A Love Song for Peace

Whether to break an egg
from the top or the bottom
was a complex issue for
Gulliver’s friends. They

warred with low-tech
arrows, roped in a giant
friend who showed the
world with his creator’s

pen the futility of such fights.
But now, looming in the
reddened, border-drawn
formerly unbordered skies,

war planes fly. Threats of
mushroom clouds instill fears
of absolute annihilation.
Life, land incarnadined with

wraiths of humans, birds,
animals, insects, plants —
all pine for peace. In sync
with living, humankind cries

for mercy, for the war to end,
for food, shelter, living and
most of all for acceptance.
The fakir sings a love song
for peace in times of war.

Can peace be the voice of dissent?

Mitali Chakravarty writes for love, peace and harmony and in that spirit runs the Borderless Journal. Read other articles by Mitali.