9/11 Overkill

The legacy of terror still grows on,
Soiled darkly beyond Twin Towers tragedy,
Which some barely survived, to be forgotten,
Including those at Guantánamo Bay.

Falsely accused as al-Qaeda implants
Once shunted off to dismal foreign prison
On vaguest allegations, no defenses
Allowed, and minimal investigation,

20 years later some still not released
And those who were completely unrecovered
From years of torture, way beyond belief,
Their current means of livelihood now smothered:

Our history of injustice intact
May be exactly why we were attacked.

David L Williams is recently retired from 34 years teaching high school English in Lincoln, Nebraska, his primary residence since he went to college there in the 80s. His poetry has mostly been written since May of 2021, and he has only recently started trying to publish. Find more about David and his poetry at Class Words. Read other articles by David L..