Height of Vision

The chains of shared sorrow,
The isolated ideal.
Cage not the flying wings.
Be a life like light,
For the endangered ones.
The footsteps of modernity
Can stand the walks
Of age-old culture.
The shadows
Of flickering history.
My themes have the ink of civilization.
My materialism
Is for the haves-not.
A message in my poetry
For a peaceful landing
Of a modern shuttle.
My society, my country
A garland
Of shared conglomeration.
I see the world
When I stand on the shoulder
Of my country.
Like my father,
Trusting the sky
When he lifted me
Higher in the air,
During my childhood years.
Building a nest of peace,
My hummingbird tweets
For the worldly illumination.

Sushant Thapa serves as an assistant editor to Himalaya Diary, an online publishing platform. He lives in Biratnagar, Nepal. He holds an M.A. in English from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. His fourth book entitled "Love's Cradle" was published by World Inkers Printing and Publishing New York, and Dakar, Senegal recently. Read other articles by Sushant.