Orwell’s Vision

Two thousand eighteen minus thirty-four
Do the math and get Orwell’s famous book.
A stark vision of what could be in store–
A frightening, unthinkable outlook.
Today, English (oldspeak) is in danger;
Newspeak, through Fox and tweets, an evil scourge.
What was once true has become a stranger.
Doublethink allows yes and no to merge.
Crimethink has forced the free press to smother.
More blackwhite lies will follow soon, of course.
Bellyfeel raises calls to banish the Other,
And soon a camel will become a horse.

It won’t take so long, I say without fail,
For everyone’s home to become a jail.

Poetry came late to John Ehrenfeld. An MIT-trained chemical engineer, he returned to teach there after working in the environmental field for many years. Now in his nineties, he researches and writes about flourishing. Read other articles by John, or visit John's website.