A Safe Brett

She never shied from the fray
Her warrior-spirit, here to stay!
Destined to the trenches
Long before knowing what a trench was!
Indigenous child adopted into a “white home”
Sixties scoop…. foster care at 13.
Like Salmon, she fought upstream,
Eventually, will tire one’s soul
An advocate’s advocate, from an early age
Fighting the state for her children
Representing herself against state lawyers
Championing the causes for housing and
Other needed services and supports, for
‘The walking wounded of colonization’
And, patriarchy/capitalism
Holding a Sacred Eagle feather
She stood strong against neo-liberalism
Homeless encampments, Vancouver/Victoria
She spoke passionately for basic human rights, of
Canadian citizens, on the streets
Chrissy had a gift to speak with wisdom
To a homeless person or an MLA
She had solutions, if the establishment
Cared to listen, which, they did not.
Always a sacred fire at an encampment
Boil up a hot chocolate or a tea
In a moment’s notice. An infectious laugh, with
A knowing grin and smile. She brought hope!
‘Active hope-dealer, slinging peace and love
Chrissy had thunder in her soul, and
Could/did shut down the legislature/streets/office
To have their rights heard! She was a safe Brett!
Living in a tent, cooking over a fire, she
Not only talked the talk, she walked the walk!
24/7 the personal was political and vice versa!
Especially for an Indigenous woman.
“The struggle continues” She gave her all!
From a young age, she picked up the gauntlet, and
fought the good fight for basic human rights.
TRC and UNDRIP, paving new roads forward, and
The tireless work of advocates in the trenches
Early in the morning, two warriors rode
On horseback, pulling a painted-pony for Chrissy
Together will ride to the Sacred Fire in the Sky!
Whenever advocates are around, the likes of
Chrissy Brett will be found!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : aroha@shaw.ca. Read other articles by Charles.