The Calico Cat

Carcasses litter the unkempt lawn:
a squirrel here, over there a robin,
a rabbit, several mice, a gopher.
Wafting from the moldering cadavers
is an odor, unpleasant and fetid.
Ambling down the footpath
comes a comely white, blue-eyed, cat
with spots of brown and black.
She stops, looking up at me, as we pass.
Brushing against my leg, she meows.
As I stoop down and gently pet her
she arches her back, purring softly.
The door opens; my friend greets me:
“I see you’ve befriended Daphne.
She’s my sweetie, a tender, loving cat.”
“So I see,” I reply, caressing the cat
and surveying the sundry slain critters
who are strewn throughout the yard.

Floyd D. Anderson lives in Brockport, New York, and can be reached at Read other articles by Floyd D..