Prowling Tyranny

Prowling predator in a starless night.
No one knew when it began.
Have we forgotten all the lies about Vietnam,
the predatory newspeak from Pentagon deception?

Prowling predator in a starless night.
Do we recall a lying president dispensing
cocaine jingoism, driving the war in Iraq,
codifying the surveillance state
complete with GITMO torture?

Prowling predator in a starless night.
While all the eternal secret wars are waged,
no one sees how our language is infiltrated,
no one knows the infection of our tongue.

Overseas drones just cause “collateral damage.”
Everyone is suspect, a “person of interest.”

Prowling predator in a starless night.
No one gets laid off when corporations merely “downsize.”

Cutting vital services won’t matter with “government austerity.”
The “minimum wage” is a living wage while you starve on it.

Mass incarceration isn’t a problem in “correction facilities.”
Immigrant children are not caged in concentration camps.
Cages are not so cruel in “detention centers.”

Prowling predator in a starless night.
Devolving American imperialism reached its crescendo
with its devolving dystopian democracy
giving birth to the criminal president,
the nihilistic tyrant
rubbing salt in our wounds.

Thomas Wells’s poetry book “Complexions of Being” was recently released by Yorkshire Publishing. His poetry credits also include Caesura Journal, PS: It’s Poetry, Vols. I & II, an international poetry anthology, Dissident Voice, The Magnolia Review, The Opiate, and Tuck Magazine. Over several decades, his poems have appeared in Visions International, Cafeteria, Gargoyle, and West End Magazine. In 1982, he published his first chapbook of poetry titled "Native Steel" through Black Buzzard Press. He is a member of The Poetry Center of San Jose, California. Read other articles by Thomas.