master of the big-top
Prepares for the next attractions:
The disappearance of democracy; a
Just and civil society/planet and compassion
Please keep the children in cages quiet!
The circus of the dammed
This will come to your country very soon
For the 4th Reich has been reborn!
Forget not, that we were warned
We thought it would never get that bad
It got that bad when they caged the first child, and
We said nothing…
It is not too late to defeat the global elite
Rise-up comrades and get out the Blue Vote!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at :>. Read other articles by Charles.