How is it that the people who unskeptically believe their government and engage in name calling have any credibility? The people who refuse to be vaxxed pending data from completed testing that attests to the efficacy and safety of vaccines are not anti-vaxxers because 1) they do not begrudge those people who choose to be vaxxed, and 2) others have already been vaccinated against other maladies.

The vaccine skeptics are also the people that await the science. How can one “follow the science,” when the vaccines are still being tested?

The vaccine skeptics are the people who follow the science regarding mask wearing. The science is clear that masking does not work. Given that, then what does that reveal about the mask wearers who demand others be compelled to join them in wearing a mask?

Allen Forrest is a writer, painter, graphic artist and activist. He has created covers and illustrations for literary publications and books, is the winner of the Leslie Jacoby Honor for Art at San Jose State University's Reed Magazine for 2015, and his Bel Red landscape paintings are part of the Bellevue College Foundation's permanent art collection in Bellevue, WA. He lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Read other articles by Allen, or visit Allen's website.