Imagine —

Imagine —
Imagine there would have
been a time when there was
no moon in the sky. Then a comet
flew by, chipping a bit of the old block.

And it became the moon. The moon
of which you and I write— the star
of the night — that moon seduces as
a woman, weaves dreams with lores.

Imagine —
Imagine there will be a time when
people will reclaim this debris from
their home. If they plant flags and
slice it to bits, how will it be?

Will there be Moon Wars like
Star Wars? Will there be a
Darth Vader? Or, will we have
matured to intergalactic peace?

Imagine —
Imagine the vastness of humanity’s
reach if only they could work together
to explore the farthest of outer space.

If I have this dream, you could too.
There would be no divides, no borders,
no sides. Humanity in harmony will reside,
exploring, not exploiting, dreaming of
co-existence with planets, fauna and love.

Imagine… just imagine…

Mitali Chakravarty writes and edits for peace, love and harmony. In that spirit, she has founded an online journal,, which has recently brought out its first anthology edited by Mitali, Monalisa No Longer Smiles: An Anthology of Writings from Across the World Read other articles by Mitali.