Country lies in tatters
Democracy lies in shambles

‘You have blood in your hand’,
We cry!
Our blood; blood of your
Brethren, your countrymen

They say it’s not blood
It is ‘gulal’ as if…
And smear you with the same
If you dare to turn
Against them, raise your voice
Or ask for your due share!

They designed to charge you with
They want a revamped legal weapon

The Supreme Court has put
A brake in their evil design!
As they are out to invent
Newer and novel
Means to suppress and oppress!

•  “Gulal” is a kind of colored powder you play Holi, the festival of colours, with in India.

Author’s note: Recently the apex court of India has come up with this ruling, where they have put on hold the government decision to put into practice the revised Sedition law, which the opposition parties, especially the Left, have said to be not needed in free India.

Pranab Ghosh is an award-winning Indian journalist and writer, who has worked for major news outlets of the country, including HT Media Ltd., Eenadu Digital, TNIE, Business India group etc.. His books of poems have been published by English and Canadian publishers. Read other articles by Pranab.