“Trans” vs. Children

Which side are YOU on?

Using GoFundMe for their “gender-affirming” surgeries

You may wonder if the “trans” madness is as nefarious and widespread as some say. To help address that contemplation:
Click here to see the deluded and manipulated souls seeking “bottom surgery.”
Click here to see the deluded and manipulated souls seeking “top surgery.”

You may also wonder if it’s any of your business what adults do to their bodies. When their insane decisions impact your legal protections and infringe on the rights and safety of females everywhere, it sure is.
But, for the sake of this post, I wanna focus on a very crucial point: It’s not just about adults.

From an October 2022 article published by Reuters (part of the very pro-trans legacy media):
“Thousands of children in the United States now openly identify as a gender different from the one they were assigned at birth … As the number of transgender children has grown, so has their access to gender-affirming care, much of it provided at scores of clinics at major hospitals.”


From the same article:
“A total of 17,683 patients, ages 6 through 17, with a prior gender dysphoria diagnosis initiated either puberty blockers or hormones or both during the five-year period. Of these, 4,780 patients had initiated puberty blockers and 14,726 patients had initiated hormone treatment.”
For more details, listen to my interview with Brandon Showalter here.

Children as young as 6 are being manipulated and eventually mutilated by complicit members of the Medical-Industrial Complex to fulfill a transhumanist agenda.
This won’t go away until we get informed and fight back together. Spread the word and get loud…

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