Capitalism is Democratic the Way Rape is Romance

Whenever I see he/him or she/her I think fuck/you. You must be living an awfully precious life if, amid the pervasive despair of an economy in free fall, your uppermost concern is clinging to your pronouns.”

— Norman Finkelstein, I’ll Burn That Bridge When I Get to It! Heretical Thoughts on Identity Politics, Cancel Culture, and Academic Freedom

The present mental state of the American public is almost as bad as the ruling military idiocy which is pushing us closer to a nuclear confrontation as we conduct a proxy war against Russia using Ukrainian lives while we supply the weapons. In the face of this and a recent United Nations report calling for more urgency than ever in dealing with the environmental breakdown of nature under assault by capitalist market madness, Americans are under an attack on sanity more deadly than ever for not dealing with material circumstances but rather a set of alleged problems which make fairy tales sound like intellectually sound reports on material reality.

Herds of otherwise thoughtful people are moved to become an intellectual lynch mob as consciousness control and mind management organizes a frenzy of demands to televise the Trump court fiascos, suppress speech found painful by privileged folks totally protected from physical pain, and other aspects of personality and character disorders among a socially tortured people suffering political and economic deprivation under the rule of morally depraved leadership whose power comes from amassing incredible wealth and having its political servant class accept  and teach that as democracy. Suppression of thought and rape of language labels a market process as electoral choice and a political system threatening more people with less information than ever before is dubbed “our democracy”.

You know, the one in which Julian Assange is driven closer to death by hordes of former reporters who have become storm troopers in the army of propaganda purveyors who were once at least an occasional source of fairly unbiased news reporting. As banking and finance show signs of near collapse and most of the world moves further from dependence on the American dollar that is fast becoming as sound as digital or counterfeit currency, and the murderous war budget continues to grow in killing Russians by sacrificing Ukrainians lives along with American dollars, an assortment of allegedly life or death struggles over races other than human, genders other than male and female, and other themes and variations of fantasy fiction which act as  programmed mental blockades for the public, as we sink closer to mental and physical doom that threatens far more than only our nation.

The breaking down of a global system of imperialism shows itself in a variety of ways that remain invisible, unheard, unseen and never analyzed in the main stream of consciousness control and mind management that fading ruling powers are using in more desperate fashion than any previous assault on American mental health. The daily poisoning of national capacity to think has become a raging epidemic to make the corona virus seem almost simple by comparison, though it came from the same source: capital private profit marketing under the guise of freedom and democracy that guarantees Americans the right to buy a weapon in order to protect themselves from the most frightening creatures in the universe: other Americans.

We are warned against fictional problems with Chinese “spy” balloons and Chinese “spy” police while murdering one another, frequently in groups ranging from children and their teachers to shoppers at a mall or worshippers at a proposed religious haven and spending hundreds of billions to menace and murder all over the world as a form of protection for what people who make religious fanatics seem thoughtful call “our” democracy”.

This cherished fantasy takes place in a population in which 8% are millionaires; multi-millionaires and billionaires while the overwhelming 92% majority are manipulated when not physically beaten into accepting such idiocy as “equality”.

The billions keep pouring into the proxy war in the Ukraine which murders Russians who are alleged to have invaded when the truth is their borders have been menaced by the U.S. and its Nato lap dogs since the end of the soviet union and communist rule which supposedly brought the world closer to peace. But not according to the ruling powers of minority wealth which expanded its war profiteering and actually further menaced the future with nuclear war as the aggressive minority which rules America asserted its deadly control more fully by making a sick joke of words like democracy, freedom and equality, while destroying every step in the direction nations took trying to achieve such things, most especially our own.

A population previously frightened by profitable pro or anti trans fat diets has become enamored of more profitable trans gender relations, further alienating many while pleasing others troubled by what may have once involved seeking counsel or joining a church or drinking alcohol or taking drugs or all four and more. We are already embroiled in a supposed democratic action which is to begin more than a year into the future when the two parties of capitalism will wage multi billion dollar marketing wars called a presidential election. At the present moment there is no alternative voice beyond the Green party, which is at a severe disadvantage in a supposed capitalist democracy. It does not have billions of dollars stashed with which to buy marketing time to see its program which calls for system change and not simply a cosmetic personnel change to reward one or another nice guy-girl-man-woman-shim from an identity group other than-different from others in the creation of ever more alienation and division among the people to strengthen our ruling minority and its front line servant demublicans and republicrats.

Our savage divisions under false race idiocy in denial of the fact that we are all members of the one and only human race have been joined by seemingly lesser but just as dangerous divisions alleging more than the two sexes involved in human evolution. A surge of separate but unequal identity groups has occurred as ruling power works harder than ever to divide humanity and thus make majority action democracy impossible. Unless disabled Polish American gay Jews of color are acknowledged progress is impossible and poor people can just drop dead on the streets until alleged bi-racial trans-sexual-tri-species-quad brained humans take their place alongside Batman, Captain Marvel, fairy godmothers, Founding Fathers and enchanted animals.

Considering the fact that the overwhelming 92% majority of us are carrying more than 31 trillion dollars in public debt, more than 16 billion in personal debt and have absolutely no chance under capitalist private profit political economics of seeing anything but further growth in that debt, we should move to at least share the pronoun “asshole” as at least one way of establishing our common membership in a class of humans reduced to mental slavery under the assault on our ability to think. But there is hope, and not only from the rapid awakening in the rest of the world that America is not some biblical ruler of the universe but from the awareness growing here despite all thought suppression that if we don’t do something about it humanity and most especially America will suffer even more greatly.

Still, minority control of our minds and worse our nuclear weapons and their desire and commitment to destroying Russia and China make it all the more important that struggles for one or another minority or one or another aspect of environmental destruction that do not confront capitalist private profit-public loss political economics as the root cause of our problems will make them far more difficult if not impossible to solve.

Making a profit by creating electric cars instead of gasoline-powered vehicles will benefit minority capital and some of its servants but we need to reduce the total environmentally destructive control of life that the private automobile has become. Not only does it pollute but private profit auto transit creates public loss by killing tens of thousands of us every year, while crippling even more along with fouling air and poisoning land. We need public transit that makes it possible for any of us to get anywhere in time for whatever we have to do and for it to be safe enough to guarantee an end to the sheer butchery of the overwhelmingly wasteful and murderous single occupant private auto transit system. And that will only be possible when we have democratic control of the economy through political democracy which is absolutely impossible under minority dominated private profit- public loss capitalism.

Whether we achieve that peacefully or not will depend on shattering the steel curtain covering material reality with a media strengthened view of reality that is a nightmare trending towards a disaster. We need to wake up from an induced slumber so that all of us, whether pigeonholed by our rulers as left or right, can come together, transform reality before it destroys us, and salvage our world and our race as unified “influencers” of a democratic revolution. What’s been called a “woke” state of mind has become a joke but we do need to “wake” from the idiotic trance social mind control has put us under. And anyway, “woke” is past tense. We need to “wake” to reality in the present or there may not be a past tense available to us, here or elsewhere.

Frank Scott writes political commentary which appears online at the blog Legalienate. Read other articles by Frank.