Universal Soldier

A universal soldier of all nationalities
who speaks all languages.
He has no country, no passport
in the direction of home.

In the heritage of human history
lies the tomb of ancestry.
A reminder of who we are
and what we are.

Both near and far away
he is a memorial to the past,
trapped by time.
A man’s flesh carved in stone.

Just a statistic of slow truth
and quick lies. A contract for
empty words. An unwritten testament
where nothing changes.

In the end he is death’s accomplice.
An undertaker of unsightly wounds
and insensitive minds. Ancient and
modern we are all his heirs.

He is you and I.

Alan Ford has been writing poetry for about a year and is interested in unusual subjects rather than traditional ones. His work has been published by literary magazines Down in the Dirt, Ariel Chart. Conclave, Blue Lake Review, Academy of the Heart and Mind and Scarlet Leaf Review, and Dissident Voice. His fiction books are The Himmler Contract, The Hitler Affair, The War Criminal, The St George Murders and the satires Nelson Mandela's Ghost and Elvis Presley's Ghost and Princess Diana's Ghost. Read other articles by Alan.